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QUAIRADING, Western Australia

Journal by ngairedith

... may contain names of deceased Aboriginal people

QUAIRADING is a Western Australian town located in the Wheatbelt region

The town was named for Quairading Spring, derived from a local Aboriginal word recorded in 1872 by surveyor Alexander FORREST.
The first European settler in the area is believed to be Stephen PARKER, who settled in nearby York

From 1859 to 1863, his son Edward Parker cleared land east of York towards Dangin, before Edward's son Jonah took over Dangin and the surrounding area. Jonah Parker subdivided his property and made Dangin a private townsite, surrounded by his land. A Methodist, Jonah Parker banned alcohol in the town and these factors led to residents leaving Dangin.

The Government made available new land in nearby Quairading, and gave settlers a 160 acres (0.250 sq mi; 0.647 km2) block for free if they cleared the land and lived there for seven years.
Many settlers took up the offer and moved into the area between 1903 and 1908. Lil FALLON (Aunty Lil) was born in the year Quairading was founded (1907) and is still living in the town today.

The Greenhills Road Board, established in 1892, decided to build a railway from Greenhills (near York) to Quairading and gazette the townsite at the Quairading terminus. The townsite was gazetted on 7 August 1907 and the railway completed in 1908. By 1909, the town had a hotel, general store, blacksmith, baker, carpenter and two banks, and by 1950, most of the land was cleared and being used for farming


ADAMSON, Elizabeth Ethel, loved mother of Laurence, Gwenyth and Merle, passed away 5th August 1965, aged 74 years, Grave No 40
ADAMSON, John James, beloved husband of Ethel, loved father of Laurence, Gwenyth and Merle, died 22nd April 1950, aged 63 years, Grave No 39
ARGUS, Robert James beloved husband of Flo, loved father of Valma and Robert, passed away 3rd June 1978, Grave No 29
ARGUS, Thomas Henry, 1871 - 1957, his dear dad, Grave No 29A

BLAND, Charles Neil, 14.8.1910 - 3.10.1989, aged 79 years, Neil, beloved husband of Maida, loved father of Don and Ken, father-in-law of Kerry and Marlene, fond pop of Adrian Jacinta, Derek and Rhys, Grave No 126
BOND, Hazel Freeman, 20-9-1906 - 8-7-1991, beloved wife of Walter, loving mother of Peter, Pauline and John, peacefully sleeping, Grave No 51
BOND, John Walter, fell asleep 16th June 1954, beloved son of Walter and Hazel Bond, loved brother of Peter and Pauline, aged 7 years and 3 months, In God's Keeping , Grave No 49
BOND, Sydney James, 9-2-1901 - 1-2-1990, loved brother of Ida, Walter, William and Jean, uncle of Peter and Pauline, RIP, Grave No 127
BOND, Walter, beloved husband of Hazel, loved father of Peter and Pauline, passed away 14-111984, aged 86 years, Grave No 50
BOWRON, Christine Sandra, beloved wife of Andrew John Bowron, loved mother of Rose-Anne and Natalie loved daughter of Joe and Ivy Stone, passed away 23.9.1996, aged 40 yrs and 5 mths, loved dearly, Resting in the sacred heart of Jesus, Grave No 122
BOWSKILL, Elizabeth Ann, beloved wife of Thomas Bowskill, died 16 th Oct 1944 aged 79 years, Hark the voice of angels, born 'm song to me, over the field of glory, over the jasper sea, safe in the arms of Jesus, Grave No 27
BROWNLEY, Alick Ernest passed away, 25 th September 1943, aged 60 years, RIP, Dad, Grave No 25
BRYANT, Myrtle, beloved wife of R. P. (Bon), loved mother of Mary, Winifred and Margaret, 1907 -1983, Grave No 112

CARTER, Lilian Mary, our darling baby, died 25th March 1950, aged 5 months, Grave No 38
CHANDLER, Ada, died 25-6-1981 - Aged 90 years, beloved wife of George (dec), loved mother of Annie, Gordon, Jean, Phyllis, Elise, Jack, Olive and Bessie At rest, Grave No 75
CHANDLER, Elizabeth, died 7th March, 1928, aged 65 years, patient sufferer gone to rest. A father and a mother dear/In sweet repose lie resting here/Affection mourns and ever will/The vacant place they used to fill, Grave No 2
CHANDLER, George, died 28 th Feb 1925, aged 73 years, patient sufferer, gone to rest. [Verse as per Elizabeth] Grave No 1 (with Freemason symbol)
CHANDLER, George, died 24th April 1950, aged 66 years, loving husband of Ada, father of Annie, Gordon, Jean, Phyllis, Elise, Jack, Olive and Bessie, at rest, Grave No 41
CLARKE, Frederick Norman, passed away 20th Dec 1993, died 84 years, beloved husband of Mary Alive, loved father of Robin, Malcolm and Kenneth, Grave No 125
CLEMENS, Harry Bertram, died 9th December 1946, Grave No 31
CLEMENS, Selina Frances, beloved wife of H H Clemens, loved mother of Harry, Victor and Arthur, died 1 Feby 1956 aged 88 years, Grave No 54
COX, Bevan Charles, 1930 - 1987, thirty years of loyalty and friendship,. RIP, the Johnson family, Grave No 93

