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My MCKINNON Genealogy

Journal by Harney


1st Generation:Lord Michael MCKINNON b abt 1708 on Isle of Skye Invernrss Shire Scotland and m to Mamie ?
Issue:Daniel and Joseph. Lord Michael, Daniel and Joseph all immigrated to the new world before 1753.

2nd Generatio:
Daniel; Son of Lord Michael and Mamie b abt 1730 on Isle of Skye Inverness Shire Scotland and d abt 1776. Much conjecture surrounds Daniel. I have spent considerable time resolving the confusion. Some genealogists list him with four wives. After some research I believe he was married once. Part of the problem surrounds a Catherine LANHAM and a Catherine DAWSON. Catherine DAWSON married Edward LANHAM and this marriage produced one child, Robert Poore LANHAM. Edward LANHAM died young and the widow Catherine married Daniel MCKINNON about 1760 in Pennsylvania. I am unable to ascertain why Catherine was nicknamed Polly. Daniel and Catherine's first child was a Catherine and nicknamed Katie. Following is an account of the marriage:

By Lucille T Cox

East Liverpool Review 14 July 1938

The Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland produces men who place duty before personal inclinations. Such a man was Lord Michael McKinnon, native of the island. He trained his children to adhere to their ideas and sacrifice everything to duty.

Early in 1770, two of his sons, Daniel and Joseph, came to America. Daniel, a high Episcopal preacher to George IV of England, was sent by the crown to the Church at Philadelphia.

He was a man of decided opinions and did not fit in well with the growing tendency in the colonies to question the crowns authority. He was a staunch Royalist and preached his convictions from the pulpit. His belief, however, did not prevent his marriage to Miss Polly Dawson, a lovely colonial girl, who was a member of an ardent Whig family.

For everal years Polly was very happy with her ecclesiastical husband. A daughter, whom they named Katie, was born.

The young wife, however, did experience troublesome moments when her family reproached her for her husbands denunciation of the American cause.

One night Polly retired early. Later she was awakened by angry shouting in the lower hall. She went to the top of the wide, shallow stairway and looked down into the hall. Below were a number of men. In the front line, pressing close to her husband, who was standing on the second step, were her father and brother, Daniel. The minister, partially dressed, his thin intelligent face pale in the light of the candelabrum, was speaking quietly.

I will not take the Oath of Allegiance against my king. I am the servant of the Church and His Majesty is its head. I will not denounce him for a group of people who are rebelling against a just and kind ruler.

Wrathful shouts filled the hall. The colonists surged forward but Rev McKinnon did not move. Pollys brother looked up and saw his sister standing in the shadows. If ye will not take the oath, then ye must go back to England and my sister and her child will stay her in America, he shouted.

The minister turned quickly and held out his hand to his wife, who came swiftly down the steps. Daniel, she said, please take these men and go away. My husband and I will settle this question.

Finally the crown dispersed and Polly turned back up the stairs, accompanied byher husband. But neither slept that night. Polly pleaded and begged that he take the Oath of Allegiance, but her husband remained adamant. Finally the girl decided words were useless. She was sad at the thought of leaving her family, but there was no question in her loyal heart but that she must go with her husband. Her family decided otherwise. They forced her to change her mind and she left her husband with these last words ringing in her ears: If you go with them, Polly, we will never see each other again.

Family obligations ruled, however, for Polly, and one bleak winter morning Daniel McKinnon sailed for England, alone.

Daniel Dawson sold all his possessions and together with his family, Polly, and the baby started West. They crossed the Allegheny Mountains on pack mules. Snow and bitter cold combined with the danger of Indian attacks to harass the little party until it reached fort Pitt. Polly was apathetic. She loved her husband and in her heart was hoping for the time when he would either come or send for her. At times Daniel Dawson was conscience-stricken as he watched his sister, but he was certain the family decision was right.

