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THE KERR ANCESTORY . - 5000 BC --- 2000 AD

Journal by edmondsallan

edmondsllan -- hello to all Kerr Researchers - I have just finished the " Kerr " ancestory ( if any genealogy ever gets Finished )It has taken 4 to 5 hours a day , 5 days a week , for over 5 years The reason was my daughter was marrying a "Kerr " in NZ & I wanted to give her husband a book that in time would become " Rare " & the only one of its kind . They are now married , and they have their " Ancestral Book " of over 260 pages . I have said all this, so anyone researching knows where I am coming from . To tell all would take many many Journals . In this Journal I will give a general Ancestory History Even at this stage I can anticipate the doubts, when you see the dates of research 5000 BC to 2009 AD I have proven 98 % of the following . Ok -- enough of the blarney and start . Proven by DNA - The name of " Kerr" as we know it today is one of the few names that survived over the centuries , even if it has had some spelling changes . dear researchers , you may need to read the next info slowly . It will be as a brief . and very condensed .I do have the finer details in hand . *** The original name of " Kerr" way back at the beginning was " Kjars " from near " Jordan " middle east They were of the " Jewish Faith" They joined up with a massive tribe made up of 5 other tribes across the " Black sea" and gathered on the " Russian Steppes " They then travelled to the " Hungarian Plains "as one huge " Nomad ' tribe. We are talking in a time frame of centuries. Their DNA then shows they split up as one large tribe . 3 seperate ( Y- DNA's ( tribes travelled towards & into " Switzeland ) one Y-DNA ( Tribe ) went deep into " Russia " Northward .Another went down towards the " Mediterranean " Another trbe made up of mostly their forward scouts & armed mounted horsemen went towards the Baltic , was known as " Prussia "now Eastern Germany .This Particular Tribe & followers in general Became the " Mounted Samartians " and also employed by the "Romans " The " Kjars name " was now " Kjiers " some kept their old spelling ( still all had part of the Y- DNA ) The originaters of the ( ' Kerr " )name went to 'Denmark ' and settled for a while . They then got offside with the king of Denmark of that time and fought them & then kicked them out of 'Denmark ' This particular small tribal band who had followed a particular Tribal Leader , changed their name to the same as their leader " Kjers "
In their home made sea going ships sailed up the Danish Peninsular up towards 'Sweden' around to the West coast Of Norway to a sea port of " Stavanger " Here they farmed for many years . In time they came under the leadership Of the great viking chief named " Rollo " His second in command was his Brother " Odo " . they also had part of the original DNA. These two fellas Loved nothing better than a good fight, followed by wine , women & song . They had sailed to " Scotland & back " Many times . We are still in the time frame of ( BC ) In 911 BC they set off to invade "scotland " again Their are two major sea currents . The deepest one flows out of Baltic sea straight across to the " Firth of Scotland ' turns north , across the top of 'Scotland " past the northern top of ' Ireland " and on towards America . The other is a warm current , wide but not very deep comes down the west coast flows over towards 'France " down past the west coast of Spain to the " Azores " and over to South America In 911 BC " Rollo " with his brother & several Long boats , headed to ' Scotland via the Norwegian current going South East . ttying to catch the deeper current going to Scotland so they could plunder . Some how ( they missed the current going towards Scotland and stayed in the warmer current going to France . In 911 BC. they finally Landed in Cherbourgh ,France and many of them stayed Changing the history of the world . They Named their captured lands " Brittany " This Tribe which by now was very large ( still with the ancestral DNA ) captured Normandie . " Rollo" married the King of France's daughter " Gusille " William the conquerer " was a descendant of " Rollo" the Viking chief .The name " Kjer " was still about and most of them worked for a " Lord De Bruys " the owner of huge Estates & a decendant of " ODO " ( Rollo's Brother ) " De Bruys was also closely related to " Bruce , King of Scotland " through Marriage When Robert Bruce asked for assistance to fight the English , " De Bruys " Gathered some 3,000 soldiers and workers, including our eventual Kerr ancestor and went to 'Preston " England near the English West coast . This " Lord De Bruys " was very keen on eating well . One of his followers , who was one of the best Hunters on His estates & provided the lord with great food was a " Kerr " but still spelt " Kjer" while in England & hunting for the " De Bruys " Table . he was given the name of " John - Great hunter of an area named " Stobo " When the fighting was nearly over " Bruce < King of Scotland " Rewarded the ' De Bruys ' with huge estates the east coast of Scotland on the border of England . " De Bruys " was became angry with the hunter / supplier to his personal Table . He was also caught stealing from the Ladder , He was hung & his body left to hang for over a month as a warning to others . He then sent for " John - Hunter of Stobo " He granted John a very big property, a part of his Scotish Estates . and ' John , changed his name from " John Kjers _ Hunter of Stobo " to " John Ker " . This :
' John Ker " was the very first person to be named " Ker " in the all the now known as United Kingdoms of Britian Between 1190 AD & 1300 AD this family became Marquises of " the now well known
" Fernhirst Castle , Powerful and rich and owned huge estates . . This was the start of the " Kerrs " with the same line of DNA who now inhabit the world under the Kerr Name All ancestory of this name finishes at this proven , well Documented Ancestral Place . Their is a lot more to tell But this Journal is getting to long . I have the rest of the story in detail and proven for the Time being - Regards too all -- edmondsallan

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