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burials WAIKARAKA cemetery AUCKLAND - 1890-1906 - (N to Z)

Journal by ngairedith

Waikaraka Cemetery is located at 1 Alfred Street in Onehunga Auckland

The first burial took place in 1890 and the cemetery continues to operate.
The burial register for Waikaraka Cemetery contains information about people who were buried in the cemetery from 1890-1906.
The database includes the following details: date of warrant &warrant number, the name of deceased, occupation, residence, date of death, where the deceased last came from, age, native place and date of burial. The database is a partial transcript but for full details of entries in the record book you can visit the Auckland City Council archives research room. These details include cause of death,
denomination, years in province, where buried (class, block, section, lot), fees, name of informant, and remarks

The following names were taken from their database
Index for Waikaraka Cemetery Record Book and for quick research reasons.
More information on each person can be seen at the link

Plot Numbers & Inscriptions were taken from this site:
Cemetery Records, Waikaraka and others

Anything in italics is my addition


NEAL, Maria, of Yorkshire England (widow, possibly of Robert below) 1828-1899
NEAL, Robert, Tea Merchant of Halifax Yorkshire England 1827-1892
NEGUS, Alice Constance Genevieve of Auckland, May 1905 aged 11 weeks - 1 of 3 children of Frances Mary NEGUS (1880-1968) & an unnamed father (although she married Thomas John HOPE (1873-1941) in 1907, which was a name given to 3rd child Daphne). Her children were:
1901-1902 Cyril Howard Negus, died aged 6 months
1905-1905 Alice Constance Genevieve, died aged 3 months
1906-1906 Daphne Josephine Hope Negus, died aged 7 months
- Frances & Thomas had at least 1 child: Thomasina Mary in 1908
NEIL, Mary, of Ireland (married) 1837-1904
NELSON, Jacob, Labourer of Norway 1865-1905
NEW, Alice May, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 7 weeks
- daughter of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEW, David, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 1 month
- son of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEW, William Fleming Malton, of NZ, Jan 1906 aged 13 months
- son of Walter NEW & Sarah MALTON
NEWEY, Edna, of Onehunga, Dec 1903 aged 4 months
- daughter of Frederick Montague NEWEY & Ellen Alice RATHBONE
NEWMAN, Arthur, Farmer of Worcestershire 1875-1906
NEWMAN, Ellen, of Victoria Australia (married) 1863-1904
NICHOLSON, Margaret Ann, of Mercury Bay Auckland 1888-1906
NICOLAI, Bertha Sophia Cecelia, of Thames Coromandel (not married) 1881-1904
NICOLAI, Robert, Cordial Manufacturer of Germany 1835-1905
NICOLSON, Roderick, of NZ, Dec 1905 aged 2
- son of Horace Evander (1866-1915) & Masei (1872-1945) NICOLSON
NILDER, Louisa, of Hokianga (married) 1874-1904

O'BRIEN, Herbert, Tram Conductor of Lucknow NSW 1884-1905
O'BRIEN, Laughlan of Dublin Ireland, Judge of the Native Land Court 1821-1901. Grandfather of Monica (below)
O'BRIEN, Mary of Onehunga (widow) 1846-1902
O'BRIEN, Monica of Auckland, April 1902 aged 2 weeks
- daughter of Laughlin Adolphe O'BRIEN & Norah Mary MULVANY
O'DONNELL, John, Gumdigger of Kerry Ireland 1834-July 1905
O'DONNELL, Mary of Ireland (widow) 1833-May 1905
O'KEEFE, John, Fireman 1869-1906
OLDBURY, Thomas, Bushman of England 1817-1891
OLSON, Olaf Magnus, Sailor of Sweden 1838-1903 (Brights Disease)
O'NEILL, Thomas, Fisherman of Glasgow Scotland 1866-1904
O'REILLY, Josephine, Telephone Operator of Ireland 1871-1892
O'REILLY, Mary Genevieve of Mt Eden Auckland, May 1904 aged 4
- daughter of James O'REILLY & Ellen LYNCH
OSMOND, John Hooper, of Manila 1856-1905
O'SULLIVAN, Daniel, Saddler of Ireland 1874-1905
OTTO, Ernest Hilliard, Bootmaker of Drury Auckland 1888-1906
- 1 of 11 children of Andrew OTTO & Beatrice Hilria HEALEY
OUTHWAITE, Marie, of France (widow) 1814-1905
OUTHWAITE, William Eugene, Barrister of NZ 1847-1900

