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SCHLEGEL: Lura, (not Laura), 3rd child of Carl Edward and Minnie ELDRIDGE SCHLEGEL, marries Eugene HAYWARD and live on Philmont Boy Scout Ranch

Lura (not Laura) SCHLEGEL was born 22 Mar 1893 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa. She attended Davenport schools and married Eugene GATES HAYWARD on 1 Mar 1917 at Davenport's Outing Club on Brady St.

Eugene was born 21 Nov 1892 in Eagle Mills, Ouachita, Arkansas, son of Cassius Daniel and Emma Louise WYMAN HAYWARD. He graduated from Iowa State College (now Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa) with a B.S. in Agriculture. They made their home on a ranch in Great Falls, Cascade, Montana where Eugene was employed as a ranch superintendent.

In 1920, the family moved to Cimarron, Colfax, New Mexico where Eugene ws the manager of the 300,000 acre Phillips Ranch which became Philmont, the National Boy Scout Ranch. The HAYWARDS purchased the H & H Ranch near Cimarron where they made their home until 1969, when they sold the ranch and retired from the cattle business. Both Lura and Eugene took active leadership in agricultural organizations which helped improve the lives of ranchers and the cattle business in northern New Mexico.

Lura died 10 May 1970 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Eugene died 20 Nov 1981 at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California; their ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean. They had 7 children:

1. Eugene Junior (middle name, Jr. or nickname??) born 9 Nov 1917 in Great Falls,Montana, graduated from Iowa State University in Ames and was working for Armour & Co. in St. Louis, Missouri, when he disappeared in 1945. An extensive search was made by the family but no trace of him was discovered.
2. Albert WYMAN born 21 Apr 1919 in Great Falls, Montana, died 13 July 1999 in Honolulu. (no burial info)
3. Mary born 25 Aug 1920 in Great Falls, Montana
4. Suzanne born 19 Jun 1922 in Cimarron, New Mexico
5. Lura born 16 Dec 1923 in Cimarron, New Mexico
6. Carl Edward born 10 Oct 1925 in Cimarron, New Mexico, did not marry and lives (1986) on a ranch near Ft Sumner, Colfax, New Mexico where he raises horses. (no access to SSDI)

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SCHLEGEL: Claire, dtr of Minnie ELDRIDGE and Carl Edward SCHLEGEL marries John A. ROSS at Davenport's Outing Club

Claire SCHLEGEL, the 2nd child of Carl Edward and Minnie ELDRIDGE SCHLEGEL, born 21 Aug 1889 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa. She married John Andrew ROSS at the Outing Club on Brady St. on her parents' 30th anniversary.

John was born 3 Apr 1888 in Davenport, son of John W. and Carrie Louisa SCARLETT ROSS. He attended local schools and graduated form Davenport High School. John was the manager of the architectural department of Gordon-Van Tine Company of Davenport where he worked for 33 years. He was a member of the American Institute of Architects. The family were members of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on Brady St.

John died 10 May 1942 at their Davenport home on Ridgewood Avenue. Clair died 11 Oct 1985 in Davenport. They are buried in Davenport's Oakdale Cemetery. They had 2 children.

1. John Andrew Ross, Jr. born 9 Oct 1909 in Davenport, died 3 May 1921 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa. He is buried in Oakdale Cemetery.
2. Mary Elizabeth born 3 Feb 1922 in Davenport.

Claire was the neighborhood "Aunt", neighborhood gathering place for coffee or cocktails and her door was always open. She gave all the neighborhood children a college dictionary for high school graduation. I still have mine. Claire's mother Minnie was a sister of my g-grandmother Jennie ELDRIDGE.

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GLASPELL: Bernard, a dairy farmer, marries Elizabeth WILSON, in Jamestown, Stutsman, North Dakota

Bernard was born 3 Jan 1886 in Jamestown, Stutsman, North Dakota (possibly still Dakota Territory), the youngest son of Samuel LYTER and Kate ELDRIDGE GLASPELL. He graduated from Jamestown High School and attended Armour Tech in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, and North Dakota State University in Fargo. He returned to Jamestown to operate the GLASPELL Dairy on the family farm southeast of town.

Bernard married Elizabeth Madeline WILSON in Jamestown, 28 Aug 1912. She was born 18 Oct 1891 in LaCrosse, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, dtr of Cyrus WILSON (no wife) who were born and married in England. Cyrus changed his name from MacWILSON to WILSON when he came to the US.

