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PRIME MINISTERS of New Zealand 1854 - 2011

Journal by ngairedith

The original list was taken from the List of PRIME MINISTERS of New Zealand 1854 - 2011

* HENRY SEWELL (1807-1879)
.. 7 May 1856 - 20 May 1856
- born 7 September 1807 Newport, Isle of Wight
- he married Lucinda Marianne NEDHAM 15 May 1834 and had six children
- he married Elizabeth KITTOE in 1850
- Later in his political career, Sewell briefly held positions as Attorney-General, Minister of Justice, and Colonial Secretary (the latter being distinct from the Premiership by this time). During his career he represented the Town of Christchurch 1853-56 (resigned) & 1860 (retired), and the Town of New Plymouth 1865-66. He was defeated in 1866 for Lyttelton.
- He served on the Legislative Council from 1861 to 1865
- he married Mary CLAYTON 19 March 1867 in Dunedin and had 3 sons & 1 daughter. Mary was a daughter of William Henry Clayton (1823-1877) an architect who designed many public buildings in Wellington, including the old Government House and Parliament buildings, but he is best known for designing the Government Buildings (Wellington, NZ), part of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings and the second-largest wooden building in the world (behind T&#333;dai-ji in Nara, Japan). He also designed All Saints Church, Dunedin
- Henry Sewell died 14 May 1879 in Cambridge, England

* Sir WILLAIM FOX (1807-1893)
.. 20 May 1856 - 2 June 1856
- born in 1812 at 5 Westoe Village in South Shields, England
- qualified as a lawyer
- he married Sarah HALCOMB & emigrated to New Zealnd
- was the second Premier of New Zealand on four occasions in the 19th century, while New Zealand was still a colony. He was known for his eventual support of Mori land rights, his contributions to the education system (such as establishing the University of New Zealand), and his work to increase New Zealand's autonomy from Britain.
- The town of Foxton, founded in 1885, was named after him
- he ded 23 June 1893 in Auckland

* Sir EDWARD STAFFORD (1819-1901)
.. 2 June 1856 - 12 July 1861
- born on 23 April 1819 in Edinburgh, Scotland
- he married Emily Charlotte WAKEFIELD, daughter of William Wakefield
- Emily died aged 29, no children
- he married Mary BATLEY in 1859, had 3 sons & 3 daughters
- served as the third Premier of New Zealand on three occasions in the mid 19th century. His total time in office is the longest of any leader without a political party. He is described as pragmatic, logical, and clear-sighted
- Edward died in London on 14 February 1901

* William Fox - 2nd term: 12 July 1861 - 6 August 1862

* ALFRED DOMETT (1811-1887)
.. 6 August 1862 - 30 October 1863
- born 2 May 1811 at Camberwell, Surrey, England
- he was an English colonial statesman and poet. He wrote a book of poems & was a friend of Robert BROWNING
- he emigrated to New Zealand in 1842
- married Mary GEORGE in 1856, a widow with 2 sons
- the had one sone, Alfred Nelson Dommett
- The most noteworthy change Domett brought about during his tenure in office was the moving of New Zealand's capital from Auckland to Wellington in 1865
- he died 2 November 1887

.. 30 Oct 1863 - 24 Nov 1864
- born 23 April 1812 at Manor House, Bampton, Oxfordshire, England
- he served twice as the fifth Premier of New Zealand and six times as Attorney-General.
- he married Jane Augusta GRIFFITH, (stepdaughter of Alexander Shepherd, the colonial treasurer), at St Paul's Church, Auckland, 4 March 1843
- they had 4 sons & 4 daughters
- he died on 4 December 1891 while working at his desk in his legal office, at Auckland,

