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SMITH - New Zealand University Graduates 1870 - 1961

Journal by ngairedith

from the SMITH of New Zealand DATABASE

the known SMITHs who graduated from University 1870 - 1961:


SMITH Adele Lorraine Auckland B.A. 1959
SMITH Alan Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1943
SMITH Alan Frank Canterbury & Victoria M.A. 1954
SMITH Alan Harvey Canterbury B.A. 1949
SMITH Alfred William Canterbury B.E.[Civil] 1956 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Alison Dawn Canterbury B.A. 1953
SMITH Allan Gibson Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1951
SMITH Allan Henderson Auckland B.Com. 1941
SMITH Allen Raymond Canterbury B.E. [Civil] 1929
SMITH Alleyne Arthur Canterbury B.E. [Civil] 1926
SMITH Annette June Canterbury B.Sc. 1946
SMITH Arthur Kingston Otago B.A. 1944
SMITH Athol Joseph Otago B.D.S. 1958

SMITH Barbara Francis Canterbury B.Sc. 1945
SMITH Barbara Mary Victoria B.A. 1935
SMITH Beatrice Emily Canterbury M.A. 1920
SMITH Benjamin Clarke William Auckland B.A. 1951
SMITH Bernard Kevin Canterbury B.A. 1955
SMITH Beryl Dorrien Otago B.H.Sc 1937
SMITH Beryl Edith May Canterbury B.A. 1926
SMITH Brian Deane Victoria M.A. 1951
SMITH Brian Kingston Canterbury B.E.[Elect] 1956
SMITH Brian Kirk Auckland B.Com. 1956
SMITH Bruce Alistair Brice Otago B.D.S. 1958
SMITH Bruce Alwyn Canterbury M.A. 1957 SeniorScholar 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Bruce Henderson Auckland B.Com. 1940
SMITH Bruce Henderson Canterbury LL.B. 1952
SMITH Bryan Temple Auckland B.A. 1942
SMITH Bryan Temple Auckland M.A. 1949 2nd Class Honours

SMITH Carl Clough Canterbury Mus.B. 1941
SMITH Catherine Gordon Otago B.A. 1937
SMITH Cecil McLean Otago M.A. 1925
SMITH Charles Frederick Marshall Canterbury B.Sc B.E. [Civil] 1922-1924
SMITH Clyde Alexander Canterbury Agr. & Massey M.Agr.Sc. 1952 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Colin Laurence Auckland B.Sc. 1955
SMITH Colin Morice Victoria B.Sc. 1956
SMITH Colin Stanley Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1956
SMITH Colin Wallace Stuart Victoria B.A. 1929
SMITH Constance Gretta Victoria M.A. 1928
SMITH Coral Margaret Canterbury B.A. 1957
SMITH Cyril Wallace Auckland B.A. 1931

SMITH David Ross Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1950
SMITH David Stanley Victoria LL.M. 1913
SMITH Denis Gilbert Canterbury B.A. 1960
SMITH Derek Charles Victoria B.Sc. 1952
SMITH Desmond Bernard Otago B.D.S. 1953
SMITH Desmond Lea Canterbury B.A. 1953
SMITH Donal Ian Brice Auckland M.A. 1956 Senior Scholar 1st Class Honours
SMITH Donald Airth Auckland M.A. 1935
SMITH Donald Alfred Canterbury M.A. 1934
SMITH Donald Bruce Canterbury B.E. [Civil] 1937
SMITH Donald Henry Auckland M.Sc. 1954 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Donald Robert Keith Otago B.E.[Metall.] 1952
SMITH Dorothy Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1930
SMITH Dorothy Ellen Victoria B.A. 1937
SMITH Dorothy Isabel Otago B.H.Sc. 1947
SMITH Dorothy Marguerite Gilbert Auckland B.A. 1942
SMITH Douglas Farquah Canterbury B.Com. 1955
SMITH Dudley Martin Massey B.Agr.Sc. 1941
SMITH Dudley Martin Massey M.Agr.Sc. 1952 2nd Class Honours

