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Jonathon Brereton of Nantwich

Has anyone actually found the baptism record for Jonathon Brereton who married Maria Sandforde in Acton , Nantwich in 1683. I have seen 'Jonathon' on the birth record of Sandford, and I have a burial record of a Jonathon in Wybunbury (near Nantwich) in 1701. Some family trees I have seen have him as dying in Warrington in 1690, though I think this unlikely, especially in view of the Wybunbury death in 1701.
With regard to the baptism record, some people have him down as 'John', son of Richard. Again I think it unlikely that he would be recorded as anything other than Jonathon, particularly as a baby, when he was recorded as Jonathon throughout the rest of his life.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Family of Thomas and Martha Brereton

Suddenly tracing my family tree has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It started out as a curiosity into who my distant ancestors were, as I live close to Malpas church and had seen the Brereton chapel there several times, and Brereton is my maiden name. But now all of a sudden I have come across more details of Samuel Brereton b. 1848 at Harthill and I find that these are painting a picture of the life of my fairly close ancestors. Samuel was my father's great uncle - his brother Edward was my Father's Grandfather.
Anyway for those of you who might be interested, Samuel emigrated to Buffalo New York in 1908. He must have married here(UK)first - will look that up in a minute - as he was met by his son in law, a Mr G R Nevelle - on arrival. His contact back home in Britain was his brother Edward, my great grandfather. He then went on to re-marry in Ontario in 1912. It makes it all seem so real, discovering such detail, it gives a very vivid snapshot of an important event in their lives, even though they were born way back in the mid 1800s. I can almost picture them waving goodbye! It's quite amazing. My Dad died when I was 12, so I know little or nothing about his side of the family, apart from his 5 brothers and their families.
I thought that I would share this with you, and maybe it will give encouragement to anyone who is finding it difficult to retrieve information to keep on searching for your family tree, as it may well be worth the struggle in the end.


Thomas Brereton and Martha Hughes

Have been looking again at the family tree of Thomas Brereton and Martha Hughes and have discovered that they had a son Samuel, born ~1848, quite a long time after their other children. I know this because I came across his marriage lines in Ontario, Canada. He married at the age of 64 to a Martha Hurleston, also 64. It clearly states on the record the names of his mother (Martha Hughes) and father (Thomas Brereton) and birth at Harthill. The year of his marriage was 1912. which makes his birth year ~1848, about 10 years after the rest of his siblings. This is the first time I have found 'proof' that the wife of Thomas was indeed Martha Hughes, as I have yet to find the record of their marriage. I hope that this find is helpful to some of you in researching your ancestors

Regards and happy searching



I am researching my family tree (Brereton) and seem to have reached a full stop at the marriage of Richard Brereton (father John Brereton) and Elizabeth Renewicke at Acton 12th March 1657. Has anyone come across this marriage in their family tree? Also, does anyone have any information about the origins of the Brereton family in Nantwich? I know about the Battle of Nantwich. Were they there before this time?
Thanks in advance for any help

Jill Lynch

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Looking for descendants of Edward Brereton of Borras Hall 1642 - 1725

I'm llooking for descendants of Edward Brereton of Borras ( sometimes called Boresham) born 1642 died 1725. I know he had one surviving son at his death and he was an MP. I am sure that this was my direct line of descent, and if so I have 3 or 4 generations to find to make the connection.

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Has anyone else, like me, 'tested' the family search records by putting in a search for a person/ event with parameters you know to be true and ended up with a search result 'no records found'. It's very frustrating. I assume that the records aren't complete. Does anyone know if the sites where you pay a subscription are any more reliable? If so, which have you found to be the best?


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I'm looking for the birth and/or marriage details of Johnathon Brereton, born in Lanashire in 1660 and married Mary Aspinwall. I haven't so far been able to find the parents of Johnathon


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I'm looking for information on the parents of Thomas Brereton, born in 1806 and lived in Harthill Cheshire. He was married to Martha Hughes and had four children that I know of: George bapt. 1828 Mary bapt. 1830 Thomas bapt. 1834 and Edward bapt. 1836.

George married Sarah James in 1857 in Cheshire and lived in Australia

Mary married Samuel Hughes in 1852 in Cheshire and lived in Australia

Thomas married Ann Brereton in 1857 in Cheshire and lived in Australia

Edward married Frances Hopley in Cheshire and lived in North Wales

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