PAGE, Frederick, Carter of NZ 1866-1903
PARFITT, Bertram William, of Onehunga 1893-1900
- son of Henry PARFITT & Mary Agnes CALDICOTT
PARK, James, Woollen Works Manager of Scotland 1838-1901
PARKER, John, Settler of England 1818-1904
PARKER, Margaret, of Liverpool England (married) 1851-1905
PARKINSON, Margaret, of South Africa (married) 1862-1903
PARTRIDGE, William, Carpenter of England 1830-1906
PATES, May, of NZ, Aug 1905 aged 4
- daughter of John PATES & Fanny BURTENSHAW
PATTERSON, William of Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 8 months
PAUL, Sarah, of Ireland (widow) 1846-1906
PAYNE, Martin Henry, Surgeon of Somersetshire, England 1842-1901
- 1869 ... .. Lic. R. Coll. Phys. Edin., Lic. Soc. Apoth. Lond.
- 1870 ... .. Mem. R. Coll. Surg. Eng.
- 1872 Jan 04 Registered as a Medical Practitioner
- 1874 Apr 13 Enrolled as a surgeon with the Hauraki Engineer
- 1876 Jun 22 Appointed Vaccination Inspector at Shortland
- 1882 ... .. Resident at Thames
PAYNE, Mary Ann, of England (married) 1846-1900
PEARCE, Benjamin, Fireman of Onehunga 1843-1900 aged 57
PEARCE, John, Labourer of England 1822-1890
PEARCE, Mary Isabella, of NZ (married) 1872-1903
PERCIVAL, James Hogarth, Insurance Agent of England 1858-1905
PERKINSON, Margaret, of South Africa (widow) 1862-1903
PICKRELL, Benjamin Alfred, of Penrose Auckland, Sep 1902 aged 3 months
PIKE, Elizabeth, of Auckland, May 1906 aged 6 hours
PISTRUCCI, Phillipo, Labourer 1841-1905
PLESCHER, Theresa St Helena, of Puhoi (married) 1876-1904
POPE, Pauline Eileen, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 5
POPLE, Maud Alice, of England (married) 1880-1904
POPLE, Norman Oliver, of Onehunga, Marhc 1903 aged 7 weeks
POPLE, Norman Roy, of Onehunga, Dec 1903 aged 4 months
PRESSLEY, William, Marine Engineer of Kingston upon Hull England 1842-1902
PROVIS, William Frederick, of Napier, March 1900 aged 19 months
- son of William Shackson & Lucie Ethel PROVIS
- William was a General Carrier & Shipping Agent in Napier

RADFORD, Catherine (married) 1823-1905
RANDELL, Honorine Mary of Onehunga, Xmas Day 1901 aged 19
- 1 of 7 children of Nathaniel RANDELL & Ellen BRENNAN
- their children were:
Lawton, Honorine Mary, Leon, Coralie, Freda, Carey Prestage & Berenice
- Honorine is buried with her mother Ellen and sister Berenice, they died after 1906
RAWLINSON, Ruby Melba Ann,of Onehunga, April 1903 aged 10 weeks
REECE, Johanna, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 1.8
REID, Helen Martha, of Auckland, March 1905 aged 5 weeks
REID, James, of Scotland 1823-1903
REID, Joseph, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 3 days
REID, Kathleen, of Ireland 1846-1904
REID, Thomas Francis 1875-1905
REILLY, Catherine Jane, of Ireland 1847-1905
REITH, Dorothy Maud, of Auckland, May 1905 aged 5 weeks
RICHARDSON, Margaret Caroline, of Napier 1855-1902 (Patient in Lunatic Asylum)
RIGBY, Helen, of Ireland via Victoria Australia (widow) 1826-1905
ROBINSON, Edward Milligan, Draper of South Africa ? 1879-1905
ROSS, Frances, of Mangawai (widow) 1859-June 1905
ROSS, John, Master Mariner of Whangarei 1859- Nov 1905
ROUT, James, Farmer of London England 1835-1904
ROWE, Thomas Henry, of Bodmin Cornwall 1819-1901
ROWE, Thomas Henry, Joiner Apprentice of Onehunga 1886-1902
ROWLEY, John Downing, Theatrical Manager of Birmingham, England 1864-1905
RUSH, Rita, of NZ, Dc 1905 aged 12 months
RUSSELL, Michael, Labourer of Ireland 1868-1905

