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Journal by itellya

Crown allotment 14, Wannaeue of just over 114 acres is bounded by Eastbourne , Boneo, and Pt Nepean Rds and First Avenue (Melway 170 B2.) The grantee, Hugh Glass of Flemington, acquired c/a 16 as well by 1964 but scab among his millions of sheep and losses on the private Essendon railway caused his Wannaeue holding to fall from 231 to 100 acres by the time of his "accidental" overdose. The property seems to have been subdivided by Hugh's creditors into farms of 29+29+20+20+16 acres. The first two were consolidated as Hindhope by Eleanore and Gregory Brennan Rigg and included all Hope St house blocks and 50 First Avenue. The last three became Ramsay and Nora Couper's The Thicket, now occupied by The Drive, Warranilla, Woombi,Koorong etc.

The farming history of Hindhope is covered in my EARLY ROSEBUD journal, as will be some details of the farm's subdivision. I have listed there the surnames of all of the purchasers listed in the title documents. I had originally thought that I would not be able to specify the lots (or how many) bought by each but with a bit of investigation on the ground, I will actually be able to tell their descendants which shop or house site they bought.

The first part of the estate to be sold was the area between the highway and the strangely-named McCombe St. Lots 1-35 fronted the highway and extended roughly halfway to McCombe St which was named after Carrum farmer, John McComb, the last person to farm Hindhope before it was subdivided. Lots 70 -39 fronted McCombe St with lots 36 to 38 fronting only Boneo Rd.
Lot 1 was a triangular block at the corner of First Avenue that has a building to match its shape. Its highway frontage is 80 feet 2 inches but its back boundary is practically nil,only six feet. At the First Ave/McCombe St corner there is also a nearly triangular block,lot 70, with a frontage to the latter of only 32 feet 9 inches but its northern boundary is 106 feet 5 inches. It houses the electrical business, Nepean Auto and a small section of the First Avenue car park. As can be seen through the mesh fence,lot 70 adjoins lots 2 and 3 and that tiny back boundary of lot 1. There are also non rectangular lots at the Boneo Rd end. That is because the Government roads (Jetty and Boneo)were magnetic north-south and the Avenues were made parallel but the"Beach Road" does not run magnetic east-west.

Lots 2-18 extend west from lot 1 to Hope St, at right angles to the highway, with front and back boundaries of 50 feet. Past Hope St lots 19-31 are also rectangular with 50 foot frontages. Lots 32 and 33 only have a combined frontage of 50 feet and I have a feeling that they comprise the car park between the frontage of Safeway and the chemist etc fronting Boneo Rd. The Boneo Rd shops occupy lots 34 and 35.

Fronting McCombe St , west of lot 70 (Nepean Auto etc) the rectangular lots 69-55, with 50 foot frontages, extended west to Hope St and lots 54 to 40 (now entirely car parking) of the same shape and dimensions went 50 feet past the point where McCombe St bends to meet Boneo Rd at a right angle. This alteration to the end of McCombe St must be the reason that Red Rooster had to move from the north corner of McCombe St (on Charlie Burnham's lot 39, which the road now runs through.) I have vague recollections of McCombe St running its original course, Red Rooster on the north corner with McEwans (later Bunnings) at the west end of the Plaza and Coles/the post office at the east entrance. (I remember even earlier, mid to late 1960's, spending a holiday at Hindhope Park on the site of Rosebud Plaza.) There are photos of Hindhope Park and the footy ground on the Village Green on Steve Burnham's website.

North of Charlie Burnham's block (which had a McCombe St frontage of 220 feet 10 inches )were lots 38 (53'8' frontage) and 36-37 (107'4" frontage)which now make up the car park between McCombe St and the fishing/ giftware/coffee shops. Lot 1 on the highway/First Avenue corner was bought (paid off and title transferred)by William Robert Patterson on 23-2-1916 and lot 39 by Charles Robert Burnham on 31-5-1926. Read about the Pattersons and Burnhams by googling: early days in rosebud, victoria l

The blocks south of McCombe St to 50 First Avenue and fronting First Avenue and Thomas St were apparently called section a and will be dealt with later. I will start with the area between McCombe St and the "Beach Road". Addresses were obtained from 1919 rates. If you need the street and house number send me a private message requesting same.

