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Casey's of Lismore/Coraki/Swan Bay Australia

Margaret Casey was born May 1911 in Swan Bay NSW. She was my grandmother.
Margaret died on the 26/10/1982 and was buried on the 27/10/1982 at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium. Roman Catholic Lawn, Block 14, Position 0623.
Margaret was a wise lady who took care of all the family's needs ahead of her own. She was a great baker of cakes, cookies etc. She was also a woman who knew her own mind.
I still miss her 20 odd years later. Margaret was also very frugal, to the point that she planned her own funeral and asked the funeral directer if it really was necessary to have handles on her casket!
Margaret married Stuart Rogerson at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, NSW, Australia on the 18th february 1939. Prior to her marriage, Margaret was a nursing sister, Stuart a tram driver. Margaret was one of seven children.
My research indicates she was the daughter of Thomas Casey and Mary Nolan, however I have not yet proven this.
If anyone has information on this family, I would love to hear from you.

Dunshea's in Australia

I am decended from William Dunshea b.c1794, m.c1815, d.Jan 7 1838.
William married Jane Fleming b.c1792, d.Nov 3 1868
My line is from Andrew,b dec 3 1816, d.23 sept 1893: eldest child of William and Jane. Andrew was born in co.Antrim, Ireland.
William was transported to Australia aboard the "Martha" in 1818 at 24 years of age. He was sentenced to 7 years for allegedly stealing two pigs.
Once William had served his sentence and could show he had means to take care of them, he was able to petition for his wife Jane and son Andrew to join him in Australia. William and Jane went on to have another five children.
I have a fair bit of information on the Dunshea's in Australia. Much of the credit for the early research must go to Colin Cunningham who was a great help to me. I am told he has written a book will post a note when I get details as I have been out of contact with Colin for some time now.
I am happy to share/swap information. I am particularly interested in information about William and Jane's births, parents, siblings etc.

Edmund Lancelot DUNSHEA

Tonight I found an audio recording of my grandfather, Edmund Lancelot Dunshea (How I love that name!). He was a participant in an Oral History project for the bicentennial year here in Australia. His memories of growing up, the kind of work he did, his family life etc. were all recorded for posterity. (you can hear his story here: )
I loved my grandfather very much and it was with great delight I listened to his voice once again. He was recorded in December 1987 just a couple of months after we celebrated his 80th birthday. In February 1988 he passed away. I remember thinking at his funeral that there was no way he could have fit into the coffin because he was such a big man. It's with much amusement I look at photo's today and realise he was actually quite small compared to the average man :) The reason for me writing this is two fold, the first is to say that never let a chance go by to hear stories from your older loved ones and two, never trust any single person's judgement on a relative unless you can find independant means to back it up!
One more piece of advice: If you have older relatives and you are curious about your family history ask them NOW. I no longer have any grandparents/g.aunts or uncles etc. to ask and I recently lost my father so the pool from which I can get information is mostly drained. Don't let that happen to you :)
Have a lovely day everyone, and happy researching!