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News from TE ORE ORE Masterton 1867 - 1940

Journal by ngairedith

The te Ore Ore Marae (Nga Tau e Waru) at Te Ore Ore was built by the prophet and leader Paora Te Potangaroa and opened in 1881

the News from TE ORE ORE Masterton 1867 - 1940 was taken from various newspaper clippings - (additions in brackets are mine) -

.. this is an ongoing project and news snippets will be added ..

1867: PORANGAHAU - REDWARD, Frederick William, & James Baldwin & Thomas; The Lake near Wallingford; leasehold and household; in the North Porangahau block being the freehold land purchased by R. COLLINS at Te Ore Ore Wairarapa from the crown and situate upon the run known as that awarded to the said Richard Collins

1868: BIRTH - On the 16th inst., at Te Ore Ore, Masterton, the wife of Mr H. E. MORROW, of a son

1874: LAND SALE - ... The land was sold during the agternoon in the large room of the Club Hotel (Masterto 23 May). An area of 656 acres 3 roods 8 perches, situated at Te Ore Ore, was knocked dow to Messrs W. LOWES and W. IRONS at £2 10s per acre (equivalent to $243 n May 2010)

1875: BRIDGE - The Te Ore Ore bridge was opened by the Superintendent in person, about one o'clock, (14 Jan) with great eclat. Miss VALLANCE smashing a bottle of champagne on the buttress of the bidge. The day was beautifully fine, but entensely hot. About 350 or 400 people were present and a couple of hundred horsemen. The luncheon takes place about two o'clock. It will be largely attended. The day is almost a general holiday. There are many Wellington visitos

1876: KING TAWHIRO - It is stated that the maori King, Tawhiro has accepted an invitation from Ngairo, the principal chief of the Wairarapa, to visit this district. A pa is being prepared for his reception at Te Ore Ore

1879: DEATH - This morning (25 Feb) an elderly man, supposed to be named O'BRIEN (George aged 42), was killed instantaneously by the fall of a tree at Mr MURRAY's Te Ore Ore

1879: PLOUGHING MATCH A ploughing match took place at Te Ore Ore yesterday (30 July) and was very successful. Twenty four ploughs competed, the champion being W. MILLER. Double-furrow - BRESSWELL 1; GEGGIE 2. Wheel - LIDDINGTON 1; Des FORGES 2. Swing - Maori 1; JENSON 2. Boys - W. DAY. A dinnier took place after the competition at the Empire Hotel and was a great success. About 60 sat down, the Mayor being in the chair

1881: THE NATIVE GATHERING - ... then the whole of the Wairarapa belonged to the Natives - now but a small tithe of it reamins in their hands ...

1881: BLOCK OF STONE - The Te Ore Ore natives have ordered in Wellington (April) a blok of stone, with an inscription to commemorate the greeting of 1841, at which Hamui was the presiding Chief, and the gathering of 1881. Forty years ago they pledged themselves at Te Ore Ore to be loyal and friendly to the Queen, and the stone is to be a witness that they have fulfilled their engagement

1881: TANGI - The funeral of Paul Te ORE ORE, the Maori prophet, notorious for his dream and flag at the late Maori meeting, just passed through to Masterton. He died yesterday (13 June) at Ngatuere's pah, (sic) Black Bridge. About a dozen vehicles of all descriptions followed, filled with Maoris (sic). A tangi will be held at Te Ore Ore

1882: FIRE - On Sunday evening (13 March) a fire broke out in a dwelling belonging to Jacob BAXTER (another cutting has Mr Jacob BAMBER), at Te Ore Ore. It started while the family were at tea. A few things were saved, but the place burned to the ground. the loss is estimated at £175 ($26,793 in 2010). It is insured in the North British for £100 ($15,310 in 2010)

