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Our huge family in England, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand

Journal by Rockborne38

Today we deleted most of our posts which we made over the last few years. We did that because our original intention was to make contact with others in the family of both myself and my husband, who were researching the same families, and in that way, make contact with cousins. We only ever asked questions to which we knew the answer, in the hope that those cousins would contact us, but what we have found is that info we gave to them from our own research over more than 50 years has so often been added to ancestry or similar site of some of those cousins, without any attribution to our research and so often with other incorrect info with no basis in fact and no proof of being correct. That did not worry us, but they usually added the info without adding the citation that we had given them, thus making it difficult for those who found their site to establish the truth of the entries they had made. So we decided, enough is enough, if anybody out there is researching the families of my husband (Vincent, Connolly, Peareth, Davison, Lowman. Boyd, Mowles, Cribb, Mandry) or my family, (Stone, Phillips, Basing, Wise, Fry, Keeling, Myall, Bullock, Shufflebottom, Stevens, Hillman, Harris), or other related families in our ancestry, then please contact us via this site. We have no trees on Ancestry or any similar site as we believe that family history is for family only, but are most happy to share with any family member, provided you give us an undertaking that you will not publish that info on the web.

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on 2015-03-05 18:57:19

My husband and I are interested in tracing the roots of our family and have been doing so since 1956, so we now have about 25+Gb of info on our computer about the families of both of us, and we are interested in making contact with any member of any of the families we are researching to share information, looking also for photos and certificates for any family member to add to our huge files on those families. After all these years they are still a "work in progress" and we would like more please

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by poorone on 2015-03-06 07:17:00

Good for you for speaking out. I too have given my family information to an
individual and he did not tell me he was going to put it online, and thus include
the source of his information with my name and where I live. There could be errors
and here these errors are going to be carried from tree to tree. Then I found my
name and my siblings on another site. I did not put that information there and
no one asked my permission also. Where as the common courtesy gone? Plus you give
out your information and they do not share in return.

by Rockborne38 on 2015-03-06 07:48:52

Hello poorone, glad that somebody agrees with me about the rubbish some family members will add to trees on the web, thus perpetuating errors they made, often just guesses or perhaps they dont like to know about skeletons in their closet so try to glamourise some of their ancestors. We have family members who are convinced that a man created a Lord in the 1880s is part of their family, just because he chose to be Lord XXX which is also the maiden family name of my grandma, so those relatives have crests and coats of arms for that Lord, even though he is not related nor are his descendants who inherited the title, he chose that name when he was created a Lord as it was the place he represented in the english house of commons, but we have branches of the family who just want to be related to nobility and nothing we tell them will have them change their mind, and they are quite genuine in their belief that they are related to him even when we tell them the actual family name of the family who have inherited the title - cant figure that out, but they also have so much other codswallop on their ancestry trees without any proof, just result of their guesses, does make us laugh a lot when we read the stuff they have included, and just hope not too many other family members believe it and add that stuff to their trees. Best wishes from Australia

by Debz123 on 2016-08-30 22:27:36

Hi There
Wondering whether your Fry's are from Gloucester, Somerset areas of UK

by Rockborne38 on 2016-08-31 00:33:51

Hi Debz123 our Fry ancestors are mostly from the Elkstone area of Gloucestershire, but as Somerset is also so close we know that some of the family married people who were from Somerset. Most of the siblings of my g/grandma came to Australia in the 1880s, but some of her older siblings were already married and remained in England, so if you are related to Fry from Gloucs, perhaps we are related, can you send me a private message via this site and perhaps we can check, and if related, we are happy to share family info

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