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NIAGARA- -Canada - 1792

Journal by edmondsallan

source :This information was originally published by:
Papers and Records
Published in Toronto in 1901

WEDDINGS AT NIAGARA 1792. Aug. 23.Henry Warren, bl., and Catherine Aglor, spinr. Michael Showers and Elenor Thorn. 24. Captn. James Hamilton to Louisa, his wife. They had been married by some commanding officer or magistrate and thought it more decent to have the office repeated. 27. Corporal Crawford and Widow Farewell. 1793. Jan. 24.Dr. Robt. Richardson, blr., and Magdalene Asken, spinr. Feb. 4. Daniel Cassady, widr., and Ann Dennis, spinr. Apr. 2. James Everingham and Catherine Lemon. 14. Mathew Pearson, br., and Catherine Cowell, wid. May 4. James Barley, br., and Mary Crysler, spr. June 5. Ensign Lemoine, blr., and Susan Johnston, spinr. 6. Alexander Allen, br., and Mary Sporbeck, widow. July 13.William Spencer and Rachel Ostrander, spinr. 21. Peter Holme and Sarah Goodman. 28. William Knott, br., and Elizabeth Haggerty, spr. Oct. 6. John Hitchcock, br., and Martha Ball, spr. 24. William Price, br., and Phebe Soper, spr. Dec. 8. Bartholomew Dunn. br., and Margt. Harslip. 9. George Lawe, br., and Elizabeth McGrath, spinr. 29. Daniel Gleesand, br., and Mary Van Every, widow. 1794. Mar. 3. George Browne and Mary Cheen (of the 5th Regt.) Andrew Van Every, br., and Jane Purbice, spr. 5. Frederick Smith, br., and Elizabeth Rosamyer. Apr.12. William Dickson, bachr., and Charlotte Adlam, spr. June 3. Enos Scott, br., and Christina Beaumond. 4. Isaac Smith and Sarah Showers, spr. 24. Cornelius Dongan, br., and Nancy Adams. July 10.Samuel Mather, br., and Dorithy Du Forest, spr. Sept.26. ??? Briant, br., and Eve Durham, spr. Oct. 5. Jacob Ostrander, br., and Ellin Clarke. Nov. 3. James Hurst, br., and Margaret Kamp, spr Dec. 2. Thomas Adams, bachr., and Margaret Disher, spr. John Wilson, br., and Jane Adams, spinster. 7. George Adams, bachr., and Phebe Smith, spinr. 1795. Jan.28. John Cain, batchelor, and Ann FitzGerald, widow. Mar. 3. John Crysler, br., and Elizabeth Morden, spinr. 9. Mathew Wormwood and Margaret Wintermute. 15. William Wallace, bachr., and Ann Doudle, spinr. 24. Cornelius Volick, br., and Eve Larraway, spinr. Apr. 11.James McBride, bachr., and Sarah Read, widow. 13 Peter Whitney, br., and Margaret Haynes, spinster. May 3. Israel Birch, br, and Deborah Bellinger, spr. 19. James Muirhead, bachr., and Deborah Butler, spinr. June 9. Andrew Templeton, bachr., and Mary Johnston, spinr 22. Ebenezer Hodges, br., and Polly Sceeley, spinster. Aug. 29.James Clark, bachr., and Elizabeth Hare, spr. 30. John Jacks, br., and Rose Moore (Negroes). 1796. Mar. 6. John Edens, br, and Martha Allen, spr. Apr. 27.Lieut. Falkner, of the 5th Regt., and M. Redding, spr. June 22.Capt. Geo. Hill, widower, and Isabella Ford, widow. July 17.James Wallace, bachr., and Charity Doudle, spr. Oct. 1. David Kamp, br., and Rebecca Ransier, spr. Dec. 7. Alexander Stewart, br., and Jemima Johnson, spr. 13. John Soper, bachr., and Elizabeth Price, spr. 1797. Feb, 5.Moses and Phoebe, Negro Slaves of Mr. Secy. Jarvis. Although by Act of Parliament slavery was abolished as far as slaves coming into the country, children did not obtain their full freedom till a certain age. 12. George Woodley, widr., and Catherine Bowman, spr. Mar. 6. John Cain and Sarah Clarke. Roger Bland, br., and Sarah Haynes, spinr. 11. Charles Sillick, br., and Elizabeth Gibson, spr. 19. Zacharia Hayner, bachr., and Sophia Brown, spr. May 2. Abraham Nelles, br., and Catherine Ball, spinr. July 9. Jacob Ten Broeck, bachr., and Priscilla Read, spr. Sep.30. Samuel Backhouse, br., and Mary Percy, apinr. Oct.12. Cuff Williams and Ann, Negroes from Mr. C. McNabb. 