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(Heinrich Gaerke and Mary Voss) and (Diederich Grke)

My name is Leo Gaerke.

I live in Chicago. I am tryng to get information on my family history. I believe i am the 6th generation of Gaerke in the US. I have 1 brother and four sisters (Steve, Audrey, Angie, Amy, and Amanda), I am the eldest of six.

My father is Steve Gaerke, he lives in Chicago. He has two brothers Harold Gaerke in Geneva, IN, and Tom in Portland, IN, and five daughters, Diana Gaerke (Don) Collins, Portland, IN, Sharon Gaerke (Don) Link, Union City, IN, Janice Gaerke (Randy) Pitsenbarger, Versailles, Margie Gaerke (Jeff) Baker, Bristol, IL, and Peggy Gaerke Starr, Celina.

My grandfather's name is Henry Gaerke Jr. born on Jul. 3, 1919. Saint Peter (Mercer County) Ohio, USA. He passed away on Nov. 3, 2002, Fort Recovery, (Mercer County), Ohio, USA. He married my grandmother Eileen Franck Gaerke Jan. 20, 1944. He had 12 brothers and sisters, I have listed as: Marie (Maurus) Forthofer, Jerome (Irene) Gaerke, Herbert (Dorothy) Gaerke, Leonard (Lillian) Gaerke, Luella (Walter) Franck, Bernard (Dorothy) Gaerke, Virgil (Marilyn) Gaerke, Charles (Wilma/Elizabeth) Gaerke, Mary (Wilbur) Homan, Virginia (Robert) Tangeman, Marcella 'Marcy' (Richard) Topp, and Henry 'Hank' (Janet) Gaerke.

My great grandfather is Henry F Gaerke, Sr. He was born on Aug. 31, 1889
Saint Peter (Mercer County) Ohio, USA and passed away on Feb 24, 1970 Coldwater (Mercer County) Ohio, USA. He married Anne Mary Fullenkamp Gaerkeon Oct 23, 1912. Anne Mary Fullenkamp Gaerke was born on Mar. 13, 1893 at Saint Joseph (Mercer County), Ohio, USA and passed away on April 4, 1970 in Burkettsville, Darke County, Ohio, USA.
Saint Joseph (Mercer County)
They had 13 children as listed above. I have 6 siblings listed for Henry. They are: Rose (Henry) Knoth, Agnes (Christopher) Knoth, Herman (Mary 'Margaret'/Margaret) Gaerke, Josephine (Charles) Golden, Mary (Isadore) Gruss, and Elizabeth Gaerke. Anna Fullenkamp is the daughter of John and Mary (Bruns) Fullenkamp. I have 9 siblings listed for Anna. They are: Joseph Fullenkamp, Mariam 'Justine' (Jacob) Braun, Lawrence (Oliva) Fullenkamp, Josephine Fullenkamp, Bernard (Elfrieda) Fullenkamp, Rose (Anthony) Heitkamp, Anthony (Matilda) Fullenkamp, Aloys (Emily) Fullenkamp, and Henry (Veronica) Fullenkamp.

Henry is the son of Heinrich Gaerke and Mary (Voss) Gaerke. I do not have too much information on them.

I believe that Heinrich Gaerke's father is Diederich Gärke. I understand that he immigrated here in the 1830's from Prussia, which is present day Germany. I believe he is from Hanover or Regierungsbezirk Osnabrck, which consists of the western half of Hannover (Döthen). He settled in Mercer County Ohio in The Stallotown or New Münster described below referers to modern day Minster, Ohio, and perhaps New Bremen.

If you have any additional information or any corrections, I would greatly appreciated it. I do not have too much information past my great grandfather Henry Gaerke Sr. I would like some additional information on (Heinrich Gaerke and Mary Voss) and (Diederich Gärke). I have found it difficult to find information.

I have a very large extended family and heard a story many years ago, that there was a family feud many many years ago where a Gaerke father gave his land to the youngest son and siblings were mad and some changed their name, if my memory recalls me right, I beleive that they changed it to Gearke??? Which may be the reason why it is difficult for me to find information. This story may or may not be true and if it is true, I am not positive about the spelling.


Leo Gaerke