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MARY JANE LOVELL - Motueka, Nelson

Journal by ngairedith

Benjamin LOVELL was born 21 Jun 1781 in Mangotsfield, South Gloucestershire
- a son of George LOVELL & Mary NAISH
- George and Mary were married in St James Church Mangotsfield 1 April 1777
- their witnesses were Pharoh GOULDING and Thomas POOL(e)
- George signed his name and Mary made her mark

On 31 May 1802 in St. James's Church, Mangotsfield, Benjamin LOVELL married Frances POOLE
- Frances was born in 1781 in Mangotsfield and christened in the same little St James Church in which she was to marry 21 years later. Benjamin made his mark and Frances signed her name. Their witnesses were: George PACKER and Hannah TYLER.

Benjamin and Frances had 9 children:
23rd January 1903 George Lovell
16th September 1804 John Lovell
- John died as an infant
27th April 1806 John Lovell
22nd May 1808 *Benjamin Lovell emigrated to NZ
15th July 1810 Isaac Lovell
4th August 1816 *James Lovell emigrated to NZ
23rd June 1822 William Lovell
- William was a twin with:
23rd June 1822 Joseph Lovell
- Joseph was a twin with William
13th March 1825 Ann Lovell
- at the birth of Ann, Benjamin & Frances put their address as Staple Hill which is about 1km south of the main centre of Mangostfield.

James's brother:
(born 1808)
- married Hester SPICER in the St James Church Mangotsfield on the 2nd August 1831
- Hester was born about 1812
- their children before emigration were:
1831-? - Fanny Lovell in Mangotsfield
1834-1919 - Benjamin Alexander Lovell in Mangotsfield
- Benjamin married ? in 1860
- he died on 8-10-1919 and is buried in Plot 051, Block 08 Wakapuaka Cemetery
1839-? - Alfred Lovell in Mangotsfield
- Alfred married ? in 1862
1840-1841 - Sarah Spicer Lovell in Mangotsfield
- Sarah died in 1841 (before September) aged 1

-- on the 21st September 1841 Benjamin, Hester and their 3 surviving children boarded the LORD AUCKLAND from the West India Docks and emigrated to New Zealand.
- They were accompanied by Benjamin's brother James and his family (see below)
- They arrived into Nelson on the 7th February 1842

-- Benjamn & Hester had another 5 children in New Zealand:
1843-1907 - Christina Spicer Lovell in Nelson
- born in Motueka, Nelson
- she married William JOHNSON in 1863
- one of their sons was Albert Sven Johnson (1873-1964)

1845-1903 - Thomas Spicer Lovell in Motueka, Nelson
- Thomas died aged 58
- he was buried August 1903 Plot 45-2, Block: Old, at Motueka

1850-1924 - Hester Spicer Lovell in Motueka, Nelson
- Hester married John William KING in 1882
- they had 10 children:
1883 David Alexander King
- married Clara Ivy Louisa FRASER 1925
**1884 Albert Victor King
- married Ann PATTINSON 1911
1886 James Lewis King
- died aged 11 months
1888 Dulcie Irene King
- married John William BURKE 1912
1891 Thomas Newton King
- married Martha Gertrude HOLYMAN 1915
1893 Robert Murray Rollo King
- married Maude Ellen NICHOLSON 1926
1896 Alice Zeta King
- married Hylton Albert Lionel DIXON 1928
1898 Leta Evelyn King
- married Alfred Hollis HUETT 1924
1901 Leslie Gordon Melville King
- married Caroline Thiriza HUNT 1927
1904 Ellis Sidney Jack King
- married Ruby Clarice O'GRADY 1928

1852-1903 - Angelina Lovell in Motueka, Nelson
- Angelina married Alfred Horace Eustace Rawland BLISS in 1879
- they had 10 children
1881 Alfred George Lovell Bliss
- married Marie Manning TOLLETT 1907
1882 Frederick Benjamin Bliss
- married Caroline Emma BOYD 1911
1883 Angelina Hester/Esther Bliss
- married Robert Joeph GALLAGHER 1908
1884 Maud Thomasine Bliss
- married George Henry GRAY 1905
1885 Amy Frances Ellen Bliss
- died aged 4 months
1886 William Herbert Bliss
- died aged 4 months
1888 Violet Hilda Bliss
- died aged 10 months
1889 Ella Theresa Bliss - twin with Ethel
- died aged 8 months
1889 Ethel May Bliss - twin with Ella
- married Alfred LARSON
1890 Frank Herbert Bliss
- Angelina remarried in 1896 to Thomas Joseph WILKINSON