.. 24 November 1864 - 16 October 1865
- 9 May 1823 in Bridport, Dorset
- he was a New Zealand politician and a governor of various British colonies. He was the sixth Premier of New Zealand, and later served as Governor of Western Australia, Governor of Tasmania, and Governor of the Straits Settlements
- he married Filumena Mary Anne Lisle PHILLIPPS in 1859 and had 13 children
- Weld arrived in Western Australia in September, 1869. He immediately embarked on a series of tours of the state, which saw travel about 1,200 miles (1,900 km) on horseback in his first six months in office. Impressed by the state's isolation, he urged the establishment of telegraph lines and improvements to transportation. In March, 1870, he sent John Forrest to explore and survey a possible route for a telegraph line between Albany and Adelaide. This was later built, and by 1874, the state had more than 900 miles (1400 km) of operational telegraph line. Weld also oversaw the establishment of a steamship service along the coast, and the beginnings of a rail system
- Frederick died 20 July 1891 in Chideock, Dorset, England

* Edward Stafford - 2nd term: 16 October 1865 - 28 June 1869

* William Fox - 3rd term: 28 June 1869 - 10 September 1872

* Edward Stafford - 3rd term: 10 September 1872 - 11 October 1872

.. 11 October 1872 - 3 March 1873
- born in Penzance, Cornwall to the Rev. John Waterhouse, general superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in Australia and Polynesia & Jane Beadnell SKIPSEY
- 3 of his brothers, Jabez, Joseph & Samuel Waterhouse were also Wesleyan mnisters
- he married Lydia GILES, daughter of William Giles
- George fell into ill-health and retired to England in 1889, and died at Torquay, Devonshire on 6 August 1906

* William Fox - 4th term: 3 March 1873 - 8 April 1873

.. 8 April 1873 - 6 July 1875
- born 24 February 1825 in London, England to Albert Leopold VOGEL & Phoebe ISAAC
- He emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1852, then moved to Otago in 1861, where he become a journalist for the Otago Witness. In November 1861 he founded the Otago Daily Times and became its first editor
- His administration is best remembered for the issuing of bonds to fund railway construction and other public works. He remains the only practising Jewish prime minister of New Zealand (although two others including current Prime Minister John Key and former Prime Minister Francis Bell are of Jewish extraction, both from the mothers' side)
- he ded 12 March 1899 in London, england

* DANIEL POLLEN (1813-1896)
.. 6 July 1875 - 15 February 1876
- born 2 June 1813 in Ringsend, Dublin to Hugh POLLEN & Elizabeth O'NEILL
- He likely grew up in Ireland, and in the United States of America, where his father helped to build the United States Capitol.
- It is known that he graduated with an MD, though which school is not known. He travelled to New South Wales in the late 1830s, and moved to North Auckland in January 1840.
- He was a witness to the proceedings of the Treaty of Waitangi.
- On 18 May 1846, he married Jane HENDERSON, the daughter of an officer of the Royal Navy (Lieutenant Essex, RN, of Demarara). He moved with her to Kawau Island, Hauraki Gulf in 1847, after becoming medical officer to a Scottish copper-mining company.
- In 1870, Daniel Pollen held four positions - Receiver of Land Revenue, Commissioner of Confiscated Lands, Commissioner under the Native Land Act of 1870, and Immigration Officer.
- he died 18 May 1896 aged 82

* Julius Vogel - 2nd term: 15 February 1876 - 1 September 1876

.. 1 September 1876 - 13 October 1877
- born 1 November 1831 in Broxton, Cheshire, England
- He was educated in England, but chose to follow his elder brother William to New Zealand when he was 22 years old. He was accompanied by his brother Arthur and members of the Richmond family. On arriving in New Zealand, Harry and Arthur bought farmland in Taranaki, as did the Richmonds. James and William Richmond also later entered politics. Atkinson's correspondence shows that he was highly satisfied with his decision to move to New Zealand, seeing it as an opportunity to prosper. He named his small farmhouse Hurworth after a village in England where he had lived as a boy, although as his father was an itinerant builder and architect, the family did not settle anywhere
- he married Amelia Jane SKINNER in 1856
- Amelia died in 1865
- he next married Annie SMITH in 1866
- he died 28 June 1892 in Wellington aged 60. He is buried in Plot 73 - Section CH ENG in Karori Cemetery

