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Great Grandfather Roadblock

I have been working on my family tree since 1988 and have had the biggest roadblock on my Father's, Father's side of the family. My Grandfather was born in 1888 in Carlisle England. I obtained his birth certificate to get his parents names for further research. His Mother, Janet, was named on the birth certificate but no Father was mentioned. Checking on the 1891 Cumberland Census for Carlisle I found his Father was Hugh and his mother Jane, I was told Jane was sometimes used as Janet so I accepted this information as fact. After a lot of research I found Edward was the son of Janet, daughter of Hugh and Jane. Janet was not on the 1891 Census at Hugh's address as she had married and was living with her husband. I found the husband, Janet and their first child, Hugh on the 1891 Census. Hugh was 10 months old born in 1890. Janet and her husband were married in 1889 in Carlisle. On the 1901 Census for the same family Edward was the eldest, 13 years old, Hugh was second at 10 years old. So you could assume Janet and her husband had Edward before they were married and problem solved. Hugh and Jane are now my Great, Great Grandparents and Janet and her husband are my Great Grandparents.
When doing Family Tree or Family Research never throw anything away. My Mother gave me a bundle of postcards sent to Edward from his Mother, Janet. They were of the Gretna Green Rail Disaster which happened on the 22nd of May 1915. On the back of the postcard dipicting the troop train that had telescoped during the worst train accident in Britain's history, (Still to this day) Janet had written "This is old Jock's engine, telescoped and your Father is buried underneath, can't see it very well. Mother. A new search for the driver's name starts. I went through all of the 224 deaths looking for a surname of Rae but later found out the fireman's name was Hannah and the driver's name was Scott. Hannah was too young to be the Father of Edward but Francis William Scott with the proof and information at hand is the Father of my Grandfather, Edward. A real twist to this story is the driver of the second engine of the London Express that tore through the carnage of the first two trains 60 seconds after the first impact was the husband of my Great Grandmother, Janet. The 100 year Centenary of the Quintinshill disaster has just been held in Carlisle and Gretna Green. I believe a stone will be laid on the unmarked grave of my Great, Great Grandfather, Francis William Scott. Information from Family Tree Circles, the BDM's and many other online family research organisations helped in finding the above information from the past, and the postcards I did not know why I kept them but they sealed the truth from people who could not tell me themselves. Family Tree is a wonderful World to be in. Frank Rae

Hugh Rae

Looking for parents of Hugh Rae born 29 February 1836 Domoch Firth, Scotland married Jane (Janet) Young December 1861 Carlisle England. Died 9th March 1910 in Carlisle. Children: John 1863 Carlisle, Mary Jane 1890 Carlisle, Janet 1870 Carlisle, My Great Grandmother, Robert 1873 Carlisle, Margaret 1875 Carlisle, Hugh 1878 Carlisle, Catherine 1880 Carlisle. Janet age 17, had my grandfather Edward Rae born 23 August 1888 39 London Road Carlisle. Edward shown as Hugh's son on 1891 Census. Definately wrong. This is my brick wall any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest regards
Frank Rae
Hugh has the white beard