1853-1932 MARY JANE LOVELL in Motueka, Nelson
- Mary married FRANK LAWTON (Master Mariner, Sea Captain) in 1874
- Mary died aged 79 in Wellington, buried PLOT 58L, SECTION PUNLIC2 at Karori Wellington
- Frank died aged 69 in 1906 and is buried with Mary Jane

-- MARY & FRANK had 16 children:
1 .. 1875-1953 Rose Lawton
- she married Edward NICHOLAS in 1897
- they had 7 known children (possibly more):
1898 Inez Nicholas
1900 Violet Mary Olive Nicholas married Colin CAMERON 1921
1901 Lorraine Victoria Nicholas married William Harry HAYTER 1923
1903 Zillah Rose Nicholas
1905 Harold Roy Nicholas
1906 Stanley Nicholas
1909 Alvina Bernice May Nicholas married Andrew William HODGE 1926
- Rose died aged 78

2 .. 1876-1931 Frank Lawton
- Frank was the Chief Mate on the steamer PROGRESS that in 1931 was blown on to the rocks while un-manoeuvrable through breaking her tailshaft and losing her propeller. Her recovery was botched by the Wellington Harbour tugs. Scattered pieces of iron littered the area, most unrecognisable apart from the boiler and engine. Four crew drowned, Frank was one of them, he was 53. He is buried in Karori Cemetery Wellington - Plot 121 L - Section CH ENG2
- Frank married Matilda May COLEY in Foxton in 1900
- Matida was a daughter of Henry Coley
- some of Frank's and Matilda's known children were:
1901-1956 Cecil Wilfred Lawton
- he died aged 55
- he was cremated at Karori Crematorium Wellington
1903-1976 Gladys Gwendoline Lawton
- she married Horace William PRINCE in 1930
- she died aged 73
1905-1986 Reginald Dundas Lawton
- he died aged 81
1907-? Violet Olive Lawton
- she married Leslie Charles WHINHAM in 1928
- she may have remarried
?-? Leopold Lawton
- twin with Alexander
?-? Alexander Lawton
- twin with Leopold
?-? Patricia Lawton

3 .. 1877-1915 Claude Herbert Lawton
- he died aged 37

4 .. 1879-1947 Charles Thomas Lawton
- married Harriett Elizabeth SPENCER in 1905
- 2 known children were:
1908 Sidney Wallace Lawton
1909 Christopher Charles Lawton
- Charles died aged 67

5 .. 1881-1883 Violet Mary Lawton
- she died aged 2

6 .. 1882-1883 Lily Jane Lawton
- she died aged 10 months

7 .. 1883-1971 Ethel Lawton
- she married Ernest George FEATONBY in 1905
- 2 known children:
1906 Ernest Ogilvie Featonby
1908 Pearl Ethel May Featonby
- Ethel died aged 89

8 .. 1884-? May Lawton
- she married Archibald Lusk SPEIRS in 1894
- their known children were:
1897 John Fyfe Speirs
1900 Archibald Speirs
1902 Robert Alexander Speirs
1905 Donald Edward Speirs

9 .. 1886- Maude Alice Lawton
- she POSSIBLY married Ernest Mark MINIFIE in 1905
- they had Cecil Ernest Minifie in 1906

10 .. 1888-? Daisy Lawton
- she married Alfred Allen WILTON in 1906
- their known children were: (possibly more)
1907 Cyril Alfred Wilton
1908 Clifford Henry Wilton
1910 Leslie Oliver Wilton

11 .. 1889-1889 Margaret Lawton
- she died aged 2 months

12 .. 1890-1891 Eva Florence Lawton
- she died aged 6 months

13 .. 1892-1957 William Henry Lawton
- he first married Alice Zeliah NEWLAND (1892-1964) in 1911
- Alice was a daughter of Edmund NEWLAND & Minnie Ellen/Elizabeth WELLS
- he next married Ruth Elizabeth BENNETT (1898-?) in 1916
- Ruth was a daughter of William John BENNETT & Agnes SHELLAM
- William died aged 65

14 .. 1893-1941 Cecil John Lawton
- he married Lillian Ethel Daisy NOOT in 1919
- he died aged 47

15 .. 1895-1895 Ruby Lawton
- she died aged 3 weeks

16 .. 1897-1912 Roy Lawton
- he died aged 14

Benjamin Lovell (born 1808) died aged 65 in 1873
- he is buried in Plot 12-1, Block: Old at Motueka
- his wife Hester remarried to Edward Stanton in 1875
- she died aged 85 in 1898 and is buried Plot 10-1, Block: Old in Motueka