23. John Boyce, bachr., and Mary McLaughlin, spinr. Nov. 7.Jacob Cochannon and Mary Stevens. 26. Thomas Burch, bachr., and Eliz'th Nicholson, spinr. Dec. 29.Lieut. James Givens, bachr., and Angelica Andrews, apr 1798. Jan. 2. Adam Beemer, bachr., and Eve Bowman, spr. 6. John Muirhead, bachr., and Elizabeth Vanderlip, spr. Feb.11 Barnabas Cain, widr., and Cyble Clinton, widow. Mar. 4. George Havens, bachr., and Elizabeth Rice, spinr. 17. Stephen Prichard and Anna Collier. Apr. 1. William Havens, bachr., and Elizabeth Schram, spr. 10. Jonathan Jones, br., and Sarah Kelly, spinr. June 3. Titus Simons, bachr., and Elizabeth Green, spr. Sep.4. William Emery, bachr., and Mary Holiday, widow. Dec. 2. Samuel Boyd, br., and Jane Gregory, spr. 7. Joel Wooding and Susan Shields, spr. 31. Elias Gillis, bachr., and Rebecca Layton, spinr. 1799. May 29. Daniel Fuller, bachr., and Susan Harris, spr. June 19.John Ledan and Mary Humphreys. July 8. John Johnston, br., and Margaret Anderson, spr. 16. William Nelles, bachr., and Margaret Ball, spinr. 13. Peter Cockle, br., and Elizabeth Boyce, spin. 25. Major Slater and Christina Thomas. Sept.3 George Campbell, bachr., and Eliz'th McLaughlan, spr. 14. Bethnel Bunker and Josette Ambroisoule. 21 Col. Samuel Smith, bachr., and Jane Isabella Clarke, spr. 17 Thomas Dickson, bachr., and Eliza Taylor, widow. 3 Benjamin Skinner, br., and Eliza Drean, spr. 7 James Davidson, widower, and Mary Clarke, spr. 24 William Parnell, br., and Elizabeth Goring, spr. 29 Libbins Porter, bachr., and Ann Adams, spr. 1800 Jan.14 John Neach, bachr., and Margaret Lighthall, spr. 15 Johnathan Leet, br., and Elizabeth Godfrey, spr. 23 Enoch Monett, br., and Jane McKenzie, spinr. Feb. 16 John Morrison and Mary Campbell. 22 Alexander Douglas, br., and Margt. De Mille, spr. 23 James Macklem, br., and Lydia Smith, spinr. Edmond Raymond, br., and Elizabeth Wintermute, spr. Elihu Sheldon, br., and Nancy Dickinson, spinr. 25. Samuel Rose and Jane Hays Mar. 3. William Devenish, br. and Jane Webster, spr. 13. John Symington, bar.; and Elizabeth Crooks, widow. 22. Eustace Parge, br., and Nancy Jacobs, spr. May 5. John Thompson, br, and Catherine Stuart, spr. Jul. 8 Thomas James br., and Mary Bowers, spr. 12. John Eaglesham br., and Elizabeth Jack, spr. Aug. 9. Samuel McKay br. and Nary Whasson, spr 17. John Johnson Laffity br., and Mary Johnson, spr. 20. David Price, br., and Margaret Gaunder, spinr. 26. Abner Everet, br. and Catherine Lichman, spr. Oct. 2 Solomon Skinner br. and Rachel Vrooman, spr. 19. Arthur Burton, br., and Sarah Wallace. 20. Benjamin Carty and Mary Suttonfield (Americans). Dec. 1 Prince Robinson and Phillis Gibson (Negroes) 30. Jacques Marchand, br., aad Elizabeth Bowman, spr. 1801 Jan 1. John Laplace, br., and Elizabeth McFall, spr. 8 Michael Bellinger, br., and Mary Koch, spr. Feb.12. John Coltman, widr., and Elizabeth Lyons, spinr. 14. Andrew Smith, br., and Nancy Lyons, spinr. 23. William Bowen and Elizabeth Brown. 28. James Guggins, br., and Content Bassell, spr. Mar. 2 Mathias Steel, br., and Catherine Anderson. July 23.Thomas Waters, br., and Judith Fritz, spr. 25. William D. Powell, br. and Sarah Stephenson, spr. This was evidently a case of elopement, as shown by a letter in the Historical Room from Wm. D. Powell, dated Queenston, 28th. July, 1801, to Robert Nelles 4O-Mile Creek (now Grimsby), thanking him and his wife for helping their escape. W. D. P. was a member of the first Law Society of U.C., 1797. July 26.William Needham, br., and Catherine McDonald, spr. Aug. 27.Edward Taylor, br., and Hannah Collard, spr. Sep. 1. Adam Bowman, br., and Hannah May, spr. Oct. 1. John Smith, br., and Catherine Goring, spr. 25. Erasmus Kelly, br., and Anna Boyd spr. Nov. 8. John Alexander and Mary Christina Talbot. 