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Donna Ellis's Journal-10/2012

I've been compiling my husband's family lines for many years, but I only work on it spasmodically. We lived all our lives in Independence, Missouri, USA, and after 42 years in one house there, we decided to move to a warmer climate "out west" to the Phoenix, AZ area. We sold antiques, made the kids take what they could or would, gave away tons of "stuff" packed a huge rented truck and drove ourselves out here and loaded this tiny house with what was left. Of course, none of my genealogy got weeded out.
The main lines I work on in the USA are: Austin, and I think we have that back to Cornwall in GB, Broyles, Couch, Crockett, Curry, Cushman, Elliott, Ellis, Finks, Guymon, Keller, Langston, Martin, Massey, Osborn(e), Parmenter, Richardson, Riggs, Storm, Thompson, Wheeler, Whitaker, and Wright. Many of his lines began in TN and VA and came to IL when that state opened for settlement in about 1834. Some migrated further west, and settled in MO and TX, and then further on after that.
My own relatives were not something I ever wanted, since I was something of an "outcast" in my family, but I've become curious, and have begun to do my lines in the past 10 years....They are Blechschmidt (MO), Field (MA), McGinnis (MO), Milam-I go way back with these, Robbins,(my maiden name MO, and MA & NY), Stewart (MO), Wickersheimer (NY City and Memprechtshofen, Baden, Germany).

If there aren't too many queries, I'll be happy to search my database (about 18K people) to see if I connect with anyone. I haven't yet formulated questions for the group, but know I have some. I'd love to make another trip to GB before we get too old, but it's terribly expensive now, and the ancestor info we have is so old, I don't think the info would be of much use....but it was fun to see the little town where the Austins were supposed to have lived in Cornwall!