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Journal by itellya

This journal arose from my Pascoe Vale and Strathmore Journal. I wanted to give details of the properties mentioned, many of them not relevant to that journal.

HUNTING Oaklands Club By Blue Top.
Meeting at Sherwood, Oaklands Junction on Saturday the Oaklands Hunt Club had a drag run to Glenroy. The throw-off was in the Sanatorium property through J.Attwood's Dundonald Estate to the Mickleham road which was crossed taking the field into K Campbell's Springbank, thence through Willowbank to J Walsh's, Andersons and Underwoods where hounds were checked near the bridge in Broadmeadows road. Taking up the line again in Pahoff's the pack raced down the valley into McLeans and then crossed the railway bridge into Gibson's and on through Proudfoot's, Parker's and Morgan's to W.Burke's Oak Park where hounds threw up their heads near the dam after an excellent run of seven or eight miles.etc. (P.11, Argus, 28-6-1937.)

Follow the hunt on Melway.
SHERWOOD (178 C5)is the headquarters of the Oaklands Hunt.Purchase of this property became necessary when a new owner of Woodlands was not as keen on the hunt as previous owners had been. The hounds had been housed there after spending many years previously at Narbonne(177K4) owned by the Daniel family. The history of the Hunt and Major Firebrace who'd operated a Run from his head station that had been on it (and after whom part of Pascoe Vale Rd, Essendon was originally named)is told by D.F.Cameron-Kennedy in his THE OAKLANDS HUNT.

THE SANITORIUM was at Melway 178 D 10.If I remember correctly ,it was on section 1, Yuroke, which adjoined Woodlands (section 2 Bulla Bulla) and had been a timber reserve. The pursuit probably took the riders south east along the Providence Lane boundary and , although not stated, across the 40 acres between Providence Lane and Swain St (178 G-H 11)owned for some time by Harry Swain.

Dundonald was the name of Donald Kennedy's estate north of Broadmeadows Township (Westmeadows.) By 1882, when John Cock moved from Broombank in Tullamarine to Springbank, the estate had been broken up into several farms, each with its own name. Dundonald of 440 /400 acres was leased by generations of the Hatty family until 1929 when the whole estate was sold.The other farms were Springbank, Willowbank, and Kia Ora. I'm not sure whether the two farms entered via Elizabeth St in Broadmeadows Township were part of the estate; they were Wattle Glen (east of Willowbank) and Annette Farm (east of Springbank.)

It is likely that the name of Kia Ora was bestowed in 1929 by the Orr family, which bought it. (Some members of this family had farmed the residential section of the Moonah Links Golf Course (Melway 252 D2) in 1917 before being succeeded by 1920 by Tommy Loft (who was also farming at Greenvale.) In 1920 the Orr boys (John and Jim) were share farming with George and Sid Lloyd's father on Springbank and Willowbank.
(Flinders Shire ratebooks, Wannaeue parish map, Geore Lloyd's MICKLEHAM ROAD 1920-52.)

The farm known as Dundonald and purchased by the Attwoods in 1929 was between the line of Swain St and the southern boundary of the Remount, the southern half of Dundonald, which Jim Atwood sold to the Commonwealth and now houses the Victoria Police horse and dog training and the Victorian Institute of Animal Science. Jim was probably more interested in the Oaklands Hunt than farming so Hatty would have been a more appropriate name for the locality. The ruins of the Dundonald homestead remain on Gellibrand Hill (178 H12)and there are good photos of the homestead at Woodlands Historic Homestead.

