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SCHUMACHER marriages NZ 1865-1937

Journal by ngairedith

Adolphus /Adolphe Schumacher (1839-1912)
married Isabella Brown in 1865

Benedict Benjamin Schumacher
married Rosa Zberg in 1917

Carl Joseph Schumacher (1882-1951)
married Mina Katharina Uttinger in 1913
known children of Carl & Mina
1915 - Carl Joseph Schumacher
1917 - Mina Katharina Schumacher

Charles Gillitt Schumacher (1899-1973)
married Alma Brightling in 1921

Charles Joseph Schumacher
married Annie Mary Harris in 1915
known children of Charles & Annie
1917 - Annie Mary Schumacher
1917 - John Schumacher

Clarence Garfield Schumacher (1909-1996)
married Nellie Aileen Pearce in 1931

Clinton Etheridge Schumacher (1899-1964)
married May Rachel Rosen in 1920

Felix Arthur Schumacher (1888-1955)
born in Midhurst, Taranaki to Nicolaus (1857-1900) & Julia Schumacher
married Mary Kerrisk in 1914
known children of Felix & Mary
1915 - 1995 Imelda Mary Schumacher
1918 - 1942 Felix Michael Schumacher
- Gunner 244943 New Zealand Artillery, 28 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Died aged 24 buried Kopuatama
1922 - 1999 John George Herring Schumacher

Frederick Schumacher (1863-1907)
married Elizabeth Coleman in 1886
known children of Frederick & Elizabeth
1887 - 1960 Evelyn Jane Schumacher
1888 - 1918 Frederick William Schumacher
1890 - Edith Mabel Schumacher
1896 - Doris Elizabeth Schumacher

Frederick William Schumacher (1889-1918)
married Violet Kathleen Lawrence (1897-1954) in 1915
known children of Frederick & Violet
1917 - 1965 Lawrence Trevor Schumacher
Frederick was Private 55550 with the Canterbury Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion. His wife Violet was his next of kin at Papanui, Christchurch. Frederick died of his wounds in France and was buried Somme.
Violet remarried in 1922 to Walter Thornton (1894-1941). They are buried at Sydenham, Christchurch

George Clemens Schumacher (1902-1973)
married Doris Edna Grace Knight in 1925

Harold Schumacher (1881-1950)
married Edith Annie Burgess in 1903

Harold Oliver Schumacher (1900-1982)
married Nancy Joan Gray in 1937

James Schumacher
married Ethel Alice Etheridge in 1897
known children of James & Ethel
1898 - Clinton Etheridge Schumacher
1899 - Arthur James Schumacher
1901 - Hilda Annie Schumacher
1904 - Edith Amelia Schumacher

John Schumacher
married Annie Blattler in 1921

John Jacob Schumacher (1873-1927)
married Agatha Rickenbacker in 1893
know children of John & Agatha
1895 - John Schumacher

Joseph Schumacher
married Ruth Cunnold in 1893
known children of Joseph & Ruth
1894 - Amy Louisa Schumacher
1895 - William George Schumacher
1897 - Joseph Clement Schumacher
1898 - Lawrence Cunnold Schumacher
1900 - Harold Oliver Schumacher
1903 - Ellen Ruth Schumacher
1906 - Emily Millicent Schumacher
1909 - Clarence garfield Schumacher

Joseph Clemens Schumacher (1897-1962)
married Myrtle Lynda Brightmore in 1922

Joseph Edgar Schumacher (1894-1977)
married Agnes Cecilia Breen (18997-) in 1916
known children of Joseph & Agnes
(they had a total of 11 children)
1917 - Bernard John Joseph Schumacher
1928 - 2009 Terence Alexis Colman Schumacher

Lawrence Cunnold Schumacher (1898-1944)
married Ada Louisa Matheson in 1926

Lawrence Trevor Schumacher (1916-1965)
married Gweneth Alma Niven in 1937

Leonard Vincent Schumacher (1900-1981)
married Amelia Boxall in 1925

Philip Clements Schumacher (1860-1923)
married Emily Keziah Housego in 1882
list of children at his link

Philip Joseph Stanley Schumacher (1909-1976)
married Ida Cora Hampton in 1932

Phillip Henry Schumacher (1883-1934)
married Caroline Clara 'Carrie' Smith in 1907
known children of Phillip & Carrie
1908 - Stanley Phillip Joseph Schumacher
1910 - Phillip Joseph Stanley Schumacher
1911 - George Geoffrey Schumacher
1914 - Aubrey Clement Schumacher
1916 - Edward Norman Schumacher

Richard Schumacher (1862-1918)
married Mary Ann Large in 1886
known children of Richard & Mary
1888 - Herbert Schumacher
1891 - Ruby May Schumacher
1894 - Olive Maud Schumacher
1896 - Elsie Louise Schumacher

Richard Schumacher (1885-1950)
married Jeanie Flora McDonald Crooks in 1917

William George Schumacher (1896-1962)
married Annie Elsie Clarke (1896-1929) in 1915
known children of William & Annie
1916 - Elsie Ruth Schumacher
William next married Mabel Harrison in 1929

William John Schumacher
married Joyce Brickley in 1936
* after 14 days of marriage Joyce packed her belongings and moved out. William never heard from her again. He was granted a decree nisi on the grounds of desertion in Nov 1939

