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RODWELL : from Salisbury Wiltshire England

Journal by WarrenR

Welcome to this research project for the descendants of
Samuel Rodwell , Thomas Rodwell and David Rodwell
from the cathedral city of Salisbury in county Wiltshire
in beautiful southwest England. Click link for pictures:


Husband: SAMUEL RODWELL (from St Martin Parish)
Wife: Mary WARD (from St Edmund Parish)
Married: 21 May 1771 St Edmund Parish, Salisbury,England

Source: Salisbury (St Edmund) Marriages - Wiltshire Parish
Registers (Philimore & Co. Ltd) Vol. XIV Page 34
Married by Banns in St Edmunds


SAMUEL RODWELL (Married: 1771) Siblings:

1769 John Rodwell -
Marriage 21 Nov 1769 Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England

Source: International Genealogical Index / British Isles - 37
Please Note: Entries in italics not yet confirmed relatives


SAMUEL RODWELL and Mary (nee WARD - Married: 1771) Children:

1775 John Rodwell : Christened 10 Dec 1775 Saint Edmund Salisbury
1778 THOMAS RODWELL - Christened 25 Dec 1778 Saint Edmunds

1781 Eliz. Rodwell Christened - 10 Jun 1781 St Martin, Salisbury
1782 Josiah Rodwell Christened 20 Dec 1782 Heytesbury, Wiltshire
1783 Samuel Rodwell - Christened 05 Oct 1783 St Martin, Salisbury
1785 Rose Mary Rodwell - Christened 28 Aug 1785 St Martin

1788 Samuel Rodwell - B: 11 Jan 1778 C: 08 June 1788 Saint Edmunds
1790 William Rodwell - B: 17 Nov 1789 C: 16 May 1790 Saint Edmunds

Source: International Genealogical Index / British Isles - 37
Please Note: Entries in italics not yet confirmed relatives


Admissions to Salisbury Infirmary (Hospital):

- Samuel Rodwell admitted 1 July 1775;
- Samuel discharged cured 29th July 1775 - J8.100.5
- Mary Rodwell admitted 24th October 1807 - J8.100.10
- Samuel Rodwell admitted 28th October 1810 - J8.100.11
- Caroline Rodwell admitted 26th May 1827 - J8.100.14

Cross Ref:,384715.0.html


Husband: THOMAS RODWELL Christened 1778 St Edmunds Parish
Salisbury Wiltshire England (Son of Samuel and Mary Rodwell)

Source: International Genealogical Index / British Isles - 37


Husband: THOMAS RODWELL B: 1778 Salisbury Wiltshire (Shoemaker)
Married: Martha ELTON (also recorded as Martha ALTON B: 1786)
(Her parents were Thomas and Sarah Elton). Martha Elton was
baptized 12th March 1786 at Newton Toney Wiltshire England

*Shown as Martha Rodwell - widowed almswoman 1861 in
England Census (Husseys Almshouse, Castle Street Salisbury)


Martha Elton:
Possible siblings of Martha Rodwell (nee Elton):

- Henry Elton 12th December 1780 Newton Toney Wiltshire
- Thomas Elton 25th August 1782 Allington By Amesbury Wiltshire
- Elisabeth Elton 4th May 1784 Allington By Amesbury Wiltshire
- John Elton 9th January 1791 Newton Toney Wiltshire England
- Sarah Elton 18th September 1796 Newton Toney Wiltshire
- Mary Elton 1799 Newton Toney Wiltshire England


THOMAS RODWELL and Martha (nee ELTON / ALTON B: 1778) Children:

1816 George Rodwell (B: 11 Apr 1816) George christened about 25 Dec 1819 Saint Edmunds Church Street, Wesleyan (Church), Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
George Rodwell married 1837 at St Edmunds Salisbury to Eliza Wheatland (Born: 1810 Basingstoke Hampshire) [George Rodwell: smith / journeyman / shoemaker]
1819 DAVID RODWELL (B: 03 Dec 1819) Transported to Van Diemens Land Tasmania 1838 (Australia) David christened 26 Dec 1819 Saint Edmunds Church Street, Wesleyan (Church), Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [David Rodwell: tailor / boatman / miner]
1821 Caroline Rodwell Died: March 1842 Salisbury Wiltshire England
1823 Richard Rodwell 1848 M: Eliza Perren (recorded as a minor) from Upper Clatford Hampshire. Married in Hampshire. [Richard Rodwell: cordwainer / iron moulder]
1826 Edward Rodwell 1847 M: Mary Barnes ; St Edmunds [Edward Rodwell: cordwainer] In 1851 Census, Edward Rodwell lodging in Hampshire - no wife present.
1827 James Rodwell 2 July 1844 Wiltshire County Prison (listing as accused: Wiltshire Quarter Sessions, aged 18)
1830 Martha Rodwell 1861 Census in Salisbury; Martha now married and is in the house (with mother Martha), but no husband present.

Source: International Genealogical Index / British Isles - 37


DAVID RODWELL (B: 03 Dec 1819) David Rodwell was christened on 26th December 1819 Saint Edmunds Church Street, Wesleyan (Church), Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (Son of Thomas and Martha Rodwell)

David Rodwell married Rosina HAMMOND 1 Dec 1846 St Georges Church of England Hobart Tasmania Australia

DAVID RODWELL B: 1819 son of shoemaker Thomas Rodwell. David Rodwell arrived Hobart Van Diemens Land - Tasmania Australia Aug 1838 per convict ship Lord William Bentinck (2). David Rodwell, aged 18, was transported for seven years for stealing five silk handkerchiefs. Physical description of David Rodwell below:

*Dark complexion
*Oval visage *Medium nose
*Round head *High forehead
*Tattoo on right arm of woman
*Height (no shoes) 5' 3.5" 161.3 cms
*Brown hair & eyebrows *Green eyes
*Scars on ball of left thumb and on right cheek

1819 David Rodwell born Salisbury Wiltshire England
1838 David Rodwell arrived Van Diemens Land Australia (D:1888)
1845 David Rodwells Free Certificate Gained; Hobart TAS No.150
1846 M: Rosina Hammond (B:1824 Chelmsford Essex D:1853)


ROSINA RODWELL (HAMMOND) wife of David Rodwell (B:1819)

*Transported for stealing a loaf of bread & a petticoat
*Trade recorded on convict papers ; housemaid & cooking
*Departed London 8 Sep 1844 on ship Tasmania (1) age 19
*Arrived Hobart VDL Australia 20 Dec 1844 Sentence 7 years
*M: David Rodwell 1 Dec 1846 St Georges Church of England Hobart
* Rosina Rodwell recommended for conditional pardon on 23 Jan 1849 - approved 5 Feb 1850

Personal Description of Rosina Hammond: Light hair and eyebrows, medium wide mouth, scar under left eye, fair complexion, oval visage & head, round chin, medium high forehead, small nose, height 5'1", religion Protestant, can read or write: some. Brothers and sisters of Rosina Hammond (B: 1824): Cornelius, Alex, Esther, Martha, Diana Hammond; Chelmsford Essex England


DAVID RODWELL (B: 1819) & Rosina (nee HAMMOND B: 1824) Children:
1848 DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL B: Clarence Plains Hobart
1850 George Edward Rodwell B: Clarence Plains Tas D: 1866 Victoria
1852 Walter Thomas Rodwell B: Melbourne Victoria D: 1875 Percydale

Avoca & District Historical Society


DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL (B: 1848) (Son of David and Rosina Rodwell nee Hammond) (grandson of Thomas & Martha Rodwell nee Elton). David Cornelius Rodwell could be of particular interest to Australian researchers and descendants.