The hunt would have continued in a south easterly course, crossing Mickleham Rd at about 5K2. This is the north western corner of Springbank. It was bought in 1929 by Edward Campbell. George Dalley bought Willowbank, (6 A-B5)which is easy to identify because it is now the Alanbrae Estate, but Edward later bought it for his son, Keith, and George followed Michael Reddan on James Sharp's Hillside, on the south side of Sharps Rd, Tullamarine. Edward Campbell was a Lord Mayor of Melbourne who had a holiday house on the foreshore just east of the Rosebud Jetty.Keith was very involved in the Hunt and was the Master of Foxhounds (head honcho) for some time. Crossing the creek branch at the eastern end of Gilmore Drive (one of the streets I named), the hare would havecrossed into Walsh's farm which must have been Wattle Bank,occupied by Corrigan in 1920 if I recall properly,which is now occupied by Harricks Drive. Annette Farm would have been north of Chisholm Ave.Both Springbank and Annette farm are undeveloped because of the flight path.

The bridge at Broadmeadows (Melway 6 A6 between Fawkner and Ardlie Sts.) Hackett St, the original western boundary of the township had never been made but is now part of Mickleham Road. Thus Fawkner and Ardlie Sts are referred to as Broadmeadows road.

ANDERSON and UNDERWOOD were Broadmeadows Township's baker and Butcher. The Andersons' house is next to the Forresters' hall, between it and the bridge. Underwood (Tim?) had followed David Cargill as the township's butcher and may have occupied the same house/shop on the north side of Raleigh St almost opposite St Paul's but a bit further west. (I hope there is a historic plaque to indicate this house and the baker's house!)
One of the township's saddest times was when David's young son was accidentally shot during a rabbiting expedition by the Graco lad.

I presume the Anderson land was between Raleigh and Kenny Sts from which area the hunt would cross Lyons St into Glen Allan but both paddocks may have been near the bridge.

Phayoff (the spelling finally decided upon in ratebooks) owned Glen Allan (6 E-H7), established by John Kerr Jnr and on which John Twomey was growing nine foot high maize by 1909. By 1928 the new Broadmeadows Shire Hall had been built on the Pascoe Vale Rd frontage but Phayoff was still farming most of the land between the township (Westmeadows) and Pascoe Vale Rd.

THE VALLEY would have taken the hunt from approximately 6 E7 to THE RAILWAY BRIDGE at 16 E2. The Albion-Jacana railway had been built circa 1928 so the bridge was probably built soon after to provide access to Glenroy for farmers between the creek and railway, such as the McLeans.

THE PRICE OF MILK AND THE FARMER'S WIFE A sorry story of decreased production, increased costs and no profits at all was told by dairy farmer witnesses at the milk prices inquiry, on Wednesday of last week. It was one of long hours of drudgery, with very little re ward, and the heroine of it, according to at least one of the narrators, was the farmer's wife. After he had told how his wife worked on the farm from 6.15 a.m. until 730 p.m., and slaved at household chores from then on till midnight, Mr D. A. McLean, of Glenroy, commented feelingly, "I don't know how she does it. But I do know that she should be entitled at least to the wage that the girls are getting in munition factories. She should be looked up to," he said, "not looked down on as 'just a cocky's wife."' Turning to the chairman, he added, "You know what farmers' wives have got to put up with." (P.4, Morwell Advertiser, 10-2-1944.)

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Wednesday 12 November 1947 Supplement: Woman's Magazine p 10 Article Illustrated
... rd, East Malvern, for her kitten entry. Consolation prizes of 5/ each go to Miss Jean McLean, 34 Finchley av, Glenroy;

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Thursday 12 April 1923 p 6 Article
... .PROPERTY SALES. Messrs. A. E. Gibson and Co report having sold by auction hi tin Mon, on account of the Trustees, Executors, and Agency Company the brick villa Glenlyn, Glenroy, to Councillor L. McLean;

Obituary. With extreme regret we have heard of the death of Mr Lachlan McLean, J.P., resident of Glenroy and one of the representatives of the Campbellfield riding of Broadmeadows shire council, of which body he was for a time president. Mr McLean was one of the most highly esteemed residents of the district named, deservedly trusted as a public man, and highly appreciated by all for his genial, generous and friendly characteristics. He was aged 62 years and his death took place on Monday after an illness of about a month. He attended the meeting of the council on the last Thursday in May, only remaining a short time as he was indisposed. He leaves a widow, three sons and two daughters to mourn the loss of a good husband and father, with whom there is widespread sympathy amongst a large circle of friends. The remains were interred in Fawkner cemetery yesterday afternoon. (P.3, Kilmore Free Press, 25-6-1925.)

