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Shufflebottom and Stevens

Journal by Rockborne38

My great grandmother was Harriett Stevens, her father was John James Shufflebottom, he was a convicted street robber, convicted at the Stafford Assizes and transported to Australia for seven years. His nickname was Curly. Harriett Steven married my great grandfather Albert Phillips, and they were married at the Wesley Church Armidale on 5th December 1870. they had 14 children, of whom my grandfather Francis Charles Phillips was one, and Francis and is wife Emily Basing had 11 children, or whom my mother was one.

I have a cousin who did many years research into John James Shufflebottom, and published a book, mainly for the family, and it contains many photos of Shufflebottom family members and much information about who married who and when, and we have a copy of the book

If anybody is interested in this Shufflebottom/Steven family, send a pm and we can put you in touch, we think, with my cousin, to see if he can provide you with a copy of the book, if not, we can always photocopy our copy and send that to you, but of course some of the photos will be a bit darker than in the book because our copier does not have any way to alter the grey scale for photos.

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on 2010-04-10 04:53:54

My husband and I are interested in tracing the roots of our family and have been doing so since 1956, so we now have about 15+Gb of info on our computer about the families of both of us, and we are interested in making contact with any member of any of the families we are researching to share information, looking also for photos and certificates for any family member to add to our huge files on those families. After all these years they are still a "work in progress" and we would like more please

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by Rockborne38 on 2010-05-17 23:27:46

We would like to make contact with any descendants of George Henry Stevens, or descendants of Thelma Adelaide Stevens and her husband Garrett Baston Macey, or their daughter Lila Mary (Topsy) Macy to find out if they know where the name Lila came from, or whether any later generations after Lila (Topsy) Collins nee Macey have been given that name, and the reason for our search is shown in detail below

My name is Lila, my mother was Lila, and we have never been able to find out why that name was chosen by my grandparents for my Mother, and that started something, because my Mum and Dad then named me Lila, I gave my two daughters the name Lila as their second name, and my eldest daughter then gave the name Lila as a second name to her two daughter, and one of them, my oldest grand daughter has now told me she is intending to continue that and call any daughters she has with Lila as their second name.

We sort of figured that the name must appear somewhere else in our family tree, because it seemed quite common for parents to name their children after other close relatives, but the only other Lila we have found in our family tree is the one below, a grand daughter of George Henry Stevens, and George Henry is the 5th child and 4th son of William Alfred Stevens, and William Alfred is a brother of my great grandmother Harriett Ann Stevens whose parents were John James Shufflebottom and Ellen nee Butler.

George Henry Stevens, b. 26.04.1883 in Sandy Creek, Graman,NSW, d. 10.06.1960 in Pallamallawa,NSW, buried 1960 in Pallamallawa NSW, occupation Teamster /Bullock Driver/ Station Hand/Bush Work. He married Alice Kate Webster, married 11.07.1906 in "Bogamildi" Station, Pallamallawa,NSW, b. 01.07.1886 in Prospect, NSW (daughter of George Webster and Elizabeth Ashmead), d. 24.11.1970 in Pallamallawa,NSW, buried 1970 in Pallamallawa,NSW.

Children of George and Alice, and it appears they had 11 children.

1st child - Aileen Elizabeth Stevens b. 4--10--1906. in Mosquito Creek. She married Leslie Graham Cyril Griese, married 12--7--1926, d. 16--1--1976 in Ashford NSW.

2nd child of George and Alice and this is the line that interest me most in this particular enquiry.

Thelma Adelaide Stevens b. 24--10--1907. in Pallamallawa, d. 14--6--1975 in Pallamallawa NSW, buried 1975 in Pallamallawa NSW. She married Garret Baston Macey, married 1928 in Moree NSW, b. 1901 in Moree NSW, d. 16--1--1971.

Childre of Thelma and Garret:
Lila Mary (Topsy) Macey b. 22--11--1928. She married John Collins, b. in Rockhampton Qld.
Children of Lila and John Collins:
Rosemary Macey
Phillip Collins.
Andrew Collins.
Jenny Collins.
John Collins,

Other children of George and Alice Stevens

Gertrude Stevens b. 12--111908 in Pallamallawa NSW, d. 30--3--1963 Accidently Drowned Hat Head NSW, buried 1963 in Pallamallawa NSW. She married Gwydir Horace Maidens, married 1925 in Moree NSW (son of Elijah Maidens and Isabella Emma Collins), d. 16-4--1963 in Moree,NSW, buried 1963 in Pallamallawa NSW, occupation Post Office and Store Keeper.

