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DRAKE marriages (males) 1891-1920 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2016-01-21 21:43:12. page views: 77, comments: 0
Can anyone help. I'm looking for William Barker, l know he married Janet Moore nee McFarquhar. They married on the 9th October 1866 in Wanganui New Zealand. On his marriage certificate he has put down that he was a seaman. In a 1877 court case in Blenheim
by steve195 on 2016-01-21 19:15:00. page views: 285, comments: 0
Information on the Family of Issac Roberts Miell from Leominster UK
by Baams on 2015-08-11 07:20:48. page views: 291, comments: 1
Frederick William Strong born Exeter 1838.educated Newton Abbot 1851 census, in 1852 indentured apprentice Merchant Navy 526689, 1857 Cert as Second Mate, 1859 Cert as Only Mate. Then nothing. How do I find out more?
by BryanStrong on 2016-01-20 18:50:22. page views: 243, comments: 2
Has anyone got any information about the history of Richard Mumby and Florence Evangeline Mumbynee Burton please
by historyhunter on 2016-01-20 22:15:08. page views: 254, comments: 2
How to find female relatives when you don't know their married names? My 3 grand aunts were taken to America as youngsters by relatives but we don't know where they were taken or the names of the relatives.
by Chcuko on 2016-01-20 13:22:33. page views: 188, comments: 2
My 2x great grandfather died between 1861-1871, I cannot find his death recorded anywhere, he was a marine engineer, his name was David Cowper born Scotland. Does anyone have any idea where I can look next?
by marytowns on 2016-01-20 16:45:15. page views: 191, comments: 2
Direct Line Family History
by Denise1963 on 2016-01-21 05:11:57. page views: 180, comments: 1
What's next, and thank you!
by Scott_J on 2016-01-21 08:53:33. page views: 278, comments: 0
I'm trying to find Walter smith from Scotland he was born in 1905 his father was William smith he died in Singapore 1943
by badger on 2016-01-20 12:28:31. page views: 216, comments: 2
by alwalbor225 on 2015-05-03 06:53:23. page views: 510, comments: 4
Immediate Family
by Denise1963 on 2016-01-19 21:41:44. page views: 192, comments: 3
Looking for the Parents of Lewis Ettinger/Edinger (Louis/Ludwig), Born in Germany, Lived in HANTS COUNTY RAWDON/DOUGLAS N.S. Canada.
by Jleftridge on 2013-11-27 20:29:04. page views: 960, comments: 1
How do I trace ancestry back into Germany? My ancestry has been traced back to an individual born 1780 and appearing in Church records in Neudorf bei Vincovci from about 1830.
by dschardt59 on 2016-01-20 20:22:57. page views: 310, comments: 0
My Grandfather had a brother and his name was Omrigio Muchoucoe Carmont. Where did that name come from do you think?
by Sheena53 on 2016-01-20 17:00:38. page views: 188, comments: 0
Jackson family fron Hartest Suffolk
by gaza14 on 2015-12-28 23:43:14. page views: 213, comments: 1
How in the world do I get the information needed to get a tribal enrollment number when my great grandparents had numbers, still told they are not ENROLLED?
by Melian on 2016-01-20 11:02:48. page views: 158, comments: 1
DRAKE marriages (females) 1892-1920 Victoria Australia
by tonkin on 2016-01-20 15:21:55. page views: 76, comments: 0
PeterPolzin&AnnaSchultz(need info),parents of Joseph A. Polzin,born1848,city((Stibbe) Prussia/Germany that's now city(Zdbowo)Poland(with changing borders)Joseph emigrated to US,ship Columbus,NYC,arrival Aug1872.who were Peter&Anna's parents?&birthdates?
by mixedheritages on 2016-01-20 14:38:54. page views: 171, comments: 0
I am looking for my great grandfather's parents. His name was William Cox, born in Golden, Adams county IL @ 1845. I have traced him back to 1850 census. It shows him living in Madison County, Madison, MO. He is 5 yrs old, living with two families Collier
by jereco on 2016-01-20 14:25:15. page views: 175, comments: 0

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