Elizabeth attended school in Minneapolis, came to Jamestown where she was employed as a salesperson in the Ben Orlandy Dry Goods Company.

The GLASPELLS retired from the dairy business in 1954 and lived with their son Samuel in Jamestown. Bernard died 29 Jun 1962, and Elizabeth died 9 Oct 1975. Both are buried in Highland Home Cemetery near Jamestown. Elizabeth WILSON GLASPELL was a member of St. James Catholic Church;. They had 2 sons.

1. Bernard Gordon GLASPELL born 19 Oct 1915 in Jamestown.
2. Samuel LYTER GLASPELL born 17 Jan 1918 in Jamestown where he graduated form St. John's Academy in 1936. After attending busines school, he began work with International Harvester (farm equipt) dealership in Jamestown.
In 1942 Sam enlisted in the Army where he served as a T-3 in Rhineland and Central Europ with the 12th Armoured Division of Gen. Patton's 3rd Army. He was discharged in 1946 and returned to Jamestown where he worke3d as parts mgr for International harvester until his 1982 retirement.
He did not marry, but cared for his parents until they died. (1986) Sam lives in Jamestown where for 17 years he has been a member of City Council and Exauted Ruler of Jamestown 995 Elks, form 1957-58. He died 24 Jun 1990 (no location SSDI).

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CHRISTMAS MEMORIES: Binc BAWDEN loved to be a showman

George Ray BAWDEN, Jr was born in Davenport, Scott, Iowa to George Ray and Viola DUVALL BAWDEN on 7 Mar 1924 at 161 Forest Road. Ray had the house built before his marriage to Vi and it was out in the boonies then.

He loved to be a showman...Christmas was his best!

One year, he borrowed the neighbor's Radio Flyer and, while we were in bed, dumped 400 silver dollars in the wagon. Not very quietly...these heavy coins hitting the metal wagon!

When he got them from the bank, he also got 4 bank bags, the cloth kind. On Christmas day, the 4 of us children had to count out 100 silver dollars each and put them in the bag. I still have my bank bag.

Binc was the president of a full-service advertising company, BAWDEN Brothers, Inc. He took 400 1-dollar bills and had them made into $100 tablets complete with the cardboard back. We had to run to the convenience store for batteries for toys and we started tearing off $1 bills and the clerk wouldn't sell the batteries because he was sure the money was counterfit.

One Christmas, he gave mom a Honda scooter so she could ride down the hill to the convenience store or grocery store, or to friends for early-morning coffee or 5:00 cocktails. Dad and the 2 boys had the scooter delivered Christmas eve day and put in the garage. They diverted Mom and brought the scooter in the house and put it in the living room by the tree. You can imagine Mom's surprise Christmas morning.

One Christmas, he bought tickets and made reservations for Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, a spot they'd been going to for several years. He had Mom go on a scavenger hunt in the house with very creative clues. He held the plane tickets in his hand when she was directed back to the living room.

The last memory was interesting...must have been the early 60s. He bought Mom a gorgeous watch with a diamond bezell, found a big red glass round ornament, stuffed it with cotton and put the watch in the ornament and hung it on the tree. When we were done opening presents, Dad asked the boys to get a spoon and bring it to Mom. He told her there was one more present hanging on the tree. There was no way she could tell where. He brought her the ornament and told her to break it. Of course Mom didn't want to break this pretty ornament but we got her a towel and put it on her lap. She hit the ornament several times and it wouldn't break. Then we told her to hit it hard. It broke in several pieces and there was the watch.

Christmas day held the "what will Dad do this year" kind of excitement.

Dad's been gone since 1 Mar 1986

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GLASPELL: Eula, dtr of Samuel LYTER and Kate ELDRIDGE, marries dentist and Sp-Am war veteran, Dr. Larry BARD McLAIN

Eula/Eulie GLASPELL was born 12 Jun 1877 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, the first child of Hon. Samuel LYTER and Kate ELDRIDGE GLASPELL. She was brought to Jamestown, Stutsman, North Dakota when it was still Dakota Territory when she was three years old.

Eula attended Jamestown schools, graduating from Jamestown High School in 1895. After graduation, she went to Europe to study music, art and languages in Paris for three years, returning to the University of Chicago to study for two more years.

