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The Most Frustrating thing we have found on Genealogical sites

Article by Rockborne38

I hope so much that others do not have this problem that I will now mention

My husband and I have so much info on both of our families, and one of the many things we try to do is to make contact with other family members who are researching the same families that we are researching, those of both our parents and as far back among our ancestors as we are able to find

we recently found a person who had a public member tree on my maternal great great grandfather, and we contacted him, thinking he was related, and offered to share info with him about the family, as he had so many things wrong, some wrong names, incorrect dates, people in families missing all together and so much other info that we have found over our more than 50 years of research

when he did contact us, and we asked how he was related, we were amazed at his relationship, his grand mother was the second cousin of a lady who married a man who was the older brother of a member of the family of my great grandmother, not the great grandmother in that particular family, the great grandmother in the other side of the family, the paternal side of my father, in fact, not related at all except by the marriages that took place.

Go figure, why would somebody want to have a family tree for somebody who was so distantly related by marriage, no blood relationship at all, and we just wonder if the person had spent that time researching his own bloodline, he would not have the errors he also has in his own bloodline, and we only know that as we looked at his public tree, and found from our own knowledge and a couple quick checks on FreeBMD and the England census that he had errors in his own family for his grandparents

what a waste of time, we surely hope others havent found the same problems, if so, we wish you luck in sorting any errors you may have copied from other people.

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by Rockborne38 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2013-06-13 01:57:24

My husband and I are interested in tracing the roots of our family and have been doing so since 1956, so we now have about 25+Gb of info on our computer about the families of both of us, and we are interested in making contact with any member of any of the families we are researching to share information, looking also for photos and certificates for any family member to add to our huge files on those families. After all these years they are still a "work in progress" and we would like more please

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user steve74 deactivated
by Rockborne38 on 2013-06-13 05:00:55

I can appreciate what Steve74 is saying, and we have researched lots of families as well who are only related by marriage, we do that for others in those families who have neither the time or the real interest in doing so for themselves, so when they have asked we have done it, but we wonder does Steve then create public trees for those people he researches for others, and add them to his own sites on the web, even though perhaps they are not related to him, or did Steve74 miss our point, the person who had family members of mine on a public tree is NOT related, so after doing our own research, and for others, since 1956 we believe that what we have said, and to which Steve74 reacted, was a fair comment.

user steve74 deactivated
by ngairedith on 2013-06-13 05:59:42

please keep to discussions on genealogy help and research
these personal slanging matches are public, best to use the private messaging if you wish to continue

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