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Having been looking for information about William Savage, who'd taught at the Roman Catholic St. Augustine's school at Keilor before becoming the first teacher at Keilor State School in 1875, I found the notice, on page 4 of the Argus of 3-2-1869, of the marriage of William Savage, son of Mr. William Savage, Sligo, Ireland to Margaret E.J.Victoria Clarke, youngest daughter of the late John Clarke Esq. of Gooparle, Saltwater River. I remembered the name of that property very well, because, having seen it mentioned in Isaac Batey's memoirs as being the property of a member of the Clarke family, I'd spent considerable time trying to work out exactly where it was. I had my doubts about a teacher, who had to run night classes after a hard day's work in order to make ends meet, marrying a member of the Clarke family, presuming that John Clarke would be nearly as well off as his relative, William John Turner (Big) Clarke.

The first of Isaac's articles on trove that I tried was on page 4 of the 30-5-1903 issue of the Sunbury News.
He mentioned at the start that the Clarke referred to (obviously in the previous installment)was a wild one and long gone so that could have been John Clarke. Perhaps William Savage, teacher, really had married his daughter.

EventDeath Event registration number13113 Registration year1908
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesMargt Emily Jane Victoria SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathC Hill Age62

SAVAGE.— On the 31st October, Margaret Emily Jane Victoria, dearly beloved wife of the late William Savage, mounted trooper. late of Heidelberg, beloved mother of Percy of Fltzroy; Ethleen, Olive,Edwin' Alma, Hubert, Mabel, aged 65 years. Interred privately .Melbourne General Cemetery, 3rd November. Rest in peace,
— Inserted by Percy Savage. (P.5, The Age, 7-11-1908.)

POSTSCRIPT. William's death record shows that he was only 42 when he died in 1887 and would have been a boy when the school was established at Sunbury, as mentioned below.

SAVAGE.—On the 2nd inst., at the Melbourne Hospital, William Savage, late of the Mounted Police.
Funeral will leave the hospital at 2.30 p.m. this day(Friday).(P.1, Argus, 4-3-1887.)

EventDeath Event registration number2870 Registration year1887
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWilliam SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Mother's nameMary Ann (Pilson) Place of birth Place of deathMELB E Age42 Spouse's family nameCLARK Spouse's given namesMargaret

John Clarke's (probable) widow was still at Gooparl in 1857 when she took another son-in-law to court. I hope she didn't give William Savage, the mounted trooper, similar grief.
Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser (Vic. : 1842 - 1876) Friday 27 February 1857 p 2 Article

Could Margaret's late husband, a mounted trooper, have been the teacher at Sunbury in the 1850's? NO, AS ABOVE. William Savage the teacher at Keilor, seems to have been a Roman Catholic because like other Keilor stalwarts of that faith such as Patrick Phelan and George Dodd he had contributed to a Roman Catholic building fund in 1868. Many teachers lost their jobs because of the 1890's depression, whose effects lasted at least as long as 1905 when schools were still being closed, and because unemployed people were likely to steal, not pay their rent etc., more police may have been employed despite the government being almost bankrupt.

However the death notice uses Rest in peace rather than the Latin version almost invariably used by Catholics. There was also another William Savage, definitely a teacher*, who married in 1860 and was maybe a Presbyterian.

*SAVAGE—MALLOWS.—[Golden Wedding.]—On the 22nd February, 1860, at the Presbyterian School-house, Rokewood, by the Rev. John Cooper, William Savage, head teacher of the school, to Catherine Charlotte Mallows. Present address, Corindhap. (P.1, Argus, 22-2-1910.)

The funeral of Mr William Savage retired State school teacher of Corindhap, took place on Friday afternoon,
and was largely attended. The late gentleman/ who was a native of England. came to-Victoria in the fifties, and
opened the school in Rokewood in the year 1856. He also occupied during his time as a teacher the State schools at Napoleons, Dereel, and Corindhap....... He leaves a widow, two sons, both of whom are in the State service. and two daughters.(P.2, The Ballarat Star, 10-7-1911.)

