Samuel Pelling,1883,( Father to Charlotte Pelling 1910-1990) -Who were Samuel Pelling's Parents and Grandparents ? :: Genealogy
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Samuel Pelling,1883,( Father to Charlotte Pelling 1910-1990) -Who were Samuel Pelling's Parents and Grandparents ?

Query by AlisonParrack

Looking at my rather patchy family tree, i realize that Samuel Pelling, born 1883 has not yet got parents as such, and that his family tree is non existent. Does anyone know who they were, his daughter Charlotte Pelling was born in Woking, Surrey, England in 1910.Her mother was called Charlotte ( ne Whitwick born 1888) and her Grandfather was Mathew Whitwick, but I don't know what his wife was called? Can anyone help ?

Thank you to all who have helped me so far.

Its a real joy to see my forebears family tree develop, its become my preoccupation and my long suffering family probably think i am having a mid life crisis as all i seem to keep babbling about at random moments , is the development and discovery of the family tree so far.

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on 2013-10-11 20:11:03

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by AlisonParrack on 2013-10-12 05:24:50

Thank you so very very much, Yes, Yes, Yes, this is evidently my family, and I thank you again for your kind help. I can see that charting family trees is not something you can complete in a few days, ( well, unless you don't do anything else including go to the bathroom, for a whole month!).
I will be able to add this to the tree and fill in the blanks. YOu are very helpful. THe area's match with the existing family information so far, and the dates correlate too, so, and of course, the family name continues with extra siblings that I didn't know about in earlier sourcing. Thank you again Noggin.

The only issue i had was that I had one source give Mathew Whitwick as Spouse father, but this record gives Alfred... i wonder if he was an Alfred Mathew or a Mathew Alfred... who knows.. but nowadays we have to be specific and give actual names, not " known as" names on our records.. perhaps in those days it was possible to give your name / or the vicar was a bit wolley, according to the name people used , rather than the baptised/christened name ? Oh, of course, i should say registered name... but, in those days... was it also done at a registry office, or did the church record all birth, deaths and marriages and no where else ?

Okay, i am very grateful and my mind is rambling again for this... isn't it ? My apologies.

THank you for all this valuable source and enabling me to add it to the family tree.

Alison Parrack

by AlisonParrack on 2013-10-12 05:47:59

Thank you for the extra information you have just shared, i will have to study this later, it is quite a lot, and I am very glad of it, but, this morning already i have spent the past two hours at it ,where does time go.. isn't this geneaology compulsive viewing ? I just lose myself in it and really don't notice the time pass. Ironic.. the Past moves further backwards, getting older every second... yet, the people once passed over don't get any older... or something like that. I have to remind myself to take a break, and remind myself that my relatives will still be passed over tomorrow as they are today.. that i can go back to this and in another sense they will still be there for me to discover!!

Okay, you probably think i have lost the plot now, but with the help of kind people i am actually filling in the gaps on the map!

Alison Parrack

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