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SHIVERS: John was probably born in England, married Sarah (nln) and they had 5 children in NJ (my reference)

John was probably born in England and came to West New Jersey (territory status) where he married Sarah (nln) about 1690. In 1692 he purchased a large tract of land in Waterford Twp where he lived and operated a saw mill until his death on 13 Jan 1716 (no location - prob Waterford).

He died intestate leaving a large estate which included his one-half interest in a two hundred-acre tract of land in Newton Twp. The SHIVERS were Quakers.

1. Samuel married Martha DEACON
2. John married Mary CLEMENT
3. Mary married Thos BATES
4. Hannah married John MATLACK
5. Josiah married Ann BATES

No other info. This surname weighs lightly in my tree. I'm just entering it for anybody to use.

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SHIVERS: John marries Sarah (nln) and they had 5 children in New Jersey...dtr Hannah married John MATLACK

John was probably born in England and came to West New Jersey where he married Sarah (no last name) about 1690. [no mention of Sarah's last name in John MATLACK's blog]. In 1692 he purchased a large tract of land at Waterford Twp where he made his home and operated a new mill until his death on 13 Jan 1716. He died intestate leaving a large estate which included his one-half interest in a two hundred-acre tract in Newton twp. The SHIVERS were Quakers.

1. Samuel married Martha DEACON
2. John married Mary CLEMENT
3. Mary married Thos BATES
4. Hannah married John MATLACK
5. Josiah married Ann BATES

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SCHMIDT: George married Katherine (nln) and they had 2 children in southern Illinois (my reference)

George was born in Germany and came to the US in 1856 where he settled in Beardstown, Cass, Illinois with his wife Katherine (no maiden).

He was pastor of Lutheran Church at Beardstown. They died in Beardstown.

Descendants of George SCHMIDT were mentioned in the will of Edward F. Duval (one L) of Taylorville, Illinois. Luther SCHMIDT, Marie SCHMIDT NICHOLSON, and Ruth schmidt at the funeral of John Frederick Duvall (2 Ls) in 1936, Rev. Arthur SCHMIDT of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a nephew, read prayers.

1. Catherina Elizabeth b 13 Jul 1836 in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. She married Henry HANSMEYER (this writer's paternal grandmother's parents)

2. Son (unnamed) who married (no name) and had children. (no info)

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MILLER: Jonathan ROSS Jr m. Elizabeth DICKINSON who was married to Daniel BAKER; 3 generations listed

Jonathan was born 1715 in Rahway, Union, New Jersey, married Elizabeth who had several children with Daniel BAKER and were absorbed and took the name MILLER. Jonathan's parents Jonathan MILLER and Abagail ROSS.

Elizabeth was born 1721 and died 29 Nov 1788 (no location).

1. Moses b 1745 Rahway, d 17 Jan 1777 (no location), m. Esther MAXWELL b. ???, d 12 Sep 1829; Moses will dated 15 Jan 1777, proved 25 Jun 1778 in Essex County, NJ. Had Ezra b 1777 in Westfield; and Sara b 1774
2. Abigail b 10 Sept 1737, d 18 Mar 1802, Westfield, NJ
3. Sarah b Sept 1744 in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ
4. Melyn (male) b 1743, Rahway, d 8 May 1795 (no location)
5. Jonathan III b 9 Feb 1747, d 13 Mar 1819
6. Elizabeth b ???, d 1798 (no date, location)

Moses' son Ezra married Mary HIGH born Aug 1775 in Westfield, dtr of John and Rachel SQUIRE HIGH Jr. Ezra d age 71 on 26 Oct 1838 in Westfield; Mary died age 73 on 11 Mar 1859 in Westfield. They had 5 children: My ref only has Eliza High. I have added the other 4 from online trees.