All the places where this William Savage taught were near Ballarat so he wouldn't have taught at Sunbury or Keilor. His children were Emma Elizabeth b.1861 at Geelong, William Selwyn b. 1863 at Barr (Bararabool west of Geelong), Martha b. 1867 Rokewood, Catherine b.1870 Rokewood, Unnamed male b 1873, Rokewood Mary Louisa b. 1874 Rokewood, Walter Owen b. 1878 BR EA (Brokewood East?)
William Selwyn would have been only 14 years old in 1875, when the Keilor State School opened under William Savage who'd previously taught at St. Augustine's school at Keilor.

More about Keilor's teacher at the end.

In the same article, Isaac mentioned that the first school at Sunbury was on the site* of the Roman Catholic Church and operated under the old system**. He thought that the first male teacher was William Savage and that there was a female teacher whom he named.
(*The township map would probably show that the site had been reserved for the R.C. Church.
** Any denomination could get government aid for a school but this led to a proliferation of schools in well- populated areas and none in others, so the Government passed the Common School Act in 1862 to ensure that every area would have a school.)

Also in this article, Isaac mentioned that Arthur Frost who had run the Franklin (in Sunbury and built by Tulip Wright)had married Fanny, Tulip's second daughter.

Isaac made few mistakes but did call David William O'Nial's LADY OF THE LAKE HOTEL at Tullamarine the LADY OF THE LADY, a mistake that was repeated in the Tullamarine Methodist Church centenary souvenir of 1970 whose author realised what a great source Isaac was but lacked the means to confirm the name. I do have the means to confirm Arthur Frost's marriage.

EventMarriage Event registration number2400 Registration year1859
Personal information
Family nameFROST Given namesArthur Thomas SexMale Spouse's family nameWRIGHT Spouse's given namesFrances

The Shire of Bulla was preceded by the Bulla Roads Board, established in 1862 and extending south almost to Essendon until the Keilor Road District was proclaimed shortly afterwards. A history of the shire was sought for its centenary, I.W.Symonds' BULLA BULLA being chosen over THE SHIRE THAT TOOK OFF by Grant Aldous, a decision that was probably influenced by the Clarke family which would not have been impressed by Grant's story about George Evans laying a pistol on his table when Big Clarke came calling as a reminder to the visitor not to flirt with George's young wife, Annie, nee Holden. No prizes for guessing where this racy tale would have come from!

It was probably in Symonds' book that I read about the Bulla Road Board being formed at a meeting at the Bridge Inn (built by Tulip Wright) and meetings being held there until Frost asked for rent to be paid; the office and meetings then being transferred to Melville's Inverness Hotel at Oaklands Junction until the shire hall was built in Bulla Township. Now we know why Frost was running the Bridge Inn. Symonds might have got his information from histories of the shire (possibly written in 1912) by young Daniel and another student who came first and second respectively in a competition. The Daniel boy had the assistance of two members of his family being involved as shire secretaries but you can bet that Isaac's memoirs were the main source.

I can't find the reference to Big Clarke's relative of Gooparle but you can be certain it's there. John Clarke had died by 1857 when probate of his will was sought and Gooparle may have been a large slab of Ascot Vale West with the homestead in Langs Rd, (between Chauvel and Anderson Sts) later being occupied by William Anderson of the Flemington Meat Preserving Company. I would never have discovered this without Isaac's racy, descriptive, detail-packed memories of the pioneers in a huge area around Sunbury. He and Harry Huntington Peck should be awarded a posthumous Order of Australia for their services to history!

THE Gooparl Estate is the property of Charles Payne, Esq comprising 48 acres of Land, five of which are in a high state of cultivation, as a flour, fruit, and kitchen garden. Also ten acre cultivation paddock, and two
grass paddocks of 33 acres.

The whole is substantially fenced with post and three rails,and dividing fences, with very superior gates. The buildings consist of a neat verandah cottage, of seven rooms, kitchen and scullery; the out buildings comprise, stabling, harness room, coach-house, open shed, and fowl-house, and sleeping apartments, and store-room over.
There is a large water tank, built of stone, and cemented, the yard is paved, and everything in first-rate order.