19. Garret Schram, br., and Leah Vanatten, spinr. 22. John Riley, br., and Catherine Vanatten, spinr. 24 John Martin Horton, br., and Catherine Dorshimer, spr. 29. Samuel Davidson, br., and Flora McDonell, spr. Dec. 9. James Larraway, br., and Maria Griffin, spr. 20. George Turney, br., and Ann Smith, spinr. 21. Allen McDougal, br., and Frederica Whitsell, spr. 1802. Jan. 1. John Miller, br., and Catherine Woolman, spr. 3. John Campbell, br., and Lucretia Bailey, widow. 6. Conrad Miller, br., and Magdaline Browne, spr. 19. James Cushman, br., and Mary Boise, spr. Feb. 3. Thomas John Forbes, br. (R. Art.), and Eliza Herbert Mar. 2. John Bowman, br., and Elizabeth Hoghstroper, spinr. 28. David Thompson, br., and Jane Gamble, spinr. 30. John Robertson, br., and Elizabeth Read, spinr. Apr. 5. Alexander Marshall and Mary Gray, spinster. 6. James Connover, br., and Julia Lambert, spr. 22. John McClellan, br., and Jane Thompson, spinr. May 26. William Parker, widower, and Catherine Parsley, widow. July 15.John Hatter, br., and Anna Magdalina Gastman, spr. Johnson Butler, widower, and Susan Hatt, spinr. Aug. 5. John May, bachr., and Dorithy Hainer, spinr. 31. Edward Gahan, br., and Mary Fields, spinr. Sep. 21.William Kent, br., and Rebecca Bradshaw, spr. 22. Jesse Jones, bachr., and Anna Bemer, spinr. Richard Griffin, br., and Anna Collver, spinr. 29. Peter McBride, br., and Eliza Hurst, spinr. Oct. 1. Sergt. Thomas Cummins, br., and Eliza Woods, spr. 5. David Van Every, br., and Eliza Jones, spiur. 7. Duncan Clow, br., and Eliza Smith, spinr. John Emery, br., and Jane McBride, spinr. 21. Charles Trump, br., and Christina Cook, spr. Nov. 4. Elias Smith, br., and Ann Secord, spinr. 11. James Millmine, br., and Mary Lutes. Dec. 6. Ambroise De Farcy and Ellin Weymouth, spr. 19. Calvin Grant, br., and Elizabeth Browne, spinr. 1803. Jan. 2. John Lyons, br., and Elizabeth Barlow, spr. 11. Peter Welsh, br., and Sophia Brady, widow. June 9. James Maitland McCullah, bachr., and Sarah Woodruff, spr. Sep. 20.Thomas Dickson, Esq., widr., and Archange Grant, spinr. Dec. 21.Martin McClellan, bachr., and Eliza Grant, spr. This must be the Capt. Martin McLellan killed at the taking of Niagara, 27th May, 1813; a tablet at the north door of St. Mark's records his name with those of three others who fell in battle. 1804. Jan. 10.Henry Redecher, br., and Jane Butcher, spr. Apr. 1. William Lawrence, br., and Mary Cudney, spinr. June 21.Joseph Smith, bachr., and Jane Brown, widow. July 25.George Forsyth, br., and Catherine Ten Broeck, spr. Aug. 23.George Read, br., and Clementina Secord, spinr. Sep. 9. Isaac Secord, br., and Carolina May Margt. Bindle, spr. 10. Robert Jupiter, br., and Mary Ann Arrishew, spr. This must be the slave Jupiter, belonging to the Servos family. Oct. 28.George Ball, br., and Catherine Oberholtzer, spinr. Nov. 2. Samuel Bingle, br., and Maria Waddel, spinr. 4. Thomas Butler, br., and Ann Ten Broeck, spr. 1805. Apr. 22.Alexander McKee, bachr., and Sarah Powis, spinr. June 26.John Read Phoenix, br., and Margaret Read, spr. July 2.William Westover, bacr., and Catherine Hostetter, spr. Sep. 4. Hugh Freel, bacr., and Anna Clinton, spinr. Oct.20. Stephen Conteur, br., and Charlotte Francoeur, spr. Nov. 5. Fred. Augustus Goring, br., and Ann Hostetter, spr. 16. Daniel Crostwait, br., and Eliz'th Bradshaw, spinr. 1806. Jan. 6. Henry Facer, widower, and Mary Reynolds, widow. 26. Henry Schram, bacr., and Catherine Conway, spinr. Mar. 20.Thomas McGuire, br., and Bridget Saunders, spr. (41st). Apr.6. Francis Crooks, bachr., and Mary Stagg, spinster. July 13.Benjamin Faerchild, widr., and Margaret Muir, widow. Aug. 10.John Silverthorn, br., and Mary Steinhoff, spinr. Sep. 14.Abraham Phoenix, bacr., and Ellen Hodgkinson, spr. 18. Isaac Swayze, widr., and Lena Ferris, widow. Oct.11. James Freel, bacr., and Nancy Chambers, spr. Nov. 2. Robert Chestnut, bacr., and Nancy Fisher, widow. 