DAVIES, James, died 1 Nov. 1940, aged 66 years, in life he nobly did his best and departed from it as he wished at peace with God and man, Grave No 17
DURHAM, Alice, died 27th June 1955, also George Durham, beloved husband of above, died 28th May 1958, aged 84 years, loved parents of Hubert, Florence, Edith and Ernest Grave No 57
DURHAM, Florence, died 20 th March 1981, aged 80 years, beloved eldest daughter of George and Alice Durham fond sister of Hubert, Edith and Ernest Grave No 56
DURHAM, George Hubert, died 14 th March 1974, aged 74 years, beloved eldest son of George and Alice Durham. Fond brother of Florence, Edith and Ernest Grave No 81

FLINT, Eric Fielding, beloved husband of the late Essie A. Flint, loved father of William and Philip, passed away 25 th May, 1968, aged 70 years, Grave No 66
FLINT, Essie Annie, beloved wife of Eric F. Flint, loved mother of William and Philip, passed away 28 th November, 1967, aged 67 years, Grave No 65
FOSTER, Betty Patricia, daughter of Olive and Gordon, 24.11.43 - 2.1.50, RIP, Grave No 37
FOULDS, Edward William, 18.3.1961 - 25.12.1980, dearly loved son of Bill and Val, loving brother of Sue, Wayne, Cheryl, Berk, Terri, * loving you always ED Grave No 109
FOULDS, W. E., 1899 - 1983, loved husband of Ede, loving father of Margaret, Nancy, Patricia, William and Claire, Grave No 106

GELMI, Jennifer Avis, 5.8.1947 - 9.9.1993, beloved wife of Alan, much loved mother of Amanda, Lynda and Nigel, Memories don't fade they just grow deep, of the one we loved but couldn't keep, Grave No 97
GREAY, Darryl Edward, darling only son of Glenys and Neville, dearly loved brother of Michelle and Sharon, forever in our hearts, 4th July 1965 - 26th July 1987, Grave No 73
GREAY, Edward Neville, beloved husband of Glenys, loved father of Darryl, Michelle and Sharon, passed away 1st June 1974, aged 32 years, so dearly loved so sadly missed, Grave No 74
GREGORY, George, 30.10.1907 - 17.6.2000, loved husband of Joan, father of Lesley, John, Anne, Robert and David, We'll Meet Again , Grave No 130