The property is situated near the racecourse, four miles from Melbourne, and is always accessible by good roads; it has a frontage to the Salt Water River, and two Government roads. It is now offered for sale in whole or in portions on liberal terms. Further particulars on application to the undersigned
JOHN MACKENZIE, Queen Street.(P.7, Argus, 6-11-1852.)

Link for Doutta Galla Parish map; select map 1. DOUTTA GALLA

Crown allotment 31, section 3 Doutta Galla of 48 acres was granted to Charles Payne on 3-6-1846,the same day on which George Newsom (recalled by Newsom St) bought c/a's 32 and 33. My 1999 Melway has Clark* written by me on crown allotment 31 which extended north west from Langs Rd for 1000 links (200 metres), obtained from measurement on Melway as it is not on the parish map, to the north west boundary of Ascot Vale West Primary School. Crown allotments 31 to 36 all had the same 200 metre frontage to the road to Raleigh's punt (Epsom Rd.)
*This indicates that I may have information about John Clarke in my EARLY LANDOWNERS:PARISH OF DOUTTA GALLA.

Allotment 31.
This was subdivided in 1854 with John Clark buying 15 acres between (roughly) Anderson St and Victory Pde for 10 000 pounds, and John Wilson paying 3900 pounds for 19 ½ acres between Clark’s land and a line 2 chains from Epsom Rd; the road frontage apparently having been purchased by James Young. Clarke and Wilson’s purchases are shown ON THE ATTACHED MAP: A = Young B = Wilson [20 157], C = Clark [29 52].For the price, Clark must have also bought the land to the river.
William Lang bought Young’s 4/5 acre in 1861 and in 1866 bought an adjoining 3 ¾ acre portion of Wilson’s land from Hugh Glass, giving him most of the Victory Park site.

In 1882, William Anderson resigned as chief meat preserver at the famous factory on the Living Museum of the West site, and launched his own business on allotment 31. He built a house called Gooparle between Anderson and Chauvel Sts and ran the Flemington Meat Preserving Co. until 13-7-1915, six months before his death. Anderson’s Paddock, subdivided as the Victory Estate in 1920, contains Anderson and Monash St houses.

There is a photo of the Gooparl(e) house on GOOPARL

Lenore Frost's superb index revealing which people and places are mentioned in which books (which can be purchased from the Essendon Historical Society at the Court House Museum at Moonee Ponds) includes:
Gooparl (pages) 34 – 35 (book) 15 Fine Homes of Essendon and Flemington

The Government Gazette of 26-9-1862 had notified the appointment of William Savage as the deputy registrar of births and deaths for the Keilor District, vice (in the place of) T.P.Dowling.
(P.4, The Star, Ballarat,29-9-1862.)

Aha, we have the right bloke. I thought I'd start looking for his children's births between 1876 and 1880.
EventBirth Event registration number24024 Registration year1876
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesValentine Patrick SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Mother's nameBridget (Gough) Place of birthKE IL

William had married Bridget in 1863 but unfortunately marriage records don't mention locations.

EventMarriage Event registration number1682 Registration year1863
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWilliam SexMale Spouse's family nameGOUGH Spouse's given namesBridget#

Their children were: William Francis b.1864 Keilor (with the father's name as Willianm and the mother's maiden name as Goff), Maria b.1865 Keilor, Michael Vincent b.1866 Keilor, John James**, *** b.1868 Keilor, Joseph b. 1869, Keilor (with William's second given name recorded as Aloysius),M. b. 1870 Keilor****, Louisa b.1872 Keilor (William Aloysius as the father's name again), Charles Baromas b. 1873 Keilor, V.P. (above) b.1876, Margaret* b 1881 Keilor.