Benjamin's brother
(born 1816)
- married Ann BROWN on 3rd Jan 1837 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
- their children were:
1838-1910 Mary Ann Lovell
- born in Mangotsfield,Gloucestershire
- immigrated with her parents when she was 25
- she married Alfred FLETCHER in 1854 in Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
- they had 2 daughters Elizabeth and Mary Jane (amongst others)
- Elizabeth married Charles HARWOOD in 1874
- they had 7 children from 1874 to 1885
- Charles was a son of George HARWOOD of Thorne, Somersetshire, England and Elizabeth EASTMENT of Haselbury Plucknett, Somersetshire who emigrated to Nelson on theLONDON in 1842.
- Charles was also a brother of Henry Harwood who married Elizabeth & Mary Jane's aunty Mercy Lovell (see below)
- The children of Charles & Elizabeth:
1875 George Arthur Harwood married Harriet Jane COBB 1905
1877 Ernest Charles Harwood married Maud Harriet ORGAN 1907
1878 Amelia Elizabeth Eastmont Harwood nothing known
1881 Mary Emily Harwood didn't marry, died aged 83
1882 William Alfred Harwood married Rosetta Harriet WINTER 1912
1884 Lilian Harwood married Archie PAGE 1907
14 Aug 1885 Lizzie Harwood - Lizzie died aged 20 months
- Elizabeth died on 21st Aug 1885 aged 27, 7 days after giving birth to daughter Lizzie
- her sister Mary Jane then married Charles 4 months later on 26th December 1885 and would have brought the children up.
No children found for Charles and Mary Jane
1840-1841 Mercy Lovell
- born in Mangotsfield,Gloucestershire
- Mercy died at sea on the Lord Auckland whilst emigrating to New Zealand
- she was 1 year old
1843-1935 Mercy Ani Lovell
- born in Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
- Mercy married Henry HARWOOD in 1936
- Henry was a brother of Charles Harwood who married 2 of Mercy's sisters (Mary Ann's) daughters
(see above)

.. James's wife Ann died in 1869 aged 58
- She is buried Clifton Cemetery, Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
- James remarried to Sarah FLETCHER and they had 2 sons Henry & James Joseph both born in 1871
- James died in 1879 aged 64
- he is buried in Clifton Cemetery, Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson


... thanks to the message from Erin on 3-1-2011
I will attempt to work out the marriages I had mixed up
- Erin wrote: .. My grandmother was Fiona Marion MacClure Walker who married Albert Victor King. However my Alberts parents were John Thomas King & Elizabeth Hudson. John Kings parents were Thomas King & Ann Belton. I believe you have the wrong Albert connection in your line ...

.. there were 5 Albert Victor King mariages in New Zealand between 1889-1929 - they were:

1/ - 1889 - Albert Victor King (1858-1937)
- married Alice Elizabeth HOMES (1864-1902)
- they had a son, Lauritz Victor King who died of wounds in France 1916. At that time ALbert & Alice lived in Tahunanui, Nelson
2/ - 1904 - Albert Victor King
- Albert REmarried to Jemima ESSON (1867-1945)
- they are buried together Plot 125, Block 007 at Seaview Rd Cemetery, Nelson. Not known where Alice was buried

3/ - 1911 - Albert Victor King (1884-1919)
- married Ann PATTINSON

4/ - 1926 - Albert Victor King (1894-1964)
- married Fiona Marion MacGlure WALKER (1905-1990)

5/ - 1929 - Albert Victor King
- married Emily Clara May HAWKEN (1875-1970)

There were only 3 Albert Victor King born in NZ (which of course means little except there was also only 3 deaths BUT one of them was not born in NZ!!!)
This makes for probable remarriages for some (see above)

The years of their births and parents were:

1884-1919 Albert Victor King
- son of John William KING & Hester Spicer LOVELL
- married Ann PATTINSON in 1911
- Albert died aged 34 and is buried in Plot 026, Block 09 at Wakapuka Cemetery, Nrlson

1894-1964 Albert Victor King
- son of John Thomas KING & Elizabeth HUDSON
- (we know) married Fiona Marion MacClure WALKER in 1926

1890-? Albert Victor King
- son of Thomas & Anstay ? KING

AND an Albert Victor King (not registered as born in NZ)
1858-1937 (see 1)

any help would be appreciated

by ngairedith Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2010-05-18 07:58:52


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by franklawton on 2010-05-18 17:42:52

