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Looking for my Grandmother Ellen Agnes Smith born 23 Feb 1895 Lewisham, London

Ellen married my grandfather Henry Joseph Lambert in Nov 1919 Islington, London, UK.

Her father is listed in the marriages as James Smith, drayman, deceased.

My father Henry William Ernest Lambert, I believe was their only child.

My sister and I are the only children of our father, and probably the only grandchildren of Ellen. Unfortunately we left the UK as young children and had no contact with our father who died 22 April 1972. My grandmother passed away in 1976.

This is my second attempt on Family Tree Circles (Ellen Agnes Smith)to see if I can get any information on Ellen's siblings and parents. I would like to make contact with my Smith and Lambert relations.

Please help me find my grandmother's family. Thank you.

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Looking for EDDIE EDMONDSON, last known address MARTON, NZ 2003

I am trying to contact Eddie re my ancestor JOSEPH LAMBERT born 1823 Sprowston, Norfolk, UK.

If anyone knows Eddie can you get him to contact me through private messages on Family Tree Circles.

Used his email addy that was valid in 2003 but have received no response.


NORTON line from Somerset to Martha's Vineyard (via BENJAMIN NORTON) to JEREMIAH NORTON in NZ

Nicholas Norton immigrated from Somerset to Massachusetts. He had 5 children whose descendants would re-marry back into their Norton blood relatives. These five children were all ancestors of JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON. They were:


This is one line through BENJAMIN born 1659

(UNKNOWN) NORTON born about 1510 Somerset, England

Had the following named children:
JOHN died about 1576; tanner
ROBERT died 1590 Wells; innholder

WILLIAM NORTON born about 1535 Whitelackington, Somerset; tanner

Had the following named children:

NICHOLAS NORTON born 1562 Whitelackington, Somerset; died 1616 Broadway, Somerset; Parish Church Warden;

Had the following named children:
JOHN born about 1590 Broadway, Somerset
JOAN buried 1598
JAMES buried 1678 Broadway
JOSEPH baptised 3 Feb 1607
ELIZABETH baptised 1612 Broadway

NICHOLAS NORTON born 1610 Broadway, Somerset; died 1676 Massachusetts; tanner; married ELIZABETH (ISAAC?) Weymouth, Massachusetts

They had the following named children:
*ISAAC born 3 May 1641 Weymouth, Massachusetts; died about 1723; married RUTH BAYES
JACOB born 1 Mar 1643
ELIZABETH born 1646; married JAMES PEASE
HANNAH born 1648; married:
1. AUGUSTINE WILLIAMS (of Stonington, Connecticut);
2. MR BROWNE (of Killingworth, Connecticut)
*JOSEPH born Mar 1651; married:
*RUTH born 1657; married MOSES CLEVELAND
SARAH born 1665; married JOHN STANBRIDGE (of Newport, Rhode Island)
PRISCILLA born 1666; married JOHN BUTLER
*ESTHER born 1668; married:
MARY born 1669; married THOMAS WOOLLEN

BENJAMIN NORTON born 1659; died between Nov 1733 & Jan 1734; farmer; married HANNAH BOLTER (born 30 Nov 1662 Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts

They had the following named children:
BENJAMIN born 1686; married HANNAH DAGGETT
PRISCILLA born Jan 1691; married:
1. JAMES MILLIKEN 25 Oct 1718;
2. HENRY BUTLER 30 Dec 1747
JACOB born 1693
MATTHEW born 22 Apr 1696; married MARY DAGGETT
ZACCHEUS born 1699
SARAH born 1701

NICHOLAS NORTON born 1687 Edgartown; died after Oct 1755; farmer; married MARTHA DAGGETT (born 1688)

They had the following named children:
TIMOTHY born 1710; married LYDIA (UNKNOWN)
JABEZ born 16 Oct 1714; died about 1785; married ELIZABETH ALLEN
ABIGAIL born 1717
HANNAH born 1720; married ISAAC NORTON 25 Nov 1736
THANKFUL born 1722; married JAMES COTTLE
PRINCE born 1728; married LOVE NORTON
AVIS born 1732; died Oct 1785; unmarried

JUDAH NORTON born 1724 Edgartown; died 3 Sep 1813; husbandman; married JERUSHA VINCENT (born 1730; died July 1772) 31 Aug 1749

They had the following named children:
NICHOLAS born 1749; died Feb 1808; married LOVE STEWART
DESIRE born 1752
LOVE born 1755; died 3 Dec 1843; unmarried
DINAH born 1759; married URIAH NORTON

THOMAS MARTIN NORTON born 29 Feb 1764 Edgartown; died 5 Feb 1849; married SUSANNA CLEVELAND (born 29 Sept. 1767 Edgartown; died 14 July 1849) 20 Feb 1794

