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John and Rinta Inez (Appleman) Miller

These people are grandparents. They had 11 children, none of whom were called by their proper names. The son I am related to is Floyd Lee Miller, aka "Joe", or "Little Joe", born Dec 1917, Jennings, Pawnee, OK, died Fawn BC 1943.

John Miller is proving a bugger to find. His death certificate (Kamloops BC, 1966) gives the wrong year and place of birth. On his wife Rinta's death certificate (1946, available online at the B.C. Archives geneology index, as a photo), he gives his name as John "More" Miller: that's a potential misspelling of "Moore", per US Census information. I believe Miller was born in 1872 in Racine Wisconsin. He was commonly called Jack, and Unka Dorrell (a son of Miller's) would sometimes refer to him as "J C".

I know someone has a family tree that has him and his family in it on ancestry.ca, but I can't afford to pay what they ask, so I don't know who's it is.

I was told that "his people" were Scottish. I know that the couple was in Illinois, in Oklahoma, in Kansas, and in Idaho. They and their brood came into British Columbia around 1927, likely thru Idaho (where at least two of their sons were born, possibly three), according to the man I called Unka Dorrell (see next paragraph).

Rinta Miller was an amputee, losing a leg to saving a toddler from a train. As the child was said to be Lee D. Miller (Uncle "Dick"), and he was born in about 1921, it would put her injury sometime between 1921 and 1924. Son Theorus Dorrell ("Jimmy") was born in Twin Falls Idaho in 1923, died in BC earlier this decade. The family baby was Wayne. I have found records for 2 other sons (but not their names) in Kansas in 1907 & 1909.

Son John Clayton ("Doc") was a casualty of WWII. I'm to understand he left behind a son and daughter, both in BC.

Daughter Margaret was called "Bob", and the only daughter. The family baby was Wayne.

Miller was a freighter and logger, according to Rinta's death certificate. They were living in the region of Lone Butte (Bridge Lake/Creek) in the 1930's and 40's.

Jack Miller spent 13+ years in a care facility, dying just before the age of 94. It's said the only thing he knew was horses, and his ability with a horse whip is still family legend.

It's Miller I want to find, and man o man, is he a ghost!