26. Abraham Cook, bacr., and Eve Clyne, spinster. Dec. 17.James Glover, bacr., and Elizabeth Pettit, spinster. Nov. 31.Frederick Lampman, br., and Lydia Shippy, spiur. 1807 Mar. 19.Solomon Vrooman, bachr., and Mary Brown, spinster. Apr. 19.Pierre Le Point, bachr., and Catherine Francoeur, spinr. May 19. John Milton (sergt. 41st Regt.), bachelor, and Lettice Miller, spr. 24. David Putman, bachr., and Dorithy Hainer, spr. June 30.St. John Bapt. Rousseau (of the Indian Department), widower, (Interpreter to Indians.) and Margaret Clyne, spinster. July 1. Louis Haynes, bachr., and Eve Clandenin, spinster. Oct. 21.Samuel Hatt, Esq., bachelor (from Ancaster), and Margaret Thompson, spinster (Niagara). Nov. 1. George Aug. Ball, bachr., and Ann Pawling, spinr. 15. James Cudney, bachr., and Mary Young spr. 25. Jacob Boyce, bachr., and Catherine Risenburg, spinr. Dec. 11.Lieut. William Procter, bachr. (brother to Col. Henry commanding at Fort George), and Joan Crooks, spr. 1808. Jan. 2. Harmonious House, bachr., and Susan Bradt, spinster. Apr. 2. Andrew Heron, widower and Catherine McLeod, widow. May 1. John Fentrill, bachr., and Sarah Boarman, spinster. 3. John Secord, bachr., and Jannett Crooks, spinster. 19. Alexander Simcoe Stevenson, bachr., and Catherine Hainer, spr. 22. Thomas B. Gough, Esq.,bachr., and Margaret McBride, spinster. Dec. 1. William Crooks, Esq., bachr., and Mary Butler, spinster. 8. James Crooks, bachr., and Jane Cummings, spinster. 26. Michael Coom, widower, and Margaret Smith, widow. 1809. Jan. 8. Joseph Wheaton, bachelor, and Elizabeth Rowe, widow. Mar. 30.Thomas Clark, bachelor, and Mary Margaret Kerr, spinster. May 4. Jacob H. Ball, bachelor, and Catherine Clement, spinster. 30. Carston Chorus, bachelor, and Mary Castleman, spinster. June 18.John Smith, bachelor, and Elizabeth Cox, spinster. July 30.Major William C. Short (41st Regt.), widower, and Jane Crooks, spinster. Aug. 20.Frank Wilson, bachr., and Nancy Philips, spinr. (of colour). 30. James Murphet Hutchinson, widower, and Ellen Quinn,. widow (100th Regt.). Sep. 7. Samuel Wood, bachr., Asst. Comy., and Eleanor Pawling, spr Oct. 10.Cornelius Harrington, br., and Nancy Favourite, spinster (100th Regt.). Dec. 14.John Wilson, widower, and Ann McFarland, spinster. 1810. Apr. 20.Malon Burnell, Esq., bachelor, and Sarah Haun, spinster. (from near Fort Erie.) May 2. Timothy Stuart, widower, and Theodosia Owens, spr. June 5. Thomas Smith, bachelor, and Anna Hall, widow. July 29.Abraham Larzclerc, bachelor, and Catherine Young, spinster. Aug. 2. James Gordon, Esq., Asst. Comy., bachelor, and Caroline Merritt, spinster. Sep. 2. Russel Atkin Smith, bachelor, and Unice Martin, spinster. Oct. 4. Thomas Deary, bachelor, and Sarah Beauquett, widow. 10. William Lee and Jane Boise (of Colour). Nov. 2. Benjamin Slaytor, widower, and Sarah Parker, widow. 1811. Mar. 9. Johnathan Lawrence, widower, ana Hannah Srigley, widow Aug.11. James Fellon (private soldier 100th Regt.), bachr., and Margaret McKenzie, spinster. 18. Ebenezer Collven [may be Collver], widower, and Phoebe Coon, widow (from the 15-Mile Creek). Dec. 5. Alexander Thorn (surgeon 41st Regt.), bachr., and Hannah E. Smith, spinster. 9. Joseph Hiltz, widower, and Lucy Cooper, spinster. 16. Alexander Cameron, Esq., bachr., and Catherine Butler, spin. 17. James Waters and Clarissa Sorell, spr. (of colour). 21. Robert Nicholl (from Woodhouse), bachr., and Theresa Wright, spinster. -- 1812. Mar. 30.Benjamin Geale (Lieut. 