1883: KING TAWHIRO - Tawhiao left Te Ore Ore this morning (19 Feb) en route for Napier. He proceeds thence to Taupo and Alexandria. Eight tons of provisions are stated to have been despatched by rail from Masterton to Alexandria as a present for Tawhiao on his arrival there

1883: CROP LOSSES - We regret to hear that nearly a third of the grain harvest in and around Masterton hae been damaged by the late rains (March) and a good deal has been destroyed. Some stacks were barely finished when the ran come on and some where inperfectly constructed. The consequence is that from the roof downwards the wheat has got damp and is beginning to grow. Messrs CHAMBERLAIN Bros., WELCH and CAMPBELL and the Maori at Te Ore Ore are spoken of as heavy sufferers

1883: FIRE - At Te Ore Ore, near Maserton, Mr F. L. THOMPSON'S nine-roomed dwelling-house was burned down at 2 o'clock this morning (5 July). Thompson awoke and found his bedroom in flames and in half an hour the walls fell in. He escaped with scarcely any clothes, and roused Mr Stead, the only other inmate. He lost some valuable documents and jewellery and guns. The house and contents were insured for £650 ($105,040 in 2010) in the North British

1885: WHEA YIELD - The crop from a paddock o 40 acres of Tuscan wheat at Te Ore Ore, Wairarapa was recently (April) threshed and yielded a fraction of over 58 bushels an acre, exclusive of chicken wheat and tailings, the total amount of best wheat bagged being 2328 bushels

1886: DEATH - January 17, at Te Ore Ore, Masterton, Reginald John, infant son of P. M. and B. BUDDEN, aged 7 months. Safe in the arms of Jesus

1886: SAMOAN CHIEFS - The Samoan chiefs returned from Masterton this afternoon (27 Jan). While there they were interviewed by the Maori Chiefs, who welcomed them and gave an invitation to the Samoans to isit Te Ore Ore, which they did. The Samoan representatives express their intention of returning home by the 'Frisco mail steamer, which leaves Auckland on Tuesday next; but it is considered doubtful whether they will be able to get away

1886: Mr BURNETTS MISSION - Mr Matthew BURNETT, concluded his temperance mission in the Wairarap here last night (15 July)
. The total result of his three weeks tour is that 1077 pledges have been admnistered, of which 84 were given to Maori; these included six chiefs who have signed a letter of welcome and introduction to all the tribes of the North Island. Mr Burnett has hedl meetings at Masterton, Te Ore Ore, Matarawa, Greytown, Gladstone, Martinborough, Featherston, Pakowai and Carterton where his meetings were crowded and entisiastic

1886: Mr BALLANCE - Mr Ballance, on his arrial at Masterton (10 Oct) was et by the mayor, Colonel McDONNELL, Messrs, PARSONS, VILE W. H. BEETHAM and other members of the Special Settlement Association. He was entertained at lunch by the Mayor a his private residence and afterwards driven round the borough, visiting the Acclimatisation Grounds, the school, the Hospital, the native settlement at Te Ore Ore, the Public Institute and the new Council Chabers. He will be banquetted tonight by the Small Farm Association

1890: MORMON CONFERENCE - A mormon Conference was held at Te Ore Ore yesterday (4 April), 17 Mormon elders from all parts of the colony and five Maoris from Gisborne, Napier, Manawatu and Wairarapa being present. The Conference was resided over by Mr Angus WRIGHT (1865-1929), President of New Zealand. In an interview with a reporter of a local paper, Mr Wright stated there were 3354 Mormons in the colony, over 50 converts (principally natives) having been made last year, the financial report will be presented today/ The Conference concluding on Sunday evening

1890: DEATH - A young man named George RUSSELL was killed at Te Ore Ore this morning (13 May) by a fall of earth

1891: DROUGHT FIRES - A telegram received by the Evening Post late this afternoon (12 Jan) from Mastertn states that tremendous excitement prevails in town over the bush and grass fires which are raging in the neighbourhood of the town. The fire originated on the upper plain this morning and with the strongly westerly gale spread with alarmig rapidity. 26 houses are reported t have been already destroyed and others are in immediate danger. The large residence of Mr G. G. MOORE, Te Ore Ore, was also destroyed this afternoon. The insurances are unknown