On 1 Jan 1903 in Jamestown, Eula married Dr. Larry BARD McLAIN, a dentist and veteran of the Spanish-American War. Dr. McLAIN was born 19 Sept 1879 (my source says 1875) in Wheeling, Ohio, West Virgini, son of Dr. David BARD McLAIN who was an early settler and dentist in Jamestown.

Eula and Larry made their home in Jamestown where he had his dental practice, and whee she was active in literary, civic and patriotic organizations. She was a member of the Christian Science Church as were her parents.

Eula GLASPELL McLAIN died in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 3 Sept 1929. Larry died 30 Oct 1941 in Jamestown. They are buried in Highland Home Cemetery in Jamestown. They had 2 children;

1. Alan born 28 May 1906 in Jamestown where he graduated from high school. He attended Principia School for 9th & 10th grade in suburban St. Louis, Missouri (still exists). He married 1st Clara W. J. HORMAN on 14 Oct 1936 in Lisbon, Ransom, North Dakota (no disposition). He married Mary (no maiden, no date or location). Alan made his home in San Mateo, San Mateo, California, he died 16 Feb 1978 in Mountain View, Santa Clara, California and Mary is buried with him in the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, California. They had no children.

2. Jean / Jene was born (SSDI) 21 Sep 1916 (my source 23 Oct 1915)in Jamestown. She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, the University of Minnesota and Pepin School of Fashion before working in Minneapolis at Dayton Dept. Store as a stylist and model. During WWII she enlisted in the Coast Guard as a SPAR and served in Florida.

In 1944 (no date) in Florida (no location) she married George HAMMOND, a B-17 bombardier who was killed 11 months in Germany after their marriage. Jean joined the Civil Service Commission and worked in Atlanta, George before transferring to the State Department for a 2-year tour of duty in Korea. In Dec 1948 (no date) she married Stanley Norman KEMP, son of Claude and Viola DIEDRICHS KEMP, who had also served during WWII as a bombardier in Germany. They lived in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon where San worked as an electrical engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers and later for the Bonneville Power Administration in the Portland area. He died 2 Feb 1980 at Seaside, Ocean, Oregon. They had 1 son:

Larry BARD KEMP born 22 Sept 1949 (my source) (SSDI) 20 Sept 1948 in Portland. She served in the Viet Nam war after graduation from high school in 1968. No other information.

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ELDRIDGE: Naomi DRUMGOOLE MARTIN - A Happy Conclusion of a Local Romance

Naomi was born 11 Oct 1884 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, the last child of Bowman Henry and Margaret DRUMGOOLE ELDRIDGE.

In 1903 she eloped with Clinton Oliver Martin to Peoria, Illinois where on 20 Oct 1903 at the home of Bishop Spaulding, they were married. Clinton was born 8 July 1872 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania son of John H. and Rachel POOL MARTIN. The marriage license states that Naomi was 19 years-of-age, while Clinton was 28 years old. [1880 census Clinton was 8 yo. My source said 1876]

This article appeared in the Davenport Democrat newspaper 25 Oct 1903, p 14.
A Happy Conclusion of a Local Romance
A Marriage of Six Months Ago Made Known

Clint MARTIN and Miss Naomi ELDRIDGE Announce Their Wedding in Peoria Last May After a Period of Painful Suspense and Opposition

An interesting romance was made public in this city Saturday, and caused a gentle flutter of interest in the vicinity of a good many friends of the principal figures in the case.

Early in the season friendship that had existed between Clint MARTIN, the left fielder of the Davenport baseball team, and Miss Naomi ELDRIDGE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bowman H. ELDRIDGE advanced to the more intimate stage of an engagement of marriage, but there it encountered the unyielding opposition of the girl's parents. They objected on the ground that she was too young to assume the responsibilities of her own home, being not yet out of her teens. She declined to surrender her lover, and her parents refused to sanction her marriage, and there the matter hung.

It was in the person of James DRUMGOOLE, uncle of the bride, became interested. His niece confided her troubles to him, and assured him that marry she would; with parental consent of that could be had, without if it could not be got. If the opposition did not cease to bar the way to her happiness, she would elope with her lover and be married regardless.