41st Regt.), br., and Catherine Claus, spinster. May 5. Thomas McCormick, bachelor, and Augusta H. Jarvis, spinster. June 28.John Stevenson (soldier of 41st Regt.), bachr., and Ann Hone, spr. Oct. 6. James Durand (of Barton), widower, and Kezia Morrison, spr. 1813. Jan. 11.James Jackson (of the R. Arty.), bachr., and Martha Saunders, spr. 22. Cornelius Barns, bachr., and Ann Stall, spinster. Feb. 15.George Brewer, bachr., and Eliz'th Sutcliff, spinster. Mar. 29.Lieut. Alexander Garrett (of 49th. Regt.), bachelor, and Amelia Thompson, spinster. Fought with Brock at Queenston Heights. Apr. 4. Daniel Lealey (private of 49th Regt.), bachr., and Mary Madlin, spinster. May 2. John Bender, bachr., and Catherine Bradt, spinster. The Mohawk chief, Captain Norton, was married to his wife Catherine (I think), on the 27 July, when she was baptized; and Jacob Johnson, another Mohawk chief, was married to his wife Mary on the 21 Aug., this year. 1814 It may be noticed that there are no marriages from May 2nd, 1813, to 1814, except the two Indian chiefs. The town was in possession of the Americans from 27th May to 13th Dec., 1813. July 8. Richard Hope, widr., and Elizabeth Howell, widow. Sep.19. Thomas McNamara (purser of the Charwell), br., and Mary Ann Lawe, spinster. Mem.-These two entries are wrong placed. Jan. 18.Stephen Pritchard, widower, and Judith Hay, widow. 20. Zacharias Richart, widower, and Pamela Hall, widow. Feb.13. John Smith, bachr., and Sarah Anderson, spinster. 21. Russell McWhittaker, bachr., and Ann Libson, widow. 23. John Berry, widower, and Mary Dockhart, widow. Mar. 13.Arba Stinson, bachr., and Catherine Stontenburgh, spinr. George Bond, bachr., and Hannah Hill, spinster. 15. John C. Ball, bachr., and Margaret Frey, spinster. Apr. 4. Sergt. Hay Fenton, bachr., and Amelia Ball, (Rl. Scots) 17. Thos. Stewart (Lieut. Royal Scots), bachr,, and Mary Dornford, spr. May 9. Thos. Denshaw, bachr., and Margaret McPherson, spr. (R. Scots). 30. Abraham Jackson (gunner R. Artillery), bachr., and Mary McKenzie, spinster. Sep.28. Thomas Newton (gunner Marine Artillery), bachr., and Catherine Thompson, widow. Oct.22. Michael (Corpl. R. Sappers and Miners), bachelor, and Margaret Fenton, widow. Nov. 9. Sergt. John Knox (R. Scots), bachr., and Ann McCormick, widow. 18. David Donely (private 100th Regt.) ,br., and Mary Quinn, widow. Dec.7. James Murray (gunsmith), bach., and Elizabeth Read, widow. 16. Sergt. George Smith (Royal Scots), bachr., and Martha Phillips, widow. 28. Isaac Ryan, br., and Margaret La Ville, spinster. 1815. Apr. 20.George Phillpots (Lieut. R. Engineers), br., and Miss Maria McNabb, spinster. 23. Robert Chrysler, bachelor, and Anna Robbs, widow. June 4. John Oakley (clerk in the field train), br., and Mary Henry, spinster. Afterwards a teacher in Niagara, and also an exhorter and preacher in the Baptist church there. His wife, Mary Henry, was daughter of the lighthouse-keeper, Niagara, Dominick Henry, a soldier under Cornwallis. 8. George Keefer, widower, and Jane Emery, widow. Jul.10. Thomas Arnold (D. A. C. G.), bachelor, and Mary Crooks, spr. Aug.20. Robt. Moore (clerk in the Commissariat), widower, and Maria Young, spinster. - Oct.17. Thos. McQuarters (Corpl. R. Can. Vols.), bachr., and Jane McQuillan, spinster. - 18. John Hunt, bachelor, and Mary Dayton, spinster. 29. John Aston, bachelor, and Rachel Camp, spinster. Mem.-I have lost the date of the two following marriages which took place some time this month. John Crilly (Sergt. 82d Regt.) and Margaret Robinson. John Wertem (Sergt. 82d Regt.) and Sarah Studley. R. ADDISON. 1816. Jan. 4. Walter Dettrick, bachr., and Jane Fields, spinster. Joseph Coddington, bachr., and Hannah Standliff, spinr. 18. John Clandenning, br., and Margaret Dettrick, spinr. 