.. 13 October 1877 8 October 1879 (6th)
- born 14 April 1812 in Lisbon, Portugal, the only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Grey, of the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot, who was killed at the Battle of Badajoz in Spain just a few days before. His mother, on the balcony of her hotel in Lisbon, overheard two officers speak of his death and this brought on his premature birth. His mother, Elizabeth Anne VIGNOLES, was the daughter of an Irish clergyman, the Major Rev. John Vignoles & Ann Honora LOW
- he married Eliza Lucy SPENCER (18221898) at King George's Sound, West Australia, on 2 November 1839. She was the daughter of Sir Richard Spencer RN KCH (17791839).
- Eliza and George Grey's only child died aged 5 months. It was not a happy marriage
- George died 19 September 1898 in London

.. 8 October 1879 21 April 1882 1879
- born 18 December 1824 in Kingston upon hull, England, the third son of Captain George HALL of Elloughton, Yorkshire, a master mariner, shipowner and Elder Brother of Trinity House, Hull, and Grace WILLIAMS
- After reading a book on sheep farming, John emigrated to New Zealand, on the Samarang, arriving in Lyttelton on 31 July 1852. His brothers George and Thomas followed him to New Zealand soon after. He developed one of the first large scale sheep farming runs in Canterbury
- he married Rose Anne DRYDEN (1829-1900) in 1861 in Hull, Yorkshire and they had 4 sons and 2 daughters
- he was Mayor of Christchurch 1905-1907
- he died 25 June 1907 in Christchurch

* Frederick Whitaker - 2nd term: 21 April 1882 - 25 September 1883

* Harry Atkinson - 2nd term: 25 September 1883 16 August 1884

* ROBERT STOUT (1844-1930)
.. 16 August 1884 - 28 August 1884
- born 28 Septemer 1844 in the town of Lerwick, in Scotland's Shetland Islands
- in 1863 he emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand. Once there, Stout quickly became involved in political debate, which he greatly enjoyed. He also became active in the Freethought circles of the city. After failing to find employment as a surveyor on the Otago gold fields, Stout returned to education, holding a number of senior teaching positions at the high school level
- he married Anna Patterson LOGAN in 1875 and had 6 children
- he died 19 July 1930 in Wellington

* Harry Atkinson - 3rd term: 28 August 1884 - 3 September 1884

* Robert Stout - 2nd term: 3 September 1884 - 8 October 1887

* Harry Atkinson - 4th term: 8 October 1887 - 24 January 1891 1887

.. 24 January 1891 - 27 April 1893 1890
- born 27 March 1839 in Glenavy, Ulster, Ireland, the eldest son of Samuel BALLANCE (a farmer of Glenavy, County Antrim, Ireland) and Mary McNIECE
- he married Fanny TAYLOR in 1863 and in 1866 they migrated to New Zealand intending to start in business there as a small jeweller. After settling at Wanganui, however, he took an opportunity which soon arose to found a newspaper, the Wanganui Herald. He became the paper's editor, and remained chief owner for the rest of his life. During the fighting with the M&#257;ori chief Titokowaru, in 1867, Ballance was involved in the raising of a volunteer cavalry troop, in which he received a commission. He was later deprived of this owing to the appearance in his newspaper of articles criticizing the management of the campaign. He had, however, behaved well in the field, and, in spite of his dismissal, was awarded the New Zealand Medal.
- Fanny died in 1868 of illness aged 24 and 2 years later he married Ellen ANDERSON, daughr of a Wellington architect. They adopted 1 child

* RICHARD JOHN 'King Dick' SEDDON (1845-1906) .. 27 April 1893 - 10 June 1906
- born in Eccleston near St Helens, Lancashire, England 22 June 1845, the 3rd of 8 children of Thomas SEDDON & Jane LINDSAY. His father was a school headmaster, and his mother was a teacher. Despite this background, Seddon did not perform well at school, and was described as unruly. Despite his parents' attempt to give him a classical education, Seddon developed an interest in engineering, but was removed from school at age 12
- When he was 18 he emigrated to Australia and entered the railway workshops at Melbourne. He was caught by the gold fever and went to Bendigo, where he spent some time in the diggings. He did not meet with any great success. In either 1865 or 1866, he became engaged to Louisa Jane Spotswood, but her family would not permit marriage until Seddon was more financially secure
- In 1866, Seddon moved to New Zealand's West Coast. Initially, he worked the goldfields in Waimea. He is believed to have prospered here, and he returned briefly to Melbourne to marry Louisa. He established a store, and then expanded his business to include the sale of alcohol, becoming a publican
- he married Louisa Jane SPOTSWOOD & had 9 children
- he was the longest serving Prime Minister of New Zealand. He is regarded by some, including historian Keith Sinclair, as one of New Zealand's greatest political leaders.