McLEAN-BROCK. - Marjorie Jean,elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. McLean, Finchley avenue. Glenroy, to Robert Charles, only son of Mr. R. Brock and the late Mrs. R. Brock. Station street, Glenroy.
(P.11, Argus, 31-12-1949.)

Broadmeadows Shire Council.
Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Vic. : 1870 - 1954) Thursday 1 April 1926 Edition: MORNING. p 2 Article
... From G, Taylor, re trees on Glenvale road. Referred to Forests Dept. From ,D. A., McLean, offering premises in Glenroy for shire offices. A long discussion took place,lasting about an hour over ..

Is the McLean house "Glenlyn" still standing?
Glenlyn Aged Care Facility, 34 Finchley Ave
Glenroy VIC 3046, Australia.


The Railways Standing Committee, consisting of Mr. Bell, M.L.C. (chairman), Mr.Chandler, M.L.C., and Messrs. Deany, Lind, Solly, and Webber, M.L.A.'s, took evidence at the Glenroy State school yesterday in regard to the proposed Glenroy-Albion railway.
The president of the shire (Councillor A.M. Miller) said that the Broadmeadows Council was unanimously opposed to the suggested route, which traversed the best part of the town of Glenroy, cutting the portion west of the railway line in two. He advocated taking off from the North- Eastern line at about Craigieburn, and proceeding thence by way of Bulla and Keilor to Albion. This would permit of less costly construction because of the absence of any deep valley to cross. There had been a great deal of land subdivision in Glenroy township and district recently, and the residential value of the areas would be greatly depreciated by the suggested goods line.
Messrs. T.C. Cook, shire secretary; C.W. Candy, civil engineer, Camberwell; A.E. Gibson, auctioneer, Glenroy; B.L.Roberts, estate agent, Pascoevale; and M. Tucker, Moonee Ponds, gave evidence in support of the council's objections to the route of the line. (P.8, Argus, 12-8-1925.)

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Wednesday 4 March 1942 p 5 Family Notices
... WEDDING DATES Margaret Wells, only child of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gwynne, Meran Lodge, North Essendon, to Sgt. Alfred Lyndon Gibson, eldest son of Cr. and Mrs. C. W. L. Gibson, Sherwood, Glenroy.

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Thursday 16 November 1922 p 1 Family Notices
... Mi hull) _^^_____ TiCAitniACrns. GIBSON - LOBB - On the 12th October, at Scots Church, Collins street, by the Rev. D. S. Jones Ernest, elder son of Mr and Mrs A. E. Gibson "Waverley" Glenroy, to Victoria Male second daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur W Lobb, 'Hilton, ..
(Waverley is now known as Sawbridgeworth. Hilton the homestead of Bayview Farm, 337 acres between Melbourne Ave and probably north to the line of the southern boundary of Wallace Reserve, was built by Alex Pearson in the 1880's on the north side of Melbourne Rd.)

PEARSON.On the 22nd July, at "Hilton," Glenroy, the wife of A. B. Pearson --a daughter.
(P.1, Argus, 15-8-1902.)

Most results for "gibson, glenroy" concerned sales conducted by A.E.Gibson,the progress association and the council. Gibson St and Sherwood St,Glenroy, were probably related to subdivisions organised by A.E.Gibson and do not help to locate the Gibson land. I presume it was near Bellair Ave, east of the railway bridge.