Hi Ngairedith,
dont know much and will post a few itm
ems as I renber more that may be of help/interster. cover i do know in a fuller post ie about my DAD and his brothers sisters and the very little bit about his mother.
I note though for his Father ie the Frank Lawton 1876-1931 that drowned and was married in Foxton the children your list is incomplete and may be a bit wrong.
I understood he had Cecil, Reginald as listed but have never heard of the others though it may be that they were not around ie not in WEllington in the 1950s when my memory dates from. Anyhow in addition are Leopold ( my father) and Alexenader (twin brother) and Patricia - the youngest. I also assumed there were only these 5 and maybe 1 other sister _ Violet???

by GLC on 2010-06-08 10:54:15

Hello Ngaireedith,
James LOVELL and Ann nee BROWN are my GGG Grandparents.
Their daughter Mary Ann Emily LOVELL was bap 1837 St James Parish Church, Mangotsfield, Bristol, GLS, ENG
Cheers, Glen

by figikk on 2010-06-12 18:16:00

Hi Ngaireedith
I am the gg grandaughter of a Mary Jane Lovell from Motueka. She is definitly the daughter of Benjamin and Hester and the sister of Christine. I have just been playing about on the internet and not doing this seriously at present but here are some facts about her that I have gleaned. She appears to be a character!
She must have been born about 1845 because she married Charles Woolcock aged 20 in ?1865 from memory. She was staying with Christine in Nelson when she found a dead baby in the harbour.
She moved to Greymouth and Charles Woolcock became an MP. She had 6 children to him and divorced about 1877. In 1880 she married Frederick Bullot in New Plymouth and had more children. She too died in Wellington.(My ggrandfather was her eldest son Charles who took his mother's maiden name.)

I have gleaned this from papers past at the NZ National Library.
This may open up some interesting questions for you.

by ngairedith on 2011-01-03 08:25:16

please read the ** NOTES at the end of the above journal and see if you can help us with the Albert Victor Kings and their marriages ..

by catteeya on 2011-02-05 15:35:45

I'm a gg grandaughter of Mary Jane and Frank Lawton and am looking for any information on Frank - we know he was born Rochester (New York?) 1837 and that's about it. Any info on his origins would be much appreciated..... from anyone.

Also, am g grandaughter of Rose Lawton who married Edward (Ted) Nicholas. Update on your entry on them is that Inez died in infancy (I think) and also they had another daughter Phyllis after Alvina - not sure of dates, but can get them if anyone interested. And am looking for info on Ted - he disappeared in the 1920s and no-one knows what happened to him......

Their daughter Zillah Rose was my grandmother - she married Murdoch Hector McKay of Coroglen, and died 1977 in Auckland.


by figikk on 2011-06-02 01:31:44

Was your Mary Jane Lovell called Jane? There is an article in Papers Past which refers to Jane Lovell as the younger sister of Mary Jane Lovell Woolcock. She is definitely a daughter of Benjamin and Hester and must have been born some time between 1845 and 1847. At her wedding she stated she was 20 according to the divorce comments in the press, but I suspect she was only 18.

Did you also know that Christina Spicer Lovell was the first female child christened in the Nelson Province?



by ngairedith on 2011-12-03 06:15:09

a very big 'thank you' to Peter Sharpe for his message received 3 Dec 2011;
(concerning child 2 in above journal, 1876-1931 Frank Lawton)

... My name is Peter Sharpe and Frank Lawton was my Grandfather.
There are a few things I can help you with.
My Mother's name was Patricia Edith Lawton, born 26/4/1919 - died 15th August 1984 (Her Dad's Birthday).
She married Lionel Sharpe - born 26th October 1920 - died 15th March 1978.
They had 2 boys - John Francis Sharpe - born 9/11/43 and Peter James (me) - born 14/12/58.

On other members of the family -
Spot - on with Uncle Ces' information. He never married, as he was a chronic asthmatic (although he smoked like a train & eventually died of Throat Cancer) and didn't want to burden a woman with looking after him. He worked in the Bond Store in Wellington.

Frank's daughter was Gwendoline Gladys Lawton (not Gladys Gwendoline). She became estranged to the family, for what reason I'm not completely clear.

Violet Olive, who's occupation was Milliner, remarried to William Griffith David Davies and they had a son - David,
born in 1945, I believe, now living in Sydney.
She died of complications after a botched Appendectomy when David was young & he went to live with his Uncle Reginald Dundas - born 12/7/1905 - died 15/5/1986. his trade was a Painer & Paperhanger and his wife Winifred, who died of Cancer in the early 1960s. Whereupon, David's father reclaimed him.

