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Journal by itellya

A man named William Anderson was driving
a horse and cart along the Keilor road, on the
15th. inst., when the horse, which was a young,
one, and not much accustomed to harness, got
frightened and bolted. The man was thrown out
of the dray, and on being picked up he was found
to be insensible; his foot was also dreadfully
smashed. He was removed to the Hospital, and
as soon as he had rallied a little from the shock,
amputation was performed. He progressed fa-
vorably for a few days, when he grew worse,
gradually sank, and died on the 25th inst. An
inquest was held on the body yesterday, and the
jury returned a verdict in accordance with the
evidence. (P.4, The Age, 28-2-1862.)

EventDeath Event registration number2306 Registration year1862
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesWilliam SexUnknown Father's nameU Mother's name Place of birth Place of death Age56

One of the Keilor historical souvenirs had the family's story and stated that the accident happened near the Keilor bridge. The death was obviously registered at the hospital in Melbourne.

From the Keilor Centenary Souvenir 1950 transcribed by hand into D.H.O.T.A.M.A. in 1989,sourced for this passage on page 54 of my EARLY LANDOWNERS: PARISH OF DOUTTA GALLA and copied to here.
Blacksmith, William Anderson was killed in an accident near the toll gate at the Keilor bridge (Brees’ 1854 bridge) on 25-2-1862, leaving his wife Catherine (nee Clark) and children, Janet, Catherine, Margaret, Alex. and James. The widow was Keilor’s midwife for thirty years until dying in September 1892. The daughter named after her seems to have been a pioneer of Ardmillan Rd from 1877 until 1894* (at old No.81, now 65 and 65A and from March 1909 Miss Morris’s Blinkbonnie Ladies College), (when she probably moved back into her late mother’s Keilor residenceX). James worked at many occupations including that of shearer, was an overseer at Arundel in 1868, and in 1882 bought a butcher’s shop in Keilor. When that was sold, he and his wife (Annie Grace, daughter of Donald Stewart) went to a farm on North Pole Rd (50 acres in section 12 on the west side of Spring Gully) and afterwards to Springbank.
* POSTSCRIPT. This Miss Catherine Anderson (in the directories) was obviously Mrs Catherine Anderson who still owned her Ardmillan Rd house in 1892 but had moved into the homestead of Shelton Farm with James and Annie. After her death, she'd still be listed until someone like Miss Morris replaced her as occupant. William and Catherine's daughter, Catherine, had become Mrs Aitken and died in 1884.

A press report of the Oakland Hunt Club’s meet of 20-5- 1899 says that the quarry was chased around Pinnacle Hill to a slaughterhouse, then east to Anderson’s well-kept farm etc. James later, some time after 1930, moved to a farm called Braeside (the 30 ½ acres in Keilor containing Meehan Ct, Watson Rise, Fleming Ct and Tan Ct), where he died on 2-6-1943 at 96. His son Don bought a part of William O’Neil’s Horseshoe Bend Farm in 1937 and his orchard became a feature for those descending down Curley’s Hill into Keilor. Don’s son, Peter, married a daughter of the Hendersons from Tullamarine and still lives across Church St from his grandfather’s Braeside land.
In 1900 James Anderson was farming Springbank of 179 acres and 214 acres (probably Sinclair’s Farm of 114 acres and two farms of about 50 acres each fronting the north side of Rose Hill Rd. He also had 50 acres accessed from North Pole Road (Cox’s Farm, lot 10 of section 12). He later owned “Braeside” on the hill overlooking Church St. and Green Gully Rd. at Keilor.

On 9-8-1855, James Wilson bought Spring Bank from J.P.Main for 4732 pounds. Wilson claimed to have established the farm in 1857 (Victoria and Its Metropolis 1888). Did he mortgage it straight after the purchase and take two years to pay it off? This land ran south 4008 links from the northern boundary of section 12 to the northern boundary of Niddrie Secondary College (29 662.) These boundaries explain the bends in Newman Cres. (north) and Garnet St (south). It is of interest that John Wilson started leasing 18c (which touches the n/w corner of section 12) from J.P.Bear on 31-7- 1855, just over a week before James Wilson bought Springbank.

