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Journal by ngairedith

the following is a list of men who were MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES in WWI

the names were taken from the site: The PRO PATRIA PROJECT some names lead to bios




ABBEY AW, Corporal, NZ Engineers

ABBOTT H Private, NZ Medical Corps

ABEL CM, Armourer Sergeant, NZ Army Ordnance Corps

ACLAND LGD, Major, NZ Army Service Corps MC

ACTON-ADAMS Percy Morland, Major, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

ADAMS CG, Lieutenant NZ Field Artillery

ADAMS FA, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

AICKIN FW, 2nd Lieutenant, Signals Service, NZ Engineers

AICKIN TR, Staff Sergeant, NZ Rifle Brigade

ALDERMAN WW, Lieutenant Colonel, Auckland Regiment

ALDRED E, Corporal, Otago Regiment

ALDRED M, Captain, 3rd Auckland Mounted Rifles

ALEXANDER FR, Corporal, NZ Field Artillery

ALEXANDER HG, Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

ALEXANDER GD, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Divisional Signals Company

ALLEN Robert Candlish, Lieuteant Colonel, Auckland Regiment

ALLEN Stephen Shepherd, Lieutenant Colonel, Auckland Regiment

ALLEY EB, Captain, Otago Regiment

ALLEY GE, Staff Sergeant, NZ Army Pay Corpd

ALLEYNE M, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

ALLISON CHM, Lieutenant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

ALLSOPP F, Lieutenant, Auckland Mounted Rifles

ANDERSON CB, Matron, NZ Army Nursing Service

ANDREWS AN, Bombardier, NZ Field Artillery

ANDREWS SH, Lanve corporal, Otago Mouned Riflrf

ANNABELL N, Captain, NZ Engineers

ANDERSON FH, Major, NZ Army Service Corps

ANDERSON LJ, Private, NZ Medical Corps

ANDREWS TS, Sergeant, NZ Veterinary Corps

APPLEBE WJ, Sergeant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

ARCUS WM, Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

ARDAGH PA, Captain, NZ Medical Corps

ARDEN NH, Captain, Otago Regiment

ARMSTRONG LJ, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

ARNOLD AC, Corporal, Wellington Regimrnt

ARTHUR NA, 2nd Lietuenant, Wellington Regimrnt

ASHWELL LGD, Lanve corporal, Otago Mouned Riflrf

ASHWELL SH, Sergeant, NZ Machine Gun corps

ATKINS CJ, BSM, NZ Field Artillery

ATKINSON J, Lieutenat Colonel, NZ Army Service Corps

AUBURN HW, Corporal, NZ Field Artillery

AUHANA R, Sergeant, NZ (Maori Pionner Battalion

AULD W, Private, Canterbry Regient

AUSTIN WS, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Rifle Brigade (13th North Canterbury & Westland RegimentDSO

AVERY HE, Major, NZ Army Service Corps

AVERY NC, CSM, NZ Army Service Corps

BADER TR, Corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade

BAILEY AL, Sergeant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BAILEY AR, Corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade

BAILEY JJ, Corporal, Wellington Mounted Rifles

BAILEY SG, Sergeant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BAIN LGD, 2nd Lietuenant, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BALE RF, temp Captain, NZ Engineers

BALL DG, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BALL GW, Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

BALLE JT, Sergeant, Auckland Regiment

BANKS W, Sergeant, NZ Field Artillery

BARCLAY GW, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Engineers

BARGH W, 2nd Lietuenant, Wellington Regimrnt

BARKER CR, Private, Wellington Regimrnt

BARR GW, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BARR JA, Sergeant, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BARR JH, Lieutenant, Otago Regiment

BARROWCLOUGH Harold Eric, temp Major, NZ Rifle Brigade

BARRY C, Lieutenant, Otago Regiment

BARTLETT UJ, Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

BAUCHOP AW, Lieutenant Colonel, Otago Mouned Riflrf

BAXTER E, Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BAXTER JN, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Field Artillery

BEASLEY SC, Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

BEAUCHAMP HRH, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Mounted Field Ambulance

BECK WT, Captain, NZ Army Ordnance Corps

BEERE RStJ, Lieuteant Colonel, NZ Rifle Brigade (5th Wellington Regiment)

