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Larney continued (part two)

Robert Larney had a older brother called Thomas born in 1885, who may also have died in WW1, are there any of his ancestors reading this who would know him?

My grandmother Emily Alexandra Dell(8 Knottisford Street Bethnal Green) got married to my Grandfather William Alexander Winter(14 Pott Street Bethnal Green). My grandma was a machinist and my grandad was a Plate Glass Slider. They were married on 25th December 1927. My grandma had two siblings a brother Frederick James Dell and a sister Amelia Louisa Dell. My mum has told me that Amelia Louise Dell was married to a gentleman called Joseph(Jack)Crump who was related to William Crump known as Harry Champion a music hall artist famous for songs such as Boiled Beef and carrots, Im Henry the 8th I am, Any old iron etc. I havent been able to discover so far how William and Joseph(Jack)Crump were related. Id love to have some imformation, Ive looked up Harry Champion on line and have found some basic things, but Id love to see some places where he performed, pictures, programmes reviews etc. On the internet it states he first apppeared in the Queens Poplar.

My mum Jean Alexandra Winter was born 3rd March 1931 at kingswood Forest Rise, has any one heard of this place or have any imformation?? On my mums birth certificate it states that the family lived at 62 Colville Road Leytonstone, although my mum thinks it was no 26!!!

My grandad served in WW2 in the Royal Navy, he was a chief Petty Officer and started as a Acting Joiner 4th Class 22nd June 1943 on HMS VICTORY and served on several ships, ending with HMS VICTORY joiner 3rd class on 11th June 1946. Does anyone remember my grandad or serve with him?

My mum married my dad George Andrew Potter(d.o.b 21.12.1929) on 2.6.1956 at St Elizabeths church Wood Lane Dagenham.
When my mum met my dad he told her that he was related to Don Cockell(the famous boxer who fought Rocky Marciano on 16th May 1955). Mum didnt take a lot of notice at the time, but when Ive researched Don Cockell it says that he was born in Battersea and his trade was Blacksmith, well my dad was also born in Battersea and his familys trade was also Blacksmith. My sister recalls my dad telling her that he was related to Don Cockell but she couldn't remember how. My dad died in 1995 and theres no one else I can ask. Does anyone have the answer to this, any imformation will be greatly appreciated.

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Looking for family history or relatives of The Larney family.

Ive been searching my family tree and so far this is what I have discovered.

George Robert Larney born on 5th May 1813(father Thomas, mother Jane) George was christened on 21st November 1814 at Saint Leonards church, Shoreditch London. George married Elizabeth Earle(born 1816) in 1831 at Christ Church Spitafields. In the 1841 census they lived at Half Nichol Street Bethnal Green (well known as a very bad slum area). George was 28 and Ive recorded his occupation as carman which may be incorrect its difficult to read the census forms, if this is right maybe its horse and carriage?? His wife Elizabeth(Earle) was 25. They had three children. 1)George Larney(age 7)born 1834. 2)John Larney (age 4) born 1837. 3)Betsey Larney (age 3) born 1838).

The next record Ive found is a marriage certificate on October 19th 1852 between Robert Larney (widower) and Ann Sparks (so Elizabeth Larney(Earle) has died). Roberts occupation is Green Grocer and they lived at what looks like 9 Bonhill Road. Their parents Thomas Larney was a labourer and John Sparks was a Green grocer. The next record Ive got is a birth certificate on 23rd August 1853 Robert. Father Robert George Larney(Green Grocer) mother Hannah(formerly Sparks).Robert was born at 20 Grettton Terrace Bethnal Green. On the certificate names have been changed in this way.For Hannah subsitute Ann corrected on 20th July 1857 by Thos. Fredk. Bradbrook Registrar. In the presence of George Robert Larney and Ann Larney (parents). And for Robert George subsitute George Robert corrected on 20th July 1857 by Thos.Fredk. Bradbrook Registrar. In the presence of George Robert Larney and Ann Larney(parents).