Wilson’s family seems to have owned the property until 1918. James Anderson was occupying Springbank, possibly by 1895 (1918-23 years) and certainly by mid 1899 (Oaklands Hunt report) and was still there in 1930, his address being given as Buckley Park (Vol.534 fol.973). No mention of Springbank is made in the James Wilson or James Anderson title index but “Sam Merrifield’s House Names Index” contains an entry claiming that Anderson owned the farm. (Owner Mr Anderson. Occupier Mr Swan, butcher of Essendon. Vide Essendon Gazette 8/2/1900. 2 storied brick mansion. Abuts Conniston Ave. Demolished 1930’s.) Conniston Ave. could have been Hoffmans Rd or Teague St.
Land Plan 10004, lodged by C.R.Anderson on 27-11-1923, deals with the subdivision of Springbank. The plan shows that the northern boundary of section 12 was the front fenceline of houses on the north side of Farrell St. The south boundary of Springbank was at the southern end of the bend in Garnet St. See further details at end of Section 12 entry under Hoffmans Rd heading.
Peter Anderson told me that James Anderson’s youngest son was named Colin when I asked if he’d heard of C.R.Anderson. However, the second Christian name of Colin, born in 1900 at Keilor to James Anderson and Annie (nee Stewart), was Lindsay. C.R.Anderson lodged many land plans and was probably no relation of the Springbank farmer.

From page A.17 of DHOTAMA but not mentioned above, sourced from Keilor Centenary Souvenir 1950.
James Anderson of "Braeside" was the son of Mr William Anderson and was born in Fifeshire, Scotland, in 1847. He arrived in Victoria at the age of seven and his father set up at Keilor as a blacksmith. James's father was killed as the result of an accident near the toll gate at the bridge. James was a versatile man and followed several rural occupations including that of shearer.He owned several racehorses and won 21 steeplechases with the noted Springfield, trained by Mr. Wally Cox, father of Mr.W.S.Cox, secretary of the Moonee Valley Racing Club. Another of his horses to be successful on the Victorian turf was Zircon.

James Anderson's wife was the daughter of Donald Stewart who came out in early days and joined up with Cornish and Bruce, contractors for the construction of the Bendigo railway. Mr Stewart remained with the construction as far as Sunbury and was there associated with the railway for the rest of his life. James Anderson who died on 2-6-1943 at the age of 96 was buried in the Presbyterian section at the Keilor Cemetery.

The Anderson family (i.e. James) had their dairy farm on the present area of the Hoffmans Rd shopping centre. The Anderson home was on the site of the service station*.(Proclamation of the City of Keilor 1961.) (*Postscript 22-10-1992. On the south corner of Teague St and Hoffmans Rd, demolished nine months ago.)

The Keilor ratebook of 1868 shows that Catherine Anderson paid rates on a house on half an acre in Keilor Village. She was probably William's widow. The 1868 directory listed: J.W.Anderson, overseer, Arundel. This was probably James, born in 1847 and thus about 21 years old.

The housing problem in 1882 was just as acute as it is now, and Mr and Mrs Anderson bought a butchery business in Keilor to get occupation of the residential portion.When it was sold, they went to the farm on the North Pole (Milleara) Road and later to Springbank.(Keilor Centenary Souvenir 1950.)

I had earlier thought that this North Pole Rd farm might have been Cox's farm accessed from North Pole Rd along the present Clark's Rd, UNTIL I found the death notice of William's widow, the mother of James. Crown allotment 11B, Doutta Galla was bounded by today's Milleara, Clarks and Rachelle Rds, extending south to Buckley St. It was granted to John Pascoe Fawkner with blocks allocated to his land co-op. members. John Beale finished up owning at least two thirds of the land and called his farm "Shelton". He later retired to Admillan Rd,Moonee Ponds, naming his new residence "Shelton". Another early resident of this street was Miss Catherine Anderson, who has been mentioned before.

ANDERSON.—On the 10th inst., at her son's residence, Shelton Farm, Keilor, Catherine, relict of the late
William Anderson of Keilor, aged 87 years.

