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Very weird and unusual question

Is there such a place where you can look up relatives who had a reputation
for entertaining men folk during the era of 1789-1887,meaning to satisfy their
needs personal needs[

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Looking for Mary Coldwell

Mary Coldwell as have just found out is the daughter of elizabeth
Elizabeth is meant to have married Samuel Dawson[not verified]
it is also noted that she married a tayler is this true

Looking for Mary Coldwell

Can anybody possibly help with helping to find this person.
Not much is known about her im afraid only have year of birth
and place where she was born.
Born in Barnsley,Yorkshire
Year 1836
Anything about her please would be invaluable to the family

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Looking for any any information please on the Verrall family/Trendall families.
Looking for any information on Albert EDWARD Trendall=[1868-1950.
It is believed that the family[Trendall family came from Australia] but at some point came to
New Zealand, as it is believed[not verified]that Albert married a New Zealand lass by the name of
Annie Caroline Verrall.
The Verralls are originally from England and came to New Zealand at some point.
William Verrall is the possible father to Alfred Verrall who was born in England
Alfred is said to have left England in 1865 from Gravesend,kENT i think.
Is there a possibilty that Alfred had siblings,if so who are they?
Albert is another person of great interest and i cant seem to find any information on them at all.
There are some questions .Did Albert and Annie have any children if so how man?

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looking for Ellen Sharp [1842-

I am looking for any information on Ellen Sharp born in Bocley,Kent.
She is the daughter of William and Amey Sharp.
She had one sibling named Stephen Walter Sharp
I have information on Stephen but nothing on his sibling or parents
Any help appreciated

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Anna&Eliza Hickson

Could anybody please tell me anything about these two sisters
Anna was born in 1870 and Eliza was born in 1873.
There parents are Willam James Hickson and Mary Hickson[nee ELLISON]
They were as i am led to believe lived in Over,Cheshire.
William worked in SALTMINES or SALTWORKS.
There is a possiblity that Anna may have been adopted by the family but thats of no matter,what i would dearly love to know about these two sisters is did they marry ,if so who ,and did they have any children at all.
I understand through the family that both sisters were striking in their mannerisms and inner beauty.
If its possible too please could i know where they died and from what.
These two women have a special place in my heart please help me to find out more about them.
Thanks ever so much

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trying to find my anna

Please is there someone that can possibly help me to find this lady,please i am now getting on in years and have only recently learnt of this sight and i understand that there may be someone that could maybe help a little bit to find my 'ANNA' it has been a few years since her name was bought up in topic of conversation,but over these last few weeks it seems to be coming up more frequently so i thought i would ask for a little help please.
I am looking for Anna,Annie,Ann ? Let me explain please,
Anna was adopted into a family when she was young,it has been mentioned that her name was anna thomas,but was adopted by a william and mary hickson ,from Cheshire in England,i cant find any adoption papers or anything like that ,DID she make it into adulthood,did she marry ,if so to whom and where did she live.
I am sorry the era that im referring to is 1870 was the year that she was born and taken in by this family.
Please i am only going on what information that i have,which isnt much i am afraid, i do know that mr hickson was
a salt worker somewhere.
Any help greatly received /thank you

Plea from an old lady

Could anybody please try and solve a mystery of many many decades please,oh please.
I am now getting older and have been trying to find these to relatives but to no avail im sorry to say,
The people that i am looking for are two brothers Thomas and John Evans,they are from warwickshire in England and Thomas was born circa 1837 and John well i am not sure of when he was born before or after Thomas.
These brothers were cotton spinners.
There parents i do not know who they were and would like to know very much who they were.
There is a story in the family that John was convicted of arson in 1864 and sent on the ship to Australia.
He was convicted on the 5/12/1864.
Please nowadays you have all of this new techno knowledge maybe you could help find a clue for this old lady as i have been trying for many decades to solve it and hopefully someone can find an answer for me and i must apologise dearies for the lack of informationas its all i havehoping it will be of some help
Thanking you all so much for even just taking time to read this

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i am at a loss of where to go next can someone help please

i am looking for a family of Rottens.
They lived in Birmingham,Warwickshire in England.
They were a family of six.
John Rotten and his wife Elizabeth and there four children as follows;
Sarah [1786] 2.John[1788] 3.Ann [1791] 4.Elizabeth [1795]
Where did they go?
What was John Rotten Seniors occupation?
Did anyof the children marry,if so to whom and where and when.
I do have a bit of information of Sarah marrying Robert Keith Archibald Durham[1777-1842]
What happened to her parents and siblings ,please help as i would like to find them please.

first timer here could i have some help please

It is my first time here to this field and i was ondering if somebody might be able to help me to find out about a lady by the name of Isabella Rose Durham [born 1813-1840]
Not much is known about this lady by me all that i know is that she married a man who i think may have been in the medical profession,they come from middlesex,westminister and london.
i am led to believe through a rather elderly family member that the person that she is supposed to have married was William ?field but unsure.
However i do know that Isabella was the sister to William Durham s/o RKA Durham ?
Please can anyone help.
Thanking you so much

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