BEGG CM, Colonel, NZ Medical Corps

BEETHAM RFR, Captain, Wellington Regiment

BELL PHC, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Rifle Brigade

BENNETT PHC, 2nd Lietuenant, Wellington Regiment

BENNETT RA, Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BENTINCK Lord CC, Lieutenant Colonel, AMS, NZEF

BICK HA, CSM, Wellington Regiment

BIGGAR JE, Lieutenant, Otago Mouned Riflrs

BIGGAR TR, Corporal, NZ Medical Corps

BIGGAR WO, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Pioneer Battalion

BIGG-WITHERS CV, Captain, Auckland Mounted Rifles

BILTON FJ, Trooper, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BINGAY HL, Lieutenant Colonel, CRE, NZ Division

BIRDLING AJW, Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

BIRNIE R, Sergeant, NZ Field Artillery

BISHOP JJ, 2nd Lietuenant, Otago Regiment

BISHOP WG, Major, NZ Rifle Brigade

BISHOP WGA, Major, Otago Regiment

BISS JA, Private, NZ Medical Corps

BLACK J, Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

BLACK JL, Sergeant, NZ Medical Corps

BLACK P, Sergeant, Canterbury Regiment

BLACKETT GR, Major, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BLACKWELL RM, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Field Artillery

BLAIR DB, Lieutenant Colonel, Auckland Regiment

BLENNERHASSETT AR, Lieutenant (temp Captain), Wellington Regiment

BOATE PC, Sergeant Major, Otago Regiment

BOEUFVE AECHE, Lieutenant, Otago Mouned Riflrs

BOGLE GV, Captain, NZ Medical Corps

BOND AJ, Captain, NZ Army Ordnance Corps

BONE AH, Private, NZ Rifle Brigade

BOOCOCK JM, Trooper, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BOOTH K, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

BORKETT AH, SSM, NZ Army Service Corps

BORRIE WG, Captain, NZ Medical Corps

BOSCAWEN HT, Captain, Wellington Regiment

BOSCAWEN S, Captain, NZ Field Artillery

BOSWELL R, Staff Sergeant, NZ Engineers

BOWERBANK FT, Major, NZ Medical Corps

BOWIE JH, CSM, Wellington Regiment

BOWRING Walter William, Captain, 3rd Auckland Regiment

BOYD TR, Corporal, Auckland Regiment

BOYLE JP, Staff Sergeant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BOYLEN PS, Corporal, Wellington Regiment

BRAITHWAITE WG, Brevet Colomal, Commander, 2nd NZ Infantry Brigade

BRAITHWAITE JL, Lieutenar, NZ Divisional Signals Company

BREACH SF, 2nd Lietuenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BREMNER OH, Lieutenant, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

BRIDGE SW, 2nd Corporal, NZ Engineers

BRIDSON PS, Lance Corporal, NZ Machine Gun Corps

BRIGHT LR, Staff Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

BRODIE HG, Captain, Otago Regiment

BRODRICK NA, 2nd Lietuenant, Wellington Regiment

BROOKE EG, Matron, NZ Army Nursing Service

BROUGHTON ERM, Captain, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

BROWN CHJ, Lieutenant Colonel, Commander, 1st NZ Infantry Brigade

BROWN CHT, Corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade

BROWN JA, Sergeant, Otago Regiment

BRYCE C, Captain, Otago Regiment

BRYDON RO, Captain, NZ Rifle Brigade

BUCHANAN HM, Major, NZ Medical Corps

BUCHANAN TR, Corporal, NZ Field Artillery

BUCHLER FJL, Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BUCK PHC, Major, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