HADLOW, Bruce, darling son of C and E Hadlow, passed away 20th Jan 1938, aged 3 years 9 months, suffer little children to come unto me, Grave No 13
HADLOW, Edmund J. died 30 th May 1935, aged 68 years, At rest, [Freemasons symbol] Grave No 10
HADLOW, Eliza C., died 8th Nov. 1935, aged 72 years, Peacefully sleeping, Grave No 11
HADLOW, Joyce, loved wife of Bob, mother of Robyn, Jill and Haydn, passed away 11 th August 1974, RIP, aged 51 years, Grave No 77
HADLOW, Leslie D. R., beloved husband of Dorothy, fond father of Jim, Bob, Claude, Syd, Cliff, Rod (dec'd) and Eddy, died 27th July 1967, aged 69 years, At rest, Grave No 70
HADLOW, Lewis Robert, beloved husband of Joyce (dec), loved father of Robyn, Jill and Haydn passed away 22-1-1993, aged 69 years, RIP
HADLOW, Rodney, our beloved son, passed away 9th Nov. 1935, aged 1 year 5 months, suffer little children to come unto me, Grave No 12
HANCOCK, David Murray, dearly beloved son of Dawn and David Hancock, loving brother of Gary, passed away 5th June 1964, aged 3 yrs 8 mths, Grave No 58
HANDSCOMB, William George, beloved husband of Mary, loved father of Bill, Don and Fay, passed away 22nd Dec 1969, aged 67 years, Grave No 67
HANSEN, Eugenie (Boony)
HANSEN, Sharon Annette, born 1959, Grave No 29
HARRIS, Eugene Henry, died 13th Aug 1943, aged 80 years, loved by all, Grave No 19
HARRIS, Marian Agnes, died 24th Jan 1942, aged 72 years, loved by all, Grave No 19A
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Eileen Joan, 21.2.1906 - 24.12.1976, loved mother of John, Edward, Kathleen, Alice, Grace and Rosalee, Grave No 82
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, George Henry, loved husband of Gladys, passed away 23rd April 195 1, aged 59 years, Grave No 14
HAYTHORNTHWAITE Gladys, passed away 22.1.1985, aged 86 yrs, united with her loved ones, Grave No 14
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Mary Alice, died 3rd May 1932, Safe in Thy precious keeping/Now we leave dear mother sleeping. Erected by her loving family.
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Michael Robert, 3.9.1981 - 24.6.2000 dearly loved son of Gary and Liz, loved brother of Glenn and Rodney and best mate to John, In God's care, waiting for us, Grave No 137
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Nancy Olive, loved only child of G and G Haythornthwaite, died 13th June 1938, aged 2 years 3 mths, ever remembered, Grave No 14
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Percy, May 3rd 1892 - Jan 16th 1975, dearly loved father of Jean and Bob, 'Peacefully sleeping', Grave No 79
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Robert Percy (Bob), 9.7.1934 - 14.10.1997, beloved husband of Gloria, loved father of Gary, Robert, Darrel and Colleen, always remembered with love, Grave No 13 8
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, Ruby Lillian, June 4th 1893 - Sept. 7th 1975, dearly loved mother of Jean and Bob, 'Peacefully sleeping', Grave No 79
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, William Henry, 16-6-1890 - 9.5.1975, loved father of John, Edward, Kathleen, Alice, Grace and Rosalee, Grave No 82
HAYWARD, Willis Gladys, passed away 1st Nov. 1975, aged, 36 years, beloved wife of Denis loved mother of Dennis, Karen, Hedley, Lesley, Leon, Shadley (dec), Paul (dec) and Cheryl, loved daughter of Bevan (dec) and Ruth Winmar Grave No 88
HEAL, Raymond Wyborn, beloved son of Always and Win dear brother of Tony, Lynette, Maureen and Ken, tragically taken on 6th July 1981, aged 23 years, Deep in our hearts you will always stay, loved and remembered every day, Grave No 103

JETTA, Bernie, loved husband of Rhoda, died 7th Aug 1996 aged 68 years, at rest together with the Lord, Psalm 62, My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him, He alone is my rock and my salvation, Grave No 117
JETTA, Rhoda Maureen. Died 5 October 1979 aged 50 years. Beloved wife of Bernie. See above.
JOHNSTON, Cameron, loved husband of Florence, dearly loved father of Brenda, Harold, Mania and Keith, passed away 10 May 1970, aged 75 years, Grave No 80
JOHNSTON, Donald, died 11 th Jan 1949, aged 48 years, Grave No 36
JOHNSTON, Eliza Harriet, dearly beloved and devoted wife of Harold Johnston and fond mother of Herbert, Cameron, Emest, Donald and Alma, died land June 1942, aged 71 years, the Lord is my shepherd, 1 shall not want, Grave No 20
JOHNSTON, Harold, died 13 Feb 1956, aged 89 years, Grave No 20
JOHNSTON, Harold Lloyd, beloved husband of Trudy, loved father of Garry, Elizabeth, Margaret and Raymond, passed away 28 th June 1980, aged 53 years, Grave No 110
JOHNSTON, Winifred Ella, beloved wife of Donald, loved mother of Decima and Neil, died 30th August 1973, aged 68 years
JONES, Eileen, nee Prochownick, loved daughter of Max and Emily, born March 7th 1916 died October 20th 1997 aged 81 years, Love you forever, husband John, daughter Jennifer, son in law Alan, grand daughters Jodi and Debbie Grave No 32

KEVILL, Arthur Gordon, beloved husband of Margaret, loving father and Pop, 25.6.1978, To die in love is to live in the hearts of the ones you leave behind, Grave No 24A
KEVILL, Eilder Georgina, who died 14th Sept 1944, aged 65 years
KEVILL, George Henry, our dear father, who died 20th June 1943, aged 73 years
KEVILL, Ira Ralph, beloved husband of Lily, loved father of Ralph and Marj passed away 14th July 1977, aged 68 years
KEVILL, Lily, beloved wife of Ira (dec'd), loved mother of Ralph, 17-4-1913 - 26-5- Grave No 94 KEVILL, Margaret, died 1.9.1916, wife of Arthur Gordon, To died in love is to live in the hearts of the ones you leave behind, Grave No 24

