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Looking For Laurence /Lawrence of Makuri or Hukoanui And Mangatinoka Pahiatua

My Grandfather Jimmy/James Lawrence as he was known as in Wairoa. He was a Taxis driver for many years, by what i have heard he was a good kind man only i wish i had meet him and my nan .Granddad he was married twice His first wife was Hariata they got married at the froest of Tane Mahuta,2nd wife my grandmother May (Lewis)Lawrence From
Nuhaka Wairoa.Granddads Birth name Leslie James Laurence/Lawrence bith
Nov 1900,his death was a boatting accident where his body lays today as he and aother person couldnt be found, only one survieves thats my dad Rex Lawrence.This happened in Wairoa August 14 1963.Before his death from what i have heared is that he never spoken much about his pass or his parents/Family in Mangatinoka-Pahiatua.But I have started Looking around the Tararua area as i live in Woodville. I have found his granddads mum Emma Lawrence NOT HIS DAD. Emma Lawrence the one i founds along with her children who all died at a young age it felt really sad. Now I am try to find my ggrand Emma maiden name . There are alot of Lawrences here but they connect with us.Ggrandmother Emma
Bith year 1873-Death 1922.Now I COULD be wrong with my facts.
So if anyone can supply me any info,no matter how trival,I would be grateful to recieve it,so that a more complete record can be kept of the family tree.
Kia Ora.
From Keitha

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Looking For Laurence /Lawrence of Makuri or Hukoanui

I am try to find family who are related to James /Jimmy Lawrence
who was born 1900 died in a boatting accident 1963 Wairoa where he lived with 2nd wife May and their children.


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Looking for Arthur Lawrence of Pahiatua

Hi, My name is Keitha I live in Woodville Looking for family
members on my grandfather side his name KNOW by Jimmy or James Lawrence. you can contact me by email [email protected] or here

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''Looking for LAWRENCE of Pahiatua New Zealand'

Hi i am a women of 40+ years (shhh dont tell anyone).I have just started researhing my family tree on my father side,I have found
it hard as dads family dont known i am here,dad and i only meet ten years ago and we fell out after six months. It was April this i contacted him.We are now writting to each aother as he has had astroke it affected his spech.
I was born in Gisborne nz,adopted to a family member on my birth mother side.From storys and hear say to how things took place when my
mother family was told that she was having a baby they move mum out to another with the hope i think that no one would know about me.
But i am here and looking for my family and have the need to say im here.So im looking for any information about my family LAWRENCE/LEWIS.
I would like any feed back.

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