1848 David Cornelius Rodwell born 11 Aug Clarence Plains Hobart Tas
1851 The Rodwells moved to Castlemaine goldfields Victoria Australia
1870 David Cornelius Rodwell married Mary Anne Curnick at Avoca
Methodist Church (Mary born 1853 Melksham Wiltshire England).
David Cornelius & Mary Anne Rodwell lived at nearby Percydale
1871 First child of twelve born to David & Mary Anne Rodwell (below)
1913 David Cornelius Rodwell died Percydale Victoria Australia
1929 Mary Anne Rodwell (nee Curnick) died Avoca Victoria

Cemetery Index


DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL (B: 1848 Hobart Australia) and Mary Anne (nee CURNICK B: 1853 Melksham Wiltshire England) Children and Spouses:

- 1871 David James Rodwell - Married: Mary Rayner
- 1873 George Rodwell - Married: Elizabeth Wyhoon
- 1875 Ernest Albert Rodwell - Maried: Elizabeth Allan
- 1878 Edward Thomas Rodwell - Married: Emma Allan
- 1880 Rosina Annie Rodwell - Married: Charles Wyles
- 1883 SAMUEL RICHARD RODWELL - M: Elizabeth Meredith
- 1885 Charles Walter Rodwell - Son: Percy Rodwell
- 1887 Lilian Marion Rodwell - Married: Hugh Cheyne
- 1890 William Frederick Rodwell - Married: Eileen (NZ)
- 1892 Henry Owen Rodwell - Married: Mabel Pitcher
- 1895 Violet Elizabeth Rodwell - M: Victor Lee / Ellis
- 1898 Elizabeth Daisy Rodwell - M: Tom Anderson

Avoca & District Historical Society


DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL (B: 1848 Australia) and Mary Anne (nee CURNICK B: 1853 England) Children and Grandchildren:

1) David James Rodwell (B: 1871) and Mary Rayner [Son: Herbert Rodwell]
2) George Rodwell (B: 1873) and Elizabeth Wyhoon [Children: Stanley Rodwell, Kathleen, Percy Rodwell, Harold Rodwell, William Rodwell, Frederick Rodwell]
3) Ernest Rodwell (B: 1875) and Elizabeth Allan [Children: Elizabeth Rodwell, Edward Rodwell, Jack Rodwell, Nellie Rodwell, Dorothy Rodwell]
4) Edward Rodwell (B: 1878) and Emma Allan [Children: Ernest Rodwell, Victor Rodwell, Kenneth Rodwell]
5) Rosina Rodwell (B: 1880) & Charles Wyles [Children: Charles & Ivan Wyles]
6) SAMUEL RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1883) and Elizabeth Meredith [Children: Dorothy Rodwell, Stephen David Cornelius Rodwell (1908), Violet Rodwell]
7) Charles Walter Rodwell (B: 1885) [Son: Percy Rodwell]
8) Lilian Marion Rodwell (B: 1887) and Hugh Cheyne [Children: Leslie Cheyne and Bruce Cheyne]
9) William Frederick Rodwell (B: 1890) (Died 11 Dec 1915 Frankton New Zealand)
10) Henry Owen Rodwell (B: 1892) and Mabel Pitcher [Children: Henry Rodwell, Roy Rodwell, William Rodwell, Lilian Rodwell, Albert Rodwell]
11) Violet Elizabeth Rodwell (B: 1895) and Victor Lee / Ellis [Children: Frank, Isobel, Jim, Clarice, Rose, Ray, Victor, Alf, Len (Surnames: Lee & Ellis)
12) Elizabeth Daisy Rodwell (B: 1898) and Tom Anderson [Children: Alice, David Anderson, Jean, Joyce, Thomas Anderson, Dorothy, Esme, Alma]


SAMUEL RICHARD RODWELL(B: 1883) (Son of David Cornelius and Mary Anne Rodwell nee Curnick) (Grandson of David & Rosina Rodwell nee Hammond)

Samuel Richard Rodwell Born 30th April 1883 Percydale near Avoca Victoria Australia; son of David Cornelius Rodwell.

*Reported in The Argus (Melbourne Newspaper Thurs 3 Dec 1903)...

A MAN'S EYE INJURED : KORUMBURRA - A young man named Samuel Rodwell, employed clearing on Mr. J. Colegate's property about two miles from here, was chopping wood on Tuesday, when a splinter about 2in. flew up and pierced his left eye. The splinter, which had penetrated about ... grazing the ball of the eye, was extracted by Mr. C. Marsden, M.B., who fears that Rodwell's sight will be affected permanently.