SAINTY, unnamed of Stewart Street, Ponsonby, June 1902 aged 1 hour
SARGENT, John, of England via India (in the Military) 1828-1902
SATMAN, Louisa, of NZ (married) 1869-1904
SCANNELL, David 1838-1906 aged 68
SCHATCHARD, [SCATCHARD], Charles , of Yorkshire England 1868-1905
SCHMIDT, Jessie Daphne of Onehunga, July 1905 aged 7 months
SCOTT, Stillborn Infant of Symonds Street, Auckland, July 1903
SCOTT, James, Fireman of England 1868-1905
SCOTT, Mary Elizabeth, of England (married) 1870-1905
SCOTTOW, Joseph Robert, of Coromandel 1895-1905
SEALE [?], stillborn infant of Symonds Street, Auckland 15th July 1903
SEATON, Mary Catherine Frances, of Ireland (married) 1856-1904
SERVICE, Arthur Frederick, of Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 5 weeks
SEYMOUR, Barbara, of England (wife of Henry) 1878-1902
SHADDOCK, Joseph, of Hobson St Auckland, Jan 1905 aged 1 day
SHANNON, Robert, Bookseller of ? 1830-1905
SHARP, Stephen Walter, Settler of Maidstone Kent 1850-1902
SHEDDAN, Robert, Cooper of Greenock, Scotland via Melbourne 1819-1901
SHELLEY, Ida Nina Isabella, of Onehunga, May 1903 aged 11 months
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Ann, of Devonshire England 182301905
SHIPHERD, John, Farmer of Cornwall England 1816-1891
SHORE, James, Miner of Tasmania 1861-1905
SIMMONS, Francis Churchill "Frank", Farmer of Tasmania 1864-1905
SIMMS, Florence, of Onehunga, Jan 1904 aged 7 months
SIMPSON, Jennie Abercrombie, of NZ, May 1904 aged 3
SIMPSON, Mary Weatherall, of Newtown, Limavady, Ireland, (widow of John) 1830-1901
SIMPSON, William James, of NZ, July 1904 aged 4 months
SIMS, Florence, of Onehunga, Jan 1904 aged 7 months
SINCLAIR, Annabella, of Grey Lynn Auckland, April 1902 aged 7 months
SLATER, Wilfrid John, of Mt Eden, June 1906 aged 1 day
SMITH, unnamed infant of Bleazards Rd Mt Eden, Feb 1904 aged 12 hours SMITH, Lilian of Hikurangi (married) 1880-1924
SMITH, Alexander Priestly Stratford of Onehunga, March 1904 aged 11 months
SMITH, Ellen of Victoria St, Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 6 months
SMITH, Ernest Prim, Trooper returned from South Africa War, of Auckland 1883-1902
SMITH, Eva Rutledge, of Auckland, June 1905 aged 10 weeks
SMITH, George Ernest, of Onehunga, Aug 1901 aged 6 months
SMITH, Henry Edward, of Onehunga, May 1904 aged 3 months
SMITH, Zillah Priestley Stratford, of Onehunga, April 1905 aged 6 months (brother of Alex)
SMYTHE, William Gough, of England 1837-1904
SNEDDON, Robert, Cooper of Greenock, Scotland via Melbourne 1849-1901
SNOWDEN, Sydney, of Onehunga, May 1902 aged 3
SOMERVILLE, Catherine Mary, of Kikeeny Ireland (widow) 1822-1903
SORONSEN, Margaret, of Ireland (married) 1843-1903
SPALDING, Edith, of Te Aroha (not married) 1884-1905
SPEED, Charles Rowley, Labourer of England 1866-1905
SQUIRES, Harold, Farm Hand of Christchurch 1885-1902
STEELE, Sarah Maria, of Ireland (married) 1816-1904
STEELE, John Rowe, Settler of Ireland 1819-1905
STEPHENS, James, Master Mariner of the Cutter "Maria ?" of Plymouth England 1830-1906
STERLING, William, of Custons St Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 5 weeks
STEVENSON, Marjory Viti, of Fiji, Aug 1905 aged 8
STEVENSON, Mary Consitt, Gentlewomen of ? 1839-1891
STEWART, Catharine Pollok, of Onehunga, Oct 1905 aged 1 day
STEWART, Jane Elizabeth, of Onehunga, Sep 1900 aged 5 days
STONE, Charles Edward, Storekeeper of Ballarat Australia 1850-1903 aged 52
STOREY, Mary Jane, of Onehunga (married) 1863-1903
STREET, Benjamin, Carpenter of England via California 1816-1891
SULLIVAN, Bridget, of Ireland (widow) 1815-1901
SULLIVAN James Albert Joseph, Railway Porter of Auckland 1884-1903
SULLIVAN, Thomas Felix, Carter of Federal St Auckland 1884-1906
SUND, Clarice, of Auckland 1891-1903
SWANN, Cecilia Mary Agnes of England, Xmas Day 1904 aged 10 months