They had the following named children:
THOMAS MARTIN born 10 Sept. 1796; married ELIZA NORTON 6 May 1824
ARIEL born 19 Feb. 1799; married CORDELIA VINCENT 26 Aug. 1827
SUSAN born 13 Feb. 1802; married:
1. JONATHAN FISHER 13 Feb. 1821;
EDWARD born 22 Feb. 1805; married:
1. LUCY CLEVELAND 20 Sept. 1829;
NICHOLAS born 12 Sept. 1805; married MARY M. JERNEGAN 21 Oct. 1832

SHUBAEL CLAGHORN NORTON born 27 May 1794 Edgartown; died Aug 1871 Edgartown; married POLLY DAVIS NORTON (born 24 Mar 1794 Edgartown; died in Nov 1874 Edgartown) 22 Sept 1816 Edgartown.

JANE WEST born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married JOSEPH THAXTER 16 Mar 1845.
HENRY D. born 4 Apr 1821 (twin.); married MARY A. BEETLE 6 Jan 1848.
ABIGAIL S. born 29 Feb 1824
SHUBAEL CLAGHORN JR, born 31 Jan 1825.
MARY DAVIS born 14 May 1829; married PHILIP C. SMITH JR. 1 Dec 1847.
DEBORAH A. born 25 Feb 1833; married JERUEL WEST 1 Jan 1852.
CORDELIA V. born 1 Sep 1834

JEREMIAH CROWELL NORTON born 6 June 1819; married MARGARET STUART VINCENT (born 2 Dec 1821) on 6 Oct 1845 in Edgartown.

ABBY, born 14 Oct 1853; married GEORGE NOLAN 1 Jan 1874.

Then he sailed to NZ where he married (possibly bigamously) ANN(A) CLARA SIMONS on 5 July 1862 in Auckland NZ

JEREMIAH died 31st Aug 1897 Northland, NZ.

I hope this can help anyone who are researching these lines.

This is just one of my wife's ancestral lines.

Looking for birth information on WILLIAM SIBLEY of Misterton Somerset who married HONOUR GARLAND of Haselbury Plucknett

GP. DAISY MAUD SCOTT married SPENCER EDWARD MAY (born 21 Mar 1901 Ystrad, Wales). These are my grandparents.

G-GP. AMELIA OSBORNE born 1878 Bournemouth, Hampshire, England; married CHARLES VICKERY SCOTT (born (christened 4 Feb) 1874 Seavington, Somerset, England) 1895 Wales

MARY ANN born 1897 Blaenclydach, Wales
DAISY MAUD born 1 Mar 1899 Blaenclydach, Wales;
WILLIAM CHARLES born 1901 Blaenclydach, Wales
STANLEY born 1903 Blaenclydach, Wales
EMMA JANE born 1905 Blaenclydach, Wales
PHYLLIS AMELIA born 1907 Blaenclydach, Wales
LILY MAY born 1910 Blaenclydach, Wales

GG-GP MARY ANN SIBLEY born 1852 Misterton, Somerset, England; married WILLIAM OSBORNE (born 1 Jan 1849 (bapt 3 Aug 1851) Merriott, Somerset, England) 15 Aug 1871 Misterton, Somerset

MARGARET ANN (ANNIE) born 1874 Bargoed, Glamorgan, Wales; married:
ROSINA (ROSA) born 1876 Bargoed, Glamorgan, Wales; married ALBERT JAMES GREGORY
ELLEN SUSAN SELINA born 1880 Bournemouth, Hampshire, England; married OLIVER WOODLAND
ELIZABETH born 1882 Llandyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
WILLIAM ROBERT born 1885 Tonypandy, Glamorgan, Wales
LILY born 1887 Blaenclydach, Glamorgan, Wales; married JOHN BROOKSTONE
DANIEL born 1890 Tonypandy, Glamorgan, Wales; died 21 Feb 1909
DAISY born 1892 Tonypandy, Glamorgan, Wales; married FREDERICK CHARLES LETHERBY

GGG-GP. WILLIAM SIBLEY (SIBLY) born about 1821 Misterton, Somerset, England; married HONOR (HONOUR) GARLAND (bapt 31 May 1829 St Michael, Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset, England) 6 Jul 1850 Registry Office, Beaminster, Dorset

ELLEN born 1855 Misterton, Somerset
AMELIA born 1857 Misterton, Somerset
MATHEW born 1859 Misterton, Somerset; married ANN REYNOLDS
FREDERICK born 1862 Misterton, Somerset; married SARAH ELIZABETH MORGAN
ELI born 1864 Misterton, Somerset; married SUSAN OSBORNE

Looking for information on William Sibley - where was he born? who were his parents