1891: SUDDEN DEATH - A sad fatality occurred this morning (10 Oct) on the down morning train between Masterton and Carterton. Mr Francis SHAW, a well known dairy farmer of Te Ore Ore, was taking his wife on a visit to Mr Joseph KNIGHT's, Lower Hutt, and when past the Waingawa Bridge she remarked she felt better than ususal. A minute after she expired. The remains will be conveyed by next rain to Masterton. No inquest will be necessary, Dr HOSKING, her medical attendant, certifying to the cause of death

1891: FIRE - A large dwelling at Te Ore Oe, owned and occupie by Mr Henry PERCY, was destroyed by fire this morning (17 Dec). The origin of the fire is a mystery. The insurances are £1500 ($269,007 in 2010) on the building in the National, and £100 ($17,933 in 2010) on the furniture in the same office

1893: SAWMILL - The Te Ore Ore sawmill, owned by Messrs CHAMBERLAIN Bros. and C. DANIEL Co, was totally destroyed by fire last night (18 Oct). the insurance is £400 ($69,167 in 2010) in the New Zealand office. The loss is estimated at £1200 ($207,501 in 2010)

1893: A & P SHOW - The annual Agricultural and Pastoral Show, which was held today (27 Oct) compared unfavourably with the gatherings of previous years. Only eight breeders were represented in cattle ... Championships were gained as follows: ... Mr Y. L. THOMPSON, Te Ore Ore, fat bullock ...

1894: BANKRUPTCY - In the statement furnished to the Deputy Offical Assignee (14 March) T. L. THOMSON attributes his bankfuptcy to losses on his Te Ore Ore estate and the ortality in stock on the Waitawhiti estate

1894: ACCIDENT - A young man named CHAMBERS had two ribs broken in the football match Red Stars V Te Ore Ore, played on Saturday (June)

1894: ACCIDENT - A man named MARAH broke his leg while playing football at Te Ore Ore yesterday (5 July)

1896: DAIRY FACTORY Another attempt is being made to establish a dairy factory at Te Ore Ore

1898: DEATH - Meta ANARU, a well known Maoril chief died at Te Ore Ore last night (15 Feb), aged 38

1898: DIPTHERIA - Cases of diptheria are under treatment at Taueru, Tinui and Te Ore Ore

1898: SUICIDE - A young man named Frank FISHER, who suicided at Te Ore Ore farm, near Masterton, by shooting himself through the head in a flax swamp at Opaki, was a native of London, 25 years of age, and lately came to the colony. He had given to drink lately

1900: DEATH - Harry PERCY, eldest son of Mr H. J. Percy, of Te Ore Ore, succumbed to an acute attack of influenza last night (5 June aged 42)

1900: SCHOOL COMMITTEE - The following School Committees were elected last night (25 June):- Alfredton: Messrs F. DOWSETT jun, Chairman, O. BENTON, W. CROSS, G. WRATTTEN and W. EVANS - Te Ore Ore: Messrs W. D. WATSON, J. T. COOPER, Puhara Te TAU, T. MINOGUE, Rori THOMPSON, P. CARR and August MIKAERA - Tauery: Messrs TURNER, EVERNDEN, McHATTIE, TAPLIN, MILLER, HILL and GARDINER

1901: COMMONWEALTH REPRESENTATIE CORPS - The following will represent the country corps of the Wellington Volunteer District in the Commonwealth Representative Corps:- Tare WHERE HI, East Coast Mounted Rifles, Gisborne; Sergt. NYE, Foxton Rifles; Private ROSS, Marton Royal Rifles; Wanganui, 10 Highlanders, 1 peper and a natice, Te WHITU; McGREGOR, Otaki Mounted Rifles; Henare PUMIHI Te Ore Ore Mounted Rifles; Masterton, four men, Private LLOYD, Horowhenua Mounted Rifles; Hawkes Bay Mounted Rifles, Te UA and two others