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Monday 10 May 1948 p 2 Family Notices
... Wednesday, and Thurs- day, 7.30 p.m., at No. 82 Finch street, East Malvern.) GIBSON. - On May 9, at Freemasons' Hospital, Alfred Ernest Gibson, Chapman avenue, Glenroy, beloved husband of Sarah,

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Friday 26 November 1954 p 16 Family Notices
... Layne. -Re-united in service. GIBSON. - On November 24, at her residence, 89 Chapman avenue, Glenroy, passed peacefully away, Sarah Morton, beloved wife of the late Alfred Ernest, and loved mother

BENALLACK.-On December l8, at 168 Glenroy road, Glenroy, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Alexander Francis, and loving mother of Charles (deceased), Reginald, Leila (Mrs. Mason), Hilda (Mrs. Broadfordsic), Frank, Henry (deceased), and Stewart, aged 66 years.

BENALLACK.-On December 19, at Glenroy, Elizabeth, dearly loved mother of Frank and Molly (Mr. and Mrs. F. Benallack), and loved grandma of Margaret and Ruth.

BENALLACK.-On December 19, at Glenroy, Elizabeth, dearly loved mother of Hilda and Jack (Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Proudfoot), and loving grandma of Roy and Beryl.

BENALLACK.-On December 19, at Glenroy, Elizabeth, dearly loved mother of Leila and Syd (Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mason), and loved grandma of Shirley.(All notices P.2, Argus, 20-12-1946.)

Alexander Francis Benallack, who had moved to Glenroy from Colac had been named as the sole executor of the late Charles Frederick Burgess of Colac.
Classified Advertising
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Saturday 8 September 1917 p 23 Advertising
... now of Kyabram, in the. said State, water, bailliff, the executors named in and appointed by ... Victoria, in HI J"i-b-tc jurisdiction, to Alexander Francis Benallack for merly of Colac aforesaid, but now of Glenroy, in the said State, grazier, the sole executor named Hierein, are required io M-ND

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Monday 24 August 1908 p 4 Article
... at Glenroy on Saturday afternoon had a moBt pleasant outing in dcid The deputy master again- had ... C I>ire on Brutus D Proudfoot on Barbwire, i> Bran iga n on Postal Note, D Branigan jun oiv Dew ..

John Hopetoun Proudfoot, storeman, and Ken neth McPherson Robertson, drover, residents of Glenroy, were charged at the North Melbourne Court on Monday before Messrs T Crosbie (chair- man), and F JYloung JP's, with having driven horses on the wrong side of Flemington road, North Melbourne without justifiable cause.etc.
(P.11, Argus, 1-5-1928.)

FUNERALS. Proudfoot.The friends of the late Mr Duncan McLean Proudfoot are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his residence, Macfeldie, Kennedy St, Glenroy this day etc.(P.1, Argus, 19-7-1934.)
Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Friday 7 February 1930 p 1 Family Notices
...bsp; PROUDFOOT.-On the 5th February (suddenly), at Kennedy street, Glenroy, Jessie, the beloved wife of Duncan McLean Proudfoot, loving mother of George and Jack. ...

The following gives a picture of Glenroy West at about the time of the hunt.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Saturday 21 September 1940 p 17 Advertising
The Proudfoots seem to have been involved with sheep, cattle and horses.

Jack Proudfoot and a Mr Benallack are pictured on page 149 of BROADMEADOWS:A FORGOTTEN HISTORY supplying water to household tanks in 1917.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Thursday 9 February 1928 p 5 Article
... NO LID ON MILK BUCKET. At the Flemington Court on Tuesday, Rosina Parker, married, of Glenroy, was .

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Saturday 8 March 1941 p 9 Family Notices Illustrated
... of Mr. G. Hunter, Tooradin, and the late Mrs. Hunter, formerly of Cranbourne. Olive Campbell Parker, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs F A Parker, Allowah, Chapman avenue, Glenroy, to Eric William Bray

CHAPMAN. On the 29th November, at private hospital, Narrandera of pneumonia, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Lillian M. Chapman, and loving father of Thomas (Solomon Islands), Clara, Lynda, Robert, and Roy, loved eldest son of Mrs. C. Chapman (Healesville), and the late Robert Chapman, Glencoe, Poon Hoon; loving brother of Mrs. E.H. Parker (Healesville), Mrs. Frank Parker (Glenroy), Edith, and Clara (Healesville), E.H. Chapman (Sea Lake), aged 51 years.

