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Rhoda TOLLBOYS. Married names HOWELL and HARRY

Rhoda was born in 1826 in Gloucester, UK. Her parents were James TOLLBOYS and Ann LONG. Her ancestry can be traced back several generation.
She married William Stephen HOWELL in 1846, in the Parish Church in Dursley, Gloucester UK. No information re his parents can be determined to be accurate. He died in Glanville, SA in 1862.

Rhoda migrated to South Australia, with her husband William, aboard the ship TRAFALGAR in 1850. They had 2 children at that stage and a 3rd on the way.
The youngest child, Ellen Maria, died on the voyage, aged 2. The surviving child was Elizabeth Ann HOWELL (married HORSEY).
They settled in the Port Adelaide / Glanville area. Their other children, born in Australia, were Ellen HOWELL (married DUGARD), John Thomas HOWELL, Catherine Jane HOWELL (Stevenson) and William Stephen HOWELL. This William Stephen, our connection, was born in 1852. His father died in 1862.

Rhoda married a second time, to John Harry, in 1857, at which time her first husband was still alive.
The details supplied by her when she married are inaccurate. (??questionable).
Rhoda and John had several children together, the first one was born in 1858. Details of Harry family history on various sites, make no mention of Rhoda's other children, my feeling being that they were not aware of them. However, sites detailing Howell family history, include Rhoda's children with John HARRY, as half siblings.
Strange things happened in those days. Rhoda and William HOWELL's son, William Stephen HOWELL Junior, had a similar experience with his first wife.

Stanley Tollboys HOWELL, South Australia. Widowed in 1952, married a 2nd time shortly after this date.

Seeking details of the 2nd marriage of Stanley Tollboys HOWELL. Lived at Kilkenny, South Australia. Think 2nd wife's name was Phyll /Phyllis, who had previously married. Neither her maiden name or married name are known. Her daughter's name was Joyce. She married Max GALE. they had 2 children, Christine Gale and Kaye Gale.

Rhoda HARRY, husband John HARRY, South Australia, Australia

Her first marriage was to William Stephen HOWELL (in Gloucester, UK). Migrated to Australia in 1850, on Trafalgar. Wanting details of 2nd marriage, residence, children, place/date of death.

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Looking for info re Robert SCOTT, Lake Sunday, South Australia, Australia

Any info re his employment, dealings, news articles, obituary

Charles John BURGE of South Australia

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BURGE Henry John of Lyndoch South Australia

Son of John BURGE and Eliza SPRINGBETT

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Confirmation of Parentage of James COAD, born 1846, in Cornwall UK. Died in 1896 in Sth Australia.

Trying to confirm the parents of James COAD, born 1846, in Cornwall. Best match so far is, William COAD and Elizabeth PADDY. UK Census records appear to match up with this, James being listed as 1 of 3 children in residence with them at the time of the census. Our James COAD migrated in 1865, aboard the ship BURLINGTON. He died in South Australiain 1896 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide.
Elizabeth NEWSOME married James COAD in 1881. She already had a child, known as John Henry NEWSOME. She migrated in 1875,on the ship TREVELYAN. John WILLOUGHBY came on the same ship. Elizabeth gave birth to John Henry NEWSOME in 1876 in Adelaide. The child was registered twice, under NEWSOME and WILLOUGHBY, the father was John WILLOUGHBY. Trying to find information whether they married.

John and Jane BURGE, Croydon, Surrey, England, names of children born in this marriage.

One child was John BURGE, born August 1810, who may be our ancestor who migrated to South Australia in 1855, with wife Eliza SPRINGBETT and family Henry & Meshach BURGE.

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British ancestors or siblings of James COAD

James COAD, was born 1846, somewhere in Cornwall, UK. In 1865, a single man, age 19, he migrated to South Australia aboard the ship Burlington. He listed his British occupation as "miner". Eventually he settled at Inglewood, South Australia. He had a small farm/orchard. He died in 1896 and was buried in the Houghton cemetery in SA.
His wife was Elizabeth NEWSOME, who migrated from Yorkeshire in 1875 on the ship Trevellyan. Her occupation was given as "domestic servant". They had 7 children together. Elizabeth had a child born in 1876, John Henry Newsome, his father was John Willoughby, who immigrated on the same ship as Elizabeth (Trevellyan 1875).
COAD appears to be a fairly common name in England. James started a new life and his own family tree in South Australia. There seems to be a common thread amongst several of our S.A. founding male ancestors that nothing is known of their parents although in most case there is fair bit of information regarding their wives'families.

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Parents of John Burge, born 18/12/1811 UK

Died 27/3/1888 at Lyndoch SA.
Wife Eliza Springbett, born Wiltshire UK

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