# SAVAGE - On the 12th July, at her residence. No.12 Robert- street, Footscray, Bridget Savage, dearly loved wife of William Savage, late of Keilor, beloved mother of John, Charles. Maria, William,Vincent, Joseph, Louisa and Margaret Savage, aged 63 years. R.I.P.(P.5, The Age, 13-7-1901.)
SAVAGE.— On the 12th July, at her residence, 12 Robert-street, Footscray, Bridget (Delin) Savage,
dearly beloved daughter of Francis Gough, beloved sister of Joseph Gough, Mrs. J. Gibson and Mrs. H..
Serres. Fortified in the rites of her church. Interred 14th July. R.I. P. Sydney papers please copy.
(P.1, The Age, 16-7-1901.)

*BROWN— SAVAGE.— On the 1st January, at St.Ignatius' Church, Richmond, by Rev. Father Cahill, Thomas Richard Brown, of Bendigo, to Margaret, youngest daughter of William Savage, schoolmaster, late of Keilor.
(P.31, Weekly Times, 27-1-1906.)

**SAVAGE.— On the 1st June, at the Public Works store yard, 104 Wells-street, South Melbourne. John James, the beloved husband of Margaret Savage, and third son of William Savage, formerly State school teacher, Keilor, aged 36 years. R.I.P.(P.1, The Age, 2-6-1902.) JOHN'S FIRST WIFE HAD OBVIOUSLY DIED!

*** SAVAGE—TYRER - On the 3rd November, at SS.Peter and Paul's, south Melbourne, by Rev. Jas. O'Neill,
John, third son of William Savage, of keilor. to Maggie,only daughter of William Tyrer, of South Melbourne.
(P.5, The Age, 29-11-1890.)

**** The unnamed male born in 1870 unsurprisingly died in 1870.
SAVAGE, unnamed male - Parents: William & Bridget SAVAGE - Place of Death: Doutta Galla
Being east of the river, St Augustines was in the parish of Doutta Galla. Crown allotment 19, between Collinson St and the river, was part of Keilor Township.

Like any good Catholic, William kept the baby factory busy but what stopped the production line for a while after 1876? Had William given up teaching?

William Savage, of Keilor, gentleman.
Causes of insolvency-Having given accommodation bills, sickness in family, and pressure of creditors. Liabilities, £465 10s. 5d ; assets, £422 14s.10d.; deficiency, £42 15s. 7d. Mr. Jacomb, assignee.
(P.5, Argus, 24-5-1877.)

William was still teaching and the insolvency did not seem to have affected his performance.

An examination for results was held at the local State School on Monday last, when the splendid percentage of 94 was obtained. This must be very gratifying to the persons who have children attending the school, as well as to the teacher, Mr. Savage.(P.3, The Bacchus Marsh Express, 26-5-1877.)

AN examination for results was held in the Keilor State school on Friday last, which was, on the whole, one of the most satisfactory that has been held for some time past. The percentage obtained—within a very small fraction of 90—is an exceptionally good one, and when we take into consideration the fact of its being obtained under difficulties, such as sickness, which has been prevalent among children of late to an alarming extent, it must be regarded as a very high commpliment to the teaching powers of the head master, Mr. Savage, and of the staff of the school.(P.3, Bacchus Marsh Express, 13-12-1879.)

When Mr. McCusker's house was burnt down he was left penniless,and a fundraising committee was formed with W.Savage junior as joint treasurer with Donald McDonald. (P.3, Bacchus Marsh Express, 28-1-1882.) William had been born in 1864 so he would have been 18. Donald,now about 23 who had become a pupil teacher under William Aloysius Savage's tuition at the school in 1876, had by this time probably started his career as a journalist at Samaria, north east of Yea. Robert Dodd, son of George Dodd of Oakleigh Park,was a schoolmate of Donald and no doubt owed his successful journalistic career to W.A.Savage as well. See my journal about George Dodd and his siblings.

SAVAGE.—On the 22nd July, William Francis Aloysius Savage, formerly state school teacher of Keilor, beloved father of Mrs. R. S. Owen, of No. 8 Survey-street, Burnley, and Mrs. T Brown,of Bendigo, aged 70 years. R.I.P.

