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Do you know Mary A. Donnoly from Killycarnon

Do you know Mary A. Donnoly from Killycarnon? Her birth name was Mary Alice Connolly born 1889 in County Cavan. Her parents and family are found in the 1901 census in 74 Ballyconnell St. Ballyconnell, county Cavan. In the 1911 census there is only her mother Alice her brother Francis Connolly and Lizzie the youngest sister. A Patrick Rielly was aged 74 in 1911 and I assume he is Alice's father as she was Alice Rielly born in Drumlougher townland in County Cavan. I have recently came into a copy of Alice's death cert where she was living at Liscraw st? House? Monaghan and she died at the age of 61 so she would have been born in 1862. Present at her birth was Mary A. Donnoly ,Daughter from Killycarnon ,Monaghan. Can anyone help me find her family? I am trying to put together a family timeline and am having no joy finding Mary and Lizzie Connolly but I now know she married a Donnoly in Killycarnon ,Monaghan.

Alice Reilly from Drumlougher townland co Cavan

I have found Alice and also her death certificate was given to me by a kind relation. I know Alice was born in 1862 abt. in co Cavan. She married Michael Connolly in 1885. Michael died in 1905 and Alice worked a farm with her son Francis Connolly and daughter Lizzie Connolly. In 1911 census it has them living in Fermanagh and Alice was 53. She was 61 at her death in co Monaghan,- Liscraw, Monaghan. Her daughter Mary A. Donnoly was present at her death. Mary came from Killycarnon.
If any one knows of Mary A Donnoly from Killycarnon she is a sister to my Granny Bridget Connolly Sparks. If any of these names strike a cord please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Alice Reilly from Drumlougher townland co Cavan

From my own research I have found she was born approx 1863 was married in 1885 and widowed by 1905. She had a widowed male named Patrick Reilly in the 1911 census that may have been her father. I know she had a sister named Bridget who was her witness to her marriage to husband Michael Connolly. I am at a brick wall and cannot find any information about Alice. Any information would be welcome.

Does anyone have an Alice Reilly or Alyce Ryelly born approx 1863 from Drumlougher Townland?

Alice married Michael Connolly from Cranaghan Townland in the parish of Drumlane, county Cavan. The only information I have is from the 1911 census where a Patrick Reilly aged 75 is living with her family and was a widower. The family were living in co Fermanagh in 1911. Michael had died and Alice was farming with her eldest son Francis and youngest daughter Lizzie
Any help with the names Alice Reilly, Michael Connolly or the families of Smith and Martin .The family Smith are related by the marriage of daughter Mary Connolly and Martin by the marriage to Lizzie.

I am looking for my 2x grandparents Alice Rielly Connolly and Mic/Michail/Michael Connelly.

I did not know either existed until a cousin gave me a copy of her grandfathers Baptism Certificate.Her grandfather was Francis Connolly from Redhills, Co Cavan Ireland. My grandmother was his younger sister Bridget. My cousin had a little box full of tiny photos' she had saved from the fire. Her Mother Margaret had been loosing her sight and deemed these of no use to anyone. My couisn and I trolled through the photos' and in the end , as she was leaving she said I could have tham as they were too soiled with age and curled or wrinkled. I scanned them into my computer and took the disc to the store and unlocked 50 years or more , a treasure. The photos' were mainly of My Great Uncle Francis His wife Mary Ann Flannagan Connolly, their 2 daughters Margaret Alice b 1920 and Mary Ann Connolly b 1925 all from Redhills.Among the photos' were my Grandmother Bridget and her females of the Sparks family from Belfast. There are a few of young men who knew the family but no one could put a name to because we grew up in Australia and never met them.The Baptism certificate has Francis details: Parish of Drumlane co Cavan, Francis Connolly, Cranaghan, born 28/6/1887 . Baptised in the Church of Staghall by Rev Edward McGennis. Parents Michael Connolly& Alice Reilly. Sponsors James McMullan and Mary McBrien. You are wondering how I know their name was Connelly. Mic and Alice were married 11/7/1885 in Drumlane Parish ,Mic Connolly from Cranaghan and Alice from Drumlougher. On the cert. I have there are no parents registered but the witness were James McMullen and Bridget Reilly. On the 1901 census that Mic Signed the family were at 74 Ballyconnell, Ballyconnell. The family name was spelled Connelly and on the second page which is hand written the household names are Connelly and the signature was signed Micail Connelly. As I am sure you all know that when someone else is signing your name they at times change the spelling a little. I am sticking to Connelly until Mic dies in or about 1907, I am not exactually sure of the date and the next entry I have is the 1911 census where the family are living at 4 Lisnadurk, Glebe North, Fermanagh. There is just Alice, Francis and Elizabeth or Lizzie.Francis marries Mary Ann Flanaghan and their first daughter Margaret Alice is born in Newtownbutler. Their second daughter Mary Ann or Annie Connolly was born 1925. At this time the family move to Co Cavan and Redhills where they stayed. Francis sisters Mary married a Mr. Smith. Help here would be appreciated,Susan married a Hugh Close in Belfast in 1913. Bridget married John Patrick Sparks in 1913 and Lizzie married ,I think a Mr Martin. Thats is it I don't know anymore. All help would be welcome even the spelling of names and Places. Thank you Marie

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