1. Eliza HIGH b 1801 in Westfield m. Charles Clark WILLIAMS (see C.C. Williams blog - Mary High WILLIAMS ELDRIDGE parents)
2. Rachel b 1 Nov 1806 Wstfield, M. John DUKE
3. Elizabeth b 20 Dec 1771 (no location)
4. Smith b 14 Jan (no year)
5. Sarah b 1774

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MIDDLETON: John marries Catherine FRENCH and Sarah MATLACK - - dtr Sarah marries Josiah ELDRIDGE, (parents of Duncan Campbell)

John was born 12 Dec 1737, in Evesham Twp, Burlington, New Jersey, married Catherine FRENCH 8 Apr 1763. She died 1773. They had 5 children (my reference)

1. Martha b 15 Jul 1764
2. Joseph b 23 Aug 1766
3. John b 27 Aug 1768
4. Mary b 4 Nov 1769
5. Ann b 17 Jan 1771 Haddonfield, Camden, NJ m. David TEST

John married Sarah MATLACK 10 Sept 1775. She was born 4 Dec 1744 dtr of John and Hannah SHIVERS MATLACK.

1. Samuel b 1777 m. Ann Crawford
2. Sarah b 1779 prob Evesham, Burlington, NJ, m. Josiah ELDRIDGE, Duncan's parents
3. Joseph m Anna ELLIS
4. Jacob b 1782 m. Mary FORTNER

John died intestate. On 25 Oct 1793, wife Sarah Matlack Middleton and Edward GIBBS, brother-in-law to Sarah (sister Hannah), were made administrators of his estate. They were Quakers.

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MIDDLETON: Thomas Jr. born prob in England, married Mary HUDSON, he was yeoman and shoemaker in Evesham Twp.

Thomas, son of Thomas and Martha SMITH MIDDLETON, married ca 1710, Mary HUDSON dtr of John and Mary STOKES HUDSON. She was born ca 1698 and died btw 1750 and 1753.

Thos was a yeoman of Evesham Twp, and perhaps a shoemaker. He married second, Mrs. Jane ENGLE NICHOLSON in 1753. She died in 1761. He made his will 10 May 1761 and it was proved 2 Jun 1761. They were Quakers. They had 7 children (my reference).

1. Thomas married Esther BARTON
2. Hudson b ca 1722 Evesham, d ca 1769 Chester, Burlington, NJ
3. Martha married Abraham WILSON
4. Deborah married Enoch BURROUGH and second, Joseph ARMSTRONG
5. Ruth married Wm HIGBEE
6. Mary married John ASHEAD
7. John born 12 Dec 1737 in Evesham

No other information.

This surname weighs lightly in my tree. I'm posting it for anyone to use.

MIDDLETON: Thomas (possible 1st name) marries probably Martha SMITH and there are 7 children (my reference)

Possibly 1st name Thomas (my reference blank but author conjectured from England marriage records) married Martha SMITH in Lancaster Parish, Yorkshire, England on 4 Jun 1667. Martha as a widow possibly came back to NJ bought property in Burlington in 1710.

No info on Thos.

Martha made her will 12 Jul 1712 at Burlington; it was proved 20 Jul 1712.

1. Thomas born 1682 probably in England
2. John married Elizabeth (nln) and second, Katherine LIACON HATFIELD
3. Wiliam married Sarah BRANDETH
4. Martha married John ROGERS
5. Mary possibly married James BROWN
6. Elizabeth did not marry
7. Jane married John RICHARDSON

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MEYER: Frederick married Catherine(a) M. BURKESIKUS - dtr Mary is the DUVAL link to Viola, Pauline and Henrietta DUVALL's mother

Frederick was born 8 Dec 1805 in Prussia and came to America in 1848 with his brother, Henry.

The following appears in "Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler, and Brown Counties, Illinois, publ 1892"

"Fred MEYER, a retired farmer of Arenzville was born in Prussia, Germany in 1805. He came of Prussian parents who lived and died when quite old. His father, Gotlieb H. MEYER, was a German farmer and his wife was a Prussian lady, formerly Anna ROCHE. They were members ofthe Luthyeran Church.

Fred was one of 5 sons and one daughter. The latter lived and died in Germany. The ;five sons all came to the United States at different times, Fred and a brother, Henry are the only surviving members of the family. The former grow up and was married in his native province to Catherine M. Burkesikus. She came of an old Prussian family. After the birth of all ltheir children but one, they came to the United States in Dec 1848, leaving Bremen on a sailing vessel and landing at New Orleans after a trip of nine weeks and three days. They proceeded up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, and from there to Beardstown and began farming the next year. Here Mrs. Meyer died, in 1865, at the age of forty-three. She and her husband were members of the Lutheran Church. They had five children: William a farmer in thisprecinct, married Carrie TALKEMEIER; Mary wife of William Dougal (s/b Duval) farmer near Taylorville, Illinois; minnie formerly wife of Fred NORDSIEK and the mother of seven children; Mary A. at home, Lizzie wife of Henry HIERMAN, farmer of this county; Henry, Lena, Ann and John all at home. Another son, now deceased, maned Henry A. married Minnie YOST.