SAVAGE.—The Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM FRANCIS ALOYSIUS SAVAGE are respectfully informed his remains will be interred in the Keilor Cemetery. The funeral will leave the residence of his daughter, Mrs. R. S. Owen,No. 8 Survey-street, Burnley, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 24th July, 1907), at 12.30 o'clock, arriving at cemetery about 3.30 p.m.
(P.1, Argus, 24-7-1907.)

EventDeath Event registration number9648 Registration year1901
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesBridt Margt SexUnknown Father's nameGough Frank Mother's nameBridt Mary (Enniss) Place of birth Place of deathFcray Age63

EventDeath Event registration number9993 Registration year1907
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWm Aloysius SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathRmond Age70

Not unexpectedly there are no birth records on Victorian for Bridget or William in 1836-1840. It seems a forlorn hope to find details of William's parents but perhaps we can explain how William and Bridget met each other. Did William arrive at Keilor in 1862 when he was appointed a deputy registrar of births and deaths for the Keilor district, had he been there for some time or had he been teaching elsewhere such as Pentridge (Coburg)?

They were married in 1863, at which time Bridget's father Francis Gough did not seem to be at Keilor; he seems to have moved there two years later.

NOTICE of INTENTION to APPLY for a TRANSFER of PUBLICAN'S LICENCE.-I, WILLIAM PEARCE, the holder of a publican's licence for the house and premises known as the Prince of Wales Hotel, situated at Flemington, do hereby give notice, that it is my intention to APPLY to tho justices sitting at the Court of Petty Sessions, to be holden
at Flemington, on Monday, 10th July, 1865, to TRANSFER the said LICENCE to Francis Gough, now residing at Keilor. (P.7, Argus, 24-7-1865.)

It will need someone cleverer than yours truly to explain how a person living in Keilor could run a hotel at Melway 28K9. Obviously, Francis would have had to then reside in the hotel, which is confirmed by incidents at Flemington involving Francis such as his alleged assault of a neighbour named Neighbour and a counter charge in 1868. GOUGHvNEIGHBOUR

In 1861, Francis may have been the Pentridge farmer of that name whose horse had been appropriated by Alexander Brown and Thomas Edwards who were charged with stealing the horse after it had escaped from a hitching post.
Gough's horse

In 1862, Francis Gough was one of eight residents who requested the local J.P. to convene a public meeting for ratepayers in regard to receiving reports and electing auditors and members for the Pentridge Road Board.

In 1864, the same Pentridge farmer was found not guilty of wounding William Corrigan with a sword at Pentridge. This Francis Gough was fetching clothes for his wife who was in the lock-up.

As the only results for Francis Gough in the 1860's concerned the person at Pentridge till 1864, at Keilor in 1865 whose connection with Flemington was established, and at Flemington, it is reasonable to assume that they were all the same person. It is also reasonable to assume that he was, from 1863, the father-in-law of Keilor teacher, William Savage. Therefore Bridget's mother died in 1867. Unfortunately there is no death record for Bridget's mother whose name is given in Bridget's death record as Bridt Mary (Enniss), only those of a Margaret and Julia. There was no death notice and the funeral notice did not mention the name of the publican's late wife.

THE Friends of Mr. FRANCIS GOUGH are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late wife to the place of interment, Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral to move from his residence, Prince of Wales Hotel, Flemington, THIS DAY (Monday), 28th inst., at one o'clock p.m.(P.8, Argus, 28-1-1867.)

The mother's name on Bridget's death record seems to be wrong. Let me repeat Bridget's second death notice to explain.
SAVAGE.— On the 12th July, at her residence, 12 Robert-street, Footscray, Bridget (Delin) Savage,
dearly beloved daughter of Francis Gough, beloved sister of Joseph Gough, Mrs. J. Gibson and Mrs. H.
Serres*. Fortified in the rites of her church. Interred 14th July. R.I. P. Sydney papers please copy.
(P.1, The Age, 16-7-1901.)

*Mary Jane-see below.

