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The Marriage of Frank Mills to Mary Elisabeth Sills

Journal by AussieJ

I have a story to tell.I have a friend who lives in Italy who I am buying some vintage clothing from and she has a wedding Dress with a note attached from Windsor,Connecticut.
The note is as follow.....

Wedding gown and slippers of Mary Elisabeth Sills married September 1 , 1897 to Rev. Frank J.Wills in this house - 209 Palidsade Ave. Winsor ,(Connecticut) the childs dress worn on this occasion by Florence Bareton Wills-a flower girl

From further research I have discovered the W is actually an M (hard to tell) And the J in Franks name is a mystery here is the info I found

Frank Van der Meulen Mills Pedigree

Birth: 01 AUG 1853 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage: 01 SEP 1897 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death: 12 DEC 1929


Mary E. Sill Pedigree

Birth: 02 FEB 1863 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage: 01 SEP 1897 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death: 17 FEB 1955
His 1st marriage was to

Spouse: Kate Chapman Wilson Family
16 AUG 1882 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

and the flower girl at wedding to Mary I beleive was his daughter from 1st marriage and looks like she stayed single
Florence MILLS
Birth Date: 3 Nov 1890
Death Date: Jan 1974
Social Security Number: 048-36-5770

I was able to find more info on Mary and am going back to retrieve it.
I am hoping someone can give us more info (finding descendants of the dress would be awesome.

I have joined the Windosr Historical society at Facebook and hope to get a reply soon also.

Photos of the pieces available by request.

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by Scott_J on 2010-04-14 09:31:14

What an amazing find, and good on you for sharing something that may be priceless info for someone else!

by relatives on 2010-04-19 20:01:52

hI WHAT A COINCIDENCE, there is a sills family in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

by AussieJ on 2010-04-20 00:03:52

I know Scott if it had belonged to one of my family members Id love to know about it or have it also.Its been fun doing reserach on it.
and Relatives is it possible to find out if the Sills family are connected to Mary at all? Or is it way to far away from the original Sills?

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