Mr. MEYER began in this county in 1848 andin time since then has by hard work accumulated a large property. HE had only 100 acres at first but now has 474 acres, most of which is well improved, with good farm buildings. He has always been a hardworking man, and although now eighty-eight years of age, is as active as ever and in perfect health. He has been a good citizen, a Republican in politics and now lives in retirement with his daughter Minnie (Mrs. NORDSIEK) on section 7, township 17, range 11. He is a good old man, greatly respected by all who know him.

Frederick and Catherine(a) M. BURKESIKUS were married in Prussia before coming to America with their children. She was born 23 Dec 1809 in PRussia. Fred and Catherine farmed near Arenzville, Illinois, a small town southwest of Beardstown. Catherine W. MEYER died 7 May 1865 in Arenzville and is buried in the St. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery near that town. fred lived with his daughter until his death 28 Feb 1897. He is buried beside his wife in the St. Peter's Cemetery. His will, on record at Cass County, Illinois Court House named son-in-law Wm Duvall, as executor. However Wm Duval declined to serve as executor and John F. Duval[l], his grandson,w as appointed in his place.

1. William, born in Prussia married Carrie TALKEMEIER. They farmed near Arenzville, Illinois.
2. Mary born 1840 in Prussia married Wm DUVAL born 1837 in Illinois.
3. Wilhelmina born 1844 in Prussia married Frederick NORDSIEK, a wagon maker. They lived near Arenzville, Illinois and had seven children. She died 1913 and is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery near Arenzville. Their children were: Mary A. Nordsiek, Lizzie NORDSIEK HIERMAN, Emma NORDSIEK KLOKER, Henry, Lena, Ann, and John NORDSIEK.
4. Son, name knot known
5. Henry W. born 1854 in Arenzville, Illinois, married Minnie YOST

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MATLACK / MATLOCK: John son of John and Hannah HORNER MATLACK, marries Hannah SHIVERS and they have 4 children (my reference)

John was born ca 1711 in Waterford, New Jersey.

He married Hannah SHIVERS, dtr of John and Sarah SHIVERS and settled in Waterford.

He died ca 1774 in Haddonfield. His will dated 24 May 1774 was probated 22 Mar 1775, mentions wife Hannah, dtrs Hannah, Sarah and Amy and children of Anna who was deceased. The family were Quakers.

1. Anna married John Lippincott
2. Hannah married Edw Gibbs
3. Amy married Wm Ellis Jr.
4. Sarah married John Middleton

No other information. This name figures lightly in my tree. I post it to help anyone.

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MATLACK / MATLOCK: John son of Wm and Mary HANCOCK, marries Hannah HORNER and Mary LEE, there were 19 children

John was born ca 1682 in Chester, Burlington, New Jersey, son of Wm and Mary HANCOCK MATLOCK.

In 1705 before his marriage, he purchased 200 acres of land in Waterford Twp near Haddonfield. He married Hannah HORNER, 3rd mo 20 1708 in Northampton, dtr of Isaac and Lydia HORNER.

After giving birth to 3 children, Hannah died, and in 1721, John married Mary LEE, dtr of Francis LEE (no mother) who came with her parents from England. They had 19 children, the names of ten(my source) are known, but my list has 13 (so what does it matter?). John's will was probated 14 Mar 1765. The family were Quakers.
Hannah's children
1. Isaac married Rebecca Bates
2. Jacob married Ruth Woddathall
3. John born ca 1711 in Waterford, New Jersey
Mary LEE's children
4. Keviah amrried Benjamin Heritage
5. Hannah married John Maxfield
6. Abigail married Thos Stokes
7. Bathsheba married Ezekiel Lippincott
8. Lydia married Benjamin Graysbury
9. Sarah married John Rowland, and JOseph Browning
10. Esther married Jonathan French and Vespasian Kemble
11 Benjamin married Jane Cheesman
12. Ephraim
13. Mary married Joab Hillman

No further info. This name figures lightly in my tree. I'm posting it for anyone.

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