* Sir WILLIAM HALL-JONES (1851-1936)
.. 10 June 1906 6 August 1906
- born in Folkestone, Kent, England 18 January 1851
- He married Fanny SMITH at Clerkenwell. The couple decided to emigrate to New Zealand where William saw the prospect of work as a builder. William and Fanny landed at Port Chalmers, Dunedin landed in 1873/1874 where he became a carpenter. The couple later moved, first to Oamaru, then to Timaru where, sadly, Fanny died of cancer on 10 January 1876. William worked for a building firm for six years before starting out on his own account.
- On 10 May 1877 at Timaru he married Rosalind Lucy PURSS of Chertsey, England and had 4 daughters and 2 sons.
- William purchased a rural section at Scarborough where he built a permanent home for his growing family
- He died at his home at 6 Burnell Avenue, Thorndon, Wellington, on 19 June 1936 and was buried Plot 96 M at Karori cemetery with his 1st wife Fanny. Rosalind died 13 Oct 1942 aged 84

* Sir JOSEPH GEORGE WARD 1st Baronet, GCMG (18561930)
.. 6 August 1906 - 28 March 1912
- born 25 April 1858 in Melbourne, Austalia to a family of Irish descent. His father, who is believed to have been an alcoholic, died in 1860, aged only 31 Ward was raised by his mother, Hannah. In 1863, the family moved to Bluff (then officially known as Campbelltown), in New Zealand's Southland region, seeking better financial security Hannah Ward established a shop and a boarding house.
- he married Theresa Dorothea de SMIDT in 1883 & had 5 children
- he died 8 July 1930 in Wellington

.. 28 March 1912 - 10 July 1912
- born 10 March 1854 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
- one of 5 children to David Stewart MacKENZIE & Rebecca NOBLE
- His family emigrated to New Zealand in 1858 when he was four and he was educated at Green Island School and the Stone School, both in Dunedin. He tried his hand at surveying, farming and commerce
- he was a Scottish-born New Zealand politician and explorer who briefly served as the 18th Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1912 and later served as New Zealand High Commissioner in London
- he married Ida Henrietta NANTES 24 September 1884 in Balclutha, Otago and had 5 sons & 2 daughters
- he died of heart failure 14 February 1930 in Dunedin aged 75

* WILLIAM FERGUSON 'Bill' MASSEY (1856-1925)
.. 10 July 1912 - 10 May 1925 1911
- born 26 March 1856 Limavady, County Londonderry, Ireland
- His father John MASSEY and his mother Marianne (or Mary Anne) FERGUSON were tenant farmers who also owned a small property. His family moved to New Zealand in 1869, although Bill Massey himself remained in Ireland for a further year to complete his education. After arriving in New Zealand, Massey worked as a farmhand for some years before acquiring his own farm in 1877. In 1882
- married Christina Allen PAUL (Dame Christina Massey, GBE), the daughter of his neighbour
- they had 7 children
- William died 10 May 1925 in Wellington