The next family record I have is a birth certificate on 1st January 1854 of Amelia Ellen Barber.(Father) William who was a foreman in the Docks(Mother) Amelia Barber(formerly Cole). Amelia was born in 15 Knottisford Street Bethnal Green.

In the 1861 census the record is living at Rose Public House West Street Bethnal Green. (I cant find any records or pictures about this pub can anybody help Please)??? George Robert Larney born 1813 was a Licenced Vitualer(age 48). His wife Ann(Sparks) born 1825(age 36).They had one child Robert born 1853(age 8) and a cousin living with them who was single called Sarah Argent who worked as a bar maid. I dont know if she is a cousin of Robert Larney or Ann Sparks.

In the 1871 census the record is living at 106 Green Street(now known as Roman Road) Bethnal Green. George Robert Larney(age 58) was a Green Grocer (so what happened to his association with Rose Public House in the 1861 census)? Ann Larney also a Greengrocer and Robert Larney(son) was an assistant Greengrocer. I wonder what happened to Sarah Argent from the 1861 census did she marry or die?

The next family record is a marriage certificate on 20th July 1872 between Robert Larney and Amelia Ellen Barber(Birth Records as above). Robert Larney was a bachelor and he was a Green Grocer. Amelia Barber was a spinster.They both lived at Morning Lane Hackney. Roberts father George Robert Larney was a Greengrocer and Amelias father William Barber was a Dock Foreman. The marriage was witnessed by William Barber and Emma Tomlin(dont know if Emma Tomlin is a relative or friend).

I cant find any record of The Larney Family in the 1881 census.

In the 1891 census Robert Larney(born 1853)lived at 7 Knottisford Street Bethnal Green and was a Machine Fitter.(I wonder what machines he fitted, who he worked for and where)? His wife was Amelia Larney(Barber) and they had five children. 1) Amelia Larney (aged 15) born 1876 who worked as a Domestic Servant(where and who for)? 2)William Larney(aged 14) born 1877 who worked as a Errand Boy. 3)Louisa Larney(aged 9) born 1882(Scholar) and Thomas Larney(aged 6) born 1885(scholar). Does anyone know which school they went to?

In the 1901 census the family still lived at 7 Knottisford Street(Does any one have any pictures or imformation about this address)? Robert Larney was a Scaffolder, Builder Labourer(Who did he work for, what did he build and where)?. His wife was Amelia Larney(Barber). They had five children. 1) Louisa Larney(aged 19) born 1882 who was a Leather Bag Machinist.(Who did she work for)? 2) Thomas Larney(aged 16)born 1885 who was a Leather Cutter(was this at the same place as his sister or not)? 3)Robert Larney(aged 12) born 1889. 4)Alice Larney(aged 9) born 23rd December 1891. 5) Florence Larney(aged 5) born 1895. Alice and Florence are not listed as scholars!!

The next record I have is my Grandmother(on my mothers side)birth Record. On 3rd March 1905 Emily Alexandra Dell was born in 8 Knottisford Street(Father Frederick James Dell) who was a bag sorter for the G.P.O. and(mother) Amelia Ellen Dell(Larney).My nan had a brother Frederick and a sister Amelia.

On 25th December 1915 Robert Larney(born 1889) married Annie Elisa Cline. He was a Bachelor and worked as a Leather Cutter, his father Robert Larney had died. Annie Elisa Cline was a Spinster and worked as a Envelope Machinist(who for and where)? Her dad was Henry Charles Cline and he was an Insurance Agent. They both lived at 98 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green and were married at St James The Less Church Bethnal Green.

Robert Larney served in WW1. He was in the Royal Horse Artillery. His Rank was a Driver UNIT R. F. A (what does that mean)? His military no 154348. He died in france on 8th December 1917 just before his second wedding anniversary. I believe he was shot by a sniper. He is buried in Royal Court Cemetery France,Calais. Did Robert and Annie have any children or was she pregnant when he died.

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