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Thomas Watson FERRY + Sarah Marion NORTHOVER

Journal by ngairedith

- Sarah was born in Sydney, Australia
- she married Thomas Watson FERRY (1845-1914) in 1867

THOMAS WATSON FERRY was born in Cumberwell, Wiltshire
- He died 29 July 1914 aged 69 in Wanganui, New Zealand

the known children of THOMAS & SARAH FERRY

1868 - 1941 John Christopher Ferry
- born in Wanganui
- John married Irene HOURN in 1891 in Waterloo, NSW
- Irene was born in NSW Australia and died in Petersham, NSW
- John died in Marrickville, NSW, Australia

1870 - ? Eva Ann Ferry
- Eva married Joseph DEMPSEY in 1894
their 5 known children:
1895 - Mary Dempsey
1896 - 1965 Clara Grace Dempsey
- Clara married Arthur Lyon GRIFFITHS in 1928
1898 - 1972 Joseph Dempsey
- Joseph married Mabel Lillian COULSTON in 1923
1902 - 1977 Doris Amy Dempsey
- Doris married Wilfred SHARDLOW in 1930
1905 - 1971 Maurice Dempsey

1872 - 1951 Susannah Jane Ferry
- Susannah married John HOWARD in 1896
the only child known at this time:
1897 - Alice Marion Howard

1874 - 1951 Clara Arline Ferry
- Clara married George SHEPHERD (1873-1946) in 1899 in New Zealand
their 3 known children:
1901 - 1929 George Vincent Shepherd
1906 - 1937 Marion Clara Shepherd
1909 - 1995 Irene Margaret Shepherd

1875 - 1880 Isabella Marion Ferry
- Isabella died aged 5

1876 - 1942 Charles Evans Ferry
- Charles married Maggie Burton SMITH (1878-1963) in 1900 in New Zealand
their 3 known children:
1901 - 1988 Irene Madge Ferry
- Irene married George MANVILLE in 1927
1906 - 1975 John Charles Ferry
- John married Muriel Agnes WALKER in 1930
1910 - Marjorie Watson Ferry
- spouse not known at this time
1912 - 1992 Wilfred Lewis Ferry
1917 - 1979 Ernest Hona Ferry

1878 - ? Martha Marion Ferry
- nothing known about Martha but possible she died young

1881 - 1920 Athalia Amy Ferry
- Amy married Harold Peace WHITE (1879-1964) in 1911 in New Zealand

1882 - 1882 Thomas Ferry
- Thomas & Sarah were twins, born on 21 November 1882
- Thomas died aged 3 days

1882 - 1882 Sarah Ferry
- Sarah & Thomas were twins, born on 21 November 182
- Sarah died aged 5 days

1886 - 1937 William Beach Ferry
- William married Lily Sophia FERGUSON (1885-1971) in 1914 at Petersham, NSW, Australia
- Lily was born in Goulburn, NSW
- she died in St Leonards, NSW
- William died in Canterbury, NSW Australia

4 June 1878
THOMAS WATSON FERRY applied for a license for a public house on the River Bank road, to be styled the Aquatic Hotel. Mr Hutchison appeared in support of the applicaiton, and stated that he believed no opposition would be offered. Mr Hutchison drew attention to the report of the police on the position and capacity of the house for which the license was required, and to the good character of the applicant. Mr Hutchison concluded a brief address by suggesting that the Bench should take into consideration the fact that the applicaiton of Mr Ferry was made under different ciircumstances to the applications of those who had previously been refused a license for the same house
... the Court then retired for a few minutes and on returning, the Chairman stated that the application of Thomas Watson Ferry for a house on the River Bank was refused

11 May 1882
I, THOMAS WATSON FERRY, of Wanganui, Hotelkeeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting, to be holden at Wanganui, on the 1st day of June, 1882, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a publican's license for a house situate at corner of Campbell and Wicksteed Place, known as the Occidental Hotel, containing 14 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family; also, for an extension of the time until 12 o'clock p.m. THOS. W. FERRY

1 June 1882
Occidental Hotel - Thomas W. Ferry applied for a license, also for extension till 12 o'clock. The police report stated that the back yard was untidy, and the house in fair condition. The Bench granted the applcation, at the same time expressing the hope that attention would be paid to the police report that the premises were not kept clean, and that the net report might be more favouable

7 February 1885
I, THOMAS WATSON FERRY, of Wanganui, being the holder of a Publican's License in respect of the house and premises situate at Corner of Campbell and Wicksteed Places, known as Occidental Hotel, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting to be holden at Wanganui on or about the 5th day of March next, apply for a transfer of the said license from myself to WILLIAM HENDY REED, my appointee. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

17 September 1887
Notice is hereby given that I, Thomas Watson Ferry, of Wanganui, in the Provincial District of Wellington, in New Zealand, Printer, have this day filed in the said Court at Wanganui a petition to be adjudged a bankrupt. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

