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Looking For Father (and his ancestors) of Robert Morris, born November 15, 1774 in Princeton, NJ

I've been researching my mother's family tree, the Morris Family, off and on, for about 30 years. As we knew very little about them, it has been an interesting trip through American History. Two lines, Field family, and Hoyt family were of Puritan stock, and seem to have played some part in every colonial New England war that I'm familiar with, as well as being related to the Howlands (Pilgrim family) and the Edwards (Reverend Jonathan Edwards). They also lost 38 family members and relations either killed or captured in the "Deerfield Massacre."

The Morris family, said to be Quaker, has been harder to trace. Until just recently, it ended with the marriage of David Morris to Experience Field in Sodus, NY in 1813. Just recently, after 20 years of looking, I located David's date of birth (1795 in Shaftsbury VT) and death (1844 in Holley, NY), his father, Robert Morris, his mother, Charity Matthews of Shafstbury, VT, her father, David Matthews - who appears to have been one of the Green Mountain Boys, during the Revolution, - and Robert Morris's date of birth, November 15, 1774 in Princeton, NJ.

Robert Morris's father is said to have died shortly after Robert's birth and his mother, Leah (AKA Aleta or Aletha) Naphiens (born in 1749 in Germany) re-married to a John Stewart. Given the place of Robert's birth (Princeton, NJ) and the time (two years before the battle of Princeton) I have to wonder if Robert's father was killed in the Revolution.

Another NJ Morris widow gives an account (Margaret Morris Journel) of the battle of Princeton and mentions the death of "A. Morris" in the battle. This turns out to be Anthony Morris, a Major/Captain/Ensign in the US army. Very tittilating, but not yet a genealogical link:

There is also a question, in the Stewart Clan Magazine as to whether Robert Morris was born in Princeton, New Jersey, or Princetown (Schenectedy), New York (the latter of which would make more sense - geographically - and ethinically - there being a large Dutch/German population in the latter area).

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