Mr. DRUMGOOLE saw that it was time for making the best of the situation, so he held a council of the young people and told them that if they were bound to commit matrimony, they should do it in the proper way. He is a traveling man and was about to make a trip into Indiana, and he advised them to run over to Peoria with him on his way to the Hoosier state, and have the ceremony done in the right way. And this was what they did. The ceremony was performed at Peoria, May 4, at the home of the Right Reverend John SPAULDING, bishop of the diocese of Peoria. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Father BURKE. Mr. DRUMGOOLE was the witness and attendant.

After the marriage, the couple returned to this city, the bride to her parents' home, the groom to his quarters as a member of the Davenport ball team. The marriage was kept a secret by them. They were so circuspect in their meetings that no inkling of their new relation was gathered by their relatives and friends, and their good uncle kept his own counsel. Probably time never seemed to drag as it did then, for either of the young people. They both stood the ordeal well until Mrs. ELDRIDGE discovered the truth about two weeks ago.

Coming up behind her daughter one day, about that time, she found Naomi gazing fondly at a ring worn on one of her lily fingers. It was in the place where a wedding ring is worn. The girl equivocated, when an explanation was demanded, to the extent of saying that it was her engagement ring, but when her mother wanted to know why, she wore it as a badge of wifehood, she was unable longer to contain the secret and confessed.

Just what happened then belongs to the private history of the ELDRIDGE family, and is the business of nobody else, but it is the understanding tht the parents received the announcement as a good deal of a shock. For the past two weeks, it is believed the young wife has not been thehappiest of women. But Saturday teh good uncle came on the scene again, having returned from a trip among his trade, and under his arguments and persuasions, a truce was reached. The parents agreed to do the sensible thing and take the young people in, and let the news be given out. Under the new management, Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. ELDRIDGE at 424 W. 5th St. and peace will hover over the scene and the hateful secrecy and separation be at an end.

The groom in this interesting affair is an employee of the Arsenal, where he has been working ever since the ball team disbanded. He is a steady young man and is regarded as worthy of teh confidence of the young lady who has entrusted him with her future. He takes his responsibility with a proper degree of seriousness, and whether he plays ball for Davenport next year or not, he is to be congratulated on his last and best home run of this season."

The marriage did not last, for on 16 Dec 1908 p. 7 of the Davenport Democrat was printed:

"J.P. DRUMGOOLE of this city has just received a communication from a friend in Frankfurt, Pennsylvania, conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Clinton O. MARTIN who is well known in this city. Mr. MARTIN was engaged about five years ago as an outfielder on the Davenport Baseball Club on the Three I League and also played with Rock Island and Decatur and Bloomington. He was married in this city six years ago to Miss Naomi ELDRIDGE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. ELDRIDGE. He is survived by wife and two children.

[1 Margaret Rachel born 3 Mar 1904 in Davenport. She died in childhood.
2 Naomi Catherine born 25 Jun 1905 in Davenport, married Joe D. DEEN, who was employed at the Lunex Co. in Davenport. Naomi died 7 Jan 1974 in Davenport and is buried in Davenport's Mt. Calvary Cemetery.]

On 9 Feb 1912 at St. Anthony's Chapel, Davenport, Naomi ELDRIDGE MARTIN became the second wife of Alfred Vincent MILLER. He was born 20 Aug 1883 in LaPointe City, Black Hawk, Iowa, son of Jacob MILLER, (no mother).

Alfred died 17 May 1963 in Davenport; he had worked as a boilermaker for the Rock Island Railroad fr 36 years before he retired in 1947. He had 1 dtr by his first marriage, Elizabeth MILLER.

Naomi lived with her parents and brother, Nathaniel, before she married Alfred at 424 W. 5th St. and gave piano lessons. In 1963 she retired after working for 26 years for the Physicians and Surgeons Exchange in Davenport. Naomi died 7 Feb 1967 in Davenport andis buried with her husband, Alfred in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. They were members of Sacred Heart Cathedral.

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ELDRIDGE: Bowman Joseph marries Loretta Marie MICLOT and they have 5 children: Joseph Bowman, Mary Ellen, Julia Veronica, Catherine Margaret, and Josephine Agnes

Bowman Joseph was born 14 Feb 1879 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, first son of Bowman Henry and Margaret DRUMGOOLE ELDRIDGE. He was educated at St. Anthony's Parochial School next to the church.

He began work in 1896 at age 17 as a flagman for teh C.M. & St. Paul RR and was promoted to switchman. He was employed at the Rock Island Arsenal 1916-1923. Later, he was a self-employed painter.