1902: MAORI ENTERTAINMENT - On the 16th of next month (Oct) an entertainment will be given in Wellington by Wairarapa and West Coast natives in aid of the Victoria College for Maori girls to be established at Auckland. Th entertainment will be in the form of a garden fte and the idea emanated from [url=http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/photo/lord-ranfurly-at-his-desk[/url] and Lady RANFURLY who have consented to throw open the grounds at Government House for the occasion. Charles PARATA, the organising secretary, held a meeting of Masterton and disctirct natives at Te Ore Ore last night (24 Sept) the result of which is highly satisfactory

1904: BIRTH - BARLTROP - On April 17th, at Te Ore Ore, Masterton, the wife of W. BARLTROP, of a daughter

1905: PLOUGH TRIAL - On Thursday afternoon (March) a number of settlers assembled at Mr W. D. WATSON's Te Ore Ore property to witness a trial of the Benicia Hancock disc plough. Considerable interest was taken in the trial, which was held in one of the stubble paddocks, a three-disc plough, drawn by four horses, beng used. The implement worked beautifully, and what was claimed for it - that it would turn under any stubble no matter how dirty, without being choked, clean itself in any kind of soil and break up stubble rape and turnip land, leaving it ready for the drill - was carried out with ease. The plough was also tried on hard-set ground even more succesfully

1906: NARROW ESCAPE - Mr W. TURNER, a stumping contractor had a narrow escape from a serious accident at Te Ore Ore last week (Nov). He, with two mates, had competed a contract and in doing some cleaning up work they decided to destroy about a dozen damaged detonators by throwing the on a fire ...

1907: TRIO OF BAPTISMS - A large Native gathering, with festivities on an elaborate scale, is now being held (Aug) at Te Ore Ore pah, two miles from here, the occasion being a trio of baptisms of native children. A large number of Europeans are present. A prominent figure is a female tohunga of the Arawa tribe, whose incantations and supposed powers have a great hold over the Maoris. Order and decorum are enforced and no liquor is allowed to be brought into the pah. Natives from all parts of the island are present

1907: DEATH OF CHIEFTAINESS - News has been receied (13 Sept)of the death of the aged Maori chieftainess generally known ar Ringatu. Her age was onsiderably over a hundred years. It is stated that she well remembered the sended visit of Captain Cool. Deceased was the last of her tribe, who were fierce fighting warriors in the olden days. A great, great, great, grandson of the deceased was among the children recently christenec by the Rev. WILLIAMS at Te Ore Ore. A great tangi will be held at Kaiwhata, at which natives will be present from all parts

1908: NATIVE LAND - Mr J. CORADINE, Mayor and Crs PAULING and J. MacKAY waited on the Hon. James CARROLL today and brought under his notice the matter of 11,000 acres of native leasehold over the Ruamahanga river at Te Ore Ore which is held by six settlers, and aksed that the Government take it over and lease it on behalf of the natives. The Minister promised to send Sir Robert STOUT and Mr NGATA, M.P., Native Commissioners to inspect the land and the Government could, he said, act immediately on their recommendation

1909: RUGBY UNION FIXTUES DRAW Through the nominations of teh Te Ore Ore CLub being over-carried, the Management Committee of the Wairarapa Rugby Union had to meet at Carterton again last Saturday evening, for the purpose of redrawing the junior and third-class fixtures, the result being as under:- Wairarapa Fixtures Re-Drawn

