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Old Age Pensions - THAMES, Coromandel 1899

Journal by ngairedith

sorted here in alphabetical order for easier reading
- my additional information will be obvious -
some birth dates may be approx, based on age at death

two different newspaper reports had additional names. I have combined the lists
most of the applicants below received the full annual pension amount of ?18
- this is the equivalent in Feb 2012 of $3100 or $59 per week -

... from the THAMES STAR, 2 February 1899
Mr R. S. Bush was occupied from 10 a.m. yesterday until 7.30 o'clock last evening hearing old age pension claims, and disposed of eighty-two. Forty five were granted certificates for pensions.
Applicants for pensions should bear in mind that their own statements to the amount of property they possess are not sufficient for the Magistrate to acr upon. All persons possessed of land or houses should bring with them to the Court the Government valuation papers referring to such property, or where the valuation papers are not obtainable, then the municipal rating papers should be produced, as from them the position and numbers of the sections can be ascertained and the work of the Court facilitated thereby,
In the event of applicants having money in the bank, the bank book must be produced, that being accepted by the Court as the best evidence as to the amount of money possessed by the applicant.
Another matter to which we desire to call attention is that evidence, either personal or by statutory declaration, must be adduced in support of the applicant's residence in the colony, character, etc. It is important that these details should be borne in mind, for if they are not complied with the applications have to be adjourned, causing delay and extra trouble to the Court officials.

- the following claims were disposed of:
Richard BAKER (1830-1907)
... 14 Nov 1907 An old age pensioner named Richard Baker, who took part in the relief of Lucknow, and who therefore held the Indian mutiny, died at the Homes, Tararu, today
- not found buried in Thames

John Moore BARRON (1832-1903)
- John was born in Ireland
- he was buried 5 Dec 1903 in PUBL-PLOT-0512 Shortland cemetery

Ann BROWN (1831-1906)
- Ann was born in England
- she was buried 7 Nov 1906 in PUBL-PLOT-0380 Tararu cemetery

Isaac BURK
- nothing found for Isaac Burk

Patrick CALLEN

Timothy CARROLL (1832-1912)
- Timothy was born in Ireland
- he was buried 25 Nov 1912 in PUBL-PLOT-3158 Shortland cemetery

- not known who this was

Maria CROUCHER (1831-1901)
- Maria was born in England
- she was buried 7 Oct 1901 in PUBL-PLOT-0107 Tararu cemetery
- she is buried with Charles Croucher (1820-1906)

Thomas CROUCHER (1823-1907)
- possible brother of Charles above
- not found buried in Thames

Jane DUDLEY (1820-1902)
- Jane was born in England
- she was buried 26 Nov 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0050 Tararu cemetery

Joseph DUNN (1834-1911)
- Joseph was born in Ireland
- he was buried 1 Nov 1911 in PUBL-PLOT-3128 Shortland cemetery

John ELLIS (1822-1899)
- John was born in England
- he was buried 7 Dec 1899 in PUBL-PLOT-1966 Shortland cemete

Hugh FISHER (1826-1900)
- Hugh was born in Scotland
- he was buried 31 Jan 1900 in PUBL-PLOT-2445 Shortland cemetery

Phillip GLEESON (1830-1918)
- Phillip was born in Ireland
- he was buried 26 Feb 1918 in PUBL-PLOT-0240 Shortland cemetery

Ellen HENNESSY (1839-1924)
- no info found for Ellen at this time

Patrick HENNESSY (1830-1902)
- Patrick was born in Ireland
- he was buried 18 Oct 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0298 Shortland cemetery

John HOGAN ()
- John was born in Ireland
- he was buried 8 June 196 in PUBL-PLOT-0489 Tararu cemetery

John LANG (1825-1901)
- A John Gordon Lang was born in Scotland
- he was buried 29 June 1901 in PUBL-PLOT-1047 Shortland cemetery

Margaret McCANN
- Margaret not found

- no James McDonld found buried in Thames although in the Thames 50 year Jubilee Celebrations held in 1917 he was listed as a Pioneer of 1867

Alexander Cleghorn McLACHLAN (1828-1902)
- Alexander was born in Inverness, Scotland
- he arrived on the "Blenheim" in 1840
- he died at his residence, Lower Mackay Street, Thames 20 March 1902 aged 72
- he was buried 21 March 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0626 at Shortland Cemetery with his daughter Janet Isabella
who died aged 8 months in 1876. HIs wife died in Auckland (more at his link)

Thomas B. MILLER
- thought this may have been Thomas Borland Miller (1826-1913) who farmed earlier in Clevedon but this needs verifying. There is a Thomas Miller (1839-1908) who was born in Ireland, died aged 69 and buried 18 Nov 1908 in PUBL-PLOT-0274 at Tararu cemetery. He would have been aged about 59/60 at Pension Court