I'd tried to find the death notice of Joseph Gough, apparently without success. I next tried Mrs J.Gibson. A Margaret Gough whose father was Francis Gough had been born in 1848 at PENTRIDGE.
EventBirth Event registration number2725 Registration year1848
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesMargaret SexFemale Father's nameGOUGH Francis Mother's nameMargaret (Unknown) Place of birthPENTRIDGE

She was possibly the one who had married John Gibson in 1870. John would have checked that she was a female!!!
EventMarriage Event registration number1802 Registration year1870
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesMargaret SexUnknown Spouse's family nameGIBSON Spouse's given namesJohn

I though I'd found Margaret Gibson's death record but haven't been able to refind it. Let's press on.

Other children of Francis Gough of Pentridge with the mother's name recorded as Margaret (no maiden name or Richards/Rickens/Rickers/Rickards) were, (with Coburg abbreviated to C if this is used instead of Pentridge, and M for Melbourne):
Anna Maria 1850 C; Catherine 1842 M; Francis 1846 P; James Joseph 1844 M; (Margaret as above 1848 P);
John 1854 P; Mary Jane 1860* P; Frances 1852 P.

* EventDeath Event registration number1979 Registration year1912
Personal information
Family nameSERRES Given namesMary Jane SexUnknown Father's nameGough Francis Mother's nameMargt (Righards) Place of birth Place of deathHberg Age52

Catherine died at P. in 1862 aged 2 (20 of course!). William died at M in 1863 aged 7 (probably born 1856.)There are no death records for the other sons after 1860.

(This could be Bridget's father but there was no death notice to clear up the unknowns.
EventDeath Event registration number9990 Registration year1903
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathHoth E Age84)

As recorded above, a child named Francis was born to Francis and Margaret Gough at Pentridge in 1846 but this is a mistake unless Francis had a brother also living there who had named a son Francis. Francis wouldn't have named this boy Francis if he already had a boy named Francis who did not die until 1847.

EventDeath Event registration number40441 Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexMale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age10 (Parents possibly John George Gough and Sarah as explained below.)

This Francis Gough seems to have been born in about 1844.
EventDeath Event registration number45160 Registration year1852
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexMale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age8

Francis and Margaret had a daughter named Frances born in 1852. Another Frances died in 1847 at Pentridge, having been born in about 1837.
EventDeath Event registration number349 Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrances SexFemale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age10

(Perhaps there was a birth record for Bridget Gough who married William Savage. No, the first Gough birth recorded was that of Catherine, daughter of Francis Gough and Margaret Rickens/Rickers born in Melbourne in 1842 as noted above. This would seem to indicate that Francis and Margaret had arrived in 1841 at the earliest.


Francis Gough 23 hus (8 family) Labourer RC both Galway, came 30 Nov 1841 on the Mary Nixon
Margaret Gough 23 wife of Francis (8 family) Housemaid RC reads Clare, came 30 Nov 1841 on the Mary Nixon
Francis Gough, and Margaret Rickers baptised female Catherine at Roman Catholic St Francis, Melbourne born at Melbourne 1842 # 191
Francis Gough and Margaret Rickards baptised James Joseph 1844, Francis 1846 died
Directory 1847 constable, Pentridge
John Gough wed Sarah Bruce in 1845 at Church of England baptised Martha Elizabeth 1847 Letters unclaimed at Post-Office, Melbourne, 30th April, 1847
William Gough and Ann Mary baptised William 1847

The above confirms the date of arrival and a claim in a court report (when Francis was charged with fraud, the allegation being dismissed), that Francis had been a constable at Pentridge before becoming a humble but respected farmer there, but unfortunately does not establish the correct spelling of Margaret's maiden name.

Whether William Gough was related to Francis or not, he seemed to have moved to Portland by 1847. However John George Gough was at Darebin Creek, not far easy of Pentridge by 1849* and may have been the UNKNOWN father of Francis Gough who died at Pentridge in 1852 aged 8. The maiden name of his wife Sarah was Bruce according to the GOUGH ENTRY.

* EventBirth Event registration number16130 Registration year1849
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesJohn George SexMale Father's nameGOUGH John George Mother's nameSarah (Unknown) Place of birthDAREBIN CREEK

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