Anna Schumacher
married John Habowski in 1919

Annie Schumacher
married John Henry Scott in 1914

Barbara Schumacher
married Fritz Huse in 1883

Caroline Louisa Schumacher
married Andrew Ernest Thomson in 1905

Christine Schumacher
married Peder Andersen in 1886

Doris Elizabeth Schumacher
married Stanley Kruse in 1918

Edith Amelia Schumacher
married Horace Alexander Donnell in 1927

Edith Mabel Schumacher
married Arthur Ernest Ives in 1912

Elizabeth Schumacher
married Alfred Blair in 1911

Evelyn Jane Schumacher (1887-1960)
married Herbert Leslie Kettle in 1906

Florence Louise Schumacher
married Alfred Kellet Hodgson in 1932

Gladys Olga Schumacher
married George Young in 1933

Hilda Annie Schumacher
married John Goodall Ellis in 1924

Irene Rose Schumacher
married James William Andrews in 1927

Lucy Schumacher
married George Smale in 1890

Mabel Frederica Schumacher
married John Wilson English in 1914

Mary Ruby Schumacher
married Lewis Norton Bramley in 1927

Mary Wilhelmina Schumacher
married Thomas Hope Fairey in 1868

Matilda Jane Schumacher
married Anthony Bainbridge in 1916

Olive Maud Schumacher
* Olive had a base born daughter..
1914 - Thelma Dorothy Schumacher
Olive married Robert Boswell in 1917

Ruby May Schumacher
married Arthur Nankivell in 1912

There were other Schumacher marriages during this period but not listed on BDM. One assumes they have spelt the surname differently. Those found will be added here (your help with more info would be appreciated)...
Nicholaus Carl Schumacher (1845-) married Hanna Mathea (no surname to date, 1845-1919), born in Christiana Norway, at Port Chalmers, Dunedin.
Nicholas was born in the province of Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany in 1845. For seven years he followed a seafaring life, during which he voyaged all over the world. Early in 1869 he arrived at Port Chalmers, on the same day as the Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria. He was an Aerated Water Manufacturer in Lyttelton (read interesting story at his link)
known children of Nicolaus & Hanna
1874 - Carl Hermann Schumacher (Dr)
1878 - Elizabeth Louisa Schumacher
1879 - 1885 Albert William Schumacher (aged 5)
1881 - 1919 Alice Mathea Schumacher
1883 - Harold Schumacher
1884 - Mabel Frederica Schumacher
1886 - Peter George Schumacher
Otago Witness, 21 Jan 1871 Letter of naturalisation have been issued by His Excellency the Governor in favour of Mr Nicolas Carl Schumacher, stevedore, Port Chalmers
Press, 22 June 1915 - NAME CHANGE
I, Nicholas Carl Seaforth, heretofore called and known by the name of Nicholas Carl Schumacher of Lyttelton in New Zealand, Aerated Water manufacturer, a Naturalised British subject hereby give public notice that on the 21st day of June 1915 I formally and absolutely renounced, relinquished and abandoned for myself my wife and children the use of my surname Schumacher and them assumed and adopted and determined thenceforth on all occasions whatsoever to use and subscribe the surname of Seaforth and I give further notice that by a certain deed poll dated the said 21st day of June 1915 and filed in the office of the Supreme Court of New Zealand at Christchurch I have given effect to such abandonment of the said surname of Schumacher and the adoption of the said surname of Seaforth on behalf of myself my wife and children
MAGISTRATE'S COURT, LYTTELTON. Nicholas Carl Schumacher was charged with having, on January 22, change his name to Nicholas Carl Seaforth, contrary to the War Regulations Act. Owing to the Crown Prosecutor being absent in Wellington, the case was adjourned until next court day
Star, 15 July 1919 - DEATH of wife HANNAH
SEAFORTH - July 14, at Sumner Road, Lyttelton, Hannah Mathea Seaforth, beloved wife of N. C. Seaforth; aged 74 years. Private interment. No flowers
Press, 11 Aug 1919 - DEATH of DAUGHTER Mathea
SEAFORTH - On August 9th, 1919, at Sumner road, Lyttelton, Alice Mathea, dearly belowved daughter of N. C. Seaforth; aged 38 years. Private interment

ANOTHER list of births but no marriage on BDM
children of Nicolaus Schumacher (1857-1900) from Thusis, Canton Graubunden, Switzerland & Juliana Uhlenberg (1856-1944)
(born in Taranaki)
1883 - 1968 Agnes Clara Schumacher
- married Michael Kowalewski (1883-1952) from Priestgot, Poland
1885 - Annie Hypatia Schumacher
1887 - 1957 George Conradin Schumacher
1888 - 1955 Felix Arthur Schumacher
1889 - Edith Rose Schumacher
1891 - 1891 Hubert Schumacher (aged 1 months)
1894 - 1977 Joseph Edgar Schumacher
Juliana was born in Starogard Gdanski, West Prussia, Poland to Johann Uhlenberg (1821-1902) & Rosalia Jelinski (1820-1916) who settled in Midhirst. Stratford.
Nicolaus died overseas in 1900 when reported dead after missing 7 years

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