The names of Frank's other children were:-

Twin brothers - Leopold Hector Francis Lawton (also a Painter & Paperhanger) and Alexander Henry Lawton (Qualified as a signwriter).
Leo married Dorothy Evelyn Fisher, Lex married Mary Elizabeth Jones. I'm sorry, I don't have the dates.
They both had 2 children - Leo a son & daughter - Leigh Frances and Frank Murray.
Lex 2 girls - Jennifer and Vivienne Glynis.

On Frank's death - the gravestone says he drowned... he didn't. He was one of the last to abandon ship. Eye witness accounts tell of him being picked up by a large wave and smashed against the side of the ship, a large bloodstain appeared in the water and that was the last the crewmen saw of him. In those days it was kinder & easier to say he 'drowned'.

by dawn17 on 2012-02-20 19:24:21

Hi there I just wondering if anyone has any information about frank Lawton and Mary Jane lovell son William Henry Lawton? My grandmother past and she handed down old war metals and letters of his to me.. And now that I acquire them I'm curious to know his history.. Any information would be much appreciated I know he is my relation some how but don't really know how. I also want to know if he has kids/grandkids I can pass these metals on to. Thankyou.

by Robynz on 2012-02-29 00:46:49

by robynandgraham@gmail.com
Hi i recently did a search for my father in law : Alfred William Henry Lovell-father William Lovell and grandfather Charles Woolcock
MHR who's wife was Mary Jane Woolcock/Lovell married 1865 In Nelson. We were seeking information regarding Alfreds Father William Henry Lovell- born Woolcock and his siblings as Im finding their whereabouts elusive.

by daviddavies on 2014-03-08 22:49:38

Very accurate details provided by my cousin, Peter Sharpe, as above.
Violet Olive Davies was my mother. She died on 15 April,1951 in Wellington from complications following the removal of gall stones.

by figikk on 2014-03-15 22:26:34

Mary Jane Lovell is a very confusing character genealogically as there are two of them. Many trees and the information here have Mary Jane Lovell, the wife of Frank Lawton, as the daughter of Hester and Benjamin Lovell. I am certain that Mary Jane Lovell born is Nelson Province between 1845/1847 and married to Charles Woolcock in 1865 is the daughter of Hester and Benjamin who arrived on The Lord Auckland in 1842.

Although I have not found her christening record, there are several facts that make this clear
1. She names her daughter born in 1866 Mary HESTER Thirza
2. She names her brother Thomas Lovell as surety for her children at the Wallis orphanage in Motueka when she is planning to leave the country
3. Paper past notes that her son Lionel James who drowns in 1899 in New Plymouth is with his cousin Alfred Bliss, the son of her sister, Angelina. It is clear from NZBDM that Angelina is the daughter of Benjamin and Hester.

I hope this may clear up the confusion and numerous people who have the Lawton, Benjamin and Hester Lovell connection incorrectly on their family trees will correct this error.

by ngairedith on 2014-03-15 22:51:49

thank you to figikk for the following message:
Subject: Mary Jane Lovell Lawton
To: ngairedith
From: figikk
Date: 2014-03-15 22:34:46
I am convinced that Mary...Lawton is in no way connected with the Lovell family who came to NZ on The Lord Auckland. This error seems to be all over the internet. Are you able to edit your journal in some way to make it clear that this Lawton/Lovell connection is inaccurate?

thank you figikk, I am sure this will be of great help to others of this family who are trying to decipher the branches of this tree

by PAS on 2014-06-05 05:06:13

Thought it was about time I joined in the fun.Haven't done much rellie stalking for a while but here goes;Re Benjamin b22/5/1808,d26/8/1873+Hester b1812,d1898.Their children:Frances b27/5/1831/32,Benjaminb16/12/1834,Sarah Spicer b28/5/1840,Mary Jane b1853? d1932,Christina Spicer b24/5/1842,ALFRED b19/2/1840 d12/12/1888,(H)Ester b13/3/1850/51,Angelina b24/3/1852,Thomas Spicer b1845?
ALFRED as above is my GRANDMOTHERS FATHERS Father......ALFRED m Mary Ann Pope 28/12/1862 and their children were;George William 28/12/1863,Alfred George 21/8/1865,Mary Ann Crista 15/11/1868,Emily 16/9/1871,JAMES BENJAMIN 14/6/1874,Thomas Edward 9/9/1878/79,Rose Isabel 28/2/1885.JAMES BENJAMIN is my great-grandfather.He died 1/1/1945,before I was born.His wife Jessie(Gran Lovell to us)passed away in 1968.Feel free to comment + cc any mistakes re dates.Cheers.

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