The party remained at Fort Pitt until spring. In the meantime, Dawson had been hunting for a suitable place to farm. At las he found it, high on the hills overlooking the Ohio River, between Little and Big Beaver Creeks. Early in April he brought his family and sister to their new home. They were the first settlers in what is now Ohioville, Pennsylvania.

The young wife waited anxiously for those long expected mail days . But no mail arrived from England. Daniel McKinnon was keeping his promise. One day years later Joseph McKinnon, the younger brother who had chosen to remain in America, came to visit his sister-in-law. He told Polly her husband had been made a bishop in the Church and was a favorite of the King. He would never return to America.

From then until her death, Polly heard no more of her husband. She was buried in the Ohioville Cemetery.

Back to the real world, the dates and events I (Dale McKinnon) have, substantiate the story for the most part. I seriously doubt the story of Joseph relating Daniel being a Bishop in the Anglican church. I now believe he died at sea at Salawesi, Tangah, Indonesia in 1776. Perhaps he was on his way to a new mission field. At first glance I viewed Daniel with considerable disdain. I now have much more respect for him regardless of his political leanings. If all the parts of the story are correct, then we must assume Catherine was pregnant with our ancestor Daniel II born Apr 16 1767.

3rd Generation:Issue of Daniel MCKINNON (son of Lord Michael and Mamie) and spouse Catherine ? are: Catherine "Katie" b about 1766 and Daniel b Apr 16 1767 in Fayette City, Fayette Pennsylvania and d Aug 25 1837 in Moorefield Clark Ohio. Daniel married Nancy HARRISON 1772-1856. Although I am not going into the HARRISON line at this time it is mind boggling of the historic people she is related to. Through Nancy I am related to President James MADISON, Colonel William CRAWFORD, and all the royal families of Europe. Issue of Daniel MCKINNON and Nancy HARRISON are: Judge William 1789-1861, Daniel 1791-1864, Theaophelus 1795, John Benjamin 1796-1850, Uriah 1797-1849, Catherine 1800-1849, Josiah 1804-1837, Sarah 1806-1894 and Thomas Dillow 1809-1882 (Thomas Dillow is my line and we will continue from there to the exclusion of all other offspring.

4th Generation:Thomas Dillow son of Daniel, son of Daniel and son of Lord Michael; b 1809 in Boone County Kentucky and d Oct 28 1882 in Lowell Iowa married to Elizabeth SMITH 1814-1880. Issue of Thomas Dillow and Elizabeth are Mary ?-?, Theophalis Addison 1834-1897, Thomas Jefferson 1825-1904, Robert Jackson Sr, 1837-1920, Josephine 1838-1918, Daniel S. 1840-1918, James Monroe 1844-1925, Isabella 1846-1937, Ann Eliza 1849-1918, John Quincy 1850-1931, Lillian Sarah 1852-?, William A. 1855-?, Baby Girl 1856, Stephen Samuel 1859-1905 and Turtullus 1859-?. The genealogy will continue through Robert Jackson McKinnon to the exclusion of all other offspring except some history concerning Theophalis.

5th Generation:Before doing the lineage for Robert, a brief history of Theophalis and Robert is necessary. Robert and Theophalis married sisters. Theophalis married Sarah Jane LONG and Robert married Emily Harriet LONG. Sometime before 1863 the four removed from Iowa to Shasta County Calif. They travelled by wagon train. Needless to say, their offspring were double cousins and DNA as similar as full brothers and sisters. Sometime shortly before 1863 Robert and Emily took to the wagon train again and moved to what is now Harney County Oregon. They obviously traveled on the east side of the Sierras and Cascades and through what is now called the Alvord Desert of Oregon. Robert and several other Scottish families named the town of Burns Oregon after the poet Robert Burns. Robert Sr. b 1837 in Indiana and d Apr 13 1920 In Burns Harney Oregon, son of Thomas Dillow, son of Daniel, son of Daniel and son of Lord Michael. Issue of Robert Sr. and Emily are John E 1859-?, Ida May 1861-1950, Andrew Johnson 1866-1903 (separate story of Andrew under caption of "Sheriff Andrew McKinnon"), Lucy Jane 1866-1957, Bell Dora 1870-?, Harriet E. 1871-1871, Thomas Daniel 1872-1948, Emma Alice 1875-?, Elsie Ollie 1876-?, Wiilliam E. 1883-1898 and Essie Geneva 1897-?. The lineage will continue through Robert Jackson Jr. to the exclusion of all other descendants.

