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the WILL WATCH into NELSON NZ - 1841

Journal by ngairedith

... During the 1841 period, new settlements sprang up on both islands of New Zealand. Three ships were dispatched from England to carry out a survey for the new Nelson settlement. The barques Whitby, Will Watch and the brig Arrow left with 59 officials and labourers. The Will Watch carried 45 labourers, while the cargo hold of the Arrow was packed with stores of all kinds for the settlers.
The first two vessels sailed on the 2nd May, 1841 from Gravesend but the Arrow did not get away until the 21st. All three vessels arrived at Port Nicholson when there was some argument over the site. The expedition crossed Cook Strait to explore the district, when it was finally agreed that the settlement would be located in the S.E. corner of Wakatu Bay.

The WILL WATCH sailed from Gravesend under Captain WALKER on 27 April 1841 to found the Nelson settlement somewhere in the Middle Island. It arrived into Nelson, Marlborough on 4 November 1841
- The wives and children followed in Feb 1842 on the Lloyds, which has the worst record of any immigrant ship in NZ for deaths on the journey.

(birth dates are approximate, based on age at death)

BECK - Francis Berkeley 25 Ships Surgeon

BIGGS, George 19 - Labourer & Collier (1822-1890)
BIGGS, William 24 - Farm Labourer

BLANCHETT, Thomas 32 - Agricultural Labourer

BLUNDELL, William 32 - Smith (1807-1889)

BOYS, John Cowell 17 - Surveying Cadet (1824-1889)
- noted breeder of Romney sheep. Advised the introduction of the hedge sparrow to combat the caterpillar in Canterbury
- married Priscilla TOWNSEND

BRAMWELL, John Thompson - Surveyor

BRYANT, Thomas 22 - Gardener

BUDGE, William 25 - Surveyors Assistant

BUNGATE, Joseph 26 - Agricultural Labourer (1815-1892)

BUTLER, Thomas 31 - Stonemason (1810-1887)

CHING, Richard 29 - Labourer (1811-1883)
- married Jane HARRIS (?-1855) in Cornwall and had 6 children
- married Elizabeth PEARCE (1829-1904) in Nelson and had 13 children

CLARINGBOLD, William 25 - Boatman (1816-1869)

COOK, James 34 - Agricultural Labourer

CUMBERLAND, Richard Felix Wilson - Cadet

DENT, William 29 - Farm Labourer

DODSON, Thomas 31 - Agricultural Labourer

DUFFEY, Thomas - Surveyor

ELLIOTT, Henry John 30 - Boatman

FLOWERS, Jo 28 - Agricultural Labourer & Quarryman

FRY, Henry 26 - Agricultural Labourer & Woodsman

GILLET, John 29 - Agricultural Labourer (1812-1896)


HUGHES, William - Surveyor

LADD, John 31 - Brickmaker (1808-1884)

MARSH, William 27 - Agricultural Labourer

McGREGOR, James 29 - Labourer

MOLINE, F - Improver

MURRAY, Robert 29 - Agricultural Labourer

NEAL, William 30 - Bricklayer
- married Amelia MATTHEWS and had 13 children (see link)

NEWTH, Mark 39 - Agricultural Labourer (1802-1888)
NEWTH, Robert 29 - Brickmaker (1812-1875)

O'SULLIVAN, John 32 - Labourer

PELICHET, Charles Louis Harris - Improver ()
- married Frederica HOWE 22 Dec 1851 in Wellington
- move to Otago in 1847 to assist Mr C. Kettle. Pelichet Bay was named after him
- he died on 18 June 1855 from an accidental shot from a gun, at Ahuriri, when, standng i front of his house with another person who had a loaded gun inhis hand, the hammer of the lock suddenly descended and the gun discharged. Charles died instantly

RAWLINGS, Richard 27 - Miner
RAWLINGS, William 30 - Mason

ROWLING, Thomas 23 - Mason
- married Caroline SMITH and had 15 children (see link)

ROACH, Thomas 30 - Labourer

SELL, Thomas 30 - Laburer

SMITH, Henry 23 - Sawyer

STRAITH, William 27 - Labourer

THRUSH, William 19 - Servant

TUCKETT, Fredrick 34 - Surveyor

WATTS Charles Fowell Willett 18 - Agricultural Labourer (1824-1881)

WINDEBANK, John 26 - Agricultural Labourer (1814-1894)
- son of George WINDEBANK & Martha KEMPE
- married Charlotte INWOOD ,daughter of James INWOOD and Mary LEWINGTON, on 22 Jan 1837 in St. Lawrence's, Alton, Hampshire, England (married by Rev Geof Clark. Joseph Windibank and Ann Clement were the witnesses. John listed as a batchelor and Charlotte a spinster, which also adds to the conclusion she had her 3 eldest children, surname INWOOD who also travelled with her on the Lloyds, out of wedlock). John & Charlotte had a further 6 children

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