*Samuel Rodwell married Elizabeth Meredith 1905 Sydney NSW Australia. It would appear that they moved back to Victoria, as their first two children, Dorothy Rodwell (B:1905) and Stephen David Cornelius Rodwell (B:1908), were born in Jumbunna Victoria.

*Reported in The Argus (Melbourne Newspaper Mon 6 Apr 1908)...

Samuel Richard Rodwell, of Jumbunna, Causes of insolvency - Want of constant employment, and sickness in family. Liabilities, - 30/6/7, Assets, 6/5/, Deficiency 24/1/7 Mi James Connor Warragul, assignee Filed at Korumburra.

*Between 1908 - 1911: Samuel & family moved back to New South Wales Australia. Note that Samuel and Elizabeth married in 1905 Sydney NSW.[5884/1905 RODWELL SAMUEL R MEREDITH ELIZABETH SYDNEY - NSW Reg BDM]

*Samuel & Elizabeth Rodwell : Their daughter Violet Isabel Rodwell (later DEAN), born 1911 in Rylstone, NSW Australia.

*Samuel Richard Rodwell - Coalminer (D:1937)
*Buried Rylstone General Cemetery NSW Australia
*Married Elizabeth Meredith (B:1 May 1889 Burwood NSW) D:1964


SAMUEL RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1883 Percydale Victoria Australia) and Elizabeth (nee MEREDITH B: 1889 Burwood NSW Australia) Children:

1905 Dorothy Ann Rodwell ; B: Jumbunna Victoria; D:1991 ; Married Stanley Carter. Dorothy (Dot Carter) divorced and moved to Percydale
1908 STEPHEN DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL B: Jumbunna; D:1985 Lithgow General Cemetery NSW (Labourer /miner) M: Violet Florence Bennett
1911 Violet Isabel Rodwell ; B: Rylstone NSW; D: 1979; M: Ernest Dean (Occupation: coalminer)


STEPHEN DAVID CORNELIUS RODWELL (B: 1908 Jumbunna Victoria) and Violet Florence (nee BENNETT B: 1911 Hargraves NSW) Children:

1) 1929 DAVID RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1 Apr 1929 Charbon NSW)(D: 20 Dec 1990 Taree NSW). David Richard Rodwell (Bricklayer) married Ellen Agnes Scott (Born: 23 Mar 1926 Werris Creek NSW)(D: 23 May 1981 Griffith NSW Australia)
2) 1930 Harold K Rodwell (infant death) (Rylstone NSW District)
3) 1931 Valda Rodwell (M: George Lester ; parents of Brian Lester, Patricia Lester (later: Wells), Christine Lester (later: Howard)
4) 1933 Stephen Samuel Rodwell (B: 21 Oct 1933 Kandos NSW)(D: 14 Mar 2011 Lalor Park NSW)(Bricklayer); father of Stephen Rodwell, Mark Rodwell (Bricklayers)
5) 1937 Arthur John Rodwell (infant death) (Rylstone NSW District)


DAVID RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1929 Charbon NSW Australia) (Son of Stephen David Cornelius and Violet Florence Rodwell nee Bennett) (Grandson of Samuel Richard and Elizabeth Rodwell nee Meredith)


DAVID RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1929) & Ellen Agnes (nee SCOTT) Children:

1) Denise Ann Rodwell (B: 10 Sep 1952 Sydney NSW) (married Jeffrey Cappello)
2) Wayne Richard Rodwell (B: 13 June 1954 Sydney)(married Maureen Batts)
3) WARREN RICHARD RODWELL (B: 16 June 1958 Homebush, Sydney NSW Australia)(married: Catherine Mary Migro B: 23 Nov 1961 Melbourne Victoria)


WARREN RICHARD RODWELL (B: 1958) and Catherine Mary (nee MIGRO B: 1961) Children:

B: 10 May 1985 Coopers Plains, Brisbane Queensland Australia)
2) Isaac Augustus Richard Rodwell
B: 21 August 1986 Coopers Plains, Brisbane Queensland Australia)
3) Elizabeth Ann-Louise Rodwell
B: 3 May 1988 Subiaco, Western Australia)


1) Thomas Oliver Richard Rodwell
(Born: 12 June 2010 Subiaco, Western Australia)


By kind courtesy Avoca District Historical Society

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Newspaper Articles (National Library of Australia)

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The Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database is designed to provide an initial online genealogical research resource. It links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century.