Joseph H. NEYNOE
- although this name, Neynoe, is mentioned a number of times in early newspapers (Corporal Loftus Neynne in Cambridge, Waikato in 1866, William Neynoe in 3rd Waikato Militia, Hubert Neynoe - all in the early NZ militia), the name is not recorded spelt like that at BDM

.. the possibilities for J. O'Brien, buried in Thames are:
Julia O'Brien (1811-1901) born Ireland, died 12 March 1901
James O'Brien (1830-1909) born Ireland, died 26 April 1909
John O'Brien (1832-1905) born Ireland, died 15 May 1905

Mary PENK (1829-1900)
- there are 4 'Penk' buried in Thames but not Mary

Job PERKINS (1816-1903)
- Job was born in England
- he was buried 10 Dec 1903 PUBL-PLOT-1141 Shortland cemetery

Ann PICKETT (1830-1905)
- Ann was born in England
- she was buried 9 May 1905 in PUBL-PLOT-0756 Shortland cemetery

Henry PICKETT (1826-1902)
- Henry was born in England
- he was buried 12 May 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0756 Shortland cemetery

Rachael T. POOLE (1830-1907)
- Rachael was born in England
- she was buried 1 March 1907 in PUBL-PLOT-1132 Shortland cemetery

Louis Harrison RAE (1832-1912)
- Louis was born in England
- he was buried 3 June 1912 in PUBL-PLOT-3616 Shortland cemetery

- 1 John Regan buried Thames (1860-1933) too young for Pension in 1899

William REILLY
- no William Reilly (or O'Reilly) found

- many J. Smith possibilities

Nanney SMITH (1828-1906)
- Nanney was born in England
- she was buried 6 Dec 1906 in PUBL-PLOT-0672 Tararu cemetery

Richard Hawkins SMITH
- Richard was a night watchman at the Thames mines for a brief period but no other records found for him, including his death

- no James Stanford found as possibility

- a Catherine JANE Stanford (1826-1903) is buried PUBL-PLOT-1328 Shortland cemetery

- The only Swindells buried in Thames is a William Swindells (1840-1887) buried in Shortland cemetery before the Pension hearing

John TAYLOR (1828-1901)
- John was born in England
- he was buried 15 August 1901 in PUBL-PLOT-0829 Shortland cemetery

Alexander THOM
... 2 possible Alexander Thom (1825-1908) & (1838-1903), neither found buried at Thames

- no G. Thompson (OR Thomson) buried in Thames

James THOMPSON (1831-1902)
- James was born in Ireland
- he was buried 24 Nov 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0045 Tararu cemetery
... OR ...
James THOMPSON (1832-1906)
- James was born unknown
- he was buried 12 April 1906 in PUBL-PLOT-0491 Shortland cemtery

Eliza Ann TURRELL (1831-1916)
- Eliza was born in England
- she was buried 6 June 1916 in PUBL-PLOT-3524 Shortland cemetery

Louis TURRELL (1828-1911)
- Louis was born in London
- he was buried 12 August 1911 in PUBL-PLOT-3525 Shortland cemetery

- this could possibly be William Vercoe (1825-1902)
- William was born in England
- he was buried 13 DDec 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-2622 Shortland cemetery

Susannah VIALL (1822-1902)
- Susannah was born in England
- she was buried 6 Sep 1902 in PUBL-PLOT-0944 Shortland cemetery
- (she is buried with Samuel Viall from Cornwall 1822-1891)

Mary WHEELER (1817-1902)
- Mary was born in England
- she was buried 22 Oct 1909 in PUBL-PLOT-0772 Shortland cemetery

Mary Ann WHITE (1824-1903)
- Mary was born in England
- she was buried 8 Dec 1903 in PUBL-PLOT-2659 Shortland cemetery

- no N. White found buried in Thames to fit dates

... possibilities are:
Salome Margaret Williams (1828-1900), buried PUBL-PLOT-2211 Shortland
Sarah Williams (1831-1909), buried in PUBL-PLOT-2659 Shortland

Charles Louis WILLIAMSON (1826-1905)
- Charles was born in Ireland
- he was buried 27 Jan 1905 in PUBL-PLOT-0197 Shortlan cemetery

Janet WILSON (1825-1900)
- Janet was born in England
- he was buried 19 July 1900 in PUBL-PLOT-0161 Tararu cemetery

- nothing found for B. H. OR R. H. Young in Thames

if you would like any other information added to the above people
(to assist others researching the names) leave a comment in box below

taken from the site Coromandel History

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