.. 10 May 1925 - 30 May 1925
- born 31 March 1851 in Nelson, Marlborough he was the 1st New Zealand born Prime Minister, the eldest son of Sir Francis Dillon BELL and Margaret HORT (who was Jewish, but became a Christian)
- He attended Auckland Grammar School and Otago Boys' High School. At Otago Boys he was the Dux. After finishing high school, he travelled to England where he attended St John's College, Cambridge, receiving a BA in 1873. On returning to New Zealand, he began practising law in Wellington, being involved in Bell, Gully, MacKenzie and Evans
- he married Caroline ROBINSON in 1878 and had 4 sons & 4 daughters
- He officially became Prime Minister on May 14 1925 after the death of Massey on May 10. He serveD as Prime Minister for the next 16 days. He declined the party's offer to become Prime Minister and was replaced by Gordon Coates
- a son, William Henry Dillon Bell, was a Member of Parliament, but resigned and volunteered for service in World War I. He served in the Samoa Expeditionary Force, and was killed in action in Belgium in 1917 as a Captain with a King's regiment, the 1st King Edward's Horse. He was killed in 1917
- Francis died 13 March 1936 in Wellington, 10 days after his 84th birthday

.. 30 May 1925 - 10 December 1928
- born 3 February 1878 Hukatere Peninsula New Zealand, one of 7 children of Edward COATES & Eleanor Kathleen AICKIN.
- He became an accomplished horseman, although an accident left him with a bad leg for the rest of his life. The large M&#257;ori population of the area meant that Coates grew up proficient in the Maori language. He fell in love with a young teacher, Eva INGALL, whose father forbade marriage in case his father Edward's psychiatric illness should prove hereditary.
- For several years Coates enjoyed a relationship with a local Maori woman, by whom he is said to have had a daughter and a son. When he entered Parliament in 1911 the relationship seems to have ended and the surviving daughter went to live with her Maori relatives.
- On 4 August 1914 Coates, now 36, married Marjorie Grace COLES at Wellington. Marjorie was 13 years younger than him, a good dancer, pretty, vivacious and always well dressed. She adored Coates, whom she called 'Joe', and she gave birth to five daughters over the next decade before the onset of painful arthritis
- Josephs health began to fail. He had smoked heavily for most of his life and had also developed heart trouble. On 27 May 1943 he collapsed and died in his office in Wellington.

* Joseph Ward - 2nd term: 10 December 1928 - 28 May 1930 1928

.. 28 May 1930 6 December 1935
- born 12 March 1868 in Lyttelton, Christchurch
- He became known for his ability at sport, particularly in athletics, rowing, and rugby where he captained the Canterbury team. After finishing school he briefly worked in his father's ships' chandlery business in Lyttelton, but later established himself as a successful farmer near Cheviot, to the north of Christchurch. He quickly became active in the local politics of the region, particularly with regard to the Cheviot County Council and the Cheviot Settlers' Association.
- he married Emma Serena GEE (1878-1961) at Cheviot 12 December 1898 (2 known children, possibly more)
- George died on 17 May 1947 in Cheviot, Canterbury

* MICHAEL JOSEPH 'Joe' SAVAGE (1872-1940)
.. 6 December 1935 - 27 March 1940
- born 23 March 1872 in Tatong, Victoria, Australia, a son of Richard SAVAGE of Downpatrick, Portaferry, Ireland and Johanna HAYES of limerick (his mother died when he was 6). His father immigrated to Australia in 1856 and eventually settled in the Benalla district
- In the two years following 1891 he lost his sister Rose and brothers Joe and Hugh. In 1893, a year of financial crisis, he found himself unemployed and went to New South Wales where he worked on the properties of Sir Samuel McCaughey and, later, on farms in the Riverina district.
- In 1900 Savage returned to Victoria and began work in the alluvial gold mine at North Prentice near Rutherglen where he met the young Paddy Webb. Webb, Savage, and George Hunter established the first Political Labour League in North Prentice and also a local cooperative society of which Savage was, for a time, manager
- Michael 'Mick' moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 1907 where he began to use his second name, because he was told that it was harder to get a job if one's name was Mick; hence he was usually known as Joe
- no wife found at this time
- he died 27 March 1940 in Wellington, 4 days after his 68th buurthday