BUCKLES W, Sergeant, NZ Medical Corps

BUCKLEY A, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

BULL LKG, Lieutenant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

BURGESS CG, 2nd Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment

BURLEIGH Cecil Wills, Commander, Royal Naval Reserve

BURR TG, Rifleman, NZ Rifle Brigade

BURROWS E, Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

BUSH A, Captain, NZ Rarotongan Company

BUSHELL AR, Captain, NZ Army Service Corps

BUSHELL DFW, Gunner, NZ Field Artillery

BUTLER RTRP, Hon 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

CACHEMAILLE ED, Lieutenant, NZ Medical Corps

CADE JR, Captain, Wellington Regiment

CADE PM, 2nd Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

CADNESS RE, Staff Sergeant, NZ Army Service Corps

CALVERT FE, Driver, NZ Field Artillery

CAMERON FG, Major, NZ Medical Corps

CAMERON NMcN, Matron, NZ Army Nursing Service

CAMPBELL A, Sergeant, NZ Clerical Section

CAMPBELL A, Private, Auckland Regiment

CAMPBELL D, Corporal, NZ Machine Gun Corps

CAMPBELL DR, Sapper, NZ Engineers

CAMPBELL H, Captain, Canterbury Regiment

CAMPBELL J, Sergeant, Otago Mounted Rifles

CAMPBELL M, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

CARBERY ARD, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Medical Corps

CARBINES AV, Private, Wellington Regiment

CARDNO J, Private, NZ Medical Corps

CARLYON S, Sapper, NZ Engineers

CARR C, Corporal, NZ Engineers

CARRINGTON AH, Major, NZ Rifle Brigade

CARTER JC, Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment

CHADWICK J, Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

CHAMBERLAIN NF, Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment

CHAMPNEY HD, Trooper, Auckland Mounted Rifles

CHAPMAN F, Major, Auckland Mounted Rifles, 4th Waikato Mounted Rifles

CHAPPELL FE, Corporal, Wellington Regiment

CHARTERS AB, Lieutenant Colonel, Otago Regiment, 17th Ruahine Regiment

CHAYTOR D'A, Lieutenant Colonel, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

CHAYTOR EWC, Major General, GOC, ANZAC Mounted Division

CHAYTOR FC, Captain, Wellington Regiment

CHERRY CE, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

CHESNEY RO, Major, DAA & QMG, NZ Infantry Reserve Group

CHILDS TWJ, Captain, NZ Medical Corps

CHISHOLM DS, Captain, Otago Regiment

CHRISTIE WE, Captain, NZ Rifle Brigade

CIMINO LS, Captain, NZ Machine Gun Corps

CLARK N, Fitter, NZ Field Artillery

CLARK PJ, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

CLARKE FJ, Lance Corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade

CLARKE RA, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

CLARKE SB, Sergeant, Auckland Mounted Rifles

CLARKSON E, SSM, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

CLEMETT CE, Private, Canterbury Regiment

COBB HF, Acting Bombardiier, NZ Field Artillery

COCKERELL AR, Lieutenant, Otago Regiment

COIRA PF, Corporal, NZ Divisional Signals Company

COLBECK WS, Captain, NZ Rifle Brigade

COLEMAN WS, Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

COLLINGE LR, Staff Sergeant, NZ Army Service Corps

COLQUHOUN D, Lieutenant Colonel, Otago Regiment, 14th South Otago Regiment

... nothing else at the site until R surname of:

ROW Robert Amos, Lieutenant Colonel, 3rd Battalion, Canterbury Regiment
- born 1888 in Christchurch
- died 1959 in Lower Hutt

... no S surnames on the site
... (may still be in progress as at June 2011)

TRUMBLE LM, Staff Nurse, NZ Army Nursing Service

TUCK GA, Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment

TURNBULL FK, Lieutenant Colonel, Wellington Regiment

TURNBULL W McG, Major, Otago Regiment

TURNER JLH, Captain, NZ Field Artillery

TURNER HA, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

TURNER WI, Staff Sergeant, Auckland Regiment

TURNER WW, Major, Otago Regiment

TWISLETON Francis Morphet, Major, NZ Rifle Brigade

TYLER EH, 2nd Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

TYLER SV, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Field Artillery

URQUHART Murray, Major, Wellington Regiment

VALPY, Ernest Noel, Staff Sergeant, Army Service Corps

VARNHAM Frederick Stuart, Captain, Wellington Regiment

VENN WH, Lance Corporal Fitter,

VERCOE HR, Captain, Auckland Regiment

VERNON RG, Lieutenant, NZ Field Artillery

VIAL RF, Lieutenant, NZ Field Artillery

VICKERMAN H, Major, NZ Engineers

WAIHAPE P, Private, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

WAINOHU RW, The Reverend, NZ Chaplains Departmant

WAINSCOTT AG, Lieutenant, NZ Divisional Signals Company

WAITE F, Captain, NZ Engineers (No2 Field Company)