The Friends of Mr. JAMES ANDERSON are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late beloved mother, Mrs. Catherine Anderson to her place of interment, in the Melbourne General Cemetery.
The funeral will leave his residence, Shelton Farm,Keilor THIS DAY (Monday, 12th inst.), at 1 o'clock.
(Both P.1, Argus, 12-9-1892.)

EventDeath Event registration number10668 Registration year1892
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesCath SexFemale Father's nameClarke Hy Mother's nameCath (Spence) Place of birth Place of deathKeilor Age87

EventDeath Event registration number5543 Registration year1943
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesJames SexMale Father's nameANDERSON William Mother's nameCathrine (Clark) Place of birthSPRINGFIELD SCOTLAND Place of deathKEILOR Age96

JAMES ANDERSON'S AUNT. Shelton was an aged care home for two years!
WILKIE— On the 24th July, at the residence of her nephew, James Anderson, Keilor, Mrs. Janet Wilkie, in her 93rd year, late of Edinburgh. Home and New Zealand papers please copy.(P.5, The Age, 25-7-1891.)

CATHERINE'S DEATH AT SHELTON in 1892 ties in with my assumption that James was on Springbank from about 1895. He'd certainly left Shelton by the end of 1896.
HUMPHREYS - On the 17th November, at 19 Byron-street, off Chetwynd-street, North Melbourne, the wife
of W. J. Humphreys, of Shelton Farm, Keilor, of a son. Both doing well.(P.35, Leader, 28-11-1896.)

Google .
By 1885, James was the grantee of lot 20, section A, parish of Maribyrnong, of 20 acres, bounded by Sunshine Avenue, Stensons Rd., Driscolls Rd. and a line joining Cook and William St. (Melway 14 F11.) In 1900-1, James O'Donnell owned this grant. James Anderson now owned lots 21, 22, 23 and 24 (which I now, in 2017, understand to be those suburban lots of Keilor Village bounded by Church St on the north and Green Gully Rd on the west and extending east just past Kennedy St. In 1900-1, Thomas Dargan was leasing this property (Braeside) of thirty and a half acres from James.

Notice is hereby given, that at the annual election for Maribyrnong Riding, held before me this day, the
number of votes polled by each candidate was as follows :
Alfred Henry Padley .. .. .. 39
Edward Hassed .. .. .. .. 33
Majority for Alfred Henry Padley .. 6 (P.5, Argus, 10-8-1889.)

Whereas,James Anderson, of Keilor, farmer, Edward Hassed, storekeeper, Keilor, and Alfred Henry Padley, of St. Albans, banker,have been nominated for the office of councillor of the said shire, at the election to be held for the Maribyrnong Riding of the said shire. A POLL will be TAKEN for the ELECTION of one COUNCILLOR,at the court-house, Keilor, on Thursday, the 8th day of August, 1889, between the hours of 8 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m.DAVID MILBURN, Returning Officer. Keilor-grange 30th July, 1889. (P.12, Argus, 31-7-1889.)

It may be that there was no preferential voting in those days and James decided to withdraw so that the votes of the true locals would not be split between himself and Edward Hassed. Alfred Hadley was so eager to ensure municipal support for his company's grand plans at St. Albans that he became a councillor of both the Braybrook* and Keilor Shires. It was not long before the company was asking for the private streets on its subdivision to be declared as public roads (with upkeep of them becoming a shire responsibility.) Luckily Cr.Michael Fox opposed the request.
(* Braybrook Shire Council. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1889. Present—Crs. Barnett, Derham, Padley. Christie, W. Hopkins, Mullenger, and Dickson.
Independent (Footscray, Vic. : 1883 - 1922) Saturday 7 September 1889 p 2 Article)

James had another try in 1894 but was beaten by 7 votes by David Milburn.(P.9, Argus, 25-8-1894.) In 1895, he tried again in the Doutta Galla Riding but was convincingly beaten by William Delahey.

OFFSPRING OF WILLIAM AND CATHERINE.(Janet, Catherine, Margaret*, Alex. and James.)
*Mo family notices have been found re Margaret (marriage or death.) As Marriage records do not specify place of marriage or parents, and there is no clue as to how long she might have lived even if she didn't marry, I've reluctantly abandoned my search for Margaret.