SMITH Edie Gibson Otago B.A. 1945
SMITH Edith Marian Auckland M.A. 1919 (née EGERTON)
SMITH Edmund Frederick Fletcher Otago LL.B. 1938
SMITH Edmund Frederick Fletcher Otago LL.M. 1940 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Edmund James Otago LL.B. 1912
SMITH Edward Bruce Sheldon Auckland M.A. 1932
SMITH Eileen Bowler Otago B.A. 1908
SMITH Elaine Farringdon Auckland B.Com. 1946
SMITH Elizabeth Bow Otago B.A. 1939
SMITH Elizabeth Jessie Canterbury B.Sc. 1953
SMITH Elizabeth Maisie Otago M.A. 1932
SMITH Elma Joy Fletcher Otago B.A. 1942
SMITH Eric Brabazon Victoria LL.B. 1934
SMITH Ernest Stephen Auckland LL.B. M.A. 1923-1924
SMITH Eva Hyacinthe Victoria B.A. 1919
SMITH Eva Jane Auckland M.A. 1913 (née CUMMING)

SMITH Flora Victoria M.A. 1933
SMITH Flora Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1945
SMITH Flora Victoria B.Sc. 1940
SMITH Frank Ebeling Victoria B.Com 1934
SMITH Frank William Auckland B.Arch. 1947
SMITH Frederick Gordon Sheldon Auckland B.Sc 1932
SMITH Frederick Roland Canterbury B.E.[Civil] 1954

SMITH Gavin Canterbury M.Sc. 1948 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Geoffrey Robert Victoria B.A. 1959
SMITH George Edward Auckland B.Sc. 1957 Senior Scholar Entrance Scholar
SMITH George Lindsay Otago B.D.S. 1955
SMITH George Milton Otago B.Sc 1938
SMITH George Milton Otago M.Sc.Dip.Hons. 2nd Class 1939
1940 Shirtcliffe Graduate Bursar 1st Class Honours
SMITH Georgina Elsie Otago Mus.B. 1954
SMITH Gordon Auckland B.Arch. 1954 Architecture Travelling Scholar Senior Scholar
SMITH Gordon Allan Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1940
SMITH Gordon Charles Auckland B.A. 1953
SMITH Gordon Ernest Auckland B.Sc. 1959
SMITH Gordon Lumsden Canterbury B.Com. 1948
SMITH Gordon Lumsden Canterbury B.A. 1951
SMITH Gordon Maskill Auckland M.Sc 1936
SMITH Graham Lawrence Auckland B.Arch. 1955 Senior Scholar
SMITH Graham Neville Victoria B.A. 1958

SMITH Hallam Lloyd Otago LL.B. 1935
SMITH Harman Gilbert Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1941
SMITH Harold John Canterbury LL.B. 1956
SMITH Harold Lawrence McIntyre Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1955
SMITH Harry Auckland B.A. 1897
SMITH Harvey Caplin Canterbury Agr. B.Agr.Sc. 1947
SMITH Harvey Caplin Canterbury Agr. M.Agr.Sc. 1951 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Hazel Madeline Hanbury Otago B.A. 1926
SMITH Hector Baden Victoria B.Com 1930
SMITH Helen Otago Mus.B. 1939
SMITH Helen Sandra Victoria B.A. 1960
SMITH Henry Alfred Victoria B.A. 1949
SMITH Henry Ian Auckland B.A. 1948
SMITH Henry Ian Auckland M.A. 1950
SMITH Herbert Spoor Canterbury B.A. 1934
SMITH Honor Marcella Otago M.A. 1937
SMITH Howard Cyril Canterbury B.E.[Elect.] 1948
SMITH Hugh Garden Seth Cambridge M.A. 1882
SMITH Hugh McKinnon Victoria B.Com 1932

SMITH Ian Charles Canterbury B.E.[Civil] 1958 Engineering Travelling Scholar 1st Class Honours
SMITH Ian Charles Canterbury M.E. 1959 Engineering Travelling Scholar
SMITH Ian Sheldon Auckland B.Com 1937
SMITH Inene Esme Stebbing Auckland B.A. 1953
SMITH Isabel Gordon Victoria M.A. 1927
SMITH Ivan Shaw Otago B.D.S. 1950

