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Do you know this Polish cake decorator?

In the 1950's my grandparents sponsored a nephew to come to America from Poland. He was the son of my grandmother's sister. Their maiden name was Sokolowski. The sister married a man with the last name of Balinski. The man who came to America was Lesheck Balinski (Lesheck is Polish for Lester) While living with my grandparents he worked as a cake decorator at a local bakery in New Kensington, Westmoreland Co., PA.
Lesheck met a woman and married her. After a while, the couple moved to chicago, Ill. The Sokolowski's had family in Chicago. The men (a father & 2 sons) made furniture. They had a store where they sold their furniture they made in their factory building. I don't know if the couple went to live near the Chicago relatives or not.

Where is Vincent Hereda?

My paternal grandfather came to America once alone, went back & once, 2 years later with his wife & two children. When I was growing up, his brother lived just a few blocks away in the next town, Arnold, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. His brother's name was Joseph Hereda, his wife was Catherine Micor Hereda. They came to America via Canada. They arrived in Nova Scotia, along with Vincent Hereda & then crossed over the Canadian border.

They lived in Noble, Caldwell, Ohio for a while. That is where Joseph built a family home & his younger daughter Lily was born. Later they moved to Arnold, PA. It was a few years that I believed Vincent was their child. Everyone in that branch & my branch of the Hereda family said they never heard of a Vincent Hereda. My Aunt Elsie (not a real aunt) was still alive at 92, but her brain was still sharp. She didn't remember a brother named Vincent.

Finally one day, I found a manifest of aliens coming to America over the Canadian border. They had Vincent listed separate & had his age. He was in his 30's & couldn't possibly be Joseph & Catherine's son. I told my cousin, the eldest in our generation about this, and she said she remembers her dad telling her a long time ago that we had Hereda relatives in Chicago, ILL. I have not been able to find any thing on Vincent, nor any of his possible descendants. So where is he?

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Was JOB JENKINS really shot out west in a mining operation delivering the payroll?

JOB JENKINS b-Oct 1842 (aka Joseph Jenkins)married HANNAH MINTON JENKINS b-Sept 1859 in Wales in 1877. They lost two sons LEE & JOHN in a measle epidemic in Mid Glamorgan, Glamorgan, Wales, U.K. before immigrating to the USA.

Hannah was pregnant with a 3rd son on the trip over. That summer, President Garfield's funeral train came through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she had a son, on 12 Feb 1882, she wanted to honor the late President, so she named him EDWARD GARFIELD JENKINS. They lived in Allegheny/Alleghney City (now called The North side of Pittsburgh). They had two more sons, WM. LEE JENKINS & JOHN JENKINS. John died at a young age.


The family legend is that JOB went out west to a mining adventure and was killed bringing the payroll to the mine.

Husband's Families Surnames

I'm Researching my husband's genealogy. His mother was a Knox from Homer City, PA. Her mother was Mannion, Knox Heubert. So I am researching all the above surnames & their spouses: Conley, Lewis, Pahler, Podolan, MacKeliap, Jenkins, esp Job (aka Joseph) who went out west and never heard from again, Mr. Boyd who married, then divorced Job's widow Hannah (aka Anna), Graham,Wood,Martin, Goughenour, Nopwasky, Hoyle, Murphy, Conway/Ban,Burns, Swartzmiller, Bowden, Kovach, Belford,Strimble, Lee, Heymann, Jenkins, Taylor, Scott,Spangler, Johnson, McEndoo, Lang, Beavers, Kammerdeiiner, Mascarra, Robertson, Coates, Harley, Schafer,Shelton,Smykel, Baldus, Poland, Sheaffer, Maule, Gillespie, White, Wolff, Heubert, Bentz, Rudolph, Cebuloski, Corwin, Krager, Michaels, Downs, Myers, French, Valone, Comegna, FleetWilkes, Swanberg, Weigand, Miscencik,
mostly from PA, W VA & Ohio

Westfall from Canada & Detroit
Edgar from Ireland & Detroit
Evelyn Jenkins Keene from Chicago, IL
Isabel D. Glenn/Glen from Ohio