My grandfather was Samuel Wilhelm Odendaal from Warden district in South Africa. From this family tree - how did it start ? When did the first Odendaal families came to South Africa and from where ? :: Genealogy
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My grandfather was Samuel Wilhelm Odendaal from Warden district in South Africa. From this family tree - how did it start ? When did the first Odendaal families came to South Africa and from where ?

Question by jmwiese

My father was Christoffel Johannes Odendaal. I never knew my grandfather - he had a farm (farming with sheep) - he also had horses. He and my grandmother got divorced when my father was still very small (she was Hester Salomina) - I would love to trace down other family that are related to my grandfather (Samuel Wilhelm Odendaal). We have nothing - not even photo's of my grandfather as well as my own father. I am sooo longing to learn more about my grandfather and his father.

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by jmwiese Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2010-06-25 03:06:13

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by allycat on 2010-06-25 17:42:03

The South Africa Genealogy Forum has three posted topics about ODENDAAL families.

Surname could also appear as ODENTHAL. ODENTHAL Genealogy MessageBoard

Here's a lot of discussion from fellow Facebookers about the meaning and/or coat of arms for ODENDAAL Facebook.

Best wishes.

by jmwiese on 2010-07-06 02:34:59

Morning Rose,

I was not in last week (had a bit of leave). I was so very excited when I noticed in my in-box that there were 3 answers to my research - I only managed to have a look at these this morning. A little difficult during working hours. Thank you SOOO MUCH for your feedback. Yes, I have been told many a time that all ODENDAALS are related and that Odendaal / Odendal all comes from Odenthal. How very fascinating. Most of the Odendaals (with the "aa") apparently had farms and relatives in the Free State regions (Odendaalsrus, Welkom, Warden) and even further into the Cape. I won't be surprised if some of our relatives are from the Mpumalanga regions - although I have never met any of my long distant families.

I am so desperate t learn more about our great grandfathers - all I know is that my great grandfather and I suppose his father as well as my grand father were VERY PROUD men. Apparently some of the Odendaals had huge farms.

I am in particular interested in Samuel Wilhelm Odendaal - this was my great grandfather and grandfather. My father was Johannes Christoffel Odendaal (and I knew so little about my own father). I am trying to get some information of the only two sisters left - but this is also difficult.

I will most definitely write to you soon - I am also going to make contact with the University of Cape Town and the Hugenoteblad.

If there is anybody out there - please make contact with us - anybody that are related to the Odendaals. I also found out that there are Odendaals living in Hogsback in the Eastern Cape - they have been there for years - I am going to try and make contact with them as well.

Please stay in touch. From a sunny South Africa (although it is winter) and with lots of soccer spirit !!!!

Much Love


by johano on 2010-07-14 09:30:11

Hi Hannelie

I've just started doing some research on the Odendaal family in SA and found that it seems the "base camp" is in the western cape (Swellendam, Stellenbosch area). There is a Facebook group of the Odendaals as well. It seems the origin of the Odendaal family is from a small village in Germany named "Odentahl" and the guy that started it all was a person called "Wilhelm" and he came to South Africa in the early 1700's. Do a search on google about the village. The pictures is extrememly beautifull.

by jmwiese on 2010-07-15 07:19:28

Thank you for your reply. I have seen these pictures - absolutely pretty. Apparently it was a Baron Odentahl that started the town. I have tried so many options - I also could not get more than I already have from some of the info on Facebook. I've "written" to the University of Pretoria and Cape Town - no reply.

I just wish there is someone out there from the "Samuel Wilhelm" birthline that will make contact.

If you manage to get more info - please e-mail me - send me your direct e-mail address please.



by voysey on 2010-08-20 03:17:37

just having a bit of fun and spotted this. my grans maiden name was odendaal. will ask my mother where she was from. she had nine brothers and one sister. when i was in hogsback last year i saw a family name history and i am sure it said odendaals were from france, i think bordering germany

by jmwiese on 2010-08-20 07:12:37

Hallo "Voysey",

Great to see something at last. I've been waiting for other responses. I have contact my father's one sister but she refused to speak about their Dad (my grand father). Wonder why? All I knew from the bit I could gather from my mother was that he was full of pride, very strict and very "bedonnerd" - difficult.

I have seen the Odendaal coat of arms and some history at many different places - and all comes to the town Odentahl in Germany. Could be that some of the decents of Odentahl relocated to France. Very interesting. Please speak to your mother and e-mai me - I will appreciate it.

My e-mail address: [email protected]

Take Care.

by Vlakvark on 2010-09-28 09:10:58

Hallo, My fathers name was also Samuel Wilhelm Odendaal

by JanSimon on 2011-07-14 20:32:58

Hi all you beautifull Odendaals out there, my name is Jan Simon Odendaal ( one of three brothers ). I'm so excited in reading your comments. A couple of years ago I asked a guy at the Rand Show about our Odendaal beginnings, and he also gave me the feedback that all Odendaal's with double a's are related to each other and that we originated all from the town Odentahl in Germany. A few other interresting facts, all Odendaal's are apparently very artistic in either music, art etc. and the Odendaal family is a very strong boys orintated family line ( more boys than daughters ). I regon I'm a good "shooter" :) because I got one child and it is a beautifull little princess...

by JanSimon on 2011-07-14 20:45:46

Hi Hannelie

regarding your response that the majority of Odendaals apparently had farms and relatives in the Free State regions. My grand father farmed in Heilbron area and during the great depresion had to sell his farm and bought a sandstone house in Heilbron town. I myself was raised in this old sandstone house as little boy during the day while my father and mother were working during the day. The sandstone dwelling is in the mainstreet and I believe from hearing that it was dcleared a national museum. Still want to go back to Heilbron one day and see for myself if our Odendaal's surname is linked to the old house and if someone did some re-search regarding my family roots to put on display in the house.

If anyone got info for me regarding this can you please comment on this blog. Blessings :)

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