25. Mr. Alexander Hamilton, bachr., and Miss Hannah Jarvis, spinr. - Sheriff Hamilton. Mar. 2. Michael Daily, bachr., and Mary Price, spinr. 18. William Trimble (asst. Surgn. 37th Regt.), br., and Mary Secord, spinster. May 23. John Cox, bachr., and Salome Hughston, spinr. June 18.William Stoneman. bachr., and Mary Rossin, widow. Sep. 4. William Daily (priv. 99th Regt.) bach., and Mary Evans, spin. 5. Bryan Conden, bacbr., and Susan Cox, spinster. Charles Ingersoll, bachr., and Ann Maria Merritt, spin. Oct.3. Robt. Gillespie, Esq., of Montreal, bachr., and Ann Agnes Kerr, Spr. 13. Sergt. Wil'm Boyd (R. Ar.), bachr, and Sarah Hamilton, widow. 26. John Withers (priv. 99th Regt.), bachr., and Ellen Lafferty, widow. 31. Michael Thompson, widower, and Margt. Evly, widow. Nov. 7. Jacob A. Ball, bachr., and Elizabeth Hostetter, spr. (of Grantham,). 11. George Read (seaman), bachr., and Mary Carey, spinster. 28. John Jarvis and Ann Peters (of colour). Dec. 12.Boyle Travers, bacr., and Hannah Larraway, spinr. 16. Jacob Vincent, bachr., and Mary Fountain, spinster. 1817. Jan. 2. Robert McDougall, bachelor, and Mary Wilson, spinr. 25. Thomas Bushby (Lient. Royal Navy), bach., and Miss Sarah Dickson, spinster. 26. Lancelot Chase, bachr., and Catherine Henry, spinster. Apr. 3. Peter Lampman, bachr., and Ann McKiel, spinr. 21. Baptist Blanchard, bachr., and Mary Depote spinr. July 19.Tannat Thompson, Esq. (D. A. C. G.), bachelor, and Margaret Ann Usher, spinster. Aug. 21.Rev. William Sampson (Min'r of Grimsby), br., and Maria Eliza Nelles, spinster. The Register of baptisms, marriages and burials at Grimsby, by Rev. Wm. Sampson, recorded farther on. Sep. 1. Josiah Secord, widower, and Mary Baxter, spinster. Nov. 11.Abraham Hostetter, bachr., and Mary Donaldson, spinr. 13. George Connolly, Esq. (99th Regt.), bachelor, and Elizabeth Plummer Addison, spinster. Daughter of Rev. Robert Addison. Dec. 22.Edward Doyle, widower (of Kingston, bachr.), and Elizabeth Ann Pointer, spr. 1818. Jan.17. Charles C. Alexander (Lieut. Royal Engineers), bachelor, and Jane Racey, spinster. 27. James Greenfield, br., and Christina Amet, spr. (70th Regt.). Apr. 23.Benjamin Merethew, widower, and Martha Hill, widow. May 1. Robert Kay (Sergt. 70th Regt.), bachelor, and Amey Monk, spr. 27. Abraham Secord, bachr., and Elizabeth Lampman, spinr. 8. Neil McVicker (priv. 70th Regt.) and Dorcas Hanway. 14. Joseph Phillips, bachelor, and Ann Hays, spinr. (servants to Mr. Billings, of the Commissariat). Aug. 17.Richard Pointer, widower, and Elizabeth Empy, spr. (Queenston). Sep. 6. John Barker, bachelor, and Lydia Pier (Stamford). 21. James Wilson (bombardier R. Arty.), bachelor, and Catherine Barns, spinster. Nov. 29.John Tindle, bachr., and Mary Bowman, spinr. (both of Stamford- Major Leonard's servants), 30. James Wilson, bachr. (brewer), and Mary Biggar, spinster. 1819. Jan. 14.James Gray McLean (of Montreal), bachelor, and Mary Douglas (of Bertie), spr. Feb. 9. Jacob Barninger, bachr., and Mary Bowman, spr. (15-Mile Creek). Mar. 6. James Patterson (master of schooner Mayflower), bachr., and Ann Young, spinster. Apr. 4. Cupitson Walker and Margt. Lee (of colour). Can this be the son of the blind archer? May 10. Mr. John Ross (merchant), br., and Alice Kerby, spinster 13. Samuel Potts, bachr., and Mary Docksteder, spinr. July 30.John McDonell (priv. 68th Regt.), bachr., and Eliz'th Short spinr. Oct. 14.Claud Scott Brown (of Kingston-D.A.C.G.), bachelor, and Elizabeth Symington, spinster. Dec. 9. Henry Ferron (68th Regt.), bachr., and Catherine Powell spinr. 25. Peter Cain, bachr., and Mary Cain, spr. 1820. Jan.12. Matthew McMullen, bachr., and Roxana Hodgkinson (of Grantham). 