* PETER FRASER (1884-1950)
.. 27 March 1940 - 13 December 1949
- born 28 August 1882 in Hill of Fearn, a small village near the town of Tain in the Highland area of Easter Ross. Tain, Scotland
- in 1916, the government had Fraser and several other members of the new Labour Party arrested on charges of sedition. This resulted from their outspoken opposition to the war, and particularly their call to abolish conscription. Fraser received a sentence of one year in jail. He always rejected the verdict, claiming he would only have committed subversion had he taken active steps to undermine conscription, rather than merely voicing his disapproval.
- After his release from prison, Fraser worked as a journalist for the official Labour Party newspaper. He also resumed his activities within the Labour Party, initially in the role of campaign manager for Harry Holland
- he married Janet Henderson MUNRO in 1819. Janet was also a political activist. The couple would remain together until Janet Munro's death in 1945, five years before Fraser's own passing. They had no children.
- he died 12 December 1950 in Wellington

* SIDNEY GEORGE 'Sid' HOLLAND (1893-1961)
.. 13 December 1949 - 20 September 1957
- born 18 October 1893 in Greendale, Canterbury one of 8 children to henry HOLLAND & Jane EASTWOOD
- He was educated at Christchurch West District High School, leaving when he was 15 to work first in a hardware store and then in his fathers transport business. Although influenced by a theologically conservative Methodist upbringing, he was later to move into the Anglican church. He served as a sergeant, and later a second lieutenant, in the New Zealand Field Artillery during the First World War, but became ill with hydatids and was invalided home after the battle of Messines (Mesen). He spent six months in hospital and after several operations lost a lung. When he recovered, Sid and a brother founded the Midland Engineering Company in Christchurch; he became managing director in 1918. The firm manufactured spray pumps and operated a profit-sharing scheme with its employees.
- he married Florence Beatric DRAYTON in the Durham Street Methodist Church, Christchurch on 12 May 1920. They had two sons and two daughters.
- His major contribution was undoubtedly the role he played in the creation and consolidation of the National Party, which was to dominate New Zealand politics for much of the latter half of the twentieth century
- he died 5 August 1961 ni Wellington. After a state funeral his body was cremated at Karori

.. 20 September 1957 - 12 December 1957
- born 11 February 1904 at Scarborough (Mangamutu), near Pahiatua, Wairarapa, son of Henry Victor HOLYOAKE & Esther EVES who owned a small General Store in the area. Subsequently the family lived in Hastings and in Tauranga, then, after the death of Keiths grandfather in December 1913, they settled on the familys hop, tobacco and fruit farm at Riwaka
- he married Norma Janet INGRAM (Dame DCMG QSO) TWICE in the Welligton registrar's Office in Wellingon in 1934 and on 11 January 1935 in their Church i Motueka
- they had 5 children, 2 sons & 3 daughters
- Keith Holyoake died at Wellington Hospital on 8 December 1983; Dame Norma died in the same hospital 12 months later, on 18 December 1984

* Sir WALTER NASH (1882-1968)
.. 12 December 1957 - 12 December 1960 1957
- born 12 February 1882 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, the fifth of six children of Alfred Arthur NASH and Amelia RANDLE. The family was poor and Alfred was often drunk. A rug weaver, and later a clerk, he was also a part-time agent for the Conservative Party, so Walter was introduced to political activity at an early age. Amelia was a weaver in the woollen mills and a devout Anglican. Her religious influence was to help make Walter a lifelong and committed Christian.
- he married Lotty May EASTON (1880-1961) on 16 June 1906, at Selly Oak. Lotty was a post office clerk. Around this time Nash set up two shops: one selling tobacco, the other confectionery. He became very involved in the local community as secretary of the social club, organiser of the debating society, and secretary of the traders' and ratepayers' association. He also attended night class to extend his education, and became interested in Christian socialism.
- In 1908 'Lot' and their first child, a son, were both ill and a second child, a daughter, died shortly after birth. When a brief but severe economic recession hit Selly Oak in 1909, Walter and Lot decided to emigrate to New Zealand. The family left Tilbury in April 1909 and arrived in Wellington in mid May
- He died in Lower Hutt on 4 June 1968, survived by two sons. The public memorial to Walter Nash was the funding of a children's ward at the Qui Nhon hospital in Vietnam.

