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Seems to be alot of groaning going on with what is wrong with our website . The articles ,placements , rules were all there when we joined . I see no one mentioning what changes they would put in their place. or do they think every member will change to suit each single whim & whims
And our top management who is one of the best , Been their a long time , has over 10,000 points !!! do you consider her feelings ? are you better than Her in the work she puts thro of a very high standard
See if you can come up with a system to take its place and see if all members agree- ( 78,000 ) not just a hundred. To change the subject
and not the members and all their seperate ways , would you like to read some humour - No !! No !! No !! not from me - sorry I don't agree_ I hope you may see what I am trying to say - on with the following-and remember we are all members who help to make this website - whether you agree or not - Points don't matter , because you have to have an end to to be the best or a winner , and their isn't any end . where were we - a-a-a-ah ah --- a bit of humour

Source: world humor

Never quit trying!
Failed in business......................... 1831
Lost election for legislature.............1832
Failed again in business.................1834
Sweetheard died............................1835
Nervous breakdown........................1836
Lost second political race................1838
Defeated for Congress....................1843
Defeated for Congress....................1846
Defeated for Congress....................1848
Defeated for US Senate...................1855
Defeated for Vice President.............1856
Defeated for US Senate...................1858
Elected President............................1860

Who WAS this?

Abraham Lincoln

Surnames: HUMOUR
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by edmondsallan Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-07-18 04:47:54

edmondsallan , from auckland .nz , has been a Family Tree Circles member since Aug 2010. is researching the following names: CLAYTON, EDMONDS.

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by edmondsallan on 2011-07-18 05:27:28

very tricky problem , love them or hate them , -- points or no points -
my work is great - yours is just crap - you should be doing this - like me /no I shouldn't - and on and on it goes > I wonder what happens now ? I thought Scott was running a pretty good website and who is edmondsallan ? I don't even know him myself that well and i am the closes to him - He is only one member of this website - tricky a !! how will you personally solve all this - be nice to know- leave out the Getting rid of that member - another one or two are doing the same, could be around - & 48 ) on my last count- Good luck to ever it may concern

by janilye on 2011-07-18 07:30:52

Indeed! the person with the 10,000 points has gone the long road, has put in the time and dedication. We all recognise that, we see it every day and certainly, we do not want to take anything away from it. It has been deservedly won.
But very soon, you also will have 10,000 points and can you honestly tell us you have been as productive, produced the same standard of historical research with selfless dedication. Is your ego so great as to believe you belong on the same rung of that ladder.
We have rarely seen anything of yours. We've seen a lot of other peoples work which you seem to want to shove down out throats. We've seen your patronising and often useless searches of the family search org. We've seen haphazard copy and pastes, with format numbers unedited, absolutely swamp other member's queries and journals.
We don't need points to tell us we are good at what we do.
You obviously do!
By the way the person with the 10,000 points is willing to sacrifice them in a bid to try and cease the endless rubbish we have to endure every day.
This is by no means a personal slur on yourself, I certainly would not do that but merely an explanation at to the position we find ourselves in and which you claim to be oblivious.

Ki te mea ka kuare te tangata, ka kiia e ahua hukehuke ana ana mahi

by Boru on 2011-07-18 14:13:54

Well said janilye, I totally agree ...

by Boru on 2011-07-18 14:21:27

Mr Ed the thing thats most wrong with this website is You ... Your constant flooding of the board with things that you have copied and pasted pushes valid journals to the back pages ... Nobody wants to read your garbage ,,, Have a good day ... Boru ...

by edmondsallan on 2011-07-18 15:00:59

Thank you for comments .

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by edmondsallan on 2011-07-18 15:22:46

The previous comment was From our website . constructive criticisim is always good and accepted - thank you - other criticisim is not.Some of what you have said is not what i think or do for the reasons you have stated at all in any way and never has been. As only 0ne example I refer you to journal Tips -->
" Tell a story. Genealogy is so much more than names, dates, and places. Your ancestors were people. Tell any stories you know about them.
Write several journals. There's no limit to the number of journals you can submit. The more you submit, the more you share!
Having judged me , now judge the hardest of all . Yourselves

by Boru on 2011-07-18 15:47:40

U never tell a story, you copy and paste others stories ... U post useless garbage and everyone is sick of it ... U never help anyone... All u care about is seeing ur name on the front page as many times as possible ... people DO NOT WANNA READ UR TRASH ...

by edmondsallan on 2011-07-18 17:18:02

thank you for your unkind remarks. I will make no more comments on this subject as it will only cause more ---??? on this website - Regards

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