TABRUM, Phyllis Mary, of Onehunga, Oct 1903 aged 8 months
TAYLOR, Caroline, of England (married) 1848-1902
TAYLOR, Christina, of Fifeshire England (widow) 1818-1900
TAYLOR, Hugh Miller, Steward of Glasgow Scotland 1850-1905
TAYLOR, Robert, Fishermand of Scotland 1821-1899
TAYLOR, William McLeod, of Onehunga, Oct 1903 aged 3 months
THOMPSON, Arthur Jack, of Auckland, Feb 1903 aged 3 days
THOMPSON, Charles Edwards, Commercial Traveller of ?, 1845-1905
THOMPSON, Eric, of Sussex St Auckland, March 1905 aged 19 months
THOMPSON, Mary Eleanor, of Auckland (married to Arthur) 1872-1903
TICKLEPENNY, Reginald George, of Parnell Auckland, April 1905 aged 7 months
TIPPER, Christopher, Engineer of Ireland 1831-1906
TOLE, Elizabeth, of Ireland (married) 1829-1905
TOMNEY, Ellen, of Ireland 1828-1904
TOMNEY, John, of Ireland 1828-1903
TONKIN, Annie Laura of Wolfe St Auckland, April 1905 aged 7 months
- daughter of William Charles TONKIN & Annie CLEMENS
TOOMAN, Albert Damien of Remuera, Sep 1904 aged 2.5
- son of Samuel TOOMAN & Catherine Frances 'Kate' CASSIDY
TOWNS, Robert Stephen, Farmer of London via Melbourne 1851-1900
TOWNSEND, Thelma May of Nelson St Auckland, March 1905 aged 6 months - daughter of Henry Samuel TOWNSEND & Jane McCABE
TRAINER, Offa John Henry of Howe St Auckland, March 1906, 22 months
TRAINER, Victor Laurence, of Adelaide St Auckland, April 1905 aged 5 months. Son of Denis 'Joseph' Francis TRAINER & Mary Jane McGURK
TRAUTVETTER, Christina Adela Louise born Auckland, June 1903 aged 14 months - database has TRANTVETTER (a very common misspelling of this name)
- a daughter of Reinhardt & Clara Annie TRAUTVETTER. A son of theirs, Reinhardt Theodore 'Dick' Trautvetter, played Rugy League for NZ in 1930 as Prop from the Waikato CLub
TREANOR, Norman Alfred, of Onehunga, Boxing Day 1902 aged 8 months
- son of John Roman 'Jack' TREANOR & Isabella PAYNE
TUBBERTY, Michael, Newsvender of Limerick Ireland 1840-1902
TUCKER, Mary Ann of England via Lyttelton (widow) 1822-1905
TUCKER, William Francis, Manufacturer of England 1836-1904
TURKE, Stephen, Labourer of Ireland 1856-1904
TURNER, Harold Nathan, of Onehunga, Feb 1903 aged 1.3
- son of William Alfred Armstrong TURNER & Catherine FILMER
TURNER, Leonard, of Onehunga, March 1906 aged 17 weeks
- son of William Alfred Armstrong TURNER & Catherine FILMER
TURNER, Philip John, of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 4
- son of Alfred & Elizabeth TURNER

