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BAWDEN: Edwin/Edward comes to Wisconsin and gets a kick in the head

Edward (nmn) BAWDEN was born to Stephen (nmn) and Elizabeth GILBERT/JELBERT in Redruth, Cornwall, UK on 30 Mar 1817. He was trained as a blacksmith continuing the family trade for at least 2 generations. He was also a miner for tin, gold, or wherever there was work to be had. He was also a supervisor for brother Stephen's SAWANEE MINING CO. in Redruth. Stephen manufactured mining equipment and sold it as an agent in Cuba, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

He left Cornwall for Alaska as a gold miner and mined the nugget he used for his wife Elizabeth Jane KITTO in Redruth when they wed 22 Nov 1840 probably in the Church of England - St. Euny's. (KITTO genesis posted in another blog). Elizabeth Jane was the dtr of John and Elizabeth TEAGUE KITTO born 14 Oct 1816. Family history says John disowned Elizabeth for marrying Edward, and that John was titled - probably Mine Supervisor - and that John dressed better than other employees and had a personality to match.

Elizabeth KITTO BAWDEN worked as a 'special' seamstress - this meant she was very skilled at sewing formal clothing and uniforms because she could work with gold thread. There was a pot of molten gold and the seamstress would dip her needle into the liquid and pull out 'threads' like hot cheese and stitch with it before it became brittle.

The couple came to the US, (2 children were stillborn on the boat), and settled in Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin. They built a house in neighboring Linden and had 5 children. Edwin started a blacksmith business.
Mineral Point is sistered with Redruth, Cornwall, because it had the largest concentration of Redruthians already busy with limestone and tin mining. A mining village, Pendarvis, is in Mineral Point, available for tours and bi-annual Cornish Festivals.

Edwin and Elizabeth had 5 children born in Linden. (A list is in a seperate blog)

Edwin died from a horse kick in the head when he was about 42 yo in 1859. I have seen references that say Elizabeth is buried in the Methodist church yard in Mineral Point with a child, and I have seen a reference that says Edward is buried in Linden and Mineral Point Cemetery. Locations for either have not been ascertained. Elizabeth died (no date) 1896 in Linden.

A grand-nephew, Harry ELDRIDGE BAWDEN, says in his personal history of the BAWDEN family:
Edward BAWDEN joined the gold rush to Alaska. He gave me many Mexican stamps which I will give to my grandchildren.

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December 1st A Ceiling Tickler (1950-1990)

That's what our tree had to be!! Nothing shorter would do.

Some years we had to tie the top of the tree to the curtain rods to balance it. We used clear fishing line.

These trees were so majestic as to tickle the 12-ft. ceilings in our 1875 house. The living room was painted a warm squash yellow, the curtains were gold. We usually had a fire in the living room fireplace and Christmas songs on the stereo. As we got older, the songs were replaced by stacks of vinyl with the Messiah, performed by the organist, choir, and musicians, from the cathedral in Salt Lake City or maybe from England.

Mom started taking us to local performances of the Messiah by the city symphony and the Augustana College Handel Oratorio Choir, so we learned many of the words and could sing along. Now the next generation goes faithfully...Jean would be proud!!

The strings of lights go first. My 2 brothers would have the lights strung out between the living room and dining room on the floor, tightening each bulb and finding a replacement, as quick as possible so as not to burn the carpet. We had to clip each light. It was tedious so we got good at making them look like they were clipped.

Dad was a traditionalist and learned to trim a tree from his Prussian mom and English dad. You start at the top with the small ornaments and by the time you get to the bottom limbs, you should have the biggest ornaments hanging from the bowers. This gives the tree the illusion that it's tall. Often the problem was that the tip of the tree had to go. Not enough room from the tree to the ceiling to put on the tree topper...a long silver etched ornament made as a tree-topper.

Dad loved silver garland because he was the major architect with the silver tinsel - preferring the heavier stuff to the light, easily-tangled cheap tinsel. It had to be hung with no tangles, no wads, like the feathers of an Irish Setter. The 4 of us kids would usually give up and start decorating each other's hair, too impatient to do it right. Dad would do the whole tree with beautiful silver...absolutely gleaming. THEN, he would get the kitchen shears and "trim the bangs" as he would say. Each branch's silver was carefully trimmed to hang evenly.

When the job was all done, we turned the lights down, poured glasses of egg nog with optional nutmeg, sat down and enjoyed our work. When we were younger, dad would sometimes have Tom & Jerry mix from the local bar.