WAKELIN FNG, Corporal, NZ Engineers

WAKELIN WR, Captain, Canterbury Regiment

WALKER WH, Captain, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

WALLACE A, Sergeant, NZ Engineers

WALLINGFORD JA, Major, NZ Staff Corps

WALTON RH, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Medical Corps

WARAHI R, Private, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

WARNER A, Sergeant, Canterbury Regiment

WARD W, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

WARNOCK HP, Major, NZ Field Artillery

WATKINSON H, Captain, NZ Engineers

WATSON FW, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Machine Gun Corps

WATSON LC, Private, NZ Medical Corps

WATSON SV, Sergeant, Auckland Regiment

WATT M, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

WEBSTER DR, Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WEBSTER HN, Major, NZ Field Artillery

WELLS CM, 2nd Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment

WELLSTED AW, Captain, Canterbury Regiment

WEST B, Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

WEST LA, Staff Sergeant, NZ Field Artillery

WEST TS, Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

WESTMACOTT HS, Captain, Auckland Regiment

WESTON CH, Lieutenant Colonel, Wellington Regiment

WESTON GT, Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

WHITE AT, Captain, Wellington Regiment

WHITE D, Major, Otago Regiment

WHITE WF, Sergeant, NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion

WHITE WJ, QMS, NZ Field Artillery


WHYTE JB, Major, NZ Army Service Corps

WHYTE JH, Lieutenant Colonel, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WICKENS RC, Major, NZ Field Artillery

WIDDOWSON EA, Major, NZ Medical Corps

WIGHT D, Sergeant, NZ Engineers

WILDER AS, Major, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WILDER JW, Sergeant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WILDING HG, Major, NZ Field Artillery

WILKES TM, Captain, Staff Captain, 2nd NZ Infantry Brigade

WILKIE AH, Captain, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WILKIE CF, 2nd Lieutenant, Otago Regiment

WILKIE G, Lieutenant, NZ Rifle Brigade

WILKIE MH, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

WILKINSON R, Trooper, Auckland Mounted Rifles

WILCOX EF, SQMS, Canterbury Regiment

WILLIAMS AB, Major, NZ Field Artillery

WILLIAMS AG, Captain, NZ Army Pay Corps

WILLIAMS AJ, Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment

WILLIAMS EG, Lieutenant, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WILLIAMS TH, QMS, Wellington Regiment

WILLIAMS WA, Staff Sergeant, NZ Medical Corps

WILLIS IG, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

WILSON AW, Lance Sergeant, Wellington Regiment

WILSON ER, Lieutenant, Wellington Regiment

WILSON FC, Captain, NZ Engineers

WILSON FW, Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

WILSON HM, Major, NZ Rifle Brigade

WILSON JD, The Reverend, NZ Chaplains Department

WILSON LG, Captain, Otago Regiment

WILSON F, Matron, NZ Army Nursing Service

WILSON NR, Major, Canterbury Regiment

WILSON RL, Lieutenant, Canterbury Regiment

WILSON SA, Gunner, NZ Field Artillery

WIMMS J, Corporal, NZ Army Service Corps

WINKLER ER, Lieutenant, NZ Field Artillery


WINTER JH, Trooper, Wellington Mounted Rifles

WINTER-EVANS A, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Rifle Brigade

WITHERS RL, Major, NZ Medical Corps

WOOD Mrs A, Sister, NZ Army Nursing Service

WOOD FA, Major, Auckland Mounted Rifles

WOOD FR, Squadron Sergeant Major, Canterbury Mounted Rifles

WOOD GH, Captain, NZ Medical Corps

WOOD O, Sergeant, NZ Rifle Brigade

WOODS C, Captain, NZ Field Artillery

WORLEY R, Lieutenant, Otago Regiment

WORLEY RP, Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment

WORSLEY RS, Major, NZ Army Service Corps

WRIGHT HF, Lieutenant, NZ Field Artillery

WRIGHT SL, Lieutenant, Auckland Mounted Rifles

WRIGHT T, Private, NZ Medical Corps

WRIGHTSON RW, Captain, Wellington Regiment

WYLIE LT, 2nd Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment

WYMAN R, Major, 3rd Auckland Mounted Rifles

YOUNG AR, Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Veterinary Corps

YOUNG EH, 2nd Lieutenant, Auckland Regiment

YOUNG John, Squadron Sergeant Major, Wellington Mounted Rifles

YOUNG John George, 2nd Lieutenant, NZ Engineers

YOUNG Robert, Lieutenant Colonel, Commander 3rd NZ Brigade (7th WWCR)

YOUNGMAN Arthur Henry, Sergeant, NZ Field Artillery

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