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OBITUARY of Catherine 'Carrie' SLOAN - Southbridge Canterbury 1933

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the following Obituary was taken from PAPERS PAST
- it appeared in the ELLESMERE GUARDIAN on 7 April 1933

Catherine SLOAN (nee ? 1839-1933) was the wife of John SLOAN.
They married in 1858 in Ireland
- she was the mother of Catherine 'Carrie" Sloan who married
Drummond Anderson McMEEKAN
- story at that link

.. To have seen the bare, unfenced plains of this district, with bad roads and unbridged rivers, develop into cultivated farms approached along up-to-date highways, smiling homesteads lighted by electricity and rejoicing in the possession of all modern conveniences and equipped with every possible domestic comfort, was the privilege of Mrs Catherine Sloan, who died at Southbridge on Wednesday at the great age of 94 years, and who had been a resident of Christchurch and Southbridge since 1860.

Mrs Sloan was married to Mr John Sloan in 1858 at the Balew Presbyterian Church, Killinchy, County Down, Ireland, and two years later the young couple decided to come to New Zealad, where a brother, Mr William Sloan, had settled on Banks Peinsula.

They sailed in the ship "Jananoque" and landed at Lyttelton after a voyage of 84 days. After walking over the Bridle Path to Opawa the new arrivals settled in that locality for about seven years, Mr Sloan finding work in the district and also on the construction of the Lyttelton tunnel, and they were both present at the opening ceremony.

From Opawa Mr and Mrs Sloan removed to Southbridge, where Mr Charles Bridge had acquired a large estate, part of which is now known as the Homebrook Soldiers Settlement. Southbridge was so named after Mr Bridge. After working on the estate for some years, Mr Sloan took up land at "Stony Gully" about three and a half miles from Southbridge. In those days there were few bridges and not any proper fencing and occasional visits to Christchurch in order to procure stores were made in an old-fashioned dray. Later a coach ran between Christchurch and Southbridge and it was an eventful day in the lives of the settlers when the railway line to Southbridge was opened.

The difficulties and hardships of the pioneer's life were fully experienced by Mrs Sloan. Life on a farm then was often very lonely, except for the company of one's own family. Many swaggers tramped the roads and were hospitably received, often offering to help in return for the assistance given them. Little or no firewood was to be obtained in those days and gorse fences were not then known.
Bread was baked in a camp oven and Mrs Sloan often recalled the time when she heated the oven by burning straw, no other fuel beng procurable just then.

During the early days the Sloan family suffered a very sad bereavement. An epidemic of diptheria broke out. The disease was not then understood and doctors were few and far away. In about four weeks they lost *six of their children, five boys and one girl.
Many neighbours throughout the district suffered similar losses in their families.

After being engaged for more than 40 years in farming, Mr and Mrs Sloan and family came to live in Southbidge, where they continued to reside ever since.
Mr Sloan passed away in 1917 at the age of 89 years.

Of high sterling character, ever ready to assist those in need, of a most generous and hospitable nature, Mrs SLoan presided over a home which for many years had offered a cheery and ready welcome to friend and stranger. No appeal for assistance was ever refused and Mrs Sloan earned the affection and highest respect of a very large circle of friends and acquaintances who will be sorry to hear of her passing away.

She is survived by two sons, Alfred/Albert {1872-1948} and Arthur Sloan, of Southbridge, and four daughters, Misses E. (Emily 1874-1956) and K. (Catherine "Kitty" 1875-1974) Sloan, of Southbridge and Mrs D. McMeekan, headteacher of Greenpark School

... A very large number of old friends attended the funeral this afternoon, the interment takng place at the Ellesmere Cemetery, Leeston. The Rev. W. G. HANNAH conducted the service and the bearers were:

Floral ttributes were received from the following:
* the SLOAN family
* Messrs R. & P. J. KELLEHER
* Mr & Mrs J. LAWRENCE
* Mr & Mrs SHELLOCK and family
* Mr & Mrs RITCHIE and family
* Mrs J. MANSON and family
* Mr & Mrs P. BUCKLEY
* Mr & Mrs J. C. HAMPTON
* Mr J. ROBB and family
* Mr & Mrs F. W. SCOTT
* Mr & Mrs & Miss B. COSSGROVE
* Mr & Mrs A. HANNAH and family
* Mrs E. McCLELLAND and family
* Mr & Mrs R. G. BISHOP
* mr & Mrs McMEEKAN
* Mr R. LOW and fanil
* Mary E. HOWSON and family
* Mrs and Miss LEWTON
* Mr and Mrs T. J. CARTER and family
* Mr J & Miss RUSSELL
* Mr & Mrs J. COLLIER


* Tentatve list (some not confirmed) of their children were:

* William Sloan 1859 - 3 March 1874 aged 15
* Robert Sloan 14 April 1861 - 19 March 1874 aged 12
* Hamilton Sloan 1864 - 2 March 1874 aged 10
* Walter Sloan 1866 - 11 March 1874 aged 8
Mary Elizabeth 25 April 1869 - ? aged ?
* Francis Sloan 9 Oct 1867 - 27 March 1874 aged 6
* Mary Jane Sloan 1870 - 12 March 1874 aged 4
Albert Sloan 17 March 1871 - 30 March 1948 aged 76
Emily Sloan 18 Sept 1872 - 27 September 1956 aged 82
Arthur Sloan 22 August 1874 - ? aged ?
Catherine 'Kitty' 1875 - 9 September 1974 aged 99
Samuel Sloan 1876 - 21 February 1876 aged 2 months
Margaret Ann Sloan 1879 - J July 1879 aged 5 weeks
Mary Elizabeth Sloan 20 March 1881 - 18 March 1972 aged 90
Caroline 'Carrie' Sloan (McMeekan) 1882 - 1948 aged 66

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