Henry Norman Stevens, b. 25--8--1910 in Pallamallawa NSW, d. 9--7--1914 in Warialda NSW, buried 1914 in Warialda NSW, cause of death Diptheria.

Alice May Stevens b. 1--7--1912. Pallamallawa NSW, d. 28--5--1979 in Sydney NSW, buried 1979. She married Vincent Percival Becker, married 1954 in Bondi Sydney NSW, b. 1903 in Woollahra Sydney NSW, d. 24--8--1969 in Bondi Sydney NSW.

George Clifford Stevens b. 29--91913 in Pallamallawa NSW,

Athol (Pat) Stevens, b. 17--8--1915 in Pallamallawa NSW, d. 18--2--1995 in Pallamallawa NSW, buried 1995 in Pallamallawa NSW, never married.

Ernest Stevens b. 03.05.1919. in Pallamallawa,NSW, d. 08.12.2004 in Tamworth,NSW, buried 13.12.2004 in Tamworth,NSW

Arthur John Stevens b. 27--2--1920. in Pallamallawa NSW, d. 6--11--1982 in NSW, buried 1982 in Moree NSW. He married Daisey Martin, married 19--7--1943 in Moree NSW.

Grace Stevens b. 14--11--1922. in Pallamallawa NSW. She married Leslie Allen Simpson, married 1941 in Moree NSW

Keith Cyril Stevens b. 30--9--1926. in Pallamallawa NSW. He married Dulcie Clark.

by jamboree on 2010-05-18 06:50:17


Please note

My grandmother's name was Gertie Stevens, she was registered as Gertie Stevens and is not Gertrude Stevens. This is one of the many mistakes from the Stevens History book that was compiled in the 1980's.

by Rockborne38 on 2012-02-03 02:50:47

Hullo -  to all my relatives in the Shufflebottom/Stevens family and those many families who have descended from John James Shufflebottom and is wife Ellen nee Butler.

Over the last few months we have been working with Gary Bryant, the author of the book he wrote and produced in 1986 titled From Shufflebotham to Stevens The First Generation
In a joint effort with Gary, we are now almost ready for the issue of an updated version of that 1986 book, which will be  titled From Shufflebotham (and Shufflebottom) to Stevens The Next Generations
The book will be available to family members as either a disk version, in Microsoft Word as a word document (doc or docx) or as a printed version. It will contain many photos, information about the descendants as far as great grandchildren of John and Ellen, and some info about the parents and siblings of both John and Ellen.
All photos will be as they are held, some are black and white, but many are in colour
The cost of the disk will be about the same as the original book, $8 - to cover the cost of the small post office box and registered post to send it to family members in Australia. It may cost a little more for postage to those who live outside Australia.  The printed version may cost more, depending on the cost of paper and ink we have to buy, as we will most probably be able to have them printed for no cost, but may have to buy the paper and colored ink refills for the photocopy machine.  We would prefer that only those family members who do not have a computer ask for the printed version, as those people with a computer can then print the pages themselves if they need the book in printed format.
The book will be Copyrighted, and all family members who purchase a copy of either the disk or the printed version will need to sign an undertaking to agree that the photos and information will not be copied or added either electronically or by any means to any public website This is for your own personal use only , the effort in producing this book has been for family members only and not for public distribution
Those interested in a copy of the updated book can contact me by sending me a pm via this site just to give us some idea of how many copies we may need to put on disk and how many printed versions we may need, remembering please that the disk version will be cheaper for everybody. If you will add your email address to the pm I will contact you with more details

by jalz on 2012-03-16 08:08:44

dear rockbourne 38 - my sister and I have reason to believe, from our research that we are
related to the Shufflebottom/Stevens family not thru the 1st harriet but thru her brother
henry stevens. we have seen photos of henry and his daughter harriett who looks very much
like our mother. henry had a son called william alfred stevens/shufflebottom (dob 20/4/1850
died 1928 in Armidale NSW) we have reason to believe who had a son called william james stevens which we believe is our great grandfather. We would so appreciate if you could send DAHZELLE
a pm message

by RobynG on 2012-05-25 21:51:21

Hello Rockbourne38 - I am a descendent of John Shufflebottom and Ellen Butler through their daughter Ellen, born 1848 and married to Charles Rolls in 1870 at Inverell. Ellen's daughter, Mary Ann, married Robert Johnson in 1884 and died in 1895. Their daughter, Meta, married John Matley Hogbin in 1909. Meta and John Matley Hogbin are my grandparents.

I would be very grateful to have a disk of the updated Shufflebottom to Stevens book.

Sorry, I'm unclear about what a 'pm' is or how to send you my email privately. I'm sure you can advise me further.

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