On the 30th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Cairns, Mr.Andrew Duncan, Keilor, son of Mr. William Duncan,Dee Castle, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr. William Anderson, of Keilor, late of Springfield, Fifeshire. (P.4, Argus, 31-5-1856.)

Two years or less in Keilor and Catherine would have been over the moon with happiness at her daughter having found a good man so soon.

AITKEN-On the 28th inst., Catherine the beloved wife of Alexr. Aitken, of Heathcote, and daughter of Mrs. Wm.
Anderson, of Keilor (late of Springfield,Cupar, Fyfeshire, Scotland), aged 45 years. Home papers please copy.
(P.2, The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser, 1-8-1884.)

AITKEN.— On the 28th July, at Victoria Hill, Heathcote, Catherine, beloved wife of Alexander Aitken,and eldest surviving daughter of Mrs. Wm. Anderson,Keilor, late of Fifeshire, Scotland.(P.39, Leader, 9-8-1884.)
I wonder if the Aitken presence in that area influenced Gordon Roy, the son of James and Annie to move in that direction.

In view of Catherine's marriage, the Miss Catherine Anderson, listed so long in Essendon directories as a resident of Ardmillan Rd., must have been Mrs Catherine Anderson, William's widow.

KING.—On the 12th of February, at her daughter's residence, Bourke street, Korumburra, Nurse Margaret King, late of Malvern, dearly beloved mother of Marion (Mrs. L. Dawson, Korumburra), dearly loved sister of Mrs. J. Anderson, Keilor) and Mrs. Young (20 Davey avenue,Oakleigh) P.1, Argus, 14-2-1927.)

YOUNG. - On July 13, at Oakleigh,Mary, dearly loved sister of Annie Anderson, of Keilor.(P.2, Argus,15-7-1948.)
Plus 8 detailed death notices on page 8.

ANDERSON.—On the 10th April at his residence, 21 Moor street, Fitzroy, Alexander Leslie loved elder brother of James Anderson,Braeside, Keilor, aged 91 years.(P.1, Argus, 24-4-1935.)

EventMarriage Event registration number743 Registration year1882
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesJames SexMale Spouse's family nameSTEWART Spouse's given namesAnn

ANDERSON—STEWART.—[Golden Wedding.]—
On the 17th January, 1882, at the residence of the bride's parents by the late Rev. Hugh McKail, James Anderson, of Keilor, to Annie Grace, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs.Donald Stewart, Holden.
(P. 15, Argus, 16-1-1932.)

THEIR CHILDREN. (From the death notice for James near the end of the journal:
James (1st A.I.F.), Leslie, Florence (Mrs. Dawson, deceased), Donald (1st A.I.F.), William (1st A.I.F.), Gordon (1st A.I.F.), Janet (Mrs.Yates), and Colin.)
EventBirth Event registration number19375 Registration year1886
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesLeslie SexUnknown Father's nameJames Mother's nameAnnie (Stewart) Place of birthKEIL

EventBirth Event registration number4297 Registration year1891
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesDonald Clarke SexMale Father's nameJas Mother's nameAnnie (Stewart) Place of birthKEILOR

EventBirth Event registration number21922 Registration year1895
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesGordon Roy SexMale Father's nameJas Mother's nameAnnie (Stewart) Place of birthKEILOR

EventBirth Event registration number4126 Registration year1900
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesColin Lindsay SexMale Father's nameJames Mother's nameAnnie (Stewart) Place of birthKEILOR


EventDeath Event registration number9162 Registration year1931
Personal information
Family nameDAWSON Given namesFlorence Catherine SexFemale Father's nameANDERSON James Mother's nameAnnie Grace (Stewart) Place of birth Place of deathESSENDON Age42

DAWSON.—A tribute of respect to our loved son-in-law, Peter Dawson who passed away at 5 Grice Street, Essendon, on July 23, 1935.(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. J. Anderson, Keilor.) P.1, Argus, 24-7-1935.)