Lots 1-35 had Pt Nepean Rd frontages. Present occupancy of each lot will follow this information from titles and 1919 rates.

LOT NO.; DATE OF TITLE; PURCHASER; ADDRESS (1919) 1919 buildings/ change
First Avenue
1. 23-2-1916 Wm Rob.Patterson Cape Schanck
2 20-7-1922 Flo. Alice Whiter E.Caul.>Sandringham Mrs H.Whiter
3 16-9-1915 Eliza Ellen Ross Rosebud BDS. (SEE BELOW,NEAR END, RE "KINROSS".)
4 19-2-1915 Robert Cairns Fingal
5 19-2-1915 David Cairns Fingal
6 15-5-1926 Christie Cairns Boneo
7 7-9-1915 David Phillips Brunswick (lots 32,) E.Martin (formerly Woolcott St,)
8 7-9-1915 David Phillips Brunswick (33,40,41) (Coburg,but now Rosebud.)BDS.
9 18-12-1917 Annie Cath. Sampson St Kilda
10 7-9-1915 Harriet Harvie Northcote
11 9-7-1919 Marg. Emma Beattie Brunswick
12 19-5-1919 Mrs Mina Doran Northcote BDS.
13 27-5-1919 Henry Bucher Brighton? (C/A 17 lots) Not assessed
14 12-4-1916 John Russell Town Hall, Camberwell
15 27-5-1919 Henry Alan Bucher ? (Mrs Kathleen Waterhouse )
16 27-5-1919 Henry Alan Bucher ( South Australia.)
17 27-10-1924 Roy Cliff. Cairns Edward Cairns, Rosebud
18 27-10-1924 Leslie Edward Cairns Edward Cairns,Rosebud
-------------- ROSE STREET--------------
19 16-2-1921 Flo. Marguerite Bergen Bruns.>Elsternwick
20 8-12-1916 Henry Balaam EastBrunswick
21 8-12-1916 Henry Balaam EastBrunswick
22 9-3-1921 Gladys Iris Jennings Parkville>Rosebud BDS.A.M.Jennings.
23 12-2-1920 Marian Sampson Mrs Dewey,Kew.
24 20-7-1920 Clara Ada Dewey Kew? Mr Dewey.
25 17-4-1916 Edw. Jas. Wymer Coburg? Crossed out; Davis. BDS.
26 8-2-1915 Annie Calder Cook Anderson (Mrs Edith Trivell of Rosebud )
27 8-2-1915 A.C.C.Anderson (assessed on lots 26, 27 and BDS.)
28 1-3-1916 Robert Cairns the Younger (Forsyth and Sons,Dromana assessed on 28,45,46.)
29 Possibly trans. to Denzel Clyde Victor Purser 3-7-1954 and sold 13-8-1958.
30 19-1-1915 Norman D.Pern Fairfield, N.S.W.
31 19-1-1915 Norman D.Pern Fairfield, N.S.W.
32 7-9-1915 David Phillips Brunswick
33 7-9-1915 David Phillips Brunswick
34 19-2-1915 Robert Cairns Not assessed.
35 19-2-1915 Robert Cairns Not assessed.

As a careful measurement of the 80 foot 2 inches frontage of lot 1 extended halfway across the Salvos store and my pacing from there left me with an extra 50 foot frontage to Rose St,this is going to take some time.
Lot 1. 2/1243A Pt. Nepean Rd, the closed Heavenly Gelati and the Salvos Store to the east edge of the doorway.
Lot 2. The Salvos doorway and Anytime Fitness.
Lot 3. The eastern (roughly )two fifths of the Barkie's building; the loading dock portion east of the protruding wall at the rear.
Lot 4.The Barkie's building between the middle of the rear entry and the protruding wall to the east.
Lot 5. Between the middle of the driveway between Rosebud Carpets and Barkie's to the middle of Barkie's rear entry (roughly the AP in HOME APPLIANCES at the front.)
Lot 6. West half of the above driveway and Rosebud Carpets.
Lot 7. G.I.O. and Salon 16 wing of Rosebud Square.
Lot 8. Car Parking in Rosebud Square.
Lot 9. West wing of Rosebud Square.
Lot 10. East half First Choice.
Lot 11. West half First Choice.
Lot 12. Mainly the Aldi through-drive to McCombe St.
Lot 13. West half of car parking beside Aldi.
Lot 14. East half of Aldi building to line of spouting.
Lot 15. West half of Aldi building.
Lot 16. No. 1337 (White Lady and After Care.)
Lot 17. East half Toyota.
Lot 18. West half Toyota.

