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Looking For My Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Lambert Noton

She married Isaac Noton about 1869 or 1870. According to the 1870 and 1880 Census she was born in Kentucky and her parents were born in Virginia. Elizabeth and Isaac Noton lived in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois where Isaac Noton had lived before. They had 5 children: Charles, John, Arthur, Samuel and Martha.
Martha Noton was my great grandmother. She married Daniel Aloysius Pallas. For a time Elizabeth (Eliza) lived in San Francisco with her daughter and son-in-law. She was in the 1920 Census then after that I can't find any information on her.

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Looking for information on my great great grandfather ISAAC NOTON born in Derbyshire, England

My grandfather ISAAC NOTON was born in Derbyshire, England in 1830. He ended up in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois in 1856. He married ELISABETH(ELIZA) LAMBERT. I have no information about his parents, except that they were both born in England from the different census I have from East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois. He died January 2, 1890 and buried in St. Clair Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Clair County, Illinois. I do know that he was a Justice of the Peace, that he bought 25 acres of land for $1300 dollars and that it was reported in January of 1889 that he helped collect taxes for East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois.

If anyone can help with information on my great great grandfather I would appreciate it.

Information on Thomas Pallas and his father Patrick Pallas from Ireland

I am trying to find information on my 3rd and 4th great grandfathers from Ireland, Thomas Pallas and Patrick Pallas. I have the birth year and death year on Thomas plus his wife's name and years of birth and death for her; I have Patrick Pallas' name and that he is deceased and his wife's name of Mary Flynn, and that she is deceased; but no other information.

For helping others on the Pallas lineage I have information from my great great grandfather, James Andrew Pallas, down to my family.

James Pallas, born about 1826 in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland went to Australia and met Sarah Holden who was born in 1841 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. They got married in January of 1858 in Australia. They had 2 daughters and 2 sons while in Australia. Bridget Ellen, Patrick James, Thomas George, and Sarah Ann in different towns in Australia. From there they went to New Zealand and had a son, John Pallas. They left New Zealand and and at some point ended up living in San Francisco, California. Once there they added to their family. In order of birth: Edward Michael Aloysius, James Andrew Jr., Augustus Richard, Francis (Frank) Vincent, and my great grandfather Daniel Aloysius.

From here I can tell you that my great grandfather Daniel Aloysius Pallas, born October 17, 1882 in San Francisco, worked with a couple of businesses, but his love was music. He played several instruments and had a band that played around San Francisco. He played the drums for the band. He was also a beat officer with the San Francisco Police Department and I have been told he was loved by all on his beat. During one night his band was playing at a party he met my great grandmother, Martha Noton born October 1888 in East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois.(She was called nanny but her grandchildren.} They fell in love and got married in 1908 in San Francisco, California. Daniel built a house just for Martha and she even had up to date electric washing machine and refrigerator and oh just about everything a woman would want for her home. They had a piano, which Martha played and then all the instruments Daniel had. In 1909 they started a family that ended up with 4 girls. Grace Lois (my grandmother), Ardell and Arlene (twins), then Lorraine. On September 17, 1957 (when I was 20 months old) Daniel Pallas died after a long bout with Emphysema. I do remember the love I had for him and me calling him Kisskiss. I remember helping him with getting his can to spit in because of the cancer and I have a very vague picture of him in my head. The rest I am telling you from my mother, sisters and brother telling me. During his life in his marriage with his daughters, both nanny and Kisskiss made sure Grace, Ardell, Arlene and Lorraine were taught a lot about music appreciation which included playing musical instruments, dance instruction along with education. Both nanny and Kisskiss stressed education and made sure their daughters got it. Now for my great grandmother Martha Noton Pallas. I know that she was trained as a secretary from US Census of 1900 for East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois. I was told she then went to New York to pursue a career on stage (having her secretarial education and experience to fall back on for jobs. She then went to San Francisco to further her career on stage. She had a monkey in her act. I will add more later when I get more information. I know both Great Grandpa and Great Grandma watched what they taught Grace Lois, their oldest child, come to fruition after Grace Lois (my grandmother) got married to Harold George Powell in San Francisco, California in 1925 and had a daughter, Lois Alice Powell born June 29, 1926. Lois, my mother was trained in dance. I am told she was trained in the same classes with Shirley Temple Black and was in several of her movies as back up dancer. I am still checking that out... trying to find her in the movies. Alas my mother hurt her back pretty bad while diving, and it affected her dancing as Rheumatoid Arthritis set into her spine. She had to give up her career because of the back injury. Anyway Kisskiss and nanny saw 4 great grandchildren born to Lois Alice Powell Moore after she married E. Douglas Moore on January 1, 1944. On May 30, 1945 they had Sandra Diane Moore, then on November 25, 1946 they had Cheryl Ardell Moore, then Donald James Moore on June 13, 1950 then me.. Celese Lynn Moore on January 24, 1956. I got married February 1, 1975 at the Naval Station Chapel, Naval Station, Guam, Marianas Islands to Harold Albert Dodge. We lived there until February 1977 and he was transferred to the NATO Base in Deep Creek, Virginia after going to AC & R School at the San Diego Naval Station California. We arrived in Virginia in April. We found an apartment in Suffolk, Virginia while waiting for Navy Housing to have an opening for us on the NATO base in Deep Creek. On June 18, 1977 Jennifer Leigh Dodge was born in Norfolk, Virginia at De Paul Hospital. When Jenni was 8 months old we moved into housing on the base in Deep Creek and lived there until 1980, when Harold got out of the Navy and we moved here to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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