Duncan Kennedy sold the Jacana and Glenroy West area (over 1500 acres) to James Chapman for 76 000 pounds in July 1887. (P.81-2, BROADMEADOWS:A FORGOTTEN HISTORY.)

WISEMAN - On the 21st inst., at his late residence,'Sawbridgeworth,' Glenroy, Arthur Wiseman (Wiseman Bros.), the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Wiseman (nee Parker), born at Widford, Hertfordshire, England, aged 57 years. (P.1, Argus, 23-9-1892.)
That was one piece of digitisation that I didn't have to correct. And guess what. There was no mention of nee Parker in the newspaper! Sawbridgeworth is the historic mansion (pictured on P.96 of BROADMEADOWS: A FORGOTTEN HISTORY) in Widford St, Glenroy. Next door was a mirror image mansion built by Arthur Wiseman's brother, and last occupied by dairyman, Shaw Logan. (Jim McKenzie-see Pascoe Vale and Strathmore journal re Jim.)
The Wiseman brothers were promoting Glenroy (east of Pascoe Vale Rd) as the "Toorak of the North."

The following shows that Albert Wiseman's "Ashleigh" was known by another name when Shaw Logan bought it.

Messrs A.E.Gibson and Co. report having sold the Mansion, Montrose, together with 20 acres surrounding it, corner of Widford street and Glenroy road, Glenroy, to Mr. T. Shaw Logan. (P.9, Argus, 20-12-1921.)


Victorian Heritage Database place details - 6/3/2013
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Morgan (whose address is given as "The Pines" Pascoe Vale) and the Equity Trustees Executors & Agency Co. Ltd. Equity Trustees assumed full proprietorship ...

Strathmore History - Early Farms
Mary Knight, 150 acres, Pascoe Vale. Fred Morgan, 40 acres, Pascoe Vale, (The Pines).

The first website above shows that the homestead that Fred Morgan built on "The Pines" in about 1880 is still standing at 11 Willett Avenue, Oak Park. Described as 40 acres in Broadmeadows Shire ratebooks, The Pines actually comprised 46 acres (if the author of this study has not read a zero as a 6)purchased by Frederick John Morgan from Eliza Walsh and Robert Pilkington in 1877.Fred immediately mortgaged the property to Eliza, discharging the mortgage in 1883, the loan probably being for the construction of the homestead.

Fred died in 1927 and soon after his widow, Ellen Maria (nee Knight)died in 1946, subdivision was underway. In 1872Eliza Walsh had become the owner of 300 acres of Fawkner's Belle Vue Park (bounded by Victoria St, Pascoe Vale Rd and the Moonee Ponds creek, not including Merai Farm across the road.)The old homestead is now divided into two flats.

It is possible that W.Burke was training racehorses on Oak Park as Frank Goyder had done in the past (Harry Peck's MEMOIRS OF A STOCKMAN)and as Scott was doing on Gowanbrae across the Moonee Ponds Creek.

Whether Sir Harold will run in the Victoria Derby and Melbourne Cup will depend on his performance in the Coongy Handicap this afternoon, said his trainer, W.Burke.(P.26,Argus,12-10-1938.)

Having discovered a bit about the occupants of the land traversed,we will now examine the locations of their farms.There's a fair bit of guesswork here as acreages and boundaries are unknown.
We resume at the railway bridge (16 E2.)
A.E.Gibson,89 Chapman Ave(formerly Glenroy street). Probably the northern end near Bellair Ave and the bridge; (16F 2)
Proudfoot, Kennedy St.(16 F4.)
Parker. Chapman Ave,probably the south end (16 F-G4?)
Morgan, The Pines, Willett Ave (16 G5.)
W.Burke, Oak Park, top of Oak Park Court, (16 G 6.)


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