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The Archives Office has developed some on-line indexes to records which contain information about individuals. These indexes generally provide the name of the person in the specified record, some additional identifying information, and references to the record itself. These are most likely to be of interest to researchers undertaking family history but also in cases such as the wills index which covers modern records as well, for lawyers and others interested in a particular piece of information.

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David Rodwell & Rosina Hammond
married 1st December 1846 at

St George's Anglican Church
Battery Point, Hobart,
Tasmania, Australia

A large and beautiful sandstone church, St George's Battery Point is one of the earliest Anglican churches in Tasmania. The story of St Georges begins in 1834 when the city of Hobart was just 30 years old. That year a petition was presented to the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemens Land that a Church should be built for the residents of Queenborough. The site chosen was the highest point of Battery Point, then known as Kermodes Hill. The Trustees paid Mr Kermode, who owned most of the land in the area, 250 for the site. The building of St Georges began in 1836 and services commenced 26 May 1838. The church was consecrated on 26 May 1838 by the Rt. Rev. W. G. Broughton, the first and only Bishop of Australia, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon W. Hutchins, Archdeacon of Van Diemens Land, and the Rev. W. Bedford of St. David's

St George's was designed in the Neo-Classical style then current in London. The Government architect, John Lee Archer, designed the body of the building; the tower and porch were designed by convict architect, James Blackburn. The church has an unusual layout, with two side aisles instead of a single central aisle. It still has its original cedar box pews.

Having completed the initial work, it was decided in 1841 to proceed with the tower. The Government was asked for assistance, and agreed to grant convict labour, stone and timber, on the basis that the subscribers were to supply cartage, lime, lead and other materials. Work began on building the tower, but it was soon found that the tower basement, which had been put in at the time of the original building, was badly built and insufficient to bear the weight of the tower. It was found necessary to remove this basement, as well as the vestibule and the two vestries on either side of it. For various reasons, one of which was the inability to supply suitably skilled convict labour, the work was frequently interrupted and left for long periods. By 1847 the tower was finally completed, but the porch and the rooms at the basement of the tower were left unfinished. For five years the Church was more or less exposed to the weather and great inconveniences were occasioned to the congregation Erected to serve as a mark for shipping, the tower of St Georges has been a landmark for sailors ever since 1847. Back in the nineteenth century when St Georges was built, Battery Point was home to master mariners, shipwrights, seamen, fishermen, shipping agents and many others who worked in the shipbuilders' yards and on the wharves. These connections earned St George's the name of "The Mariners' Church".

In October 1862 Mr Hore had a tender of 462 accepted for finishing two wings of the Church. These are quite substantial side buildings in a style similar to that of the Church. Though the Tower was built very soon after the main auditorium, St Georges porch was not added until 1888. The stone for its fine fluted Grecian columns was quarried at Bellerive.

In 1873 land adjacent to the church was bought for a parsonage at a cost of 163, the money being raised from rent of the School Room, subscriptions and surplus of Parish Funds. It was not until May 1895 that a decision was taken to build the Parsonage, to contain 3 living rooms, a study, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, servant's room and usual offices. A tender of 735 was accepted, and the building was finished in September 1896.

One of the reasons for the long delay was that the Rector, Canon Banks Smith, lived in his own house opposite the church (now 27 Cromwell Street). As he did not wish to move into the newly completed Rectory, the house was let.

In January 1906 it was decided to build a new Sunday School on land recently bought adjoining the old Sunday School. This very substantial building was erected in 1914. In November 1918 the church records note that the new Sunday School was not sufficient to contain all the scholars and the old Sunday School was having to be used.

But despite its history and architecture St George's is no museum - although it has one! It is home to a living, worshipping congregation who are always ready to welcome newcomers, whether as visitors or as new members.