DAWSON.—In sad and loving memory of our
dear daughter Florence Catherine, who passed
away on September 28, 1931, at 3 Richardson street,
Our wonderful girl.
And the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill,
But oh ! for the touch of a vanished hand
and the sound of a voice that is still
-(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. J Anderson, Brae=
side Keilor.)
DAWSON.—A tribute to the memory of my only
sister Floy, who passed on September 28, 1931, at
3 Richardson street, Essendon
You may break, you may shatter
The vase if you will
But the scent of the roses
Will hang round it still.
-(Inserted In Janet, Glide, and baby Florence
DAWSON.—Sacred to the memory of our dear
sister Florence Catherine, who passed to a higher
life, September 28, 1931.
Three little words,
Forget me not,
They don t seem much
But they mean a lot.
-(Inserted by Colin and Donald Anderson,
Keilor )
DAWSON.—In loving memory of our dear sister,
Floy, who died on September 28, 1931, at Essendon
For her sweet rest
For us just memories
-(Inserted by Jim and Elsie and Gordon and
DAWSON.—In fond and loving memory of my
dear sister, Florrie, who passed away on September
28 1931. My beautiful sister, (Inserted by her
loving brother, Les )
DAWSON.—In proud memory of Flo, one of
nature's gentlewomen, who passed into a higher
life on the 28th September, 1931. —The measure of
her life was the well spending of it, not the
length. She died as she lived, everyone's friend.
(Inserted by Will and Rene.) My good Aunty
Flo. (Little Betty) P.1, Argus, 28-9-1932.

At the ripe old age of 96 years there passed away in his sleep this week, Mr James Anderson, a pioneer dairy farmer of Keilor. He was the father of Mr Gordon R. Anderson, of Undera, a candidate in the Rodney election. Mr Anderson cancelled election meetings at Lockington and Bamawn in order to attend the funeral,which was held in Keilor today. (P.2, Shepparton Advertiser, 4-6-1943.)

HENDERSON - ANDERSON. -The engagement is announced of Beryl, youngest daughter of Mr.and Mrs. J. Henderson, Tullamarine, to Peter, youngest son of Mrs. R. Anderson. Keilor.(P.9, Argus, 19-12-1955.)

With some of my questions unanswered, such as a birth record for Peter, above, so I could find his parents, a sudden inspiration was to search for Braeside, Keilor on trove.

Wedding Bells - -
Keilor Bride
THE marriage of Miss Maria
Patricia Anderson eldest daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ander-
son, of "Braeside" Keilor to Mr.
Mervyn Keith Missen was sol-
emnised at Christ Church of
England, Keilor, on Saturday,
the 19th of September, 1953, by
the Rev. D. Ganley. (P.3, Sunshine Advocate, 25-9-1953. A very long detailed report of the wedding.)
The Missens were from Taylors Rd., St. Albans. Siblings of bride and groom named.

Mr James Anderson, of Braeside.
Keilor, celebrated his 94th birthday
on Wednesday^ He is a regular at
tendant at the" Newmarket sales of
dairy cattle on Fridays. He arrived
in Australia" with his parents in
1854.(P.2, Camperdown Chronicle, 29-3-1941.)
The above was virtually copied from P. 4, Argus, 26-3-1941.

Engagement. — The engagement is
announced o£ Miss Violet Potter,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Pot
ler, o£ Narandera, to Mr. Gordon R.
Anderson, of Gillieston, Victoria, son
of Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson, of
'Braeside,' Keilor, Victoria. (Narandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser, Friday 28 April 1922 p 2 Article)

Esscndon. — The monthly meeting was
held at the home of the secretary. The
president (Mrs Orr) presided, and be
fore commencing the business, asked the
members to stand in silence as a token
of respect to the late Mrs Dawson,
daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Anderson,
"Braeside," Keilor. Mrs Dawson, who
was a branch member, will be greatly
missed. She was always in her place at
meetings, socials, or any entertainment
that the branch was holding, and was a
delegate to the district council since its
formation, and was most liberal to the
funds of all.
Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic. : 1869 - 1954) Saturday 7 November 1931 p 20 Article

ANDERSON. Annie Grace (of
Braeside, Keilor). --On November
14, at the residence of her daugh-
ter, Mrs. C. Yates. 5 Grice cres-
cent, Essendon, wife of the late
James Anderson, fond and devoted
mother, of Les, mother-in-law of
Phyllis, and loving grandmother of
Marie, Lesley, Judith, and Stew-
art. Our beautiful mother. (P.16, Argus, 15-11-1952.)