He married Loretta Marie MICLOT on 14 Jan 1902 in Davenport's Sacred Heart Cathedral on 10th and Iowa. Loretta was the dtr of a French immigrant, Joseph and Julia NATHAN MICLOT (born in NY). Loretta was born on 23 Jan 1879 in Davenport. Both parents died before Julia's engagement. Brother John B. Miclot gave Loretta's hand in marriage.

Bowman Joseph died 18 Aug 1946 in Davenport; Loretta died 25 Jun 1937 in Davenport. They were members of Sacred Heart Cathedral and are buried in Davenport's Mt. Calvary Cemetery.

Children all born in Davenport:
1. Joseph BOWMAN born 10 Nov 1902, d. Sept 1982 Davenport
2. Mary Ellan, born 18 Sept 1904, called Marie by family, married 1 Oct 1931 Bernard Vernon STROMBERG in Sacred Heart. They had 2 children: Patrick John born Iowa City, Iowa and Ruth Ann born in Davenport.
3. Julia Veronica born 11 Nov 1907
4. Catherine Margaret born 15 Dec 1912, died of pneumonia 21 Jan 1913 in Davenport
5. Josephine Agnes born 23 Sept 1917, married Raymond J. LAAKE on 10 Apr 1948. They had 4 children in Davenport: Gene Lawrence born 4 May 1949; Gary Edward born 6 Jul 1950; Daniel Joseph born 20 Jan 1953; Lorraine Ann born 3 Nov 1954 all in Davenport.

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ELDRIDGE: Duncan CHALLEN, son of Micajah LIPPINCOTT and Maggie BERRY, becomes the clock man

Duncan CHALLEN was born 21 May 1868 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa and was named for his father and the pastor who married his parents.

After attending Davenport schools, "Chal" as he was called, began at age 17, blueing guns at the Rock Island Arsenal where he worked through three wars.

He left for other employment but returned to the Arsenal in 1898 at the time of the Spanish American War. During WWI, he was in charge of all the clocks on the Island, and each day synchronized and wound by hand, more than 200 time pieces.

In 1925 he left the Arsenal to become the "Clock Man" for the Rock Island Lines, keeping all the self-setting and self-winding clocks in repair. Chal became known as one of the most expert clock repairmen in America, maintaining railroad clocks from all over the country, including the large clock in the tower at the La Salle Street Station in Chicago.

During WWII, he returned to the Arsenal, not to work on clocks but as an inspector of springs for machine guns. At his retirement, he had served the United States for more than 30 years.

Duncan married Annette HUTCHINSON on 4 Apr 1901 in Davenport by the Minister of the Christian Church. She was the dtr of Joseph and Elizabeth WALKER HUTCHINSON. She was born 29 Mar 1869 in Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio where she attended school. She died 21 Jul 1949 in Davenport. She and Duncan are buried in Davenport's Oakdale Memorial Gardens.

Duncan was an active member of the Masons, the Presbyterian Church and the National Council of Presbterian Men. He died 6 Feb 1951 in Davenport.

Duncan and Annette had a daughter.

Ethel born 27 Nov 1904 in Davenport, attended Davenport schools and graduated from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. In 1924, with an A.B. degree, she taught English, Latin, drama and literature in the high school at Armstrong, Iowa, until 1935 Ethel married Leroy Melvin VANDENBURGH who was born 11 Sept 1907 in Armstrong, Iowa, son of George B. and Anna STOKER VANDENBURGH. Leroy attended Armstrong schools, Estherville Junior College and was trained as a mortician at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy worked in the mortuary where the body of President Franklin D. ROOSEVELT was prepared for burial.

On 12 Jan 1954, while working as a chemical salesman, Leroy was killed in an automobile accident at rural Wallace, Franklin, Arkansas. The cause of his death was unusual. Bottles of embalming fluid which Mr. VANDENBURGH carried inhis car, broke and the fumes from the fluid caused his death. Ethel died 18 Mar 1981 in Oklahoma City, Payne, Oklahome. They are buried in Grove Cemetery in Armstrong, Emmet, Iowa. They had one son, Leroy Melvin VANDENBURGH, JR.born 8 Dec 1944 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was killed in an automobile accident near Stillwter, Payne, Oklahoma, on 22 Apr 1966 and was buried with is parents in Armstrong, Iowa.