SMITH James Christian Otago B.A. 1946
SMITH James Douglas Victoria B.A. 1913
SMITH James Huia Canterbury B.A. 1951
SMITH James McCosh Aberdeen M.A. 1875
SMITH James Robert Canterbury B.E. [Elect] 1929
SMITH Jane Birch Otago B.H.Sc. 1957
SMITH Jane Rosalind Masterman Victoria B.A. 1958
SMITH Janet McGregor Otago B.A. 1910
SMITH Jean Morton Auckland B.A. 1938
SMITH Jocelyn Marion Otago B.D.S. 1956
SMITH John Canterbury B.A. 1944
SMITH John Otago B.A. 1948
SMITH John Alfred . B.A. 1886
SMITH John Bernard Victoria B.Co. 1950
SMITH John Charles Victoria, Auckland M.Sc 1922
SMITH John David Canterbury B.A. 1959
SMITH John Farrar Auckland B.A. 1957
SMITH John Gillies Auckland B.E.[Civil] 1954
SMITH John Hartley Canterbury M.A. 1889
SMITH John Holmes Canterbury, Victoria B.Sc B.E. [Civil] 1934 .
SMITH John Lindsay Victoria B.A. 1956 .
SMITH John Macalister Burns Otago B.Sc. 1960
SMITH John Nicholson Otago LL.B. 1925
SMITH John Warwick Auckland LL.B. 1953
SMITH John Watson Otago B.A. 1888
SMITH Joseph Holdsworth Canterbury B.Com 1936
SMITH Joseph Lawrence Canterbury B.A. 1937
SMITH Joyce Margaret Canterbury B.A. 1958
SMITH Judith Cherry Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1957
SMITH June Rose Kirk Auckland B.A. 1951

SMITH Kenneth Jackson Otago B.Sc. 1952

SMITH Lawrence James Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1951
SMITH Lawrence Milne Victoria LL.B. 1948
SMITH Leone Mary Auckland M.A 1958 1st Class Honours
SMITH Leslie Victoria B.A. 1955 .
SMITH Leslie Diedrich James Canterbury B.Com 1937
SMITH Leslie Donald Victoria M.A. 1940
SMITH Leslie Donald Victoria LL.B. 1957
SMITH Lillian Caroline Otago M.A. 1933
SMITH Lincoln John Richard Auckland B.A. 1931
SMITH Lindsay George Canterbury B.A. 1951
SMITH Lucy May Cranwell Auckland D.Sc. 1959 (née CRANWELL)

SMITH Margaret Elizabeth Victoria M.A. 1909 (née GIBBS)
SMITH Margaret Lilian Otago M.A. 1917
SMITH Margaret Louise Auckland B.A. LL.B. 1959 (née LORRIGAN)
SMITH Margaret Winning Otago M.A. 1952 3rd Class Honours
SMITH Marguerita Theresa Victoria B.A. 1959
SMITH Marion Edith Victoria M.A. 1927
SMITH Martha Otago B.A. 1920
SMITH Martin Stephen Auckland B.Sc. 1953
SMITH Mary Catherine Winifred Auckland B.A. 1924
SMITH Maurice Hendry Auckland LL.B. 1960
SMITH Maurice Keith Auckland B.Arch. 1950
SMITH Mavis Ada Auckland B.Com 1921 (née THODE)
SMITH Mavis Agnes Canterbury B.A. 1935
SMITH Meredith Maurice Victoria LL.B. 1925
SMITH Mervyn Graham Otago B.Sc. 1959
SMITH Michael Francis Victoria M.Sc. 1958
SMITH Michael Joseph Victoria & Canterbury M.A. 1953
SMITH Mollie Alison Auckland M.A. 1942 John Tinline Scholar
2nd Class Honours
SMITH Monica Justine Victoria M.A. 1940 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Murray Walton Auckland LL.B. 1959 .