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WW2 NOMINAL ROLL - Service Record

Service Australian Army
Service Number NX56254
Date of Birth 2 Mar 1908
Place of Birth JUMBURRA, VIC
Date of Enlistment 4 Jul 1940
Locality on Enlistment KANDOS, NSW
Place of Enlistment PADDINGTON, NSW
Date of Discharge 12 Jun 1941
Rank Private
Posting at Discharge 2/3 Pioneer Battalion
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No

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WW2 NOMINAL ROLL - Service Record

Service Australian Army
Service Number NX56254
Date of Birth 2 Mar 1908
Place of Birth JUMBUNNA, VIC
Date of Enlistment 4 Jul 1940
Locality on Enlistment KANDOS, NSW
Place of Enlistment PADDINGTON, NSW
Date of Discharge 12 Jun 1941
Rank Private
Posting at Discharge 2/3 Pioneer Battalion
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No

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WW2 NOMINAL ROLL - Service Record

Service Record
Service Royal Australian Air Force
Service Number 176806
Date of Birth 23 Mar 1926
Place of Birth WERRIS CREEK, NSW
Date of Enlistment 6 Apr 1944
Locality on Enlistment WEST TAMWORTH
Place of Enlistment WOOLLOOMOOLOO, NSW
Next of Kin LANHAM, W
Date of Discharge 27 Jun 1945
Rank Aircraftwoman
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No

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LEE WAH, James Emmanual Victor ('Victor') (1889 - 1945)

Born: 17 December 1889 Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Died: 1945 Melbourne?, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Train driver, radio dealer, hire car proprietor and factory inspector
Alternative Names: Le Wah, Victor (also used), Lee Wah, James Emmanual Victor (full English name), Lee, Victor (commonly used)


James Emmanual Victor Lee Wah was known as Victor by the family. He married Violet Isabel Rodwell, known as 'Isabel' and had nine children. According to his descendants Victor was the first rail motor driver on the Mornington Penninsular, Victor having passed the Drivers Exam in 1 February 1924. He later ran a business in Frankston, Victoria as a radio dealer and managed a hire car service. While in Frankston Victor is said by his nephew to have established a radio station. He was Inspector of Beuafort Bombers at the Aircraft Factory when he died at 56 years in 1945.

Sources used to compile this entry: Lee, Chris, 'Unfolding the Silence: James Lee Wah (1832-1909) Chinese goldfields miner and Anglican missionary', in Sophie Couchman (ed.), Secrets, Silences and Sources: Five Chinese-Australian Family Histories (La Trobe Asian Studies Papers), Asian Studies, La Trobe University, 2005, pp. 17-30.

Prepared by: Chris Lee, independent researcher


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STEPHEN SAMUEL RODWELL (B: 1933 Kandos NSW Australia)(D: 14 Mar 2011 Lalor Park, Sydney NSW) aged 77 years.

by WarrenR on 2011-03-28 11:27:19


Royal Hospital Chelsea:
Soldiers Service Documents WO 97/1192/73
CHARLES RODWELL Born ST EDMUNDS, Wiltshire Served in 37th Foot Regiment; Royal Canadian Rifles Discharged aged 41 . CHARLES RODWELL Born ST EDMUNDS, Wiltshire Served in 37th Foot Regiment; Royal Canadian Rifles Discharged aged 41 Royal Canadian Rifles:
Date: 1826 - 1849
Source: The Catalogue of The National Archives

Royal Hospital Chelsea:
Soldiers Service Documents WO 97/527/91
SAMUEL RODWELL Born SALISBURY, Wiltshire Served in 35th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 39 . SAMUEL RODWELL Born SALISBURY, Wiltshire Served in 35th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 39 35th Foot: Pet - Sme
Date: 1826 - 1848
Source: The Catalogue of The National Archives

Admiralty: Royal Marines:
Attestation Forms ADM 157/367/264
Folios 264-265. James Rodwell, born Wiltshire. Attestation papers to serve in the Royal Marines at Portsmouth 1845 (when aged 21). Discharged [discharge date not given] as [discharge reason not given]. . Folios 264-265. James Rodwell, born Wiltshire.
Date: 1845
Source: The Catalogue of The National Archives

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