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ELDRIDGE: Jacob MULLEN, father of 9, real estate developer, railroad developer, insurance agent, gson Harry BAWDEN repeats stories

ELDRIDGE: Jennie tells family stories about life in Davenport, and some are repeated about her

The Eldridge-Bawden Families: The Ancestry and Descendants of Duncan Campbell Eldridge and Stephen Bawden, Scott County, Iowa; author-compiler Alice Richardson Sloan, C.G. (dec 2011), commissioned by John Duvall Bawden (dec 1992), Bettendorf, Iowa; Anundsen Pub Co., Decorah, Iowa , 1986, 290 pps, no copyright, no ISBN, in the personal library of this writer.

These come from the appendix of the above vinyl-bound family history.

A couple who are native to our town and how have the friendship and esteem of all who know them, were married last evening at the home of the bride's parents. Nettie B. CHENOWETH was the bride's companion at the altar and Mr. Ed IRWIN of Muscatine was the groom's best man. The bride is a young lady of charming graces and elegancies, and the young husband is greatly respected here in his native city and in his practice of law. The Journal (Muscatine newspaper) remarks that Mr. and Mrs. BAWDEN will take up their abode in the Spring residence, 3rd Street hill, which has been handsomely furnished for the reception of the bride. Muscatine society will extend a warm welcome to the estimable young couple. Mr. BAWDEN, during his two-year residence in this city, has won the high personal esteem of all with whom he has come in contact, and has proven himself a business man of fine abilities. The bride is one of Davenport's brightest and loveliest young ladies and will quickly win a place in the hearts of a whole host of friends in Muscatine.
Davenport Democrat 5 Mar 1885 Front page

The Jennie BAWDEN and [sister] Minnie SCHLEGEL families for years celebrated Christmas and the Fourth of July at each others home. Often the BAWDEN boys would throw bisquits at the SCHLEGEL girls. Between courses, [Minnie's dtr] Claire would lead us kids out doors and run around the house to make more room for the food to follow. At Christmas each family had large Christmas trees lighted with candles and we all sang [sic] O Tanabam.
Harry BAWDEN's Family History about the Minnie ELDRIDGE SCHLEGEL family.

I5t's difficult for most Davenporters to imagine Indians wandering through the yards of homes in the vicinity of Kirkwood Blvd and Farnam St.

However, Mrs. Jennie BAWDEN, 29 Edgehill Terrace, doesn't have a difficult time imagining such occurrences. She remembers them! Mrs. BAWDEN who celebrated her 90th birthday this week recalls many equally fascinating experiences in early Davenport.

Daughter of J.M. (Jake) ELDRIDGE, prominent Scott County real estate man for whom the community of Eldridge is named, Mrs. BAWDEN spent her early years inthe family home at Kirkwood and Farnam. One of her earliest recollections is seeing the Indians walk through her yard. A tree onthe property bore the markings of an Indian trail. They stopped to greet members of her family.

I had such black hair, they thought I was a papoose, and they always begged mymother to let them hold me, the sprightly little lady says.

Mother would usually offer them a pie, fresh from the oven, and they'd be on their way, she added.

Jennie married George Washington BAWDEN, then a recent graduate of the Iowa University Law School, in 1885. The couple lived in Muscatine for several years and their first son Albert was born there. Another memorable experience was pushing Albert in his baby buggy across the then 'new' bridge spanning the Mississippi River at Muscatine (Iowa).

The First Presbyterian Church was located in the 600 block on Brady St. in what is now part of the Davenport Public Museum. Construction of the present church in what wasw then considered suburban Davenport (Kirkwood and Iowa) is vivid in the memory of the 90-year-old woman.

When effects of the church were transported to the new building in a procession, the BAWDEN's 14-year-old son, Albert had the distinction of carrying the Bible, his mother reported. [ed note: I read where noted jazz cornetist Bix BEIDERBECKE had the same honor.]

Bicycling and canoeing were 2 popular sports for young married couples in Davenport such as the BAWDENs.

Another vivid recolletion for Mrs. BAWDEN is the advent of the 'horseless carriage' on Davenport streets. It seems one of the first automobile owners was Harry RYAN [George's nephew]. Mrs. BAWDEN recalls embarrassment the day Mr. RYAN was a caller in her home and they looked out the window in time to see her teenage sons, Ray and Harry, and chum, Dana WATERMAN taking a spin down the boulevard in the new limousine.