ROSE ST TO BONEO RD. (All of these to lot 31 have 50 foot frontages, roughly 17 paces.)
Lot 19. No.1355 (Cash Deal.)
Lot 20. The rendered east part of Founds.
Lot 21. The western,exposed brick part of Founds.
Lot 22. 1375 (Peninsula Legal Centre) and 1377 (Shorts Real Estate.)
Lot 23. Haynes Paint and 1381 (Snowball Flowers.)
Lot 24. West from skinny pavers in drive,1385 (APIA) and 1387 (Rosebud Homemakers.)
Lot 25. Driveway and Video Ezy.
Lot 26. Pt Nepean Arcade, Collette Hair and 1401 (Cartridge World.)
Lot 27. East end of Safeway to the "No Entry" door and a footpath grate.
Lot 28. From the door to a third of the way along the bus shelter outside Safeway.
Lot 29. West to the east end of the middle wooden seat outside Safeway.
Lot 30. West to the east end of wooden fence around footpath tree near the west end of the Safeway building.
Lot 31. From tree fence to plantation between Safeway car park entry and exit.
Lots 32 and 33 (90 foot frontage.) West to big gum tree at west end of car park.
Lots 34 and 35 (75 foot frontage.) Unique Impression Flowers, 1447 (Bayside Seafood, Stockdale&Leggo),
1449 (G.C.Gerbert and Wise Employment),1451 (Turning Heads Hair.)

ROSS.-On the 15th July, at his residence, "Kinross," Rosebud, Alexander John, the beloved husband of E. E. (Nellie) Ross, loving father of Alick, Norman, and Hector, youngest son of the late David and Sarah Ross, French Island,and brother of David, Rowland, and Wallace. Late of Brunswick and Richmond. Late M. T.
and 0 Company. Aged 46 years. (P.1, Argus, 16-7-1915.) Nellie was a Sidebottom. Her early days on the estate were not as happy as they might have been, the death of her mother, Sarah Ellen, in 1919 adding to her widowhood.

ALWAY-JENNINGS.-The marriage ofBetty Irene, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Alway, Hillside avenue, East
Malvern, to Frederick Rowland, youngest son of the late Mr. Walter Jennings and Mrs.G.Jennings, Rosebud, will be celebrated at St. John's Church, Finch street, East Malvern, on Monday, April 15, at 5.30 p.m. (P.10, Argus, 12-4-1946.)

Mr. G. E. Jennings, who conducts the dairy at Rosebud, and serves Rye area, contemplates carrying out extensions to his business premises in Rosebud, in the near future. When these alterations are made it will be the most modern dairy on the Peninsula. (P.6, Standard, Frankston,28-2-1946.)

Miss Ruth Ferris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ferris, was recently. married to Mr. Jack Jennings, youngest
son of Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, of Rosebud. The ceremony took place at the Church of England. The wedding breakfast was held at the homeof the bride's grand-parents. The honeymoon is being spent at Healesville.
(P.3, Standard, Frankston, 5-10-1944.) It is Jack's statue that stands outside the former (most modern)dairy on the east corner of Rosebud Pde.

JENNINGS (nee Gladys Mullen). On the 10th November, at Nurse McInne's private hospital,Box Hill, the wife of Walter Gordon Jennings,of "Dalgabeena," Blackburn a son (Gordon Roberts).(P.11, Argus,12-12-1914.) So that's why the Mullen assessment was to be sent to Mrs Jennings in 1919!

MULLEN.-On March l8, at Hobart, Lt.-Col. L. M. Mullen, loving brother of Gladys (Mrs. W. G. Jennings. Rosebud,
Vic). -Duty nobly done.(P.2, Argus, 20-3-1943.)