31 July 1895
It is hereby notified for public information that the Council of the Borough of Wanganui have appdepinted Mr Thomas H. Battle to be a Fire Inspector, vice Mr Thomas W. Ferry, resigned. FREEMAN R. JACKSON, Mayor

14 October 1896
In the bankruptcy of Thomas Watson Ferry, of Wanganui, Tobacconist
Notice is hereby given that I, the above-named Bankrupt, propose to apply to the District court at Wanganui, on the 2nd day of November next, for an order of discharge. THOMAS WATSON FERRY

11 March 1897
COMMITTEE Meeting at Foster's Hotel at 8p.m. TO-NIGHT (Thursday)
Business: - To receive Correspondence fom Wellington Rowing Clun &c., &c. THOMAS W. FERRY, Hon. Secretary

31 July 1914
By the death of Mr. Thomas Watson Ferry, there passed away another of Wanganui's few remaining pioneer residents. For the best part of half a century Mr Ferry shared the ups and downs of th community, and throughout played his part as a good and worthy citizen. Though born in England, at Cumberwell, Mr. Ferry was to all intents and purposes a colonial, for he left the Old Land when quite a child, proceeding first of all to New York. He was eleven years of age when he crossed to Sydney, and Australia held him till he came to his majority. He came to Wanganui when twenty-one years of age, and for twelve years thereafter occpuied the responsible position of foreman of the "Chronicle" printing and publishing department. He relinquished his trade to become mine host of the old Occidental Hotel, which as old townsmen will remember was located on the sie now occupied by the "Chronicle" Building.
In his young days there was no keener oarsman that "Tom" Ferry, who, besides doing much to promote aquatic sport generally, held the distinction of being the first man to row in a sculling boat on the Wanganui River. Mr Ferry was also an enthusiast in the sailing branch of river sport, and there are those who remember the interest which was arounsed by the friendly rivalry of Mr. Ferry and Mr. T. D. CUMMINS in the building and sailing of boats.
The late Mr. Ferry was a veteran volunteer fireman, and during his long service he filled with credit various responsible offices in the Wnganui Fire Brigade, of which he was for some time captain.
The deceased gentleman was in close touch with the theatrical affairs of his day, and as a clever and enthusiastic amateur was familiar both "on the boards" and in the role of promoter of popular entertainments.
In his later years and until comparatively recently, Mr. Ferry found congenial occupation as custodian of the Municipal Opea House, an appointment which ket him in touch with the modern developments of a profession for whichhe always entertaine a kindly and sympathetic regard.
Mrs. Ferry, who was born in Sydney, is the dauhter of Mr. Northover, an old and respected settler of this district. To her and to the members of her family we tender our heartfelt sympathy.
The sons and daughters who are left are -
* J. C. Ferry (Sydney) (John Christopher)
* C. E. Ferry (Wanganui) (Charles Evans)
* J. Dempsey (Wanganui) (Eva)
* G. Shepherd (Wanganui) (Clara)
* J. Howard (Pipiriki) (Susannah)
* H. P. White (Up River) (Athalia)
... NOTE no mention was made of William Beach Ferry
The funeral will take place to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, and will be officially attended by the officers and men of the Fire Brigade and the members of the Oddfellows' Lodge.

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by petersons on 2012-01-18 05:23:39

Charles had 5 children and not 3. The last two were Wilfred Lewis Ferry born in 1912 and my father Ernest Hona Ferry born in 1917. I can add more info if you are interested.

Robin Peterson(Nee Ferry)[email protected]

by ngairedith on 2012-01-18 05:39:34

thank you Robin,

please add any of the info you want to share by adding writing in the comment box below and I will update the journal above

by Tomdf on 2012-01-18 20:04:23

Thomas Watson Ferry was actually born in Camberwell, London in 1845. He was, I assume, the first born son of John Charles Ferry (all first born Ferry males until recent times were named John Charles) and Isabella Mackay (Scottish). John Charles Ferry was born in Lamesley, nr Gateshead in the old Durham County. I believe he was the son of Robert Ferry who married Dorothy Wright in Lamesley July 1802.

by Tomdf on 2012-01-18 20:45:05

Actually, I have just discovered from that John Ferry was actually born "Birth: 1817 in Ravenswood Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England". The remains of Ravensworth Castle is at or about Lamesley. He was not the first born male.
Children of Robert & Dorothy FERRY, baptised in Lamesley, St Andrew.
Source, baptism index 1798-1818.
FERRY Christopher, bn 1 Feb 1815; bp 19 Mar 1815
FERRY James, bp 17 Nov 1811,
FERRY Margaret, bn 8 Mar 1808, bp 12 Jun 1808,
FERRY Thomas Graham, bn 29 Sep 1812, bp 26 Feb 1815,
FERRY Ann, bn 2 May 1805, bp 11 Aug 1805,

Note: John Ferry, father of Thomas Watson was not listed as he may have been baptised after 1818.

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