ANDERSON.-On June 2, at his home,
Braeside, St. Albans road, Keilor, James,
dearly beloved husband of Annie Grace
Anderson, and loved father of James (1st
A.I.F.), Leslie, Florence (Mrs. Dawson, de-
ceased), Donald (1st A.I.F.), William (1st
A.I.F.), Gordon (1st A.I.F.), Janet (Mrs.
Yates), and Colin, in his 97th year. Peace-
fully at rest. (P.2, Argus, 3-6-1943.)
The Anderson boys certainly did their bit in W.W.1.

ANDERSON.—Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson
announce with pleasure the 60th anniversary
of their marriage at Holden on January 17,
1882. (Present address, Braeside, Keilor.) P.2, Argus, 17-1-1942.

Holden is the parish on the west side of Jacksons Creek between the Calder Park Thnderdome and, roughly, the northern boundary of Sunbury Cemetery, including Diggers Rest.

Flo's death notices (P.5, The Age, 3-10-1931) reveal that her brother James G. was at Gilleston with Gilbert Roy and that she was indeed the "Deeds" who seems to have been a nurse.

wILLIAM HOFFMAN'S grants went east from Hoffmans Rd halfway to Lincoln Rd, adjoining the Mar Lodge estate, which went east to McCracken St. Hoffman called his estate Butzbach. He also bought land across Hoffmans Rd on Mains Estate. At the time of W.W.1, BECAUSE OF ANTI GERMAN SENTIMENT, the Hoffman land on both sides of Hoffmans Rd was renamed the Buckley Park Estate, probably by the Croft family.

For that reason my search will continue as ANDERSON, BUCKLEY PARK.
You might have noticed that James Anderson's wife has only ever been referred to as the daughter of Donald Stewart, her mother's given name not being mentioned. Annie didn't help me much with this notice. However, Annie's mother's death record reveals the given name and Annie's death record reveals that Donald Stewart had married CATHERINE McLEAN.

STEWART.- In loving memory of my dear
mother, who passed peacefully away at "Spring-
bank", Essendon, on the 20th August, 1915,
Sadly missed.
Then why should our tears run down,
-And our hearts be sorely riven
For another gem in the Saviour's crown,
And another soul in heaven.
—A. Anderson. Buckley Park, Essendon.(P.6, The Age, 25-8-1917.)

How lucky was I, that the first of 37 Stewart death records in 1915 was the right one.

EventDeath Event registration number9634 Registration year1915
Personal information
Family nameSTEWART Given namesCath SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathKeilor Age80

EventDeath Event registration number14007 Registration year1952
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesAnnie Grace SexFemale Father's nameSTEWART Donald
Mother's name Catherine (Mclean)
Place of birthDIGGERS REST Place of deathESSENDON Age90

Sergeant J. G. Anderson, son of Mr.J. Anderson, of Buckley Park, writes from England, where he is on sick furlough. Sgt. Anderson enlisted soon after the start of the war, leaving Victoria on October 20th. 1914. He has
been on active service ever since, in Egypt, Gallipoli, Egypt and later inFrance. He was quite well at time of
writing, and expected to rejoin his unit. He appreciates the "Essendon Gazette," which he receives regularly,
thus keeping in touch with matters in the district. He has met several Essendon boys, including Sgt.-Maj. R.Gordon, Ralph Clark and E. Morgan.(P.1, Flemington Spectator, 4-1-1917.)

From "Colin Anderson" (Buckley park, Essendon).-''Dear Patience'-I would like to become one of your correspondents. I am twelve years old, and in the fourth class. I have two lambs; one's name is Cheeky, and I would like you to give me a name for the other one. I have two sisters; their names are Florrie and Janet. Florrie is a trained nurse. My father owns a large farm, and he has 56 cows milking. Our crops are coming up nicely after the rain. Your new correspondent. 'Colin.'
"-You are now enrolled as one of my correspondents, Colin, and I hope you will often write. Call the lamb Caper.'"Patience." (P.56, The Australasian, 19-10-1912.)

This family connection makes me wonder if Ralph Dixon an early resident of Niddrie (west side of Hoffmann's Rd, not the farm)who was mentioned in one of the Keilor historical souvenirs was a member of the same Dixon family.