One of my last family trees must have been in the late 1970s. This tree must have been picked last because it was a Charlie Brown ceiling tickler that looked just awesome with all it's decorations. I was moved to write a poem:

Shimmering glimmering long green arms in silver gossamer angel's sleeves
A spindly evergreen transformed from the proverbial ugly duckling
Ruling over all those who are overwhelmed by its spirit,
And adorned with its princely jewels reigns forever
As the true spirit of Christmas.

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BAWDEN - 1812 Stephen's Obituary in local newspaper

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BAWDEN - Harriet comes to the US to be a nanny

Harriet BAWDEN was born/christened 5 Mar 1815 in Redruth, Cornwall, UK, dtr and second child of Stephen and Elizabeth JELBERT/GILBERT BAWDEN. She has 4 brothers [1812 Stephen before her], and 3 sisters.

In the June 1870 US census for Franklin Twp, Naughton County, Michigan (Upper Peninsula mining area), she is a housekeeper for 23-year-old miner Matthew H. DENNIS, 22-year-old wife Eliza Jane and their 1-mo-old son William John.

Matthew DENNIS and Eliza Jane were laborer and housekeeper for Harriet's brother, Stephen and Mary Bawden, who brought them to Rockingham Township in 1860 (see census).

It is not known when Harriet emigrated from Cornwall or where or when she died.

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BAWDEN - Stephen in 1851 Census and 1861 Census

This Stephen was born/christened 19 May 1791, according to the 1851 census in Kenwyn and according to the 1861 census in Gwennap, Cornwall. Gwennap seems to be the more prevalent reference.

He married on 17 Aug 1809 in Redruth, Elizabeth GILBERT/JELBERT - an old transcriber error. GILBERT website and family groups include both names.

Elizabeth was born/christened 18 June 1791 in Redruth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth REYNOLDS GILBERT. Richard was born/christened in Illogan, Cornwall, 24 Oct 1763 and Elizabeth REYNOLDS born/christened 26 Dec 1765 in Redruth.

Stephen was a blacksmith and this BAWDEN family had 8 children. Stephen spent his later years, the family became victuallers at the Redruth Inn - no longer exists - on Fore St. in Redruth. A victualler holds the supply and liquor "license", but this family ran the Inn.

After wife Elizabeth died, Stephen went to spend his last years with daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth BAWDEN who was his executrix, and Michael MACCOOEY/MCCOVEY.

Stephen died with dtr Elizabeth and Michael's family in Redruth on 8 June 1861.

Stephen and wife Elizabeth are buried in St. Euny churchyard in Redruth, Cornwall, UK.

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BAWDEN - Stephen is a grand old name!

Stephen BAWDEN married Lucretia MATTHEW(S) / MATHEW on 14 October 1754 in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall. It was witnessed by James MATTHEWS, her father. She was born 5 Aug 1732 (no place) to James and Miriam (no maiden) MATTHEWS.

They had Stephen ch 19 May 1755, Elizabeth ch 5 Nov 1756 - d 1768, Jane ch 16 Apr 1759, Miriam ch 24 May 1761, Anne ch 12 June 1763, William ch 1 Mar 1767, Elizabeth ch 8 Jan 1769, Mary ch 9 Jun 1771 all in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, UK.

My tree skips a generation - 1755 Stephen. I have no info on him. The next is 1812 Stephen.

This is the farthest my Bawden tree goes. If anyone can fill in blanks, I'd love to know.

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Haplo Group H16157C

I took 2 DNA tests. One was a free cheek swab...they wrote to say because of the high volume of responses, there was no more money to process my DNA test. One was Ancestry...swish some blue green stuff and spit it in a pill cup and mail it back. I am from a group that is not in the mainstream population changes. It is Norwegian-Swedish-Netherlands. I know nothing about this Haplo group, and I haven't found an explanation about the numbers.

Here's my matrilineal history:
1. Carol (me)
2. Jean Evelyn REININGA BAWDEN (1923-2002)
3. Marian WILTSIE ELLIOTT REININGA (1893-1965)
4. Grace Emmerette WILTSIE ELLIOTT (1869-1958)
5. Emmerette/Amorette Maria BEECHER WILTSIE (1822-1916)
6. Prudence Scamm CHADBOURNE BEECHER (1777-1859)

Emmerette Beecher was a cousin of Harriet Beecher - author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. The girls were related through their dads who were brothers.