MENHENNET, Edgar Stewart, died 19th May 1952, aged 58 years, Grave No 45

NEAVES, Ivy F., 17.9.1893 - 6.1.1972, always remembered by her loved ones, Grave No 69
NEAVES, Thomas Cooper, died 30th July 1965, aged 77 years, always remembered by his loved ones, Grave No 69
NELSON, Harold, beloved husband of Madge, loved father of Ivy, dear grandfather of Chris, Clive and Linda, passed away 22nd July 1996, aged 89 years, *until we meet again Grave No 123
NEWBEY, Kevin John, loved son of Bill and Audrey, brother of Heather, Rhonda and Alan, father of Aaron, passed away 5.7.1989, aged 33, lost doing what he loved best, Grave No 91

PAGE, Clara Jane, beloved wife of William Page, fond mother of Mavis and Ronald, died 8 th Oct 1928, aged 44 years, ever remembered, Grave No 4
PANNELL, G. G., Private 143, 28 Battalion, 16th September 1952, aged 60, Always in the hearts of his loving wife, sons and daughter, Grave No 48
PENNY, G W, Grave No 119
PROCHOWNICK, Emily, loved wife of Max died July 19 th 1962 aged 86 years, Grave No 32
PROCHOWNICK, Max William born Nov. 19th 1875 died Aug 21st 1947, Grave No 32

SIMPSON, Arnold Albert, beloved husband of Edna, loving father of Lynette, John, Gail, Rodney and Brett, passed away 10th August 1972, aged 52 years, RIP, Grave No 72
SIMPSON, Danni Tennille, darling baby daughter of Brett: and Jenny, taken suddenly 30th April 1982, Just one day old, Grave No 99
SPEIGHT, Brian Arthur, 2.5.1948 - 7.7.2000, Loved husband of Isabel, only son of Harry and Pearl, father of Duane and Cheyenne, RIP, Brian Speight, 52 yrs, Grave No 141

UNKNOWN, mound and bowl, Grave No 47
UNKNOWN, mound and flowers, Grave No 61
UNKNOWN, tiny square outline, Grave No 62
UNKNOWN, mound only, Grave No 63
UNKNOWN, mound only, Grave No 64
UNKNOWN, Grave No 68
UNKNOWN, Grave No 76
UNKNOWN, Grave No 107
UNKNOWN, Grave No 113
UNKNOWN, mound, Grave No 149
UNKNOWN, unmarked grave - numbers 7, 71, 70, 69, 68, 56, 120A.
UNKNOWN, With Loving remembrance of our darling wife, Mum mother-in-law and Nanna, Forever in our hearts, from your loving husband Peter, daughter Bronwyn, sons Peter Junior, Jason and Derek, daughters in law Tameisha, Granies, Christy Beatrice and Jason Junior
UNKNOWN, Herbert, beloved husband of Bonnett, died 7th July 1942, aged 72 years, also, our dear mother, Mabel Grace, beloved wife of Herbert, died 28 th Jan 1962, aged 84 years, parents of Amy, Grace, Herbert, Frank, Lionel, George, Rose and Daisy, Grave No 21

WILLIAMS, John Henry, beloved husband of Phyllis, loved father of Elleen and Murray, 6-6-1917 - 23-12-1978. Grave 95.
WILSON, Mary M, loved daughter of the late John and Margaret Wilson, 1905 - 1987, RIP, Grave No92
WINMAR, Bruce Eric passed away 2 1 st Sept. 1990, aged 46 years, dearly loved and always remembered, Judy, loved son of Bill and Edna Winmar, Grave No 114
WINMAR, David, 26.6.35 - 12.4.97, RIP, Grave No 142
WINMAR, M, Grave No 118
WINMAR, Rueben Charles, 19.7.43 - 28.6.94, beloved husband, father and grandfather, Grave No 55A
WISHART, Herbert of Pantapin, died 7th May 1943 aged 68, dear husband of Ruby, fond father of Jack, Herb, Dave, Bessie and Silver, here lies a pioneer, one of Australia's worthy sons, he toiled with a purpose always to make this land worthy of men. Theres none that knew him need be told, a warmer heart death ne'er laid cold, Grave No 22
WISHART, Ruby, pioneer of Pantapin, died 11 th Aug 1969, aged 84 years, loving wife of Herbert (dec), loved mother of Jack (dec), Herb (dec), Dave, Bessie and Silver, remembered always, Grave No 23

YARRAN, Angus, Died 18.7.1961 aged 58, Beloved husband of Maria, Loved father of Elizabeth, Deborah, Veronica, Malcolm, David, Peter, Saul, Christopher, Audrey, Lindsay, Evan, Praise the Lord, Grave No 64
YARRAN Conway, Died 4.10.1986, aged 53 years, always remembered by his family, John 14. 1, Grave No 120

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