13. Andrew Donaldson (of Grantham), bachr., and Dorcas Burch (of Louth), spinster. Mar. 18 Robert J. Kerr, br., and Mary W. Douglas, spinster, at the Hon. Mr. Clark's, Stamford. 30. John Shannon, bachr., and Hannah Merritt, spinr. (Short Hills). May 16. Lieut. John Campbell Garden, bachelor, and Miss Mary Thompson, spinster. Oct.17. Robert Dickson, Esq. (Bar.-at-law), bachr., and Miss Margaret McKay, spinster. Dec. 9. Lewis Levingston, bachr., and Mary Lee, widow (from the Short Hills). 1821. Jan.17. John McMahon, bachelor, and Mary Hodgkinson, spr. (both of Grantham). Oct. 9. William Allan, bachelor, and Sarah Mandigo (of colour). Nov. 21.William Ward, bachelor, and Mary Claus, spinster (of colour) 1822. May 5. William Benjamin Robinson (of White Church in the Home District), Esq., br., and Ann Eliza Jarvis, spinr. June 26.George Henry, bachelor, and Mary Tale, spinster. Aug. 15.Peter M. Ball, bachelor, and Jane Wilson, spinster. Dec. 4. Anthony Dusty, br., and Mary Goodbeau, widow. 24. John Whitten, bachelor, and Jane Cassady, spinster. 1823. Jan. 14.George Cain, bachelor, and Letty Adams, spinster. 16. Robert Gray, bachelor, and Mary M. Emery, spinster. 26. William Smith, widower, and Catherine Owens, widow. Mar. 6. Donald Chisholm, bachr., and Harriot McDougall, widow. Apr. 10.Samuel McCarter, bachr., and Sarah Eastman, widow. June 14.John Beach, bachelor, and Sarah Dailey, spinster. Oct. 14.David W. Camp (Grimsby), bachr., and Adelia Northrup (Grantham). Elias Smith Adams, br., and Susan Merritt, spinr. (Grantham). Nov. 5. James Whitten, bachelor, and Jane Jobbit, spinr. Dec. 25.Thomas Creen br. and Ann D. Ball (Thorold), spr. By WM. LEEMING, Min. Chippawa. The Rev. Thomas Creen, who became assistant to Rev. R. Addison and then his successor. He taught the Grammar School at one time, and again a classical school. Jan. 26.James H. Sampson, bachelor, and Elizabeth Ropes, spinr. Apr. 21.John Calcut, br. (private 76th Regt., discharged), and Margaret Blackney, spinster (by banns). May 14. John B. Muirhead, Esq., and Ann Dockstadder, spr. (by licence). Sep. 16.J. P. Slocum, bachelor, and Maria B. Slingerland, spr. (by licence). Oct. 16.Thomas McNamara, widower, and Ann Henry, spr. (by licence). Nov. 23.David Wm. Smith, Esq., br., and Harriet Secord, spr. (of Queenston) (by licence). Dec. 16.Walter Butler, bachelor, and Caroline Pottet, spinster. By R. W. TUNNEY, Chaplain to the forces, officiating at Fort George. Mar. 21.Charles Ward (saddler), bachr., and Margaret Campbell, spr. John McGlashan (storekeeper to the Comm.), bachelor, and Jane Withers (both of Niagara). Apr. 6. Alexander Campbell (stonecutter) and Elizabeth Greenlees, spr. June 8. James Butler, bachr., and Ann Ten Broeck (Grantham). 10. Rhodolphus Flanner (Gore Dist.) and Mary Ann Cox, spr. (Niagara) July 2. John Green (of Stamford), bach. (68th Regt.), and Betsy Griffith (Niagara). 1825. Jan. 4. John Claus, bachelor, and Mary Stewart, spinster. 13. Patrick Fagan (stonecutter), br., and Lucy Askit, spinr. 25. Enos Nickerson, bachr., and Ann Westover, spr. (both of Grantham). Feb. 3. Joshua Fenis Cushman (of Niagara), bachelor, and Ann Connover, spinster (of Granthan). Mar. 9. John Gillennand, bachr., and Sarah Hostetter, spr; (both of Grantham). Apr. 7 Lewis Butler, and Jean Bashmore (of colour). Aug.22. Thomas Hero, bachelor, and Jenny Johnson, widow (of colour). Nov.5. Richard Fitzgerald, br., and Sophia Fitzgibbon, spinster (both of Niagara). 1826. Aug. 21.Philo Sandford (of Rochester, N.Y.) and Martha Burgess spinster. Sep. 12.Patrick Gorman, bachr., and Rose Ann Demin, spinr. 25. William Moffatt, br., and Ann Phillips, widow. Oct.19. Isaac Lacey, br., and Maria Lanoway, spr. 26. James Muirhead, br., and Mary Heron, spr. Nov. 25.John McClelland, br., and Mary Fluellan, spr. Dec. 12.Thomas Read, br., and Bridget Dwier, widow. 