Mr Ralph Dixon, aged 81 in 1961, set up his homestead in what is now Gilbertson St. (Melway 16 C12) in 1912. In 1923, he and his wife moved to Hoffmans Rd.On the five acre property, he operated a pig and poultry farmafter laying 3600 feet of water pipe from the nearest main in Hedderwick St.
(P.6, Proclamation of the City Of Keilor, 1961.)

In 1951, when Eddie Deutcher moved into Hoffmans Rd, only two residents lived there, Ralph Dixon, opposite May St. at what became number 47, and Harry George on the corner of Mary St. James Anderson's old homestead was painted pink and owned by a woman named Merle who sold the property to Shell in 1954-5.
(Page D.95, DHOTAMA.)

ANDERSON—DIXON.—On the 8th October 1913 at Scots Church, Collins street, by the Rev. W.Borland, M.A., James Grant eldest son of Mr.and Mrs. James Anderson of Buckley Park, Essendon, and Keilor, to Elsie, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Dixon and the late Elizabeth McLean Dixon of 51 Bowen street, Moonee Ponds.At home Wednesday, December 3.(P.13, Argus, 15-11-1913.)

Mr. Josh. Nickolson is better known, perhaps,as a manufacturer of agricultural implements than as a farmer, but his title to rank in the latter calling is solidly based on the ownership of rather less than 200 acres of land in his own occupation. The farm is on the left of the Keilor-road, about seven miles from town, and was for some years tenanted by Mr. John Dick who resigned it to Mr. Nicholson rather more than two years ago ; the present crop is, therefore, the third since it came into his hands. The valley known as Spring Gulley (sic), runs through the western portion of the land, and, as the banks are covered with boniders, there is an area of twenty-fire acres still remaining in natural pastures, the extent under tillage this season being 120 acres. The homestead, most of which is of bluestone, is conveniently placed,it being nearly in the centre of the farm.
(Hamilton Spectator and Grange District Advertiser (South Melbourne, Vic. : 1860 - 1870) Wednesday 6 September 1865 p 3 Article)

See map 1: paste your search bar.

Fairview consisted of crown allotments 17 D and C, parish of Doutta Galla, a total of 188 acres 3 roods 0 perches on the south side of Keilor Rd from Hoffmans Rd, west to, inclusively, Spring St. house blocks, with the southern boundary indicated by the line of Clarks Rd extended east to Hoffmans Rd.

The eastern half of Fairview was immediately north of Wilson's "Springbank" which James Anderson had leased for 23 years from 1895 to 1918. The western half of Fairview was north east of the North pole Road farm "Shelton" which James Anderson had occupied before moving to Springbank. Leslie had been born in 1886*, possibly in the residential portion of the butcher's shop in Keilor Village but as a boy grew up a stone's throw from Fairview, on Shelton and Springbank!
*EventBirth Event registration number19375 Registration year1886
Personal information
Family nameANDERSON Given namesLeslie SexUnknown Father's nameJames Mother's nameAnnie (Stewart) Place of birthKEIL

A very pretty and interesting evening wedding was celebrated at St.John's Church, Essendon, on the evening of 22nd December, between Mr. Leslie Stewart Anderson, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson, of Buckley Park, Essendon, and Miss Alma Ada Skinner, youngest daughter of the late William Skinner and Mrs. Ada Skinner,
of South Melbourne.etc. (P.3, Record, South Melbourne, 16-1-1915.)

Would this be the last Annie Grace would see of her son as he forged his own way in the world? Not really; his brave new world was next door, at least until Springbank was sold, with James and Annie probably moving to Braeside after the clearing sale in 1918.

Paste into search bar.

Two clouds in fact, with Annie's mother later dying at Springbank in August 1917.
SKINNER. —On the 28th December, Ada, widow of the late William Skinner, late of South Melbourne,loving and devoted mother of Mrs. Charles Damyon,St. Kilda; Mrs. Charles Browne, Keilor; Mrs.Arthur Irvine, Kalgoorlie, W. A.; Mrs. Leslie Anderson,Essendon: and William and Ernest Skinner,Melbourne Harbour Trust, aged 58 years.