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Be aware of "facts" ------- a journey to find lineage for HENRY LUCE d. May 1687 Tisbury, Massachusetts

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Mayflower 1620 Passenger List - The Pilgrims

I have put this onto the Family Tree Circles so people can see who actually was on the Mayflower

Here is the complete list for the Mayflower - passengers etc and Plymouth Colony Pilgrims

*Mr. John Carver, Katherine his wife, Desire Minter, and two manservants, John Howland, Roger Wilder. William Latham, a boy, and a maidservant and a child that was put to him called Jasper More.
*Mr. William Brewster, Mary, his wife, with two sons, whose names were Love and Wrestling. And a boy was put to him called Richard More, and another of his brothers. The rest of his children were left behind and came over afterwards.
*Mr. Edward Winslow, Elizabeth his wife and two menservants called George Soule and Elias Story; also a little girl was put to him called Ellen, the sister of Richard More.
*William Bradford and Dorothy his wife, having but one child, a son left behind who came afterward.
*Mr. Isaac Allerton and Mary his wife, with three children, Bartholomew, Remember and Mary. And a servant boy John Hooke.
*Mr. Samuel Fuller and a servant called William Button. His wife was behind, and a child which came afterwards.
*John Crackston and his son John Crackston.
*Captain Myles Standish and Rose his wife.
*Mr. Christopher Martin and his wife and two servants, Solomon Prower and John Langmore.
*Mr. William Mullins and his wife and two children, Joseph and Priscilla; and a servant, Robert Carter.
*Mr. William White and Susanna his wife and one son called Resolved, and one born a-shipboard called Peregrine, and two servants named William Holbeck and Edward Thompson.
*Mr. Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth his wife, and two children called Giles and Constanta, a daughter, both by a former wife. And two more by this wife called Damaris and Oceanus; the last was born at sea. And two servants called Edward Doty and Edward Lester.
*Mr. Richard Warren, but his wife and children were left behind and came afterwards.
*John Billington and Ellen his wife, and two sons, John and Francis.
*Edward Tilley and Ann his wife, and two children that were their cousins, Henry Sampson and Humility Cooper.
*John Tilley and his wife, and Elizabeth their daughter.
*Francis Cooke and his son John; but his wife and other children came afterwards.
*Thomas Rogers and Joseph his son; his other children came afterwards.
*Thomas Tinker and his wife and a son.
*John Rigsdale and Alice his wife.
*James Chilton and his wife, and Mary their daughter; they had another daughter that was married, came afterward.
*Edward Fuller and his wife, and Samuel their son.
*John Turner and two sons; he had a daughter came some years after to Salem, where she is now living.
*Francis Eaton and Sarah his wife, and Samuel their son, a young child.
*Moses Fletcher, John Goodman, Thomas Williams, Digory Priest, Edmund Margesson, Peter Browne, Richard Britteridge, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardiner, Gilbert Winslow.
*John Alden was hired for a cooper at Southampton where the ship victualed, and being a hopeful young man was much desired but left to his own liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed and married here.
*John Allerton and Thomas English were both hired, the latter to go master of a shallop here, and the other was reputed as one of the company but was to go back (being a seaman) for the help of others behind. But they both died here before the ship returned.
*There were also other two seamen hired to stay a year here in the country, William Trevor, and one Ely. But when their time was out they both returned.
These being about a hundred souls, came over in this first ship and began this work, which God of His goodness hath hitherto blessed. Let His holy name have the praise.

William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation,1650


JOHN SCOTT (b. 1799 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) and ELIZABETH PHELPS (b. 1806 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) family

JOHN SCOTT born 10 Nov 1799 Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England; died 1890 Seavington St Michael, Somerset, England; married ELIZABETH PHELPS (bapt 23 Nov 1806 Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England; died 1873 South Petherton. Somerset) 20 Feb 1828 Seavington St Mary. (PHELPS family aka PHILPS, PHILIPS and PHILLIPS).

SARAH born (christened 20 Apr) 1828 Seavington St Mary; married CHARLES VICKERY
MARY ANN born (christened 25 Jun) 1829 Seavington St Mary
FORTUNE born (christened 8 July) 1834 Seavington St Mary; married JACOB LONG
THURZA/THIRZA born 1839 Seavington St Mary; died 1902 Keynsham, Somerset
WILLIAM EDWARD born (christened 25 Mar) 1842 Seavington St Mary
ELIZABETH born 1844 Seavington St Mary
CHILD born and died 20 Apr 1845 Seavington St Mary
JOHN born (christened 27 Oct) 1848 South Petherton; married SARAH ANN MADDOCK

ANNA SCOTT born (christened 28 Oct) 1832 Seavington St Mary; unmarried


Walter SCOTT is my great great grandfather; for more details see Walter Scott

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