6th Generation:Robert Jackson Jr b Sep 12 1863 in Burns Harney Oregon and d Nov 3 1932 in Ontario Oregon and buried in Burns Harney Oregon., son of Robert Jackson Sr., son of Thomas Dillow, son of Daniel, son of Daniel and son of Lord Michael. Robert Jackson Jr. married Laura Ann GALLOWAY 1868-1915. Issue of Robert Jackson Jr. and Laura Ann are Clarence Roy 1889-1959, Eula Lea 1891-1973, Ralph Earl 1898-1961, Gladys Delta 1900-?, Cleo Addison 1901-?, Leo Addis 1901-? and Otho Walter 1903-1975. The lineage will now continue through Clarence Roy to the exclucion of all other descendants.

7th Generation:Clarence Roy son of Robert Jackson Jr., son of Robert Jackson Sr., son of Thomas Dillow, son of Daniel, son of Daniel and son of Lord Michael. Clarence Roy born Jul 30 1889 in Coffee Pot Harney Oregon and d Nov 25 1959 in Carlton Oregon and Buried at Willamette National Cemetary, Portland Oregon married twice to Eulalia P SMITH and to Mamie Veda PRILL. Issue Of Clarence Roy and Eulalia P
1895-1917 are Lavelle 1914-?, Dillon 1915-1932 (died in violent snowstorm in Wyoming Big Horn Mts.) and Denver 1917-1964. Issue of Clarence Roy and Mamie Veda are Mava Lurhea 1922-living, Felice Grace 1923-2002, Robert Prill 1928-1999, and Dale Lynn 1932-living. The lineage will now continue through Dale Lynn to the exclusion of all other descendants.

8th Generation:Dale Lynn son of Clarence Roy, son of Robert Jackson Jr., son of Robert Jackson Sr., son of Thomas Dillow, son of Daniel, son of Daniel, son of Lord Michael. Dale Lynn born May 3 1932 in Greybull Wy. and living, married three times to Lila Audrey THUMBERG b1936 and living, Diane DILLON, and Mary Kaye YOUNG. Issue of Dale Lynn and Lila Audrey are Melody Ann 1955 and living, Ronald Lynn 1956 and living, Dian Lila 1957 and living, Gary Dillon 1959 and living, and Deborah Anne 1961 and living.

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by ricknelson1 on 2011-04-02 18:24:39

Thanks for this. It appears we have the same McKinnon ancestors. My great grandmother is Eula Lee McKinnon daughter of Robert J. Junior (1863-1932). I was stuck at Thomas Dillow.......

by Harney on 2011-04-03 15:10:01

My father Clarence McKinnon is your great uncle. Eula is my aunt and I new her well. Clarence and Eula were the oldest children of that family. They were both born in Coffee Pot, which is somewhere in Harney county. Although Dad (Clarence) was fond of all his siblings, Eula was his favorite. Would like to correspond more with you. My e-mail address is [email protected] If you wish I can open my ancestry file to you so you can copy some great family pictures.

by fragaelario on 2011-06-17 22:58:30

I too was stuck at Thomas Dillow. Lucy Jane daughter of Robert J. Senior, sister of Robert J. Junior is my great-grandmother. According to your information above, we are 4th cousins. It was interesting to hear of their travel to Oregon from california, thank you for including that as well in the above.

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