* Keith Holyoake - 2nd term: 12 December 1960 - 7 February 1972

* JOHN ROSS 'Jack' MARSHALL (1912-1988)
.. 7 February 1972 - 8 December 1972
- born 5 March 1912 in Wellington
- he married Jessie Margaret LIVINGSTON in 1944 & had 4 children
- Marshall wrote and published several childrens books, his memoirs and a law book, and later became highly active in various charities and cultural organizations, including the New Zealand Chess Association (now Federation).[1] Many of these were related to his strong Christian faith. Marshall died in England on 30 August 1988, en route to a conference of the United Bible Societies.

* NORMAN ERIC KIRK (1923-1974)
.. 8 December 1972 .. 31 August 1974 (died)
- born 6 January 1923 in Waimate, Canterbury
- he married Lucy Ruth MILLER (Dame Ruth Kirk) in 1943 & had 5 children
- In the second week of August 1974 Kirk insisted on attending crucial debates on the governments superannuation scheme. Sometimes he had trouble breathing and his staff knew that he suffered from fluid retention. After a cabinet meeting on 19 August he went home to his ministerial house in Seatoun with flu. Unable to sleep, he kept ringing colleagues and staff. On 28 August a heart specialist, Tom ODonnell, persuaded Kirk to enter Our Ladys Home of Compassion hospital in Island Bay. He died there on Saturday 31 August 1974 of congestive cardiac failure and thromboembolic pulmonary heart disease. He was 51. Kirk was survived by his wife and family. Ruth Kirk died in March 2000

* HUGH WATT (1912-1980) (Acting)
.. 31 August 1974 - 6 September 1974
- born in Australia
- He was briefly the Acting Prime Minister following the death of Norman Kirk
- When Robert Muldoon's government was elected on the 29 November 1975, the incoming Prime Minister promptly fired him
- he died in Wellington aged 68

* Sir WILLAIM EDWARD 'Bill' ROWLING (1927-1995)
.. 6 September 1974 - 12 December 1975
- born 15 November 1927 in Motueka
- he married Glen Elna REEVES in 1961
- After leaving politics, Rowling was appointed Ambassador to the United States, serving from 1985 to 1988. He held that position when the issue of nuclear weapons and ANZUS flared up between the United States New Zealand. Later, after returning to New Zealand, Rowling became highly involved in a number of community organizations and trusts. He also played a prominent role at the Museum of New Zealand, and is considered to have been the "driving force" behind the eventual establishment of Te Papa. Honours that Rowling received include being made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, an honorary law doctorate, and being made a Commander in the Orde van Oranje Nassau (Netherlands).
- he died 31 October 1995 in Nelson

* ROBERT DAVID 'Rob' MULDOON (1921-1882)
.. 12 December 1975 - 26 July
- born 25 September 1921 in Auckland
- he married Thea Dale FLYGER (Dame Muldoon DBE, QSO) in 1951 & had 3 children
- Muldoon became a Companion of Honour in the 1970s, and a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George in 1983, only the second New Zealand Prime Minister (after Sir Keith Holyoake) to receive a knighthood while still in office.
- he died 5 August 1992 in Auckland & is buried in Purewa

* DAVID LANGE (1942-2005)
.. 26 July 1984 - 8 August 1989 1984
- born 4 August 1942 in Otahuhu, Auckland
- he married Naomi Joy CRAMPTON and had 3 children
- he married Margaret POPE (his speech writer) and had one child
- In the 1990s David's health declined, with diabetes and kidney disorders. On August 2 2005 he had his lower right leg amputated without a general anaesthetic, as a result of diabetes complications
- David died of complications associated with his renal failure and blood disease in Middlemore Hospital in Auckland on 13 August 2005

.. 8 August 1989 - 4 September 1990
- born 21 April 1942 in Nelson
- he married Margaret HINCHCLIFF in 1963 and had 2 children
- Geoffrey is a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council. He was created a Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George in 1991 and made an Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia in the same year. In 1991 he was listed on the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour for his work on environmental issues. These included reforming resource management law. Geoffrey Palmer has also sat as a Judge ad hoc on the International Court of Justice in 1995. He holds honorary doctorates from three universities. In 2008 Palmer was one of the first people appointed as Senior Counsel during the temporary change from Queen's Counsel in the Helen Clark Government

.. 4 September 1990 - 2 November 1990
- born 20 January 1949 i Whakatane, Bay of Plenty
- married Yvonne DEREANY
- Mike Moore was the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation from 1999 to 2002, his term coincided with momentous changes in the global economy and multilateral trading system.
- In January 2010 it was announced the Moore would become the next New Zealand Ambassador to the United States.