1912: SHEEP FODDER Mr W. CAMERON, of Te Ore Ore, Masterton, sowed a crop of dwarf maize recommended by r A. B. WOOD as fodder or sheep and which has been specially treated. The crop has been a decided success and has carried 65 lambs to the care during the past three weeks and there is still a good crop left. A local authority informed a Wairarapa 'Daily Times' reporter that kale and maize, and rape and maize, grown together are taking the place of soft turnips and rape as feed for sheep

1912: DEATH - A farm hand named Thomas S. CAMPION, aged 45, died this morning as the result of injuries received through falling off a straw stack at Te Ore Ore yesterday (28 Feb). His neck was dislocated

1913: MURDER - The Grabd Jury reduced the charge of murder against Peti TETUA, of Te Ore Ore to one of manslaughter. The case is proceeding

1918-DEATHS - Three well known and respected residents of the Wairarapa died yesterday (21 June) namely, Mr William BUCKERIDGE of Featherston aged 68; Mrs John RAYNER, sen - formerly Mrs Pierce COTTER, of Masterton aged 70 (Selina nee WOTTON) and Mrs RACTLIFFE, wife of Mr Frank Ractliffe of Te Ore Ore (Williamina Ross nee JAMES aged 45. Frank remarried in 1920 to Johan James)

1919: DEATH - Cable advice has been received that Private A. T. ROBERTS, whose parents reside at Te Ore Ore, had died from influenza in England

1919: SCHOOL - Te Ore Ore State School, two miles from Masterton, was completely destroyed by fire last night (15 July). The origin of the fire is a mystery

1919: TEACHERS' RESIGNATIONS - The following resignations were reported at the meeting of the Education Board today (Nov): .... & Miss M. C. McPHEE, assistant, Te Ore Ore

1926; DEATH While mustering a dairy herd for the evening milking, Magdalene Ponton Colvile, the eleven year old daughter of mrs Mary SADDLER, of Te Ore Ore, fell with her horse, which had a seizure. the girl was picked up unconscious and expired a few minutes later. Her skull was fractured

1927: MARRIAGE - At Eastbourne Presbyterian Church, on April 23rd, by the Rev. Gibson SMITH, Kenneth A. STEWART, of Te Ore Ore Masterton, was united in hold matrimony to Miss Rebe SMYTH, of Lansdowne, Masterton. Miss Smyth was trained at the Masterton Hospital and afterwards was on the staff of Queen Mary's Hospital, Hanmer

1929: DEATH - When uder an anaesthetic following an operation, Ruakura HIMIONA, a married woman of Te Ore Ore, died in the Masterton Hospital yesterday (10 April)

1930: REST HOME A complete change un beautiful healthy and restful surroundings offered paying guests; first-class accommodation. Mrs R. JACQUES, Te Ore Ore, Masterton. Tel. 2609

1931: TEACHER The following appointments of teachers are announced by the Wellington Education Board (August):- Miss H. GREENSMITH to be assistant mistress at the Petone Central School; Miss J. ATKINSON, infant mistress, Mangatainoka; Miss N. E. MEWHINNEY, assistant mistress, Waiwhetu; Miss W. V. COSTER, assistant mistress, Brooklyn; Miss M. A. McARA, infant mistress, Poroutawhao; Mrs L. A. SAVAGE, infant mistress, Te Ore ore; Mrs E. R. DEAN, assistant mistress, Clyde Quay

1932: FARMS - The Commissioner of Crown Lands is inviting applications for dairy farms situated in Te Ore Ore and Soland settlements and the Mangaone survey district

1932: DEATH - The death occurred at the Masterton Hospital yesterday (6 June) morning of Mr Bartholomew CULLOTY, an old (74) and highly respected resident of Te Ore Ore. On 15th May he was admitted to the Masterton Hospital suffering from severe burns received when he accidentally fell into the fire in his whare at Te Ore Ore. Though he made satisfactory progress for a time, he died yesterday. He was a single man, aged 74 years, and had resided in the district for many years. Constable J. J. CULLOTY of Palmerston North, and formerly of Masterton, is a nephew