LOT 1.
I couldn't remember the name of the timber business that operated on lot 1 of the Hindhope Estate on the west corner of Pt Nepean Rd and First Avenue at Rosebud. But I knew exactly where I could find out. The answer is in the photo on page 24 of the souvenir and although not painted green in 1954, the building looks much the same now as when H.and J.Hancock were running their timber and hardware store.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 7 January 1954 p 17 Article Illustrated


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on 2013-07-06 12:19:54

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2013-07-06 12:33:40

The photos (Hindhope Park,footy ground) are on Steve's home page but you need to click on ALL IN THE FAMILY to get Vin Burnham's stories about the early days in Rosebud.

by itellya on 2013-07-12 20:12:59

Lot 95 had a frontage to First Avenue of 180 feet. Careful measurement showed that this is now Nos. 50 (Hindhope Villa), 48 and 46, each with a 60 foot frontage. Lot 94 had a 50 foot frontage and is now number 44. The south boundary of No.50 is definitely the boundary between Hindhope and The Thicket.

by itellya on 2013-07-16 03:47:03

Details of Pt Nepean Rd buyers and 1919 occupants in the Hindhope Estate now being added. Precise locations of lots almost worked out (by pacing) but the First Avenue end is giving trouble.

by itellya on 2013-07-22 01:30:54

The mystery re the occupancy of the subdivision lots fronting Pt. Nepean Rd between First Avenue and Rose St has finally been solved. My work on part 2 (finding what the McCombe St lots backed onto) and pacing the Pt. Nepean Rd lots from Rose St to the east helped a lot as did my copy of the subdivision plan with known present occupants filled in.

It looks as if somebody came into ownership of both lots 1 and 2 because the eastern third of the Salvos store is in lot 2 and the rest in lot 1.The occupancy of the remaining lots will now be given in the journal.

by itellya on 2013-07-24 09:09:20

Two details I have not included are: (1) volume and folio numbers in case you wish to find out how long your ancestor held the property and (2)street name and number in the suburb specified. The first can be supplied within seconds and the second within minutes once I reach the library. If you need these details,please specify in a private message.

by itellya on 2013-08-07 10:08:55

The well known property "Hindhope" on the Boneo road, has changed hands, Mrs Younger, of Brighton, being the purchaser, it will be used as a seaside home. Several lots in the Hind Hope subdivision have been sold to buyers intending to build seaside residences. This part is greatly favored. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 14-9-1918.)

In view of title documents this is rather misleading. Mrs Younger did buy about 14 acres south of McCombe St and west of Rosebrook St but the title for Hindhope Villa on lots 95 and 96 was not transferred until 1923 so the Youngers would have been leasing the "seaside home".

I have sarcastically referred to Mrs Younger as being clumsy in this journal,perhaps in part 3. How strange that she should die so soon after buying the property.Fancy somebody who was such an expert exponent of the shotgun being so careless. Her husband was the only witness to the "accident". Her mother would have been skeptical about his testimony. She gave evidence in the maintenance case brought by Younger's second wife.

Particulars of a fatal shooting accident which occurred at Rosebud, near Dromana,
on October 21-the victim being the wife of Mr A M Younger building contractor,of North road Caulfield-have reached the authorities in Melbourne. Mr Younger re-
cently purchased a small farm at Rosebud, and on Saturday October 19, he and Mrs.
Younger spent the week end there. On the Monday they went out rabbit-shooting-
Mrs Younger being a remarkably good shot-and they returned to their motor car
with 15 rabbits. Mr Younger had everything ready for their return to Caulfield,
and had got into the car, when his wife went to the back and removed her gun for the purpose of taking out the cartridges. As she was doing so the hammer of the weapon caught in the hood and exploded the charge, which entered her head. Mr Younger motored to Dromana for a doctor,who on his arrival pronounced life extinct.
A magisterial inquiry was held at Boneo on the following day, when a verdict of
accidental death was returned. The funeral took place to the Brighton Cemetery on
Wednesday. Mrs Younger, who was 33 years of age was a well known Red Cross worker in Caulfield. Much sympathy will be extended to her husband, who is left with four children-the eldest being 11 1/2 and the youngest 21/2 years of age.
(P.6, Argus, 29-10-1918.)

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