1827. Mar. 26.Alexander Millar, br., and Mary Chew, spr. Apr.10. Donald Campbell, br., and Rebecca Motherwell, spr. May 16. James Wilson, br., and Janet Elliot, spr. 30. Herman Hoffstader, br., and Catherine Carrol, spr. Sep. 13.George Buchan, br., and Elizabeth Jones, widow. Dec. 27.Martha Green, br. and Fanny Miller, spr. Thos. CREEN, Minr. of Niagara 1828. Jan. 15.John Scott, br., and Ellen Swayze, spinster. June 16.James Jeremiah Ralston, br., and Mary Shaw, spr. A teacher of Niagara District Grammar School. Aug. 8 James Adams (cold.), br., and Rachel Crysler (cold.), spr. 1829. Jan. 15 Benjamin Ulman br and Eliza Fields, spr. Mar. 3. John Russel Shute, br, and Mary Haron, spr. June 18.William Vanderburgh, br, and Temperance Hotchkiss, spr. Apr. 21.Thomas Lennox br and Elizabeth Rafferty, spr. 30. John Cornals, br and Sarah Ryne, spr. July 19.Reuben H. Boughton br and Maria Barton. spr. Sep. 21.Samuel Secord, br and Elizabeth Weaver. spr. Oct. 28 Archibald Craig, br., and Mary McClelland, spr. Nov. 20.William S. Chittenden, br.; and Joan Woodruff, widow. Mar. 26.Seth Johnson, Esq. (Lt. 2nd Regt. U. S. Infantry), widower, and Mary Cummings Spence, spr., were married at Fort Niagara by me. Thos. CREEN, Asst. Min. 1830. Feb. 10.Edward Clark Campbell (barrister), bachelor, and Ann Isabella Burns; spinster. 11. William Cassadey, bachelor, and Catherine Anderson, spinr 24. John Coughall, bachelor, and Joanne Merethew. Mar. 3. William Dickson Swayze, br. and Mary Durham, spr. 4. Richaid Moffatt, bachr., and Mary Taylor, spinr. 10. Colley Alexr. Foster, br. and Ann Muirhead, widow. 1829. Dec. 23.Andrew Heron (of Niagara), br., and Cynthia Bogardus, spr., were married by licence by me. Thos. CREEN, Minr. of Niagara. Note. This was omitted in the proper place. 1830 Oct. 14.Peter Ball Clement (otp), br., and Elizabeth Duezzler (otp), spinr. 28. Stephen Mede and Lucy Leonard (of Stamford), (by banns published in the parish of Stamford and certified by the rector). 1831 Mar. 8. Courtland Secord (of Niagara), br., and Sarah Winterbottom, spr. Apr. 11.Joseph Delusantes, br., and Eliza Johnson, spi. May 5. Thomas Dority, br., and Ann Mundy, widow. 21. Edgar Mill Lacey (Lient. 5th Regt. United States army), br., and Cornelia A. Boardman, spr. June 9. William Evans, br., and Lucy Fagan, spr. 18. John Kay, br., and Mary Richardson, spr. Sep. 30.William Campbell (Grantham), br., and Mary Ann MeBeath (of same place), spr. Oct. 5. Johnson Clench (Niagara), br., and Eliza Whistler (daughter of Major Whistler, U.S. army), spr. Son of Ralph Clench, of Butler's Rangers, who was afterwards Judge Clench; fought also at Queenston Heights. 7. Walter Sparksman (Stamford), br., and Jane Stockiss (of the same place), spr. Nov. 10.John Cowan (of Trafalgar, in the Gore Distriet), br., and Martha Hill (of Stamford, N.D. [North Dorchester]), spinster. Dec. 1. Robert Robertson (cold.), br., and Helen Poncett, spr. 15. John Millar, bachr., and Margaret Armstrong, spr. 1832 Jan. 11 Thos. Gardiner, bachr., and Jane Mott, widow. Feb. 10.John Precoor, bach., and Margaret Patterson, widow. Mar. 1. Asa Moulton (Thorold), br., and Mary Misener (of Crowland), spr. 29. Elijah Secord, bachr., and Catherine Eliz'th Smith, spinr. Aug. 25.Robert Cole, widower, and ??? McClintock, spr. Nov. 7. George Barber, bachr., and Sarah Ayre, spr. 10. Richard Dockstadder (of York in the Home District), br., and Mary Ann Comer. Sep. 22.Walter Hamilton Dickson (otp), bachr., and Augusta Maria Geale (otp), spr. Nov. 29.James Tyre, bachr., and Janet Clarke, spr. Dec. 4. Amasa C. Winslow (of Lockport, N.Y.), br., and Sarah R. Cassady (otp), spr.

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