1933: FIRE - Early this morning (7 March) a large shed on the property of Mr Oswald PERCY, Te Ore Ore, was totally destroyed by fire, together with its contents, The shed, which was about forty or fifty years old, was practically full of winter feed, oats, and wheat, besides a number of farm implements which were stored there, The entire contents were lost, and it is understood that there was no insurance, so that Mr Percy will be a heavy loser

1934: OBITUARY - A prominent Wairarapa settler, Mr O. J. PERCY (Oswald Joseph) died at his residence "Ngatakaka", Te Ore Ore on Tuesday, (17 Jult), at the age of 69 ...

1934: COLLISION - Severe head injuries and concussion were receied by Florence Eileen THORNTON, the fourteen-year old daughter of Mr J. W. Thornton, 38 Opaki Road, Landsdowne, when she was knocked of her bicycle by a motor-car this morning (6 Aug). The accident occurred at the junction of Te Ore Ore Road with Opaki Road. The girl was cycling into town from her home when a collision occurred with a motor-car driven by Mr Silas RAYNER, of Parkvale. She was removed to hospital

1936: COLLISION - Mr R. LEE, of Tinui, was admitted to the Masterton Hospital yesterday (4 Oct) afternoon suffering from cuts about the head and a bruised chest, received as the result of a collision between the motor-cycle he was riding and a motor-car, at the intersection of Totara Street and Te Ore Ore Road. The accident occurred at 3.30pm and the car involved was driven by Mr Herbert MUNN. The motor-cycle was badly damaged. Mr Lee's condition is reported to be satisfactory

1937: SHEEP DOG TRIALS - The North Island dog trial championship, in which there are competitors from all parts of New Zealand, is being held by the Masterton Collie Club at Te Ore Ore (9 June). Results include:- North Island Championship, long head - Fraser SMITH, Awakino, Highland King, 46 points 1; G. McMILLAN, Otane, Star, 44½ points 2; W. E. NELMES, Waipukurau, Rainbow, 44 points 3. There were 73 entries

1937: DEATH - INGLEY, On December 9 1937, at his homestead, Te Ore Ore, Masterton Thomas INGLEY, aged 75 years

1938: ACCIDENT - Mr J. J. ANDREW, a Masterton Borough Council employee, was knocked off his bicycle by a motor-car at about 6.30pm on Saturday. He received a severe shaking and was taken to his home. Yesterday however, (11 Sept) he was admitted to the Masterton Hospital with possible internal injuries. The accident occurred at the junction of the Opaki Road and Te Ore Ore Road

1939: DEATH A verdict of accidental death was returned by the District Coroner, Mr E. G. ETON, at an inquest held yesterday (17 May) concerning the death of a six-year-old cyclist, Ian HOPKIRK, of Te Ore Ore who was fatally injured at Te Ore Ore on May 5 in a collison with a motor truck. It was stated that the victim was riding to school on his bicycle and appeared to have momentarily lost control of it and collided with a passing truck. According to the evidence, the truck was not travelling at more that 25 to 30 miles an hour when the accident happened

1939: MEETING HOUSE - A photo of the Maori meeting house at Te Ore Ore, Masterton which was completely destroyed by fire last Friday (22 September) with the loss if many valuable and historic native treasures. It was known as "Nga Tau-e-Waru", the Seven Years. The meeting house was a landmark in the Te Ore Ore district. It was erected 60 years ago and contained many valuable carvings and other relics associated with the Maori race. Proposals were on foot during recent months for the remodelling of the building and a fair amount of money has been raised for the pirpose

1940: NAVY LEAGUE - The public school at Te Ore Ore, near Masterton, with a roll of 66 children, has enrolled all the pupils in the Navy League, and will therefore be presented with a Union Jack towards the end of November at the same time as the Fernridge School. The Te Ore Ore School has a large number of maori children on its roll and they are just as keen to become members of the Navy League as their pakeha schoolmates

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