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Shufflebottom and Stevens family

Journal by Rockborne38

On this thread there is listed a Mary Jane Stevens 1854-1931 married to John Irwin 1855-1922.

Mary Irwin was a sister of my Great Grandmother Harriet Ann Phillips (nee Stevens) and after her husband Albert Phillips died in 1912, the only member of her family ever to visit her was her sister Mary Irwin, and both my mother and grandmother often used to mention that, as they knew that Harriett came from a very big family, with many relatives in the Northern NSW and New England area, but none ever visited her except Mary Irwin.

Albert Phillips was part aboriginal, and Harriett Steven was the daughter of a convict sentenced to transportation for life - who was the snob, fancy throwing Harriett out of the family, which is what they did, because she married a man of colour when their own father was first sentenced to time on the treadmill and for his second offence of robbery he was given a life sentence, obviously not just stealing a farthing, for a life sentence it likely involved violence and a larger value item that he stole.

so harriett is my great grandmother, and John James Shufflebottom is my great great grandfather, it is no wonder it took us so long to find our roots, when Curly died his family changed their name from Shufflebottom to Stevens.

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by Rockborne38 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2010-04-10 23:59:14

My husband and I are interested in tracing the roots of our family and have been doing so since 1956, so we now have about 15+Gb of info on our computer about the families of both of us, and we are interested in making contact with any member of any of the families we are researching to share information, looking also for photos and certificates for any family member to add to our huge files on those families. After all these years they are still a "work in progress" and we would like more please

Do you know someone who can help? Share this:


by Cosentino on 2010-04-13 07:17:45

Hello Rockbourne,

Harriet and Albert Phillips are my Great great Grandparents.

If you have any Information on the family would be great as i have not been able to get any where.
Yes we are Aboriginal from the tribe call worimi. This is allI know I have been trying to get Marriage cert's and birth cert also Death but have come up empty.

If you could help with this would be great I have been told our whole life that we are not Aboriginal and now we have the truth.
but if i can go back on great great grandmother would be great also.

by mayce11 on 2010-06-08 00:47:40

hello cosentino hi my name thomas mace yes i come from harriet shufflebottom/stevens who was married to albert phillips yes we where always led to beleive we come from new zealand maoris but ive always known there was aboriginal as you only have to look at some of my family photos you are correct about the worimi tribe ive even got a photo of albert phillips and all his family i have a cousin who has a lot of the certificates but to get them you may have to pay into his group to help get more certificates it wont cost much i will give you his email address and you can work it out with him (bryanericphillips@msn.com)
i think i have spoken with you before also ive done most of the stevens family albert phillips you will never know his father only his step father as john phillips is not his biological father john came from the isle of france now called mauritis and those people had olive skin he married an aboriginal woman in 1846 named mary (aboriginal) he had 6 step brothers and sisters and the cheapest way is to get in touch with bryan phillips and help him pay for more certificates they have a little group that puts money in together so the can buy them you would be surprised what he has got let me know if you get in touch with him tom

by Glynne on 2010-06-08 18:22:52

My mother was adopted by Bertie Irwin, one of the sons of Mary Irwin (nee Shufflebottom). So glad to hear Mary was the kinder one of the family


by Rockborne38 on 2010-06-08 22:24:01

Hi Glynne, do you have a photo of Mary Irwin, if not we have one we can share with you, we are able to scan it and send it by email if you would like a copy, as well as lots of other stuff about the whole Shufflebottom and Stevens family if you need any of it. Send us a pm with your email address if you would like a copy of the photo.

by Rockborne38 on 2010-06-08 22:27:34

Sorry, for all those doing research on the Shufflebottom and Stevens families, we have contact now with 8 cousins whose ancestors were John James Shufflebottom/Stevens and Ellen nee Butler, and are building up a great and detailed family tree of them all, and in particular, of the descendants of Albert Phillips who married Harriett Ann Shufflebottom/Stevens in 1870 in Armidale, but lots of stuff on all the descendants of the siblings of Harriett Ann as well

by Rockborne38 on 2011-06-26 17:20:58

From Shufflebottom to Stevens - The First Generations is the title of the book written in 1986 by Gary Bryant. We have made 20 copies of this book
Although some of the original information has since proven to be incorrect with further research (thank goodness for the Internet and to our keen team of serious researchers) it is an excellent starting point for research into your Stevens/Shufflebotham family history.
It is 25 years since this book was written and research and preparation is under way for an updated version. The cooperation of any descendant of the children of John James Shufflebotham/Stevens and Ellen nee Butler, or descendants of the family of Michael Ryan, the second husband of Ellen, who will share with us information on their ancestors and current generations in their branch of this family, would be greatly appreciated and, along with full recognition for any original contributions of information, photographs and/or certificates you may provide to us, we will give you a copy of the original book.
If you wish to contribute any information or document/photos in exchange for a copy of the book, please send us a private message (pm) on this site with your email address so we can contact you direct

by CassB83 on 2015-01-11 23:07:24

Hi, I just found this thread. I am also a descendant of Harriet and Albert. My line is Lucy A/Louisa Phillips who married James Cox in 1909. It was great to read some of the lesser known information, like the fact that Harriets family basically disowned her due to marrying a man of colour. I would like keep in touch with anyone from the Shufflebotham/Phillips line. My Nan just passed away so when things settle I will try and get copies of her photos and see if there's any of my Pop's side in there.

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