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BUCKHURST marriages New Zealand 1880 - 1929

Journal by ngairedith

the known BUCKHURST marriages New Zealand 1880 - 1929:

Annie Blyth Buckhurst (1894-1959)
- daughter of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Gordon James RUST (1892-1960) in 1921
- son of Alexander Mearns RUST (1860-1937) & Ella Mary WILLIAMS (1860-1925)

Edwin Blyth Buckhurst (1881-1948)
- son of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Isabel BOWRING (1879-1960) in 1906 in Christchurch
- Edwin Blyth Buckhurst opened The Radio Warehouse in the 1920s. It was located at 223 Manchester Street, remaining in business throughout the Second World War.
EDWIN died 9 Oct 1948 aged 67. Last address 25 Dyerss Pass Road, Christchurch
ISABEL died 12 years later on 20 July 1960 aged 84. Still at Dyers Pass Road
- they are buried Plot 42, Block AN16 at Waimairi cemetery

Florence Mabel Buckhurst (1874-1964)
- Florence was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Henry BUCKHURST (1836-1910) & Susan Sarah HICKS
- married Edward Hunton WEST (1866-1928) in 1908
EDWARD died in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
FLORENCE died in Victoria, Australia

George Alfred Buckhurst
- married Elizabeth Esther McCAFFREY in 1894

Gertrude Emma Buckhurst (1865-1953)
- married Henry Haywood MIRAMS (1869-1938) in 1899
- the 3rd of 11 children of Samuel Haywood MIRAMS (1837-1911) & Matilda Philippa EASTGATE (1837-1928) of Dunedin

Marjorie Alexandra Blyth Buckhurst (1903-1963)
- daughter of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Thomas Henry Fancourt NEVINS (1903-1992) in 1929
- Thomas was a son of Henry Archibald NEVINS & Muriel Margaret Jane FANCOURT

Marie Elizabeth Buckhurst (1884-1971)
- daughter of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Lawrence Neville KEMPTHORNE (1883-1950) in 1924
- Lawrence was born in Hawera to Edward KEMPTHORNE & Adeline Euphemia CALDWELL
LAWRENCE died 23 August 1950 aged 67, His last address was "Mauneati" Timaru
- he is buried Plot 30, Block 1A at Ruru Lawn cemetery, Christchurch
MARIE ELIZABETH died 21 years later on 31 May 1971 aged 87
- she is buried Plot 17, Block AN62 at Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch

Stephanie Blyth Buckhurst (1892-1936)
- daughter of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Henry McDonald VINCENT (1891-1986) in 1917
- Henry was a son of Henry 'Harry' Lincoln VINCENT & Catherine McDONALD

Wilfrid Henry Blyth Buckhurst (1897-1973)
- son of William Blyth BUCKHURST & Isabella Madeline RUST
- married Kathleen Wave WILKINSON (1903-1987) in 1925
- Kathleen was a daughter of James Reeve WILKINSON & Catherine WALKER

William Blyth Buckhurst (1853-1924)
- born in Canterbury, England, his grandfather was Admiral Stephen Buckhurst and his father, Captain William Buckhurst, was killed at the siege of Lucknow in the Indian Mutiny
- married Isabella Madeline RUST (1857-1921) in 1880
- Isabella was born in Whangarei to John Stewart RUST & Isabella Steel MEARNS
BUCKHURST-RUST On 2 June 1880 at the residence of the bride's mother, Whangarei, by the Rev Alex. McIntosh, William Blyth Buckhurst to Isabella Madeline, second daughter of the late Mr John Stewart Rust
ISABELLA died 30 Oct 1921 aged 64
- Her last address was 38 Cashel Street, Christchurch
WILLIAM died 3 years later, on 14 April 1924 aged 71. Still at the same address
- they are buried Plot 153, Block 25 at Bromley Cemetery

... Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of November, 1883, at 11 o'clock in the foremoon, an application will be made to the Supreme Court of New Zealand at Auckland, sitting in Bankruptcy, for a declaration of the complete execution of a Deed of Arrangement dated the sixteenth day of October, 1883, made between WILLIAM BLYTH BUCKHURST, of Whangarei, in the Provincial District of Auckland, Brewer, of the first part, * LAURENCE DAVID NATHAN and EBENEZER WAYMOUTH, therein described, of the second part; and all the creditors of the said William Blyth Buckhurst, of the third part; and filed in the proper office of the said Supreme Court of New Zealand, at Auckland, aforesaid on the seventeenth day of October, 1883, abd which said deed was assented to by a resolution in writing, passed by a majority in number representing three-fourths in value of the Creditors of the said William Blyth Buckhurst present or represented at a meeting of Creditors duly convened and held for that purpose at my office, corner of Queen-street and Vulcan Lane, Auckland, this sixth day of November, 1883, at 12 o'clock noon - WILLIAM THORNE, Solicitor for the Trustees

* LAURENCE DAVID NATHAN, son of David Nathan (1816-1886),
Merchant, auctioneer, shipping agent, community leader, who established the firm of L. D. NATHAN in 1868 for his sons, Laurence David & Norman Alfred Nathan

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by Steffie36 on 2012-12-12 07:15:22

I am related to most of the Buckhursts above. One comment, I think that 'Mary Elizabeth' was 'Marie Elizabeth', I remember (Great) Aunty Marie well when she was living at the family home in Cashel Street. My grandfather was Edwin. I would love to hear from anyone who may be related or have any information on the Buckhursts. Stephanie.

by ngairedith on 2012-12-12 07:18:28

thank you Steffie for your helpful comment

by Buckhurst on 2014-12-09 17:01:22

Hello Stephanie, I am related to the Buckhursts and would love to be in contact with you. Your grandfather was Edwin. My grandfather was his brother Wilfred. I see it was two years ago you posted the above comment, hopefully you will not have given up yet!

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