VALLET, Armand, Basketmaker of Lyon France 1863-1905

WADMAN, Alfred George, Millhand of NZ 1886-1906
WALDEN, Eliza, of Norfolk England (married to Henry Forster below) 1833-1901
WALDEN, Henry Foster, Gentleman of England 1825-1905
WALKER, Alexander Christie, Manager, U.S.S. Company (steam ships) 1860-1906
WALLACE, unnamed child of Hugh, of Park Rd Auckland, April 1905
WALLACE, Rosie, of Auckland, Aug 1905 aged 5 days
WALSH, Albert O'Brien, of Church St Ponsonby, May 1906 aged 4 months
WALSH, Gairloch, of Onehunga, Dec 1902 aged 19 days
WALSH, Michael, of Ireland via Wellington 1831-1906
WARD, May Gertrude, of Onehunga, (married) 1877-1905 aged 28
WARD, Thomas, Basket Maker of Ireland 1822-1904
WARREN, Christopher Stanley, of Auckland, June 1905 aged 11 days
WATSON, Henry, of Onehunga, Feb 1904 aged 3 months
WATSON, James, Settler of England 1824-1906
WATSON, Rosanna, of Melbourne (widow) 1830-1905
WATT, Robert, Marinr of Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland 1828-1892
WEBB, Albert Vincent, of Epsom Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 4 weeks
WEBER, Fritz, of Hannover Germany 1875-1899
WELDON, Annette Francis, of Park Rd Auckland, Jan 1906 aged 1 day
WHITE, Albert Ernes, Jiner of Auckland 1885-1904
WHITE, Charles Moore, of Onehunga, April 1903 aged 3 months
WHITEHOUSE, Glen Howard, of Christchurch, Jan 1906 aged 15 weeks
WILKIE, James, Cordial Manufacturer of Scotland 1840-1904
WILLETS, Edith May, of Auckland, Aug 1905 aged 8 months
WILLIAMS, Dorothy, of Surrey St Auckland, March 1906 aged 5 months
WILLIAMS, Edward, Boot Maker of Coromandel 1884-1905
WILSON, Cecelia Alison of Mt Roskill Auckland, Dec 1904 5 months
WOOD, John Harold, of Kingsland Auckland, Oct 1905 aged 3 months
WREFORD, George, Butcher of Tiverton, Devonshire, England 1820-1891
WREFORD, Harriet, of Devonshire England (widow) 1818-1892
WREFORD, Jessie, of Edinburgh Scotland (married to William) 1855-1899
WRIGHT, Hazel Penrose, of Auckland, Jan 1892 aged 17 months
WYATT, Winifred Eden, of NZ (married) 1882-1905

YERN, Elder Johnson Neil, of Auckland, Feb 1906 aged 2 months
YOUNG, Cyril Alexander of Auckland 1892-1905 aged 13
- son of Alexander YOUNG & Emma Jane MARTIN

ZAINEY, Reverend Father Solomon, a Syrian Catholic Priest of Zablech, Mount Lebanon 1850-1904 (of pneumonia)

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