SKINNER. —The Friends of the late Mrs. ADA SKINNER are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.
The funeral will !eave the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Leslie Anderson), "Fairview," Keilor road,Essendon (one mile and a half from Keilor road tram terminus), THIS DAY (Thursday, 30th inst.),at 3 o'clock.
(Both P.1, Argus, 30-12-1915.)

I can find no birth notice for Peter Anderson, whom I interviewed in 1989 which agrees with the statement in his engagement notice that he was the son of Mrs R. Anderson of Keilor. I'd assumed back then that he was Donald's son. Peter is not listed in White Pages and may have passed away. I thought I might get a lead to Mrs R.Anderson's identity with an "ANDERSON, KEILOR" (luckily not restricted to Victoria) search on trove. If I'd discovered this article before I found out that James Anderson's wife, Annie Grace, was the daughter of Catherine Stewart, NEE McLEAN, it wouldn't have made half as much sense.

Fine Veteran Sportsman
One of the most interesting persons to meet in Victoria to-day is Mr.James Anderson, of Keilor, and, although in his 95th year, Mr. Anderson still retains every faculty. His memory of early days around Melbourne and on the goldfields is remarkable. Arriving in Australia at the age of nine* years Mr. Anderson with his father and mother went to reside at Keilor, and this old gentleman is still in residence there. He can point out today the places where the blacks held their corroboree, and that, in itself must take the mind back at least 80 years. For many years Mr. Anderson has been a dairy farmer and never misses a Friday at Newmarket, which is cow market day.

In his younger days Mr. Anderson did a lot of shearing and also some gold mining. He looks with pride at a gold ring he now wears, having dug the gold himself from a mine at 'Dead Horse Creek,' now known as Heathcote. Mr. Anderson is also proud of a feat he performed as a shearer. This was at Longoornong in the Wimmera district. This station was at this time managed by Mr. John M'Lean, and his brother, Mr. Allan M'Lean, was overseer. His record tally was 186 in a day — this, of course, was done with the blades; machines were not used at that time. Of these he had 28 shorn by breakfast, 90 at lunch hour, and 186 by the evening. He shore at many sheds, and well remembers having as a pen-mate 'Wild' Wright at Yanoo Station when this place was one of the biggest stations in Australia.

Mr.Anderson once bred and raced two well-known and successful jumping horses. They were Zircon and Springfield. They were trained by the late W. S. Cox, father of the present well known secretary of Moonee Valley. With Zircon he won four hurdle races, while Springfield was successful in noless than 21 steeplechases. The dam of these two horses was named Milkmaid, having been christened this because she pulled Mr. Anderson's milk cart for many years. The old gentleman chuckles greatly when these horses are referred to because of the fact that when they were winning races most racing folk spoke of them as 'half bred' horses. There is another side to this, however. Mr.Anderson was once looking for a horse to pull his spring cart, and was told by a friend of the late Mr. J. O.Inglis that there was a mare running in a grocer's cart that would suit him. Mr. Anderson secured the mare for £10. He used her in a milk cart,and then decided to breed from her with the happy results mentioned
above. In those days registration of horses was not in force, but he was well aware when he bought the mare
that she came out of J. O. Inglis' stud, and was not only a thoroughbred, but closely related on her dam's
side to Malua. it is therefore little wonder that Mr. Anderson smiles when people referred scathingly to his

He is hale and hearty to-day, and says that down to his knees he feels 18, but below his knees 118. In his
long life he has never had to seek the aid of a doctor, and he admits that he has had a hard but a good life.
He has reared eight sons and two daughters, and is proud of his family and help they have given him. His wife, who is 87, is still with him, and to use his own expression, he has been married over 60 years, and there has
never been a blow struck in his house yet. He is one of the best known men to attend Newmarket on Fridays,
and it is no exaggeration to say he is one of the best, if not the best, liked men at these sales.
(P.6, Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga, 28-5-1941.)

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by itellya on 2017-08-11 00:59:55

Much of the Anderson story had never been seen
But now we know about Catherine Stewart, nee McLean,
Who, at Diggers Rest, gave birth to Annie Grace,
One of the first born at that place.

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