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Need Info on Samuel C. Steele, arrived 1770

Query by sharleen51

I am searching for any and all information about my grx7 grandfather, Samuel C. Steel or Steele. He immigrated from Ireland circa 1770 with his wife Elizabeth Lackey Steele and his young son Isaac James Steele. I would like very much to find out who were the parents of Samuel C Steel, in Ireland. I also wonder if he had any siblings. I have hit a brick wall with this research. Samuel reportedly (and it stated in his son's, Isaac Steele obituary) was killed by Indians the day of the Burning of Hannas Town in July 1782. He reportedly was plowing in a field with his horse; having completed his work he was on the road home. An Indian ( part of the invading forces of Canadian and Indian Tories) approached him demanding his horse. Samuel fought back with the Indian, who then struck Samuel with a tomahawk in the back of the head. Isaac his son, was about 16 yr old, ran into the woods and brushes and escaped that day. Isaac later married Jane Barr, and was a founding pioneer in Armstrong Co., a Rev. War vet, and was well-known. I have the complete history of the descendants of Isaac James, but am having trouble determining exactly who his ancestors were. I would appreciate any information.
Sharleen Steele Johnston

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on 2011-11-26 13:22:12

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by jimarny on 2012-07-17 21:55:07

This sounds very much like the stories that we have about my ancestor, James Steele. My g grandfather died when my grandfather was very young so aren't sure about some of the stories. We were told that he imigrated from Scotland about 1770 with his father Isaac. His father was killed by an indian and he later married Elizabeth Barr. I just found a DNA match with a family that has listed Samuel Steele - his son Isaac Steele married to Jane Barr. I assume that some of the word of mouth that we have is incorrect. I would be very interested in comparing the descendency to check the information. The family with the DNA match has more information on ancestors. I haven't contacted them yet to verify the information.

by jimarny on 2012-07-26 22:58:31

You are right. This is fascinating. I guess both stories could be true but don't know how we will ever find out. Here is what we have from my GG Aunt - Margaret Steele Garriott. Isaac Steel was born in Scotland and was married in Scotland and came to the United States before the revolutionary war and was killed by the Indians during the revolutionary war. He had one son, James Steel who was born in Scotland after he grew to manhood he married Elizabeth Barr. Her fathers name was James Barr. His wifes name was Martha. James Steele son moved to Brown County Ohio near to Geargetown. They had six sons and two daughters born to them in Ohio. James, Steel, Isaac Steel, John Steel, Smauel Steel, Scott Steel, and Robert Steel. Martha Steel who never married. Mary Steel who married William Hodges who moved to Des Moines, Iowas about 1848 (could be 1858). Some of their progeny are in that vacinity yet. James Steel Senior died at Wm Garriotts home near Milners Corner about 1846 and was buried in the Simmons Cemetary. His son James (II) Steel was married to Sarah Reeves in the year 1818 in Brown County Ohio. They moved to Rush COunty Ind. about the year of 1820 and lived there until the year 1838 when they moved to Hancock County Ind. and settled in the woods. To them were born nine children.

Margaret was 20 when her father - James Steele died. My g grandfather - James Scott Steele was 9. He died when my grandfather was 2. My grandfather was placed with a foster family when he was 8 or 9 and then died when he was 45 so it has been difficult to get information.

Hope this is helpful and that we can figure out how they are connected.

by sharleen51 on 2012-07-18 23:58:21

This is very interesting and confusing. Facinating! I have been told that Isaac Steele (the husband of Jane Barr) had a brother named James, and some researchers seem to think that both boys saw their father Samuel killed at Hanna's Town. I also have been tracking a Steele family whose parebts were Samuel Steele and Mary Stevenson. This trail shows that the older Steele boys left for America shortly after moving to the Londonderry Plantation in Ireland. The place of birth given for the older brothers was England.
The funny thing is... I have never found a birth/baptism for Isaac Steele. I also have never found any marriage between Betsy Lackey and Samuel Steele. My family oral history stated that Betsy and Samuel left a son behind in Ireland; but the Steele family I have been researching as a possible connection said that Samuel left a wife and daughter in Ireland, but never sent for them. To further complicate the whole story, there is supposedly an Isaac Steele who also died at the Burning of Hanna's Town, and he left behind a wife Mary, and 2-3 sons. Isaac Steele who married Jane Barr supposedly returned to Westmoreland county to help the orphaned children of Isaac Steele find guardians through the courts because the widow Mary Steele couldn't care for them.
I cannot tell you how happy I am that you replied to this post! I would love to work & share with you research to solve the riddle of Samuel C. Steele! Please stay in touch!

by sharleen51 on 2012-07-28 00:22:22

OK, it is very hard to track people who came from Scotland, I believe. I do know that the British crown sent many Scots and Londoners to Ireland to live on big plantations. The purpose in part was to "equalize" the population of Protestants with the # of Catholics in Ireland. I met a cousin who insists the Isaac Steele who married Jane Barr had the middle name of James - Isaac James Steele. But there is also a reasearcher who claimed that Isaac was born in Cumberland Co. PA along with a brother James. This researcher seems to believe that James also witnessed the murder of their father at Hannastown. I have an obituary for Isaac (James?) Steele that states that his father was killed at the Burning of Hannastown - by an Indian who was trying to steal his horse. He didn't realize this Indian was part of huge battalion of Canadian soldiers and Indians working together. They destroyed Hannastown PA by burning it down. I also have a copy of a story of how Isaac (James) then age 16 yrs. escaped the Indians & Canadians by hiding in the thick brush. Unfortunately, the obituary did not give the name of Isaac's father. You mention a James who married Elizabeth Barr. I have seen this marriage also on I figured that the 2 Barr girls were related. If you feel comfortable with this, you could give me your email address and I could send you copies of documents I have on hand. I have wondered if Samuel Steele may have gotten into some kind of troubles, and started using the prenom Isaac. An Isaac Steele was arrested for "battery" against a woman and her husband. Samuel was supposed to be a "player" if you know what I mean. I honestly think that between your family stories and my family stories we can figure out what relationship Samuel, Isaac and James have. None of Isaac &Jane Barr's kids moved to Ohio. They stayed in the Armstrong Co (Brady's Bend area,) and Clarion County near Bradys Bend. I really believe we can figure this out. My email address is [email protected] Feel free to contact me so I can share some documents already on my hard drive. This is getting even more intereting as we go along here. Sharleen Steele Johnston

by blunt65 on 2015-06-27 15:04:55

I don't know if you remember me but we have exchanged notes in the past. I have been trying to decode the Samuel Steele and Elizabeth Lackey Steele for some time now but just can't get things to fall into place. I see last entry was July 2012 so maybe you are no longer researching this part of the family. My grandfather was Thomas R. Steele of Armstrong Co., his dad was Amos Steele son of Isaac B. Steele and his father was Isaac Steele Sr. Please, if you would, let me know if you have solved the Samuel Steele generation.

by sharleen51 on 2015-07-02 22:43:57

Hi there! It took me several days to remember my password, thus the delay in reply. The truth is - NO!NO LUCK! I haven't found any clarification for Samuel and Betsey and I never gave up the search! Even my cousin spent quite a bit of time trying to verify them! All I can say is that every written & oral history used, past or present, that I have come across say that these are Isaac's parents. I have even checked to see If Samuel came in through Canada & Nova Scotia; and I can't verify that! I have checked to see if he was bonded, or a prisoner, or what. I haven't found much. Unless he changed his own name to Isaac 1, maybe for sketchy reasons, I don't know. There is lot of documentation for Isaac 1 and I don't know for sure how they could be related if they are not the same person! Perhaps brothers? I do strongly believe that I have found a brother for Samuel, and his name is John Steele who preceded Sam to America, in Westmoreland Co., PA Samuel doesn't show up in any of the census', so I suspect he would have moved into John's household. I am compiling a book, and in the narrative I am going to explain plausible reasons why I CAN'T verify Samuel! haha

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