SMITH Nancy Elizabeth Auckland B.Com 1937 (née CALLIS)
SMITH Neil Gibson Auckland B.A. 1947
SMITH Ngaira Kerr Otago B.H.Sc. 1946
SMITH Ngaire Evelyn Steventon Canterbury M.A. 1933
SMITH Noah Riley William Morrison Auckland B.A. 1927
SMITH Noel Irvine Auckland LL.M. 1937
SMITH Noel Leslie Wallace Victoria B.A. 1952
SMITH Nola Coleman Canterbury B.A. 1943
SMITH Norman Bach Otago M.A. 1950
SMITH Norval John Gibson Auckland M.A. 1952

SMITH Oliver Alfred Burns Otago LL.B. 1923
SMITH Owen Andrew Cullen Auckland B.A. 1948
SMITH Owen Andrew Cullen Auckland M.A. 1949
SMITH Owen David Otago M.Sc. 1953 Entrance Scholar 2nd Class Honours

SMITH Patrick Joseph George Victoria B.A. 1933 .
SMITH Patrick Joseph George Victoria LL.B. 1951
SMITH Peggy Rita Auckland B.Com. 1946
SMITH Peter Basil Farrar Auckland B.A. 1953
SMITH Peter Hamilton Canterbury B.Sc. 1959
SMITH Peter John Canterbury M.A. 1954 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Peter Joseph Otago B.D.S. 1951
SMITH Phyllis Barbara Otago B.A. 1946

SMITH Quentin McLean Victoria LL.B. 1959

SMITH Ralph Every Canterbury B.Com. 1939
SMITH Ralph Every Otago LL.B. 1950
SMITH Raymond Millen Canterbury B.Sc. 1957
SMITH Rex Bradley Otago B.D.S. 1957
SMITH Robert Alexander Victoria LL.B. 1957
SMITH Robert Anderson Auckland LL.B. 1959
SMITH Robert Clyde Victoria B.Sc. 1959
SMITH Robert Frederick Otago B.Sc. 1956
SMITH Robert Frederick Otago M.Sc. 1959 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Robert Kirk Auckland B.Sc. 1951
SMITH Robert Pearson Otago B.Sc. 1943
SMITH Robert William Otago B.Sc 1929
SMITH Robin Gibson Auckland B.A. 1947
SMITH Roger Morton Ridley Canterbury B.A. 1953 Entrance Scholar
SMITH Ronald Arthur Joseph Canterbury B.E. [Civil] 1933 .
SMITH Ronald Joseph Victoria B.Com. 1947
SMITH Ronald Joseph Victoria M.Com. 1949 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Ronald William Otago B.Sc. 1947
SMITH Rosemary Faith Warwick Canterbury M.A. 1955 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Ross Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1945
SMITH Roy Vincent Auckland B.Sc 1923

SMITH Seth Morrison Auckland B.Com. 1946
SMITH Shirley Ann Canterbury B.Com. 1958
SMITH Shirley Colleen Canterbury M.A. 1953 3rd Class Honours
SMITH Shirley Hilda Stanley Victoria LL.B. 1957
SMITH Sidney Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1933
SMITH Spencer Gannon Otago LL.B. 1911
SMITH Spencer Gannon Victoria LL.B. 1955
SMITH Stuart Fraser Victoria B.Com. 1953

SMITH Thomas Dalrymple Canterbury B.E. [Civil] 1915
SMITH Thomas Malcolm Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1930
SMITH Thomas Richard Canterbury M.Com 1936

SMITH Valmond Sholto Auckland LL.B. 1953
SMITH Vera Catherine Otago B.A. 1933

SMITH Warren Marsh Auckland M.Sc. 1951 2nd Class Honours
SMITH Wilfred Henry Beckett Canterbury B.Com. 1950
SMITH Wilfred Norman Auckland B.Com 1937
SMITH William Otago B.A. 1907
SMITH William Arthur Cornelius Otago M.Sc 1933
SMITH William Campbell Massey M.Agr.Sc. 1958
SMITH William Duncan Hanmer Canterbury B.Com 1938
SMITH William Duncan Hanmer Canterbury B.A. 1952
SMITH William George Otago B.A. 1947
SMITH William George Searby Auckland M.A. 1924
SMITH William Granville Auckland B.A. 1929
SMITH William Guy Victoria LL.B. 1947
SMITH William Henry Victoria B.A. 1936
SMITH William James Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1951
SMITH William John Overton Victoria B.Com. 1950
SMITH William Joseph Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1941
SMITH William Millar Auckland M.A. B.Com 1923-1928
SMITH William Nelson Otago M.B. Ch.B. 1957
SMITH Winifred Mary Canterbury M.A. 1931

SMITH Zola Antoinette Otago B.H.Sc. 1952

taken from NZ University Graduates 1870-1961

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