.. 2 November 1990 - 8 December 1997
- born 31st May 1935 in Taranaki
- he married Joan RIDDELL in 1963 and had 9 children
- Jim Bolger is the only New Zealand Prime Minister to be born in Taranaki, He was affectionately nicknamed "the Great Helmsman" for his master of MMP and quasi-affectionately nicknamed "Spud" because of his facial features and Irish ancestry. The Royal New Zealand Air Force nicknamed his Boeing 727 "Spud One". He disliked the "Spud" tag but he answered to it when journalist Bill Ralston addressed him in a press conference, "Yo, Spud". During a public appearance with an Irish Prime Minister, Bolger (who tended to mirror those he was talking to) spoke in an Irish accent.

.. 8 December 1997 - 5 December 1999
- born Jennifer ROBSON, 1 of 4 daughters in Gore, Southland
- Having joined the National Party in 1975, she successfully stood for the Ashburton electorate in the 1987 election, entering parliament at age 35, at the time one of parliament's youngest members. She would represent this electorate until her retirement from politics in 2002, though it was renamed Rakaia in 1990.
- she married Burton SHIPLEY and settled in Ashburton
- Burton is a great grandson of Burton Shipley (1838-1911)

.. 5 December 1999 - 19 November 2008
- born 26 Febuary 1950 in Hamilton, Waikato
- she married Peter DAVIS (born in England in 1947, spent his childhood in Tanzania where his father worked for a mining-company. His father was born in China and his mother in India, but a great-great-grandfather had grown up in New Zealand) Peter is a sociologist specialising in medical sociology, and he currently works as the Director of the Social Statistics Research Group and Professor of Sociology at the University of Auckland, with part-time appointments in the School of Population Health and the Department of Statistics, also at the University of Auckland.
- the government of the Solomon Islands awarded Helen Clark (together with John Howard) the Star of the Solomon Islands in 2005 in recognition of New Zealand's role in restoring law and order in the Solomon Islands. This award allows her to use the post-nominal letters "SSI"
- In January 2008 she won the United Nations Environment Programme Champions of the Earth award in recognition of the governments promotion of sustainability initiatives
- she is an Honorary Member of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
- she has been the patron of the New Zealand Rugby League since 2002 and the patron of the Mt Albert Lions rugby league club for over 20 years
- in January 2009, two months after losing office, Helen was voted Greatest Living New Zealander in an opt-in website poll run by the New Zealand Herald. In a close race she received 25 percent of the vote, ahead of Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata at 21 percent. Current Prime Minister John Key said he was not surprised by the poll, saying "... she is well thought of as a New Zealand Prime Minister."
- in April 2009 she was awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degree by University of Auckland
- she was awarded New Zealand's top honour, the Order of New Zealand, in 2009

.. 19 November 2008 - current Prime Minister
- born 9 August 1961 in Auckland, only son of 3 children of George KEY (a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and World War II) & Ruth LAZAR (an Austrian-Jewish immigrant mother)
- his father died when he was 5 & he was brought up in Christchurch
- he married Bronagh Irene DOUGAN and had 2 childen
- John became Prime Minister following the general election on 8 November 2008 which signalled an end to the Labour-led government of nine years under Helen Clark. The National Party, promoting a policy of "change", won 45% of the party vote and 59 of the 122 seats in Parliament (including a two-seat overhang), a substantial margin over the Labour Party, which won 43 seats
- On 25 July 2008, Key was added to the New Zealand National Business Review (NBR) Rich List for the first time. The list details the wealthiest New Zealand individuals and family groups. Key had an estimated wealth of NZ$50 million. He is the wealthiest New Zealand Member of Parliament

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