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Im Looking For MY MOTHER SIDE Of Our Family Tree `HERRICK,` Can Any One Help Please

G`Day , this is a Long Shot I Know. Im Looking for My Mother Side of my family Tree, My Mother`s Name is `Teresa Veronica GEYER Her Maiden Name is `HERRICK` (03-09-1918) till (26-09-2005) her Mother ( my Grand Mother ) Name is - Bridget Herrick,and i Know She From a Irish Decent, thats all i know of her , i know my Mother had a Brother Name - Edward Herrick, I have My Fathers Full Side Of Family, Can Anyone Help Me Please..

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How far can I, or anyone, go back in my family ancestry?

G`Day All , How Far Can I or (Anyone)go Back in my or (Their) Family Ancestory, The Earliest I have is With my 7th Generation Back, of - Johann Rudolf Geyer- 1715-1759 of Zellerfeld Germany, I Have His Father`s Name of - Johann George GEYER of Zellerfeld Germany, Any Help would Be Much Appreciated. Thanking you.

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Is there a Australia FamilyTreeCircles?

With Due Respects Is There a Australia Tree Circle, Only for Australians want to Seek their Ancestory`s , instead of going down list and reading people from other parts of the World , , It could be Quicker of searching for Answers , With Due Respects from other Searchers from Other Countries.

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Any Australian Geyer`s Out there , Who want to know their Family History,

Hi, Any Geyer`s whom like to know their family heritage , i have got all information and family History background , dateing back Generations

I have GEYER Of Hanover Germany , Family Tree,If Any One Interested ,

I Have the GEYER Family Tree , Dateing Back to 1741 and beyond If Anyone is Interested .

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Does Anyone Know Of Alma Maxine Moon From Morgan Town, West Virginia

Does Any one know of Alma Maxine Moon of Morgan Town, West Virginia, or relations of her , whom died 1972 aged 42 years.

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Any Australian Geyer`s Out there , Who want to know their Family History,

Hi Any Geyer`s out there , whom want to know their Family History please, I Have THROUGHLY Research My History , and You could Be Interested. ill check daily if any response.


Hi , Im Still trying to find My Old School Friend Of Mine , Desmond BRADSHAW, last known Address many years ago lived in Perth, Western Australia. Originally from Broadmeadows Melbourne Victoria, I had Leads sometime ago but turn out to be false, Please Can any one Help Me , this is driveing me Insane , i want to locate him before I Pass away.Thanking You

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looking for Geyer of Australia ,from Hamburg Germany

Hi , looking